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Leonard Fournette
LSU Jr 6000 240   1

Bruising, 235-pound back you want to get moving north and south as much as possible, although he sees the field well and can break off a sharp cut. Don't rule out Top 10 pick. Should be off board within top 20 - SI (Ranks #2) -

Injuries may have prevented him from being the dominant player he was in 2015, but he is still one of the best RB prospects of the past few years, especially - as a pure runner. Has forced 136 missed tackles on running plays over the past three seasons (an average of a missed tackle forced every 4.5 carries)...Remains a terrifying threat to opposing LBs and DBs when he gets to the second level. - PFF

Excellent size, strength and power...Home run hitter if he gets a seam...consistantly gets YAC yards..Effective pass blocker...good receiver out of the backfied...can dominate a game once he gets ging...not a great cutback runner...lacks elusiveness...Not as good as Ezekial Elliott...Scout Says: "I can't find anything not to like about Fournette, but am more troubled by the perception that he spent most of this season protecting himself than I am bothered by him skipping the bowl game."... - PFW

His package of skills makes him a nightmare for second level defenders once he gets downhill, lowering his pads and barreling through bodies like a hot knife through butter. While the physical traits are elite, he needs to improve his decision-making and tempo in the NFL, especially when the designed hole doesn't develop. Greatest variables in his NFL projection will be his development in the passing game (blocking and receiving) and the long-term prognosis of his left ankle injury....Comp: Larry Johnson- NFLDS

No doubt that Fournette is a special player - powerfuldownhill runner who can run over tacklers but also has the burst to break off long runs and run away from them. Also has moves in the open field with elusiveness to avoid tacklers. ..Natural athlete with impressive receiving skills... a threat to score every time he touches the ball. Missed six games i(ankle). Looks like a future franchise player and Pro BowlRB if he can stay healthy. Comp: Adrian Peterson - WalterFB

Forty: 4.51 ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 28.5...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: Arm: 31.6...Hnd: 9.6

Dalvin Cook
Fla State Jr 5100 210   1

SI (Ranks #1) - More of a do-everything back with deadly east-to-west abilities, yet he also has breakaway speed when he does get downhill. Don't rule out top 10. Should be off board within top 20.

Unmatched vision and acceleration, Could easily end up a top-10 pick. Late-season performances further separated him from the pack...still tops the nation in elusive rating, with 86 combined broken tackles this year...had a slow start early in the season well...Vs. Florida, he broke 9 tackles and generated 95 yards after contact... - PFF

Exceptional overall athlete with speed & COD...Great speed, elusiveness and running-instincts...can make tacklers miss...Reliable receiver and route runner...Lack of size a concern...Durable in the past but does he have the frame to hold up over long haul?...home run hitter...runs low...Scout Says: "Every time I put Fournette and Cook side by side, I come away thinking Cook will prove to be the higher impact guy. This kid's burst is unbelievable."...Comp: C J Spiller - PFW

Final grade isn't as high as Ezekiel Elliott's a year ago. If he clears the medics, he should be the first running back drafted. When evaluating the running back position, there are two main criteria that translate to the NFL: can you navigate and can you create? Cook is above average in both areas. Has excellent patience and then times his burst to maximize each run. If defenses give him a crease, he has the vision to find openings and athletic gifts to explode through them due to his feet, balance and spatial awareness. Dynamic rusher and receiver, but is inconsistent in pass pro and ball security. NFL docs will need to sign off on his shoulders. Comp: Marshall Falk - NFLDS

Suffers from some weird fumbles and ball-security issues...On the upside, he demonstrated tremendous speed, vision, cutting ability, and balance...While not the biggest of backs, he has functional power to charge through some tackles from linebackers and defensive backs...As a runner, Cook is impossible not to like. Fast to hit the hole and serious acceleration to the second level...When Cook breaks into the open field, he has sheer speed to run away from a lot of defensive backs and is a threat to take the ball to the house...has excellent body lean, pad level, vision to weave through defenders, balance, and patience. Elusive in the open field and slashes through defenses. While Cook isn't the biggest of backs, he is put together well with a thick lower body. allowing him to maintain balance after contact and pick up more yards. Also shows some natural receiving skills - soft hands /athletic route-runner...Looks like a future three-down starter in the NFL.. Comp: Marshall Faulk. - WalterFB -

Mitch #1

Forty: 4.49...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 22...VJ: 30.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.53...60S: ...3C: 7.27...Arm: 32.4...Hnd: 9.25

Christian McCafferey
Stanford Jr 5110 202   1

SI (Ranks #3) - He and Samuel are electrifying chips that a creative coach could do wonders with.

