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2 Dan Feeney OG 20 Indiana rSr 6040 305 1

SI (Ranks #1) - A concussion cost Feeney time earlier this season and he’s had to play a little tackle of late, but he has put together a fine career at guard. Just ask Tevin Coleman, who ran to daylight behind Feeney often in 2015.

Played RT last 4 games...Plays a tough physical game with bend and good feet...versatile...good athleticism...Will start right away...may be looked at as OC...Projects as a high second rounder...not as big as some would and tough...Scout Says: "Freeney will be a starter at guard or center the day he signs his contract."- PFW

Paved way for Tevin Coleman and Jordan Howard. Allowed just one sack in 37 starts heading into his senior season. Medical concerns (concussion)...initial quickness, allows him to pull and easily slide laterally for reach blocks...very good agility for a man with his square-ish frame...good flexion in his lower body to adjust to moving targets at the second level. Delivers a powerful jolt and keeps his feet moving through contact. Tenacious playing style which will endear him to OL coaches. Finisher with good anticipation of where defenders will be, with the nastiness to pancake opponents. Voted a team captain for 2016...Infectious personality/revered for his commitment and work ethic. Agile enough to handle the LG role but only played RG in college. Pass pro production s inflated due to Indiana's up-tempo attack, ...Can get too high with his initial punch. Assuming his medical questions are answered, he will be among the first interior offensive linemen drafted. Blend of size, agility and power make him scheme-versatile...has the nastiness and technique that should serve him well in the NFL. Comp: Xavier Su'a-Filo - NFLDS (Rang)

Did did well enough blocking for Tevin Coleman in 2014 to put his name on watch lists. As a junior, Feeney was even better; opening a lot of holes in the ground game while being a steady pass protector. Rated a First-Team All-American by some and All-Big 10 First-Team. In the ground game he's a powerful bully who generates movement at the point of attack.... Limited in 2016 by an injury and other injuries on the Indiana offensive line. Went down with a concussion against Ball State. and missed a number of games. He was solid, though, when in/injuries forced him to play some right tackle. Projects as a guard. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 5.24...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 26...VJ: 28.0...BJ: 101...SS: 4.68...LS: ...3C:7.52... Arm: 33.4

3 Dorian Johnson OG 46 Pitt Sr 6050 300 2

SI (Ranks #4) - He and Price both excel as run blockers, too, and Price has to be athletic to do his job in Urban Meyer’s scheme.

Plays a physical game and looks to finish...Good but not great athlete...Very consistent pass blocker...Consistent pass blocker...good on short pulls and traps...good short area quicks but slows down after that...occasional problems with combo moves...might be suitable at OC...- PFW

Started 27 straight games and has been a steady blocker in the ground game. Looks the part /nice performance against Penn State. Some ability to contribute to the ground game. But, some scouts have a third-day grade on Johnson. They feel he lacks athleticism and the capability to block in space. Many teams say they've graded him as a fourth- or fifth-rounder, but other teams have him graded on the second day. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.27...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 21 ...VJ: 30.0 ...BJ: ...SS: 5.09...LS: ...3C: 8.39. Arm: 35.25

6 Billy Price OG 82 Ohio St rJr 6030 315 2-3

SI (Ranks #2) - Price and Johnson both excel as run blockers, too, and Price has to be athletic to do his job in Urban Meyer’s scheme.

Broke into the starting lineup in 2014, and his play has steadily improved. In the ground game, he helped open a lot of holes for Ezekiel Elliott while becoming more reliable in pass protection. Has upside and could easily rise in these rankings....Had problems with penalties in 2016, including three in the season opener, but blocked well for the Buckeyes. Has size and some athleticism at POA. Run blocking is ahead of his pass protection. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

4 Zach Banner OG 74 USC rSr 6080 353 3

Seems to fit best as RT - Gollin

PFW (as tackle): Huge man with strength but too heavy (needs to shed 30 - 40 pounds of bulk while adding 10 - 15 lbs of muscle......struggles with wide speed (feet will cross over)...has trouble at second level...can be a good drive blocker...right now no better than a backup...depends on how hard he works - PFW

(Was expected to stay at right tackle for his final season with the Trojans). A mammoth human being, with the naturally wide base and wingspan to slide and create a traffic jam in pass pro...a people-mover in the run game, crashing down, latching on with his heavy hands and driving defenders away from the lane. Carries a lot of weight, but is fluid for his size, adept at pulling and getting in space to take away linebackers at the second level...aggressive with hands, but needs to be more consistent...heavy feet in his kick-slide/upper body arrives before his lower body, creating balance issues in space ...Prone to mental mistakes...Enormous frame and body mass, weight fluctuation will require monitoring. The list of humans on this planet who have his size and movement skills is extremely short, which is why he has been a productive blocker at USC and ranks as arguably the top senior tackle in the country entering the 2016 season. Has his issues in pass pro / flexible rushers are able to dip and run around him. But his power to control the POA (especially in the run game), is what makes him a possible RT target in the NFL. - NFLDS (Brugler)

