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Still on Roster  Injured |
03 Palmer, 05 Stanton, 07 Gabbert, 01 Knight
State of the Position - Palmer and Stanton will be back. Picked up Gabbert to compete for #3.
Running Backs
RB - 31 D Johnson, 23 C Johnson,38 Ellington, 33 K Williams, 35 Penny, 23O Summers
State of the Position - D Johnson is expected to be back as good as new. Cards drafted game-changing scatback TJ Logan who can also catch out of the backfield and return kicks...Backup positions are up for grabs. Cards said to want C Johnson back if the price is right. Special Teamer Penny would add big back depth behind D Johnson. K Williams hsd demonstrated he belongs as a clone of Ellington (who will be used mainly as a receiver)
Wide Receivers
WR - 11 Fitzgerald, 12 John Brown, 10 Golden, 18 Bundy, 85 Hogan, 81 Hubert
WR - 14 Nelson, 13 Jar Brown, 16 C Williams,
16 Ross, 83 Dobson, 19 Agudosi
State of the Position - deep, experienced and talented..Fitz will be back.... The only receiver missing from last season's opening day roster is Floyd. Cards nreplaced him with 6-2 rookie Williams...Main issue figures to be the health of both Browns. Nelson emerged as the resident go-to speedster.
Tight Ends
TE1 - 80 Momah, 86 Seals-Jones, 82 Christian
TE2 -
84 Gresham, 87 Niklas, 89 Valles
State of the Position - Kind of thin and iffy...Lots of youthful talent, but Momah and Niklas were injured for most of the year.
Offensive Line
LT- 74 Humphries, 73 Wetzel, 78 Price, 60 McLaughlin
LG - 76 Iupati, 61 Toner
53 Shipley, 62 Munyer
RG- 70 Boehm, 67 Bergstrom, 64 D Johnson, 71 K Johnson,
RT - 
68 Veldheer, 69 Holden, 75 John

State of the Position - When healthy, this line was kind of iffy. Ironically, after being shredded due to injury, the OL started to come together and did a pretty good job of protecting Carson Palmer and opening up holes for Cardinal RB's. Begs the question - Do the Cards stand pat and continue to develop the guys they've got? Or do they troll the FA and draft waters to bolster talent and depth here? Answer - They drafted a guard who could start right away (D Johnson) and a physically-talented backup OT (Holden).
Defensive Line
DT - 97 Mauro, 91 Stinson
NT - 
98 Peters, 94 X Williams, 95 Gunter, 90 Nkemdiche, 65 Tasini, 65 Anau, 79 Moala
DT- 92 Rucker, 72 Pierre
State of the Position - With the exception of Calais Campbell, everyone's back...Cards drafted no one to fill the Campbell vacancy (though Bevins - a UDFA DL might fill the gap). The hope is that Nkemdiche (who stsrted slow and finished meh in his rookie season) will live up to his 1st round expectations.
SAM - 44 Golden,
ILB - 56 Dansby, 52 Gooden, 20 Bucannon, 51 T Johnson, 57 Wheeler
ILB - 43 Reddick, 58 Wright, xx Bynes, xx Waugh

55 C Jones, 96 K Martin
, 56 Capi, 54 Bazzi
State of the Position - Okafor and Minter) are gone. Bucannon's ankle not healing/had surgery in late May...Cards brought back Dansby to provide veteran leadership at one ILB position. . Cards passed up Reuben Foster (a hitting machine with medical and off-the field issues) to draft Haasan Reddick with their #13 pick. He's a quick-learner with sideline-to-sideline range who showed at the Senior Bowl he could drop back in coverage. Bookends Chandler Jones and Markus Golden provide outside pass rush production not seen by Cardinal fans ever....The versatile Bucannon remains hybrid Money Linebacker or ($-LB). But there's a lack of depth behind Bucannon (If he was injured, who'd step in to replace him)? Cards added J Jones - known more for protecing the edge on run downs than as a pass rusher. Sio Moore (signed late in the season) remains unsigned - status: iffy

Defensive Backs
LCB -  21 Peterson, 47 J Carter, 37 T Williams, 34 H Miller, 48 Hayes, 35D Lewis
RCB -  
28 Bethel, 26 B Williams, 30 Ford, 25 Gray, Shelton
SS - 41 Bethea,
27 T Branch, 47 Gallon
FS - 
32 Mathieu, 36 Baker, 40 Tillman*
State of the Position - Was vulnerable at safety due to departure of highly rated Jefferson and Swearinger. Steve Keim responded by signing veteran leader Antoine Bethea and drafting Badger-clone, Budda Baker by trading up high into Round 2. If: Baker is going to be a key cog in a Mathieu-type role, Cards will need more depth at safety next to (& to back up) Bethea. .

Going into the draft, the Cardinals were most vulnerable at #2 corner (opposite Peterson). They were unable to draw from deep and talented pool of CB's in the draft, but did trade up into