Talented player who is equally at home in the backfield or running routes out of the slot .Highly elusive - has forced 65 missed tackles on the year, (44 as a runner and 21 as a receiver). A creative offensive coordinator will get the most out of his skill set/ but can help any team instantly with his combination of quick lateral cuts and game-breaking speed. - PFF

Excellent multipurpose back...Very productive inside and out...Has speed,strength, COD, burst and balance...Good blocker and receiver....big play potential...marginal size...injuries in in rotation.....Runs low...... - PFW

Versatile - rushing, receiving and returning...has greasy knees, light feet and balance/allows him to change directions without slowing down. Has the speed to beat LBs to the corner and to pull away in the open field....uses impressive leg drive and determination to twist his way through would-be tacklers. Terrific receiver out of the backfield, naturally plucking the ball outside of his frame and securing it in one fluid motion. Excellent route-runner, using subtle shoulder fakes and altered gaits to leave defenders guessing & creating easy separation. Has taken snaps out of the slot and even split out wide as a traditional receiver/ projected to play a similarly versatile role in the pros. Lacks buly frame for a true "bell cow" back. Game is based on elusiveness/not sheer power Lack of ideal size is most evident in his pass pro - a willing, cognizant blocker but lacking the proverbial sand in his pants. Scouts are expected to ignore McCaffrey's statistics and instead focus on his unique athletic traits (which are perfectly suited for today's up-tempo NFL)...Com: Brian Westbrook - NFLDS (Rang)

Sat out bowl game (Sitting out a game was a bit out of character but probably won't hurt McCaffrey in the draft). Should have won last season's Heisman Trophy because he carried Stanford. HMcCaffrey looks undersized, but he still should be an early rounder. What really sets McCaffrey apart as a runner is his acceleration and explosiveness. A home-run hitter and a threat to rip off a huge gain every time he touched the ball last season. Nice first-step /darts through the hole to get into the second level of the defense. In the open field, he has a second gear and also is very elusive. Uses his feet, vision, and agility to weave around defenders. Not a power runner, but he does finish his runs well and can pick up some yards after contact. McCaffrey has good balance to keep his feet, runs with an excellent body lean, and is a patient runner to set up his blocks. As a receiver, he has soft hands and is a very good route-runner. Also a dangerous kick returner. Biggest issue for him is size and durability - undersized for a NFL feature back. Comp: Reggie Bush - WalterFB

Forty: 4.48...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 10...VJ: 37.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.22...60S: ...3C: 6..57...Arm: 30.0...Hnd: 9.0...

Royce Freeman
Oregon Jr 5-11 230   1-2

Compa (Gabriel)

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

Jeremy McNichols
Boise St Jr 5090 214   2

SI (RAnks #8) - He and Hunt could be very good pros—both offer a little of everything and max out their skill sets.

Very strong for size...Good speed and even quicker...better than adequate pass blocking skills...Not a home run threat and lacks the size you look for...but tough and competitive ..."Might not be a bell-cow but good for 15 touches a game."...... - PFW

He may lack the name recognition of other top backs, but he shows intriguing potential, displaying vision, burst, power and toughness. Runs with low COG...Short but with a powerful, compact frame, well-built arms and a thick lower half that testifies to his work in the weight room. Can carry the load when necessary(40 carries vs. Colorado State) ...with only two full seasons as the starter, there should be plenty of treat left on the tires. A reliable receiver out of the backfield...lacks the size and speed to excite scouts. Ball security needs work...More quick than fast, lacking a second gear. If he can ease concerns about his straight-line speed, he could earn top 100 consideration. Comp: Cedric Peerman - NFLDS (Rang)

Doesn't have great size, but he was a tough runner...could at least be a back for the passing game - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.49...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 35.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.28...60S: ...3C: 6.93...Arm: 31.5...Hnd: 10

