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3 Cam Robinson OT 32 Alabama Jr 6060 322 1

Stock has fallen of late - perhaps due to his projection as a RT. - Gollin

SI (Ranks #1) - Robinson really has been better than the narrative would suggest this season. Case in point: His work earlier this season against Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett, who is almost unanimously the 2017 draft’s No. 1 prospect. Robinson projects as a long-term answer at left tackle, provided he continues to develop his defenses against speed rushers—he already plays with power.

Should be first OL taken...Starter from Day One...Start him off at RT and eventully move him to LT...Great size, strenght and power....Has some trouble with wide-speed...Explosive thru hips..arrested in 2016...Scout Says: "...Hasn't reached his potential. There are times when he doesn't go all out. When he wants to play, he's outstanding."Another Scout Says: " the toughest puzzle in this draft. His measurables are good as any I've seen in years and at times he played to them. Just wish I had a better feel for the off-the-field stuff."... - PFW

.If one were to draw up the perfect specimen for an offensive lineman, it might look a lot like Robinson...simply engulfs defenders at the point of attack,....Given his massive frame, he's surprisingly quick off the ball, with good lateral agility and balance to mirror pass rushers. Can fire off the ball in the run game, with an initial burst to pull and climb to the second levell where he's an intimidating presence...greatest attribute may be his iron grip rather than elite footwork/could prompt a switch to right tackle or to guard. Powerful initial punch, with excellent hand placement and strength...generates impressive power at the POA, rolling his hips and driving his legs to steer opponents away from the ball....pad level rises as he tires, Rarely loses the leverage battle...not the dancing bear most NFL teams are looking for at LT. Can be a tick late off the snap, with limited ability to recover ...Scouts will have to do their homework on off-field issues but on the field, he's tough, strong and athletic...Comp: Cordy Glenn - lacks the light feet to play LT in every scheme but powerful enough to latch on and control opponents/comes with a proven track record against top competition - NFLDS (Rang).

There is a fair amount of debate about him...One team said they rated him s a top-15 pick. Another gave Robinson a second-round grade & said he could have problems with speed rushers from the blind side. Robinson will probably go in the top-20. As a pass protector, he has the length and quickness to defend the edge. He also has quick enough feet to cut off speed rushers and also displays some ability to bend at the knees. Robinson uses his length well and adjusts wisely to blitzes. He needs to get more consistent with his bending and shuffling his feet though. He gets sloppy sometimes, and that leads to him giving up some pressures and sacks. Robinson is a quality run blocker. He has strength to turn defenders at the point of attack and open holes...Quick to the second level to hit blocks as well and is able to pull. Sme power at the POA with a physical demeanor....His pass protection has improved this season. His knee-bending looks improved, his feet are better, and he looks quicker in his drop. Sources say that he lost 10-15 pounds prior to the season and that has helped him in pass blocking. Robinson is still very good in the ground game. Comp: Donovan Smith - WalterFB -

Mitch #1

Forty: 5.15...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 26.0...BJ: 106...SS: 4.82...LS: ...3C: 7.81...Arm: 35.5..

1 Ryan Ramczyk OT 18 Wisconsin rJr 6060 310 1-2

Sounds like the right combo of mental and physical attributes, but hip injury may cloud the issue.- Gollin

SI (Ranks #2) - Ramczyk has been excellent this season on the left side, too, and he moves extremely well for his size.

