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2014 Draft
As of April 9, 2014

Pick Team Buzz Running Mock
1 Houston Not Mack or Manziel - Campbell...WalterFB - Want to trade down and get Mack but will stay put & take Clowney if deal isn't sweet enough...Brandt - Mack will be picked ahead of Clowney...Casserly and Rapoport no longer believe Clowney is a slam dunk, but that he'll be the #1 pick if Houston can't move down...Schefter hyping Msck - WalterFB not buying...McNair loves Manziel but will defer to his staff - Caplan...Not talking deal with Atlanta. Won't deal the pick at all unless it's a mult-player/pick blockbuster...Down to Clowney or Manziel - Hou Chronicle....Forget the Atlanta trade rumors; they' "can't wait to get their hands on Clowney" - Mortensen...But Peter King says there's a 40% chance Atlanta trades up to get Clowney...More trade down rumors (Werder speculates to Atlanta at #6) but could be all smoke....Brandt thinks the Texans might move down (similar to past SD-Giants trade) to another team who wants Clowney. (Have met twice with Dee Ford)...Schefter feels that Clowney, Robinson, Mack and Robinson will be the first four drafted in some order...Report that Texans prefer Mack over Clowney a smoke-screen?..Could wait til 2nd round for their QB...Prevailing thought around league is that they'll take Clowney. Clowney DE
2 St. Louis 1 Would love to move down & "settle" for Matthews...Six May 5 rumors...CW among personnel folks - Manziel will go #2 to Rams...Manziel aced everything at College Station - Mortensen..Spent most time on Manziel & G-Rob - Mortensen....They like Manziel a lot but like G-Rob at #2 - Peter King...But Rams are not shopping Bradford - J Thomas, Post Dispatch...Won't take Watkins. Mortensen disagrees with Post Dispatch that they like Matthews over Robinson (It will either be Manziel or Robinson)...Lots of teams zeroing in on Watkins - Will Rams keep the pick, go in another direction (like G Robinson) or trade down? Will visit a number of top prospects at their respective schools (since player visits to teams are over) Could simply be trade posturing..."Don't rule out" Manziel" - McShay, Mortensen...Schefter: trade-down likelihood not as good as they'd like...Falling in love with Mack - it will be Mack vs. Watkins if they keep the pick..Zack Martin visit cancelled. G Robinson OT
3 Jacksonville Prefer Mack over Watkins - McShay...Not big on Bridgewater...NYC media buzzz is that they'll grab Manziel here...Others say "No, it's Bortles they want"...Others say: "Smoke-screen!"...Will play it safe (as in Mack, Watkins or an OT) - P. King...Their GM says Bridgewater threw better at a private workout than he did on his Pro Day (Trade extortion)? Not counting on Blackmon being available for season (Walter; Jax will likely take Watkins at #3 if available....Could be targeting Matthews - ESPN's DiRocco...Said to have met 3 times with Bridgewater (Counter trend to that info is Bridgewater's plummeting rating).... Mack LB
4 Cleveland 1 Don't like Manziel enough for #4. Increasing mention of Evans' name...Study rates Bridgewater highest QB. Carr in play for #26 - La Canfora...Will not draft Manziel at #5 - Glazer...Five 5/5 rumors...Bortles spent 45-minutes with owner (Haslam)...P. King says that interest in Bortles higher than expected by Cleve and Cards...Don't ignore Bridgewater at #26..Haslam "loves" Manziel...Mortensen says they're expected to take G-Rob or Manziel, but Casserly says "no way" with Manziel (but CBS' Brugler says "way")...Evans a real possibility - Brugler...(Ed Note - sounds like trade-extortion talk. Logic continues to point toward QB)..."Don't see OT as position of need" - Pettine...Really like Mack but would also consider G Robinson..."Smitten by Bortles" - P King...CW has Carr being mentioned as high as #4 (unlikely but Carr could be gone by #26 - Cards rumored interested in trading their #20 for Cleve's #26 and a 3rd round pick. Carr would make more sense to the Browns at #20; they might lose him at #26). My gut says it won't be Carr this high...It all depends on the Cleveland scouting report (i.e. how much they love him) and how their big board is stacked. Late buzz says Browns may trade for Kirk Cousins on draft day. Evans WR
5 Oakland Interested in Donald but not this high (trade posturing)? ...Evans moving up fast - possibly as high as here - Pauline...Raiders and other teams said to be strongly considering passing on a QB in round one. Said to like Lewan better than Robinson or Matthews..."Enamored" with Carr but Manziel left a "good impression". Looking closely at QB's (Have met with Manziel twice)... Watkins WR