Samaje Perine
Oklahoma Jr 5110 233   2-3

SI (Rnks #9)_

Short but thick and athletic...Between the tackles type...Good pay-speed and outstanding balance...Quick to the hole with good vision and instincts...Makes good decisions...runs with exceptional ower...YAC-machine...Not much part of the passing game (as receiver or blocker)...Rotational back - PFW

Sculpted body that "has muscles on muscles."Ordinary long speed/lacks finishing gear...not elusive in tight spaces...physically banged up in college... - NFLDS

A physical, tough runner who has been banged up this season and also split the workload with Joe Mixon. A hard-nosed physical running back. - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.65...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 30...VJ: 33.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.37...60S: ...3C: 7.26...Arm: 30.4...Hnd: 10.0

D'onta Foreman
Texas Jr 6000 233   2-3

SI (Ranks #4) - Workhorse type RB

Great size to go with good strength...Punishing runner/willing blocker...Good COD...Not consistent breakaway threat...not used much as receiver......Comp: Jordan Howard (only bigger & faster). - PFW

"Built like a tank."...Runs with low COG....Physical in pass pro but challenged by the mental high-stamina runner...Can carry 245-250 lbs but weight needs monitoring - NFLDS.

Had a tremendous 2016 season and was one of the most productive runners in the nation. Not much of a receiver, but a load as a runner who can run over the opposition. Will be an early round-pick in the Draft. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 18...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm: 31.4....Hnd: 10.1

Nick Chubb
Georgia Jr 5-10 220   2-3

Mitch #3

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

Wayne Gallman
Clemson rJr 6000 215   3

"Jack of All Trades, mster of none."...Physical RB who runs higher than ideal...Inconsistent situational awareness...too many false start flags...Blocking needs work - NFLDS

Quick starter/good jump-cutter with excelllent vision and instincts...Runs with power....gets YAC yards...good inside or outside...can make first guy miss...Reliable receiver/willing blocker... ...Gabriel says: "I like this player's runnng style...has a quick jump inside. These types of runners generally make good NFL runnung backs...I like his toughness and competitive attitudeMakes plays when they are needed"...Comp: Matt Forte - PFW

Missed some time with a concussion this season. More of a quick slashing runner with some athleticism as a pro, but doesn't have a lot of power...has impressive feet and can be elusive in the open field. Tremendous lateral quickness and a north-south burst ...also has some power to pound the ball and finish off runs. A taller back who can run a little upright at times - that can lead to issues with injuries and ball security...It would be good to see Gallman improve his knee bend and pad level. - WalterFB -

Mitch #2

Forty: 4.60...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 21...VJ: 29.5...BJ: ...20S: 4.28...60S: ...3C: 7.17...Arm: 32.6....Hnd: 9.1

Elijah Hood
North Carolina Jr 6000 232   3-4

Size, strength and power his calling cards...Quick to the hole...YAC guy...Not very elusive/lacks speed...Pass blocking needs work..Won't be effective outside but "will do the dirty work."...Maybe should have stayed in school- PFW


Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 18...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm: 30.4...Hnd: 9.4

Curtis Samuel
Ohio State xx 5110 196   xx

SI (Ranks #5) - He and McCaffrey are electrifying chips that a creative coach could do wonders with.

(as a receiver)..."A specialist but a specialist speciaist."...Home run hitter...Versatile - excellent speed and athleticism to go with his very good open fied skills......Small size for a RB.....True jack of all trades.. Won't find too many players like him.- PFW

.(Listed as a WR)....Moved to hybrid H-Back in college...."Ultimate chess piece...Playmaker - has explosive traits and natural accelleration....Tweener frame- Comp: Percy Harvin - NFLDS

Fast, explosive play-maker who is a hybrid wide receiver/running back. As a pro, he probably will be more of a receiver than a running back. ...Comp: Percy Harvin. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm: 31.25...Hnd: 9.5

Kareem Hunt
Toledo xx 5100 216   xx

SI (Ranks #6) - He and McNichols could be very good pros—both offer a little of everything and max out their skill sets.