Good size, strength and power..Technque-sound, well-coached and grades out well...efficient pass blocker...short arms?...Can he play LT? May lack the range...Solid player who will play early in career.... - PFW

Underwent surgery Jan. 5 to repair damage in his right hip. "The surgeon said there was less damage than he expected and it went well," Ramczyk said. "I won't be able to test (physically) at the (NFL) combine, but I'll be there for all the interviews and test and measurements"....Terrific initial quickness at the second level, firing out and making tough cut blocks appear routine. Good power and pad level, as well, bowing his back and showing the leg drive to move the pile. Impressive balance, agility and patience in pass pro/eases off the snap, sliding left with light feet and bent knees waiting for the defender to come to him. Coordination between upper and lower body is impressive - keeps his feet sliding while shooting his hands into the chest of opponents. His long arms and strength then take over, essentially ending the play for the defender. Poise will earn him high marks...maintains technique with bent knees while using his trailing right arm to get a final, powerful shove on the rusher. Showed toughness in fighting through the hip injury.If physicians give general managers the go-ahead, Ramczyk could be difficult to let slide -- especially with this year's below-average LT crop. Comp: Nate Solder - NFLDS (Rang)

Ramczyk’s rise has been stunning and immediate/despite this being his first taste of FBS action. Through 12 games gave up no sacks and just three QB hits. His 83.2 run block grade is tied for fourth-best in the nation. - PFF

Rock solid in pass protection and very good at opening holes in the ground game. The NFL advisory board gave Ramcyzk a first-round grade. Needs hip surgery for a torn labrum...has a lot of good qualities that could lead to him being a starting LT in the NFL. ...quick out his stance, fast to hit blocks in the second level, and is able to get in position for blocks in space. In pass pro , he can play the type writer with his feet and shuffle with rushers. Gets depth in his drop as well. Sometimes can be slow to react and adjust to counter pass-rush moves. Must add more strength - can get bull rushed and pushed back by rushers. Frame doesn't look maxed out,/he should get stronger in an NFL strength and conditioning program. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 25...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....Arm: 33.75.

4 Roderick Johnson OT 60 Florida State Jr 6070 298 2

SI (Ranks #4) - Johnson is the wild card, a prospect with very obvious natural gifts but who was not able to put it all together this season. He still faces a decision on his NFL future. Bolles could go back to school, too, but he’ll be 25 in May. That’s going to cap his draft ceiling.

Boom or bust type...Ideal height and length...frame to carry 320...quick feet, good agility and good snap reaction...Doesn't play to his capability/can get lazy re technique - will bend at the waist/cross his feet...Scout Says: "...Doesn't play hard, isn't strong, poor footwork. I don't understand how people like him.".... - PFW

Prototypical blend of size, quickness and experience in a pro-style offense, Johnson is among the few tackles in the 2017 draft class who warrants first round consideration....Exceptionally long arms, broad shoulders and good overall weight distribution...Has the length and width NFL scouts look for...good initial quickness off the snap, sliding well to his left with short, choppy steps and using his long arms to latch onto pass rushers. Surprising quickness in the running game, where he's often asked to release off the LOS to block LBs and DBs.... Climbs quickly to the second level and can dominate smaller opponents...Athletic but hardly a finesse blocker. When he keeps his pad level low, Johnson can drive defensive linemen off the ball. But far from a finished product. Speedy edge rushers were too often able to turn the corner against him Long arms give him terrific reach potential, but he does not yet show the power in his hands to jolt defenders. Johnson's value lies with his length, durability and experience in a pro-style offense....Comp: Ja'Wuan James - NFLDS (Rang)

A finesse player who needs development. Struggled in 2016 and should have returned for his senior year...turned in some underwhelming performances, including rough tapes against Ole Miss, Louisville, Miami, and Michigan. Others haven't been as hard on Johnson, but they aren't excited about him either. Even scouts from teams desperate for offensive line help aren't pining for their team to land Johnson... hasn't been receiving first-round grades. Optimistic team sources view Johnson as a backup player in the NFL and potential fringe starter. Others think Johnson is just not a good player. Edge rusher Marquis Haynes exposed a lot of problems for Johnson who was beaten for a sack and got zero movement in opening holes in the running game. Johnson lacked strength and didn't generate any push in the ground game. Ties up his blocker, but not a force at the POA. In pass pro , Johnson has the athleticism to protect against speed rushers, but is weak to block inside moves and gets bull rushed too easily. Even undersized speed rushers have success bull rushing him. A finesse player who needs development. Not a true bull in the ground game, but is an effective run blocker. Quick to get to spots on the second level and hit some blocks to spring his back for big gains. He doesn't blast defensive linemen out of their gap, but he does well holding them up and walling them off. Can be sloppy in shuffling his feet, and he bends at the waist to reach after pass-rushers. He gets away with it against college defenders, but won't in the NFL. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ...Arm: 36.0...Hnd: 10.0