6 Atlanta May try to trade up to #1 to grab G. Robinson - La Canfora...(Walters terms this a "ridiclous" report)...Peter King gives Falcs a 40%-short of trading up to #1 for Clowney...CBS guys caution that they could just as easily trade down from here if the right guy isn't still on their board...Werder: Trade-up with Houston (#1) the CW around the league...Will stay at #6 & draft an OT - ESPN's McClure...Have met with Amaro twice but not thought to make drafting a starting TE a top priority. Matt Ryan needs to be kept upright. Matthews OT
7 Tampa Bay Manziel won't get past #7. Donald not in play here - Pauline...May target Manziel or Watkins in a move up to #2 (StL) - "League Sources"...Adam Caplan says their interest in Manziel is "real."...Brass "split on QB vs. position player" - Brandt...Manziel said to be on their short list if he drops to here...(Werder 2nd to mention this)...Most early mocks had TB almost unanimously drafting Evans...Some experts feel TB will draft an OL to bolster their running attack...Others say they're looking at QB's and will draft Bortles if he drops that far but won't trade up to get him (but they may not feel as enthusiastic about Manziel - or not)...TB and Panteras high on Bitonio says Pauline...TB, Panthers and Broncs have all met with Moncrief twice. Manziel QB
8 Minnesota Not expected to take a QB here - ESPN...Donald a possibility this high - P King...Might skip QB in hope of drafting Bridgewater with 2nd round pick - Schefter...They''ll try to trade up for Bortles. La Conforda says the Vikes and Rams have been talking about a trade involving Bradford (logical but Bradford's contract''s a killer)...They like Barr (but not this high)...Have met with him twice but he's not scheduled for any more visits with the Vikes...Said not to want a QB "unless he's a sure thing" but that sounds a bit like smoke. Lewan OT
9 Buffalo Trying frantically to move up for either Robinson or Clowney - Caplan..."Enamored" with Watkins according to local media...Love Beckham - P King...3 execs say they are trying to move up - McShay...Were blown away by Matthews (but Matthews may not be available at #9). Said to covet a big WR or TE (Ebron or Evans)...Watkins is higher rated but Evans is a 6-5 beast....Trying hard to trade down...Met with Fuller twice... Ebron TE
10 Detroit Trying to move into top 5 to nab Watson...If price not too steep, they'd like to move up to grab Evans - Clayton...Mortensen says they're eying a CB...Were reports that the Lions talked to Mettenberg about Beckham a smoke screen?...Trying to trade up into the top 5 to secure Watkins...Lots of talk about drafting a threat opposite Megatron. Watkins frequently mentioned...Have met with Marquise Lee twice and have scouted Barr heavily...Met with Roby twice (evidently have met with a lot of dudes at least twice)...Eric Ebron says he believes Lions will draft him here. Dennard CB
11 Tennessee Titans (#11)and Bears (#14) want to trade up to here..."Have a good grade" on Bortles - Mortensen...Locker's 5th year option not picked up...Wiz denies needing to "bring in his own QB"...Wants to add an "all-around: RB" (but #11 too high)....Said to be looking at OT's - Robinson and Matthews probably gone....LB also a possibility....Probably won't draft a QB with their first pick but have been researching Derek Carr...Have met with Mettenberger twice and have seen quite a bit of the RB Hill. Bortles QB
12 Giants Said to be eying Beckham (Trade gin-up)? Said to be eying Donald (more trade gin-up?)....Z Martin said to be receiving Top 10 consideration (Real? Or even more trade smoke?) Prefer Z-Mart to Lewan - Star Ledger...Lewan's off-the field question marks rule him out here - are warning everyone away from a TE here...If Lewan were to drop here, Mayock says they should leap on him...Reese amenable to trading down...Need to rebuild everywhere. Could go WR, OL, DL or CB. Z Martin OL
13 St. Louis 2 "Surprised" if Rams passed on C-Dix here - Jeremiah. Need secondary help in receiver-rich division. C-Dix S
14 Chicago Trying to trade up - Mehta...Looking at 2nd/3rd round CB types (Desir, J Watkins)...Worked out Fuller on campus - Chi Trib...Some rumors of other teams trying to leapfrog Chicago to get Donald...Bears considering a QB somewhere...Easley drawing interest of Bears and other teams...Donald and Barr (especially Donald) receiving most of the buzz here from the gurus...Could be receptive to a trade offer to move up for "elite" player. Donald DT
15 Pittsburgh Looking for a tall WR...Reading between the lines of Pittsburgh PG writer (who apparently wanted to say something without technically being credited for doing so) - they like Watkins 1st among WR's and Evans 2nd with Beckham evidently not tall enough...All this "tall WR" static is moot (unless they can trade up into the top 10)...Ike Taylor expects them to draft a CB...showing a lot of interest in Dennard...Ryan Clark is gonzo....want to draft a tall WR early...said to have met with Moncrief twice...Said to show interest in Bullough...Lewan and Gilbert also on their radar... Fuller CB