Very productive MAC RB...Very good sze/good strength & power...Needs pass block work...Not a breakaway type...Rotational prospectLevel of ocmpetition makes him hard to evaluate..... - PFW

Smooth athlete with nifty feet...Needs to speed up his reads at the LOS...Keeps his pad level low and doesn't make it easy on would-be tacklers....Average long speed/lacks explosiveness. Off the field baggage - NFLDS

(Ranked #15 with no descriptive commentary. WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - a PFF favorite for awhile now, having earned the highest grade among all running backs in 2016... has impressed thus far in Mobile. ..Very effective as a pass-catcher in the North practice...also showed off his elusiveness which helped him force 98 missed tackles during the season by making Michigan cornerback Jourdan Lewis miss in the open field on a toss play. "It’s never easy for a running back to stand out during the week of practice...(almost all drills avoid tackling), but Hunt had his flashes, including a beautiful open-field move to beat Jourdan Lewis to the edge on a swing pass. Still, he had to wait until the game to show his real skills, and he didn’t disappoint, forcing five missed tackles on 15 carries and picking up 87 of his 115 yards after contact. The word that continues to come to mind for Hunt is “balance,” as he has an amazing ability to stay on his feet while shrugging tacklers aside, a big reason he led the nation (last year) with 100 missed tackles...moving...up the ranks of the entire class due to his strong showing at practice and in the game". - PFF

Forty: 4.62...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 18...VJ: 36.5...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...31.4... Hnd: 9.6

Jamaal Williams
BYU xx 6000 212   xx

SI (Ranks #7) - Like Foreman, a workhorse RB

Productive (when healthy)...Ankle injury and rules violation...Tough inside but no breakaway threat...."Good size...Qucik to the hole...can slide, jump-cut and find a seam...runs low...consistently gets YAC yardage...seldom gets knocked backward..Scout Says: I love the way (he) runs inside but he puts the ball on the ground too much..."...Gabriel says: "Really like this guy"(but he won't get drafted as high as his talent says)...- PFW

More of a punishing between the tackles RB...imposing build..."plays angry"...but owns a high-cut frame... - NFLDS

Had retired from football, but came back and played at his best in 2016. A powerful rushing presence. He had only seven receptions for 80 yards. A physical back capable of picking up yards after contact. In a talented running back class, Williams could be a really good value in the mid-rounds. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.59...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: 30.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.53...60S: ...3C: 7.25...Arm: 31.25...Hnd: 10.0

Alvin Kamara
Tennessee xx 5100 214   xx

Lined up all over the Tenn offense...Shifty athlete and tough to bring down one on one...Medical (knees) and past character issues...only average inside power... - NFLDS

Good speed - can break the long one...Returns punts..."Looks like 200 lb guy/plays like 190."...Not powerful or explosive...not much as a blocker...Played at 3 different schools...tough inside runner on cutbacks to inside...Late roounder who has chance to be role player if he's effective as a returner.... - PFW

Fast slasher who's built well with some power. Additionally, he is a phenomenal receiver with great hands and route-running to also be used as a slot receiver. Also a dynamic returner on punts and kickoffs. Took on a lot of the third-down duties with blocking and receiving. Split carries with Jalen Hurd, so he didn't get to be an every-down starter....impressed NFL scouts during scouting fall practices. ...Comp: Jamal Charles. - WalterFB -

Forty: 4.56...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 15...VJ: 39.2...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm:32.75...Hnd: 9.25

De'Veon Smith
Michigan xx 5111 223   xx

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - "...Made some nice plays catching passes out of the backfield,.. - PFF

Very consistent but never put up big numbers...can block, catch and run inside..".tough to cut."... - PFW

WYSIWYG ball-carrier...Thick muscular RB with enough lower-body athleticism to make agile open field cuts....Suspect vision (doesn't always trust what he sees) which leads to indecision when no hole is there...Doesn't always run behind his pads - NFLDS

A tough downhill runner who also has some vision and cutting ability. His numbers suffered because he split carries, but he is a talented back. Smith said to impress scouts last season even though he had fewer than 200 carries. Smith is a bruising thumper who was expected to take on a bigger role as a senior. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 22...VJ: 29.0...BJ: ...20S: 4.56...60S: ...3C: 7.30...Arm: 29.5...Hnd: 9.0

Corey Clement
Wisconsin xx 5100 220   xx

Good inside runner...Thick, strong frame. Initial quicks to go with very good vision and instincts...Runs low with good balance...Good hands/can get open on short routes...)/willing bocker..lacks long speed...Ball security a concern... - PFW