5 Mike McGlinshey OT 73 Notre Dame rJr 6070 310 2-3

Keep W (Gabriel).

Hasn’t been quite the dominant force he was last year at the LOS, but in a weak tackle class he is still sure to be near the top. The past 2 years, he has given up just 2 sacks and 4hits in pass pro, and his 81.4 run block grade ranks 10th in the country. Penalties have been a significant issue this year/tallied 12 in 2016, after posting just 5 a year ago. - PFF

Could be the closest thing to a franchise LT...Not one of the best tackle prospects to come out in years, but he is very good with upside to be a very good pro LT. ..Vey impressive at left tackle for ND in 2016...a tough run blocker who has been part of a good Notre Dame line.As a run blocker, McGlinchey can get movement at the POA. Flashes heavy hands to push defenders out of their gaps and open holes for his back. In pass pro , he looks like a natural at LT,...Shows excellent feet to get depth in his kick slide and cut off speed rushers. Good knee-bender and that in combination with his feet, keeps him from having to reach for edge rushers. One consistent issue: a lot of false start penalties. Projects as he is a future starting left tackle in the NFL and a first-round pick. WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

6 Adam Bisnowaty OT 84 Pittsburgh rSr 606 304 2-3

Technique-sound/very aware...Lacks ideal size...just average lateral agility...can be beaten by counter-moves...Some trouble handling wide speed rushers...Can get to 310...better off at RT... - PFW

One of the more battle-tested linemen this draft, (started 44 games at LT over the past four seasons). College days were spent on the left side, but his physical style of play make him better served at RT.. thletic almost-TE-like build scouts are looking for today...Impressive initial quickness off the snap for a man of his size / sticky hands, controlling opponents once he latches on. Build may suggest a finesse style of play, but his aggression and physicality counters that perception. He plays with a guard's mentality, firing off the snap and supplying a powerful initial punch to jolt opponents. Good initial quickness and lateral agility with short, choppy steps to "chuck" his way in reverse /controls edge rushers with his long arms and powerful grip. Can anchor, with good core flexibility and at least adequate balance to remain outside at tackle ...upper body power also shows up in the running game/shows some nastiness in his play, lacks elite balance and agility for pass protection against speed rushers. He can be a tick slow off the snap and allows his pads to rise in pass protection, leaving him vulnerable to bull rushers. May not possess the elite tools to warrant first round consideration but could make a team look awfully smart on Day Two....Comp: Breno Giacomini...NFLDS (Rang)

Looks like he has potential with length, but scouts are giving him late-round grades. One team would have Bisnowaty with an undrafted grade, but felt another team might take him on Day 3. Another source said they had Bisnowaty as a fifth- or sixth-rounder. Lacks strength and doesn't get movement in the ground game, but some feel that while he is limited athletically, he is football player who finds a way to make up for it. Will need at least one "redshirt" year in the NFL to get stronger in a strength and conditioning program. Banged up in 2015, but played through injuries and had a solid season. Has been Pittsburgh's starting left tackle the past three seasons. A smart player, but could stand to get stronger for the pros. His more reliable pass blocking made him a starter on the left side instead of T.J. Clemmings. Comp: Ricky Wagner. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 3) "...Appeared to benefit from a position switch during Thursday’s North practice...historically has played tackle, and during the season, his 97.9 pass-blocking efficiency rating ranked 25th among offensive tackles. However, he struggled in pass-protection in his Senior Bowl practices outside at tackle, and shifted inside to guard for some snaps on Thursday, where he performed much better in one-on-one pass protection drills..." .- PFF