16 Dallas McShay says 2 people say that Manziel is #1 on their board...Won't want to trade back if Barr drops here...Hoping Manziel drops to here "so they can trade" (down) - Rapoport...Could target a WR here (Beckham or Lee) writer claims that he's been told "absolutely no by highest authorities" about Manziel being drafted by Dallas but Peter King "absolutely" feels otherwise...Showing interest in QB Aaron Murray (but probably not this high)...A franchise on the down-escalator. Need everything. JJ playing it close-to-the-vest but most of the buzz centers on DT's... Jernigan DT
17 Baltimore Would draft Ebron if he dropped here - Pauline...Could draft C-Dix here if other targeted players are gone - Carroll Co. Times....A 45% chance Ravens will draft a RT early in the draft...Have met with Benjamin, Cody Latimer and local product (Terrance) West twice...Rice's legal problems may force them to think more about drafting a RB...They've always relied on a talented TE....Could go OG (Z Martin or B Thomas - if Thomas' injury not too severe)... Mosley LB
18 Jets Trying to trade up...Niners and Jets jockeying for shots at Beckham, Cooks, Lee...Would have to trade into top 15 to draft Beckham...Pryor says they showed a lot of interest...Really like Ebron (as a WR/TE hybrid) and are one of four teams trying to trade up for him - Pompeii...Jace Amaro is on Jets short list...Competing with Cleveland in "never seeing a trade possibility they didn't like. Lost Cromartie. Expected to draft a CB in the first two rounds (have met with Dennard, Verret and Roby)...have met three times so far with Lee the most marquis-prospect available (pardon the pun)....Have also met three times with Garoppolo...Have met with Benjamin and Beckham...Met with Amaro twice... Beckham WR
19 Miami Targeting Z. Martin - Herald ...Shazier won't get past #19 - Packer Report...One of four teams trying to trade up for Ebron - Pompeii...If they don't trade up for an OT, they could draft JaWuan James here - Rapoport (Seriously)?)...Rate five OT's "1st round material" (Z Martin, Lewan, Matthews, Robinson, J James)...Miami Herald confirms reports that Kouandijo not a 1st round target - Pauline...Need OL help in wake of bullying controversy...Martin is receiving most of the buzz but Plam Beach post says that GM HIckey prefers Kouandijo over Martin...Met with Tre Mason two times...have shown interest in drafting a WR. Pryor S
20 Cardinals Want to draft a QB in first 3 rounds. If Bortles gets past Vikes at #8, Cards will work phones to trade up for him - Pauline...Cards signed ILB Larry Foote...If Cards trade back, it could be to target Hageman because of his versatility - Jurecki; who also says Fuller, Logan Thomas and Exum are being considered (Ed Note - Hopefully not at #20)....Keim comments suggest a difference of opinion with Mayock who feels neither Shazier nor Barr are a good fits for Card defense...Carr rumors won't die - P. King...One of four teams trying to trade up for Ebron - Pompei (Ed Note - BA makes blocking a top priority in his TE's - Ebron not a blocker. Also, Cards more likely to trade down for more picks than to trade up and lose a pick)...Jurecki confirms our thinking - that whether the Cards pick a QB here depends on who's still on their board. He mentions immediate difference-makers like Shazier, Barr and Hageman at #20 and a strong safety in the 2nd or 3rd round...Recent rumor had Cards grabbing Carr if he fell here...Aside from that gossip, the Cards could go in several different directions and you get the feeling the writers are grasping at straws... Barr and Mosley are are probably high on the Cardinal board, but Shazier is said to be a more athletic pass rusher than Barr. Speculation about their wanting Carr may be nothing more than "trade-thigh" to show the Browns....Card meetings have involved players from small schools or 2nd-day or later diamonds in the rough...Arthur Lynch (a rare TE who can block), speedy WR Robert Herron, RB Tre Mason and supersized QB Zach Mettenberg are the 4 best-known names said to have met with the Cards... Shazier OLB
21 Green Bay McShay likes Mosley here, but SIRIUS folk say "No way to a LB."...One of four teams trying to trade up for Ebron - Pompei (Ed Note - Interesting that the four teams draft consecutively from #18 to #21. Story sounds like an agent or team plant). Shazier's name recently tied to Pack...Richburg receiving a lot of attention here. Targeting a safety with this pick - Pryor or C-Dx considered "too good" to pass up (but there is some concern about their lack of elite speed)...will draft the "best available defensive player"....Interested in OLB Trent Murphy...Consider Tajh Boyd "not draftable"... Cooks WR