Senior Bowl - (Day 3) - "...saw some reps at left tackle in practice, as scouts certainly wanted to see him play a spot other than his traditional right tackle position, where he has only allowed three sacks in the last two seasons. Banner didn’t appear to have any issues on the left side, and was able to use his very long frame to run pass-rushers wide of the quarterback in one-on-one drills..." (Day 1) - "...Played well in pass-rush one-on-one drills and was able to keep more than one pass-rusher from getting to the quarterback. The mammoth Banner was one of the best pass-protectors in the country as a junior but took a slight step back as a senior, so the practice reps he gets in Mobile will be highly valuable to his draft stock.- PFF

Forty: 5.58...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 22...VJ: 23.5...BJ: 92...SS: 5.21...LS: ...3C: 8.31... Arm: 34.9.

9+ Tyrone Crowder OG 121+ Clemson rJr 6020 340 3-4


Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

9+ Damian Mama OG 121+ USC Jr 6030 334 3-4

All Name candidate - Gollin

Huge man with natural strength and power..."When he latches onto an opponent, it's over"...Good run and pass blocker,...not consistently quick off balll...should shed 10 pounds..."Has a lot of talent/just too heavy"... - PFW

Has the wide-base and core strength to dominate his square, flashing violence and torque with his upper body to generate a surge in the run game and absorb rushers in pass pro...can unlock his hips to handle different types of rushers, but needs to better sink and use leverage. Wide-hipped with lower and upper body thickness. Powerful base to absorb and re-anchor. Core strength to engage, redirect and toss. Rolls his hips as a run blocker to create movement at POA. Strong hands...Stays square in pass pro and resets well mid-mirror to frustrate interior rushers. Coordinated movement skills when pulling. Keeps busy on-the-field with constant hustle, always searching for someone to block with a nasty demeanor. Ballooned to near 400-pounds as a true freshman/body development needs monitoring. Tall pass-set/needs to use better knee bend to win leverage battles. Catches too much and leaves body open to blockers. Heavy-legged and late working up a level. Undeveloped mental process - late to react to stunts/spins. Must be a better finisher...has the raw traits to get the job done at the next level, but the degree he continues to focus on the details and mechanics of the position will be the key to his development - projects as a NFL starter. (Note - Outplayed during 2016 practices and lost his starting spot for the season opener vs. Alabama).- NFLDS (Brugler)

Mama split time rather than being an every-down starter for USC. He needs to continue to lose weight. Mama can be a bull in the ground game, but has had problems with his weight...said to be near 400 pounds at one point....Supposedly in better shape, and if he can improve his pass protection, he could rise. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.84...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 24.5...BJ: 96...SS: 5.38...LS: ...3C: 8.51 Arm: 35.0.

9+ Johnny Caspers OG 121+ Stanford rSr 6030 296 4

SI (Ranks #7) -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

9+ Braden Smith OG 121+ Auburn Jr 6050 300 4


Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

5 Nico Siragusa OG 75 San Diego St rSr 6040 319 4-5

Cards need help at OG. Siragusa seems to check the right boxes - Gollin

Excellent size (thick and well-built with long arms)...Very strong...very good drive blocker..."not the niftiest, quick-footed guy but good enough"not a great space player/only adequate on pulls...Can be a very good starter in the right scheme...Plays with a physical attitude and seems to enjoy the physical part of the game... - PFW

Effective run blocker for Donnel Pumphrey this season...Quality starter at left guard in 2015...a powerful run blocker who should work on his pass protection. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.35...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 28 ...VJ: 32.0...BJ: 110...SS: 4.56 ...LS: ...3C: 7.71...Arm: 33.5.

9+ Sean Harlow OG 121+ Oregon St Sr 6040 310 5

Too short to play OT - seems to have short arms (can cause him to lose leverage)...Athletically limited but has great versatility (if he gets a bit stronger, his team can save a roster spot as a versatile backup - PFW..

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: 105...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

7 Taylor Moton OG 102 W Michigan xx 6050 319 x

PFW (as an OT): Very good MAC player...Good size, strength and power...Thick build with long arms...Effective pass blockers...needs to improve footwork...Waist-bender who never played LT...Sets up quick and can use hands in pass pro...gets some movement as a run blocker..Start him off at RT and eventually maybe move him to OG... Senior Bowl

Solid offensive lineman for the Broncos / turned in a quality senior year at RT. (Western Michigan has had a superb offense with a dynamic aerial attack for a few years, and Moton's pass protection contributed to that). As a sophomore, Moton played right tackle before moving to right guard...Has versatile size for the NFL and could be a player who is a valuable backup for guard or tackle early in his NFL career. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.18...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 23...VJ: 30.5...BJ: 109..SS 4.58: ...LS: ...3C: 7.73... Arm: 34.1.