Forty: 5.23...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 23...VJ: 29.5...BJ: 96...SS: 4.94...LS: ...3C: 8.02...Arm: 33.9....Hnd: 11.4

11+ Chad Wheeler OT 120+ USC rSr 6070 306 3

SI (Ranks #7) -

Smart and consistent...Not a big-framed guy...Plays with bend...will give ground at times to explosive rushers...Very steady. smart and alert...lacks natural size and has maxed out growth..In most years, he's a 2nd round pick, but given the light talent in this years crop of OT's he might sneak into the late 1st round.... - PFW

Was the starting left tackle over the last three seasons for USC. He was a quality left tackle for the Trojans in 2015. However, Wheeler missed the Holiday Bowl after an incident with police that caused him to be placed in protective custody for a psychiatric evaluation. Missed most of training camp with plantar fasciitis...banged up this season, but served as a decent blind-side protector. Projected to go on n the third day of the Draft. He has some talent athletically, but there aremajor concerns about him off the field. Wheeler is a skilled pass protector with quickness and athleticism on the edge. Does need to get stronger...broke into the starting lineup as a redshirt freshman at left tackle and did a quality job for the Trojans. He improved while a sophomore, both as a run blocker and a pass protector but tore knee ligaments after eight games to end his season. - WalterFB -

Forty: 5.48...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 15...VJ: 20.5...BJ: 105...SS: 5.01...LS: ...3C: ...Arm: 33.1.

7 Dion Dawkins OT 88 Temple Sr 6040 314 3

Temple guy - keep an eye on - Gollin

Big, strong guy with good athletiism, strength and power...Plays with nasty streak...likes to be physical...some hip-snap on contact...Can get technique-lazy and commit mental errors (false-start penalties)...Will drop hands... Has the talent to be a winning LT in the pros but must overcome correctable technique and mental errors...How he does at the Senior Bow and Combine will affect his rating (2nd rounder if things pan out)...Needs to land with the right pro coaching...Scout Says: "...has enpugh ability to play RT. He's big, massive and powerful." - PFW.

Has some fans in the NFL scouting community. They feel that he has some athleticism and could turn into a good functional blocker. Those who really like him have him graded in the second round and think he has LT potential. Others have him graded a round or two later and think he'd be a better fit at guard...had a fine senior season that has him in a good position for next April. Some believe he won't get out of the 2nd round. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl (OG) - (Day 2) - "Received some extra attention for some technique issues, but in one-on-one drills, he was excellent, going three-for-three with a very good ability to slide and mirror in pass protection....listed as a guard here in Mobile, but as the Owls’ left tackle, he finished 12th nationally in pass-blocking efficiency, having allowed just two sacks, two hits and five hurries all season.

Forty: 5.11...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 26...VJ: 26.0...BJ: 106...SS: 4.78...LS: ...3C: 7.30 Arm: 35.0....Hnd: 9.9

11+ Avery Gennesy OT 120+ Texas A&M rSr 6030 318 3-4

Good natural size...long arms...thick lower body...has physical traits to play LT...Some pop on initital contact...Inconsistent run blocker...must get stronger in upper body...Overall, one of the better athletes in the draft but has to put everything together... - PFW

Forty: 5.35...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 24...VJ: 20.0...BJ: 91...SS: 5.00 ...LS: ...3C: 8.08 ...Arm: 33.6....Hnd: 9.5

10 Conor McDermott OT 119 UCLA rSr 6080 307 3-4

Naturally big...Consistent competitor with good natural strength...Tough to beat wide because of size and length...Like many tall guys, he isn't all that agile or mobile....Not explosive. Opponents can get to his body and drive him back...Needs to play lower with more attention to detail. Has to play on the right side (Lacks the quicks and agility to play LT) - PFW