22 Philadelphia Love Fuller - Phila Inquirer beat writer...SalPal - Want to move into top 10 to grab Evans or Watkins...Two beat writers have them drafting Lee...Late buzz that they may be targeting Manziel...Trying to trade up for a receiver like Beckham - P King, Mortensen...Have met with Dontae Johnson twice...Considering Kirksey and Bradford at ILB - Paluine...Jackson no longer an Eagle (Cooks, Benjamin and Beckham are on their radar)...but it's a deep year for explosive receivers and Kelly is said to want more beef in his secondary (Philly taking a long hard look at Kyle Fuller but Dennard's more athletic)....Dee Ford also a possibility... Gilbert CB
23 Kansas City Reid really likes Cooks....Carr's name tied to Chiefs...May take Su'a-Filo here or try to trade down and still get him or Marquise Lee...A Smith on final year of expensive contract...Pretty tight-lipped compared to last year...Lack explosive depth at WR.... Carr QB
24 Cincinnati QB situation similar to KC's... Another "surprise QB team to watch" - with Bridgewater a fall-back option - Mortensen...Likely to go the BPA route in this draft...Remaining buzz all centers around CB with local product Roby receiving most of ther attention but was involved in recent DUA incident...Also need help at RB...Look for them to draft a QB (Murray?) in a subsequent round... Bridgewater QB
25 San Diego Considering Bitonio - Pauline...Mosley a good value here despite durability concerns...Have met twice with Van Noy. Otherwise, it's been pretty quiet in Southern Cal. Verrett CB
26 Cleveland 2 Farmer "enamored" with Bridgewater and might trade up from here to insure they get him - Cabot (who's not on my high credibility list)...We orginally projected Jernigan here but FoxSports reports that Jernigan failed his combine drug test...Said to be dangling a 2nd round pick to add a 3rd pick in the 1st round in order to draft a QB...Could go in many different directions with this pick... Roby CB
27 New Orleans Rapoport - Invited C Marcus Martin to Radio City (????)...ESPN reports they will draft a receiver...Have met with Ward...Local Saints writer has them drafting M. Lee...Shazier and Stork twice...Expected to trade down...Buzz centers around interior offensive linemen like Kouandijo, Martin or Yankey...Dee Ford also has drawn interest.... Lee WR
28 Carolina Bitonio mentioned a lot lately...Benjamin, Lee and Pryor on Pantera radar,,,Last-minute meeting scheduled with Penn St WR Alan Robinson...Cooks and Lee are two receivers they're zeroing in on...Need to replace bevy of receivers (including Steve Smith) and would probably nab Beckham if he fell here. Said to be targeting Moses (but maybe not this high)...Rivera has made WR a #1 priority...Panthers and Buccos are high on Bitonio - Pauline (who also says the Panthers are working out WR Davante Adams)....Ebron visiting the Panteras...Met with Telvin Smith twice... Benjamin WR
29 New England Sef-Jenkins has turned off some teams with bad interviews...Have met twice with Seferian Jenkins..."Incredibly high on Savage" - Pauline...Another team said to be considering Richburg...Jeremiah says don't be surprised if Pats grabbed a RB like Hyde...One of several teams said to be looking closely at Easley...Said to be looking at TE's (Amaro?) and and DT's (Hageman or Pagan?) for logical reasons... Nix III NT
30 San Francisco "Have heard twice that SF will do something really big in draft" - Mortensen...CW has them trading possibly into the top 15 to grab Beckham or, lower down, Cooks or Lee...Said to have interest in a LSU player (Beckham)? (Ed Note: Or could it be Hill to back up Gore?).....Eying Mettenberg if he's there on Day 3...Met twice with Fiederwicz...Said to be another Easley suitor...Might want to replace A Smith...Could look to trade up (as high as the Giants at #12) to land Evans or Lee....Niners like long-armed dudes...the DB Verrett and OLB Murphy mentioned by writers... Hill RB
31 Denver Trying to move up - Rapoport...Love Hageman - King...Brooks says Broncs need a more physical presence. Ford arguably best athlete here, but Broncs already have Ware to go with Von Miller as edge rushers. Met with Moncrief twice...Another Richburg suitor...Mayock likes Crichton here (compares him to a poor man's Chris Long)...Second or third-echelon corners like Fuller, Jean-Baptiste, C Davis or Exum also receiving attention...Life after Peyton M? - Gollin Su'a-Filo OG
32 Seattle One of several teams said to be interest in Easley (but this could merely be "agent-speak")...Seattle brass said to love Donald - Pauline...One of two teams most interested in Connor Shaw...could draft a shorter slot corner to match up in a pass happy division. (Verrett makes the most sense). Jean-Baptiste CB
34 Washington If Moses still on their board, he won't drop past here....May trade Cousins (perhaps to move up into the 1st round) but there's a counter-report that "Cousins isn't going anywhere"...Could use more explosiveness at TE to help out RG3 "..Might try to package this plus a lower pick to trade back up into Round One.... Amaro TE
59 Colts No buzz thus far other than that they're one of a bundle of teams considering Sam.. Herron WR


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