9+ Quenton Nelson OG 121+ Notre Dame xx 6050 325 x

SI ( Ranks #5) - Nelson has climbed the board as fast as anyone, and he might not be done. Based on how he plays in both the run and pass, he could put up some excellent marks at the combine.

Was excellent as a first-year starter last season, but has been downright dominant for much of the 2016 campaign. After giving up three sacks and two hits in 2015, he has conceded no sacks and just one hit this year. Aso has a run block grade of 85.3,/his overall grade of 86.7 ranks fourth-best in the country. - PFF

Broke into the starting lineup as a sophomore and did an impressive job of opening holes for C.J. Prosise...Dominant in 2016. Strong at the POA and athletic in pass protection. Excellent at protecting Kizer. Is said to be receiving first-round grades, and one scout projects him as a future Pro Bowler. - WalterFB

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

9+ Greg Pyke OG 121+ Georgia xx 6060 325 x

Expected to come on in 2016 and did OK, but not well enough to get drafted...But versatility can't hurt - PFW

Great core strength and leg drive which allows him to push defensive tackles off the ball on his way toward the second level....Understands angles, consistently placing himself between the defender and RB. Creative on the move, striking defenders with force & using cut blocks when necessary. Doesn't waste time worrying about defenders who may have slipped past, instead re-focuses on other targets/will block multiple opponents on the same play...In pass pro, shows good initial quickness & lateral agility to mirror defenders. Attacks defenders with a strong initial punch and anchors well utilizing proper knee bend and core strength. Alert to stunts and surprise blitzes. Lacks ideal agility to track down linebackers. - NFLDS (Rang)

Played right tackle, but could be a better fit at guard in the NFL. A good run blocker who needs to improve his pass protection, but he had an up-and-down 2015 season, even being benched at one point. Had a nice start to the season as a run blocker against NC... could lack the quickness and athleticism to block on the edge in the NFL. He had some real struggles against Florida. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

8 Isaac Asiata OG 115 Utah xx 6030 323 x

Big strong, physical player who will help the run game....Versatile..Strong run blocker who consistently looks for a second block...can be inconsistent on pulls/getting to second level...Projects as eventual starter but has some physical limitations, but versatility should help him get drafted a bit higher. - PFW

Locked down the LG role during his junior and senior campaigns after logging his first action (including four starts) at RT as a redshirt freshman. While quick enough to slide back outside in a pinch, his future remains inside at OG where he has consistently stood out due to his power and underrated athleticism. - NFLDS (Rang)

Quality run blocker who must improve his pass pro...Has strength at POA. Effective in run game.... Very strong...Took some snaps at center but OG uard might be a better fit for Asiata in the NFL, but that could be further determined at the Senior Bowl. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.34...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP:35 ...VJ: 25.5...BJ: 102...SS: 4.93 ...LS: ...3C: 7.83... .

9+ Jordan Morgan OG 121+ Kutztown xx 6030 309 x

Low level of competition a concern but held his own at Senior Bowl...Very raw...can get very technique-lazy...tends to play tall...lacks ideal height...needs to work on technique...mid-rounder with some upside...Scout Says: "THe kid from Kutzdown finishes with some nasty."- PFW

Said to be a potential third-day offensive lineman who could rise with a strong performance at the Senior Bowl. Has good size and is strong at POA. Some say he could be a lesser version of Ali Marpet. Right now, he's said to be being graded in the fourth or fifth round, but that could change if he impresses at the Senior Bowl. It will be interesting to see how he handles the better competition. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.36...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 21...VJ: 27.0...BJ: 102...SS: 4.73...LS: ...3C: 8.13...Arm: 34.6.

9+ Kyle Kalis OG 121+ Michigan xx 6040 308 x

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - "...Struggled with his balance and couldn’t sustain blocks consistently in team drills. - PFF

"Legitimate tough guy who is strong and plays hard"...but not that athletic...Alert and aware...Tough/tries to be physical...Adequate pass blocker (uses physicality to get it done) and can have trouble with athletic pass rushers)...may be better suited for OC....lacks agility and quick recovery and can be subject to counter moves...just adequate bender...- PFW

Kalis arrived at Michigan with five stars and a number of high school accolades. Redshirted in 2012 and cracked the starting line-up last season with nine starts at right guard...Displays the mirror quickness and core strength to be reliable in pass pro and as a run blocker. - NFLDS (Brugler)

Started for Michigan in 2015 and had a quality season, but he needed to add weight for the NFL. His listed weight is up 13 pounds from a year ago/if so, it could really help him at the POA. Blocked well in 2016, but in some games, the ground game didn't get rolling in part because of heavy run fronts. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .



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