Would probably be a better fit at RT. Some teams are giving him a late-round developmental grade...led a strong UCLA offensive line in 2015 that only allowed 14 sacks on the season. Steady pass protector. In the ground game, he was an effective blocker ...McDermott's measurements would make him more of a right tackle, but perhaps his senior year could prove that he is a viable left-tackle candidate. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 5.18 ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 28.5...BJ: 105...SS: 4.58 ...LS: ...3C: 7.73...Arm: 34.75....Hnd: 11.0

8 JJ Dielman OT 114 Utah rSr 6050 309 3-4

PFDG pegs has a lot ofd coaching.

Moved to center for the Utes. (& it could end up being a better fit for him in the NFL) - turned in quality performances for the first five games of the year. Things went off the rails then as Dielman suffered a foot injury and missed the rest of the season....solid blocker for the Utes and was very good at opening holes for Devontae Booker...will have to improve his pass protection. Wisely decided to return for his senior year. Moving inside to OG could be his NFL future. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 27...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ...Arm: 32.25....Hnd: 10.0

11+ Ethan Pocic OT 120+ LSU xx 6060 310 xx

Gollin - ALthough he's a quality OG/OC, he has a tackle's length and may be a bit top-heavy for the interior.

(PFW - as a center) - Very tall for a center...Adequate length, plays hard, quick to snap and step...Gets tall...not a natural bender (widens his base to get low) ground to power rushers...not a power-guy...More of a versatile backup type...Must get stronger and improve technique to stick long term - PFW

Has an interesting body type for the next level. He is taller than most teams like to have at center, but that is if his listed height is accurate, and more often than not, schools exaggerate the height and weight of players. An athletic center who is well-balanced as a run blocker and pass protector. Did a nice job of opening holes at POA and gave his quarterback time. Not a bulldozing interior offensive lineman, but he fires to the second level to hit blocks while being effective on double teams. It would help Pocic to add more strength to create more movement in the ground game and hold up against bull rushers...has natural athleticism and is excellent at hitting blocks on the second level. Does a quality job of sustaining his blocks and has strong technique with hand placement. While not a true bull as a run blocker, he is effective at opening holes in the ground game. In pass pro, Pocic has been very reliable. Good at hitting double teams on tackles and also is smart in his positioning. He also has the athleticism and quickness to help handle interior speed rushers. Adding some strength to his base will help him against the heavy, powerful 3-4 nose tackles who are in the NFL. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl (OC) - (Day 2) - "...most impressive offensive linemen on the field Wednesday. ...Our ninth-highest-graded center in 2016, and saw time at both guard and center in practice. Although he was beaten swiftly on an inside move by Villanova’s Tanoh Kpassagnon, he won his other two one-on-one reps and also performed well on double-team drills. His combination of power and foot quickness was on display in team drills as well, skills that led to have not giving up a hit or a sack this season..." - PFF

Forty: 5.15...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 26..VJ: 27.0...BJ: 107...SS: 4.81...LS: ...3C: Arm: 33.1.

1 as OG Garrett Bolles OT-OG 17 Utah xx 6050 297 xx

Tough guy. Some list as OG. We rank him #1 as an inside guy - Gollin

Good height and length...Competitive...plays with nasty disposition...Gets after people...Narrow frame...light in the butt...gets too tall...Very raw...needs technique work...a 2nd rounder who'll probably go in the 1st...Scout Says: "...LIght in the ass and doesn't always play with bend"... - PFW

