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Still on Roster  Injured |
03 Palmer, 05 Stanton, 07 Gabbert
State of the Position - 3-deep with Gabbert #3 and potential QBOF.
Running Backs
23 A Peterson, 33 K Williams, 35 Penny, 37 Foster
State of the Position - With D Johnson injured, it was hoped CJ2K would be the answer, but he struggled, and the Cards traded for aging superstar Adrian Peterson (who also had a less-than-noteworthy early season). . Williams and Ellington provide backup home run and receiving depth. Penny is a big-back who can move the pile in short yardage and clock mgt siituations
Wide Receivers
WR - 11 Fitzgerald, 12 John Brown, 10 Golden, 19 Agudosi
WR - 14 Nelson, 13 Jar Brown, 16 C Williams

State of the Position - Despite an abundance of receivers (including some big ones) on the roster in preseason, the Cards opted to stand pat with Fitz, the 2 Browns and Nelson along with Golden (who was more consistent) and somewhat disappointing #3 draft pick Williams. Look for possible Street-to-Roster-to PS etc. juggling, depending on which other WRs remain or become available in the open market .
Tight Ends
TE1 - 86 Seals-Jones
TE2 -
84 Gresham, 87 Niklas
State of the Position - Cards elected to stay with three (for now). Gresham is begining to show signs of finally meeting expectations as is the younger Niklas. And Momah is capable of surprising us with the unexpected key block or big play.
Offensive Line
LT- 74 Humphries, 73 Wetzel
LG - 62 Munyer, 75 Boone (Inj)
53 Shipley,
RG- 70 Boehm
RT - 
68 Veldheer, 69 Holden
, 78 Painter
State of the Position - We kept 9 linemen. Toner was a surprise cut. Munyer was a surprise keep. D Johnson didn't live up to high expectations. Holden and John provide depth at tackle. Wetzel can play inside or outside.
Defensive Line
DT - 97 Mauro
NT - 
98 Peters, 94 X Williams, 95 Gunter, 90 Nkemdiche
DT- 92 Rucker, 72 Pierre
State of the Position - Cards pretty much stayed with the established vets. I thought Anau had a good camp. Maybe a PS candidate if he clears waivers.
SAM - 96 K Martin,
ILB - 56 Dansby, 58 Wright,
ILB - 20 Bucannon, 43 Reddick, 57 Bynes,

55 C Jones,

State of the Position - The C Jones/Golden pass rush sandwich is back. K Martin becomes the #1 backup OLB.. Wheeler and Bynes join Dansby, Bucannon and #1 pick Reddick at ILB. Biggest surprise was that Capi and Bazzie (both consistent play makers) didn't survive the cut and that we kept old-timer Wheeler instead.

Defensive Backs
LCB -  21 Peterson, 37 T Williams
RCB -  
28 Bethel, 26 B Williams, 30 Ford
SS - 41 Bethea,
27 T Branch
FS - 
32 Mathieu, 36 Baker, 40 Tillman*
State of the Position - Bethel, B Williams and T Williams had good preseasons and become our #2 and backup CB's. Ford's late-preseason play, natural speed & versatility helped him beat out Miller and nail down a final roster spot. No surprises at safety (Pro Bowl quality 4-man rotation, including #2 draft pick Budda Baker)

Special Teams
P - 02 Lee
04 Dawson
H - 02 Lee
LS- 49 Drescher
KR -
10 Golden
PR -
10 Golden
State of the Position - Dawson and Lee provide veteran poise, stability and leadership. Cards still haven't decided who will return punts and kicks (although "the man" will be TJ Logan if and when he comes off IR).
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