Could be a steal if drafted by a team with the right running scheme that utilizes his vision and powerful running style...Has a similar body type as Melvin Gordon with the agile feet and balance to make quick cuts and accelerate away from defenders. Sees the field well & follows blocks with patience, but also has decisive toughness to attack the second level with a head of steam....doesn't have quite the same twitchy athleticism as Gordon, but there shouldn't be much of a drop off in the Wisconsin run game...Struggles a bit in pass pro... - NFLDS (Brugler 2015 )

Everyone was expecting a big 2016 season out of Clement as the replacement for Melvin Gordon, but it never got off the ground. Clement was limited by a groin injury against Alabama in the season opener and then proceeded to miss seven games after sports hernia surgery. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.68...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 19...VJ: 28.5...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:...Arm: 30.5...Hnd: 9.75

Matt Dayes
Wisconsin xx 5090 205   xx

Productive runner and receiver...Quick burst when he sees a lane...Runs low with good balance...Very competitive - keeps his legs drivng on contact...Needs to become better pass blocker...Quicker than he is fast...Good hands...Versatile but will never be a starter... - PFW

Effective one-cut runner who doesn't boast elite skills, but proficiency as a receiver and a blocker could earn him a job on some NFL roster...Tough and determined - but not powerful - runner... - NFLDS

Not the biggest of backs, but he is a physical runner with some quickness to hit the hole. May not be a feature back at the NFL level, but he could be a quality rotational RB. Should be a nice asset as a receiving back in the passing game. Dayes could impress at the Senior Bowl (& did). - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 21...VJ: 28.0...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm: 30.0...Hnd: 10.5

Joe Mixon
Oklahoma xx 6010 226   xx

(3rd or 4th round pick on talent alone, but disciplinary issues may convince many teams to delete him from their draft boards)...Great size/plays with strength and power...Makes good decisions/finds open seams...Runs low...Reliable receiver...Reliable receiver...Good YAC man..Scout says: "It wouldn't surprise me if (Mixon) goes undrafted. That video did him in. Awfully hard to meet the press after you draft him..." Another Scout Says: "Mixon is going to be an awfully hard sell, but...the incident took place two years ago and he has, for the most part, stayed out of trouble...has apologized...and taken responsibility.....would otherwise be a late first/high-second round pick and almost certain to be drafted late on Day 2 or early on Day Three...". - PFW

A new entry on thisTop 32 list, but his play this season cannot be ignored...A complete all-around RB, and one of the best in the country. Every time he touches the ball he’s a threat to turn it into a huge play, as evidenced by his 54.5 breakaway percentage. His 2.6yards per route-run ranks second among all Power-5 RBs, as does his overall grade of 87.1. Has off the field issues, but going on pure talent, he certainly deserves tthis high ranking -- PFF

(Character issues cloud everything else)... -A natural with ball in his hands...Stronger than he looks...legitimate weapon as a receiver...accellerates quickly but lacks breakaway speed...Tall frame may leave him vulnerable to injury... - NFLDS

Character red-flag. An electric runner with excellent speed and the ability to rip off a long run on any carry. Became Oklahoma's featured runner as a redshirt sophomore. Sources consider him a serious talent with three-down starting potential in the NFL. But some team ,have already ruled him out because of the incident from 2014 in which he punched a woman. (Mixon issued a tearful apology but some teams will remove him from their draft boards). - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C:

Donnel Pumphrey
SD State xx 5080 176   xx

Productive RB who lacks ideal size (which will limit what he'll be asked to do)...Tough to project...Most likely a situational back...Quick, fast and elusive with outstanding vision and instincts...Durable...Will need to add 10 pounds and demonstrate outstanding traits in order to be drafted as a late-rounder... - PFW

If he were bigger, he would definitely be rated higher. Pumphrey had a prolific college career, becoming the all-time leading rusher in NCAA history. .could be a backup/third-down back in the NFL. - WalterFB -

"A big play waiting to happen"...Instant accelleration and speedy with ball in his hands...Most comfortable running East-West...Doesn't have an ideal frame to be a top prospect at the next level, but his play speed with the ball will give him a chance in the NFL...probably ideally suited as a slot receiver.-- NFLDS (Brugler)

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.48...Twenty: ...Ten:...BP: 5...VJ: 33.5...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ...Arm: 29.0...Hnd: 8.5

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