Those inspired by the rise of Michael Oher of "The Blindside" fame will find Bolles especially interesting - a one-time juvenile delinquent who spent two years after high school and away from football working as a garage door repairman. (Has matured after a troubling adolescence.)...Limited experience is an obvious concern, but the combination undeniable tools and a relatively weak year for offensive tackle can work to his advantage. Easy movement skills for a man of his size. Very good initial quickness, lateral agility and balance, translating well to mirroring edge rushers in pass pro and locking on the move in the run game. Ggood depth on his initial kick-step, sliding easily to his left and playing with bent knees and his butt down to effectively win the leverage battle. Second burst to recover when late off the snap. Average or better arm length for the position. Powerful initial punch / erase opponents from the play when he latches on with accurate hand placement. Unlocks his hips on contact, looking to maul opponents, not just steer them. Seems to enjoy the physicality and challenge of one-on-one drive blocking, firing off the snap and moving defenders because of his power and use of leverage. Accelerates smoothly out of his stance when uncovered, with burst, bend and vision. Blocks to the echo of the whistle...Can get lazy with his fundamentals, especially in pass pro, failing to keep his feet shuffling and allowing his hands to slide up and down the chest plate, leaving him vulnerable to swim moves. A bit too reliant, on his initial punch and mirroring agility, failing to latch on and control as consistently as he should. Comp: Breno Giaccomini - NFLDS (Rang)

Many didn't expect Bolles to enter the 2017 NFL Draft after only one season at Utah,..Started at left tackle in 2016...will need to work on pass pro vs. NFL speed rushers. Will be also significantly older than most rooks. - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.95...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 28.0...BJ: 115...SS: 4.55...LS: ...3C: 7.29... Arm: 34.0....Hnd: 9.4

9 Antonio Garcia OT 116 Troy xx 6060 302 xx

(PFW ranks #2)...Tall and long...Strong and exposive...very good athlete...light on feet...good slide and recover moves...Nasty streak.."Moves like a TE"...Growth potential to 315...Very good explosion thru hips....Level of competition questioned...needs to add bulk in upper and lower body...Great upside - could be one of the first 2 or 3 OT's drafted..Scout Says: "..Needs to get bigger, but my is he talented". - PFW

Had a great opportunity to rise at the Senior Bowl....has the size to be a left or right tackle in the NFL...broke into the starting lineup at left tackle as a redshirt freshman and locked down the spot for the rest of his college career (less an injury shortened 2013 season). The pass-blocking one-on-ones in Mobile figured tobe critical for Garcia, and if he did well, he will rise up draft boards. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - "...Had some struggles, most noticeably in one-on-ones....lost three individual reps today, all against edge rushes, and a big part of his issue was his propensity to grab his man outside his pads, which allowed his defenders to initiate contact and establish leverage. Graded extremely well on pass blocks this season ((gave up no sacks, one hit and six hurries), but did not perform up to his best against today’s competition...(Day 1) - "appeared to lose more than his share of the one-on-one pass rush battles in the first South practice. That is the best part of his game, so that was a little concerning. " - PFF

Forty: 5.15...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 24...VJ: 31.0...BJ: 108...SS: 4.94...LS: ...3C: 7.98... Arm: 32.9....Hnd: 9.9

2 Forrest Lamp OT 28 W Kentucky xx 6040 309 xx

Senior Bowl - Highly regarded but was injured midweek... (Day 1) - "...played both his normal tackle position and inside at guard as well on

(PFW - as a Guard): Fundamentally sound lineman who is strong, tough and competes...Too short to play OT...Low level of competition...Plays with strength and power...Plays with good bend...but is short with short arms...Might never become an All Pro but you can win with him - PFW

(Crimson Tide defenders Jonathan Allen and Ryan Anderson singled out Lamp as one of the best blockers they have faced.) Physical, technically-sound blocker, who works hard to keep rushers in front of him in pass pro and rolls his hips as a run blocker...might be able to survive at tackle, but lack of ideal length makes him better suited as an interior blocker. Balanced movement skills with low hips in his shuffle. Resets well with lower body flexibility and lateral quicks to sit in his stance, stay square and mirror. Quick, efficient coil with the grip strength to lock out and maintain spacing between him and rushers. Aggressive hands to answer counter measures. Broad-shouldered frame with developed build. Proper kickslide depth to push speed rushers away . Aware - picks up spins and stunts,/ closes inside rush lanes. Physical run blocker...Blocks with a stubborn mentality... Rarely ends up on the ground. Reliable playing temperament in both practice and games - two-time captain. Strong preparation habits...Adequate wingspan, but below average arm-length. Sets too aggressive outside and late protecting inside moves. Hurries his technique vs. speed (wild limb use). Average lower body mass/frame appears maxed out. Reliable square blocker, but can struggle on his edge. Limited experience inside...Was forced to sit out the Senior Bowl (high ankle sprain) Has the necessary traits to make the transition to guard and start early. Comp: Zach Martin - NFLDS (Brugler)

