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Season Schedule
All Eastern Times

Sat. Aug. 11 - Chargers - 10 pm

Sat. Aug. 11 - @ Saints - 8 pm

Sat. Aug. 11 - @ Dallas - 8pm

Sat. Aug. 11 - Denver - 10 pm

Regular Season Schedule

Sun. Sept 9 - Redskins
Opening home...Cards play @ LA next week...Skins host the Colts...

Sun. Sept 16 - @ Rams
Cards hosted Wash last Sun and host Bears next. Sun...Rams have 6 day workweek (played away vs. Raiders on Mon night) and play Chargers next Sun.

Sun. Sept 23 - Bears
Cards visited Rams last Sunday and host Seahawks next Sunday...Bears have a 6-day workweek, hosting Seattle last Monday. (They also played late Sunday the previous week vs. GB)...They host TB next Sun...

Sun. Sept 30 - Seattle
Cards continue to have ordinary 7-day workweek, having hosted the Bears last Sun and will visit Niners next Sunday...Seahawks hosted Dallas last Sun and will host Rams next Sunday.

Sun. Oct. 7 - @ Niners
zzCards hosted Seahawks last Sun and will visit Vikes next Sunday...Niners hosted Rams last Sun. and, after the Card game, will have an 8 day workweek when they play on MNF in GB...

Sun. Oct. 14 - @ Vikings
Away game...Vikes played away Sun. vs. Philly and will visit Jets next Sun...Cards come off a road game vs. Niners Sun. and, after this game will only have four days to face the Broncos on Thurs. night....

Thu. Oct. 18 - Denver
Thurs. night...Cards come off a 4-day workweek after visiting Vikes Sunday. They then get a 10-day break before skipping a Sunday and hosting Niners Oct. 28...Denver has a similar schedule - 4 days after hosting Rams/ 10 days before visiting Chiefs....

Sun. Oct. 28 - Niners
"Easy City" - Cards come off a 10-day workweek after their TNF contest vs. Denver...and,next week, have a Bye...Niners hosted Rams last Sunday and have four days before facing Raiders on Thursday night,

Sun. Nov. 4 - BYE WEEK

Sun. Nov. 11 - @ Kansas City
Cards are coming off a Bye...They host Raiders next Sunday...Chiefs have 8 days to prepare for a MNF contest vs. Rams in Mexico City...

Sun. Nov. 18 - Raiders
Cards visited KC last Sun. and will visit Chargers next Sun...Raiders are also on a 7-days before/7-days after cycle, hosting Chargers last Sun. and will visit Balt next Sunday...

Sun. Nov. 25 - @ Chargers
Cards in 7-day workweek cycle - hosted Raiders last Sun/Will visit Green Bay next Sunday...Chargers are in similar cycle (hosted Broncs last Sun/Will visit Steelers next Sunday)...

Sun. Dec. 2 - @ Packers
Only high-probability Snow Game on Cardinal scheduleCards visited Chargers last week/will host Lions next week....Packers played in Minnesota last Sunday and will host Atlanta next Sunday,...

Sun. Dec. 9 - Lions
Home game sandwiched between two away contests - Cards visited GB last Sunday and will visit Atlanta next Sunday...Detroit hosted Rams last Sunday and will visit Bills next Sunday...

Sun. Dec. 16 - @ Falcons
I'm not sure if the new Atlanta stadium is dome or open air - (i.e. are the Cards in for a possible Snow Game or not)? Cards are still in a standard "7-days before/7days after workweek cyclehosting the Lions last Sun and about to host the Rams next week...Atlanta is also in the standard 7-day workweek pattern - they played in Green Bay last Sun and will visit Carolina next Sunday...

Sun. Dec. 23 - Rams
Cards visited the Falcones last Sunday and will wind up their season in Seattle next Sunday...Rams hosted the Eagles last Sunday and look forward to hosting the Niners next Sun....

Sun. Dec. 30 - @ Seattle
Final week of season - either team may be fighting for a playoff spot or playing out the season in an irrelevent contest....

2018 Schedule Highlights
Apr. 20, 2018 - Here are the top-line takeways:

We open at home vs. Redskins

Three of first four games are at home,

Maxmium number of consecutive Away games are two (it happens three times during the season)

Our Bye Week is smack dab in the middle of the season (Week #9)

We have one 10 am (AZT) game (@ Vikes) and three 11 am (AZT) games (@ KC, @ GB and @ Atlanta)

Potential Snow/Cold/Ice Days: Dec. 2 @ Green Bay and Dec. 16 & Atlanta (with Nov. 11 @ KC an extreme long shot).

Final Game (could mean a playoff spot/or could be irrelevent) is Dec. 30 @ Seattle.

The other teams in our division each appear five-times on non-Sunday afternoon national TV.

But other than the national tv snub, I think we came our pretty good - no lengthy road trips; we open at home; (with the exception of the GB game), we're unlikely to be clobbered by blizzards.


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