About the Editor

  • Jeff Gollin

  • 64 Years Old

  • Married (to an eminent Modern Psychoanalyst)

  • 2 Grown Sons (One a musician; the other in Med School)

  • Graduated Johns Hopkins U. in Baltimore in 1961.

  • 25 year career in advertising and marketing for Schenley and Seagram followed by series of positions in Cable TV, Direct Marketing & Newspaper Publishing. Currently operates a small, local advertising agency.

  • Started rooting for the Chicago Cardinals in 1946 and, on first b/w TV set, watched them beat the Philadelphia Eagles for the Championship the following year. Followed the team through the St. Louis and now the Arizona years.

  • Played RB in Peewee and Jr. High School football leagues. (bring back the single wing!). Used to spend time in study hall designing quadruple reverses (that could never work) and killer offensive plays.


  • Motivation for The Big Red Sheet really started in those early years, over (a) frustration over Cardinal games that would be listed in the TV section, but not televised, (b) driving north from Baltimore until I could pick up the Cardinal - Eagle game on my car radio, (c) not finding the outcome of a late night Cardinal exhibition game in the next day's NYC morning paper or, for that matter, ever, (d) no televised Cardinal Monday night, Thanksgiving Day or Exhibition Games, (e) seeing or hearing the Cardinals get repeatedly dissed by beat writers, sportscasters and columnists.

  • Have continually looked for ways to be better plugged into the Cardinal loop - at one time subscribed to the R & G, but felt $100+ was a tad much to pay to receive one-week old papers only to throw everything away but the sports section.

  • Technology has begun to make rooting for the Cards a lot easier - I own a DSS satellite dish & get all regular season games. I'm hoping that FoxSports-AZ (when it officially becomes a "real channel", April 10) will carry Cardinal highlight shows, reporter roundtables etc. Internet connectivity means I can (a) plug into the AZ Republic and keep up a running dialog with Cardinal fans at Cards Corner, (b) listen to KGME over Internet Radio (AudioNet) - hopefully reception will improve and (c) now we have The Big Red Sheet.

  • In addition to my addiction to the Arizona Cardinals and my business career, I do have a life - I'm 1st VP of my local Chamber of Commerce, serve as trustee of the Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions, am an avid collector of jazz recordings, enjoy standup comedy & improv, attend a lot of first run movies, root for the StL Baseball Cardinals & NJ Devils and have been known to read a who-done-it or two.

  • I believe in providing fair value, honoring commitments, playing to win, being a good person and having fun.

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