Invited to the Senior Bowl after an excellent collegiate career. He made 39 straight starts and was a tough lineman at the point of attack. Lamp is going to need to add some strength for the NFL. If his listed height holds true at the weigh-in in Mobile, then he is a candidate to remain at tackle. If Lamp is shorter than 6-foot-4, he probably will have to move inside to guard. NFL evaluators wanted to see how he could play inside, and he appeared to hold up better inside at guard than outside at tackle. Looked good during the early team portions of practice, but struggled to win one-on-one pass rush repetitions. WalterFB -

Forty: 5.00...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 34...VJ: 27.5...BJ: 111...SS: 4.62...LS: ...3C: 7.55...Arm: 32.25....Hnd: 10.6

11+ Julien Davenport OT 120+ W Kentucky xx 6070 318 xx

Great size/can dominate his level of competition...Long arms...good athlete...good COD, agility and balance...but needs to play with more power...Not as physical as you'd like...Technique-raw...will have to be sold on the fact that he can't succeed on physical dominance alone...Will probaby start on the right side and eventually be moved to LT...Scout Says: "...will have a chance. He's a left tackle project. Real good feet.and athleticism. Needs to get stronger" - PFW

Davenport is very much a love/hate prospect in the scouting community. At the start of the 2016 season, there was a real buzz about Davenport. Scouts from every team visited Bucknell to see him. Many believe that Davenport is likely to go on the second day. (some t really like him and feel he can be a starting LT. They love his athleticism, length and upside...needs some work developing his body, but they believe he could be a starting left tackle in the NFL. Others don't like Davenport and have him going on Day 3. (They point to poor tape from his senior year vs weak competition and say he has terrible technique and is exceedingly raw - tere were snaps where Davenport would play high, get pushed around, get bull rushed, and struggle with redirecting). One scouting director said that they think Davenport would be a top-20 pick if he played at a big BCS school, but because of his level of competition, he is probably more likely go in round 2. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 5.45...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP:18 ...VJ: 27.0...BJ: 106...SS: 4.69...LS: ...3C: 7.57... Arm: 36.5....Hnd: 10.5

11+ Eric Smith OT 120+ Virginia xx 6050 300 xx

Senior Bowl -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

11+ Will Holden OT 120+ Vanderbilt xx 6070 311 xx

Good natural size with room to get bigger...Short arms...can have trouble with wide speed and quick counter-moves...Projects to RT or OG...Tough and competitive...should challnge for a starting job by Year Three. (Lots of similar types playing in the league right now).- PFW

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 5.47...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 23 ...VJ: 28.0...BJ: 111...SS: 4.72...LS: ...3C: 7.71...Arm: 33.25....Hnd: 10.1

11+ Robert Leff OT 120+ Auburn xx 6060 299 xx

Senior Bowl -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

11+ Justin Senior OT 120+ Miss St xx 6050 331 xx

Three year starter with very good size...competes...flashes as both a run and pass blocker...Average athlete...lacks bend...can be beat by counter move...Tough to shed...not a natural bender...will have to play with lower pad level to make it in the pros - PFW

Senior Bowl -

Senior Bowl - Injured ankle

Forty: 5.55...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 23.0...BJ: 98...SS: 5.06 ...LS: ...3C: 8.19...Arm: 34.0....Hnd: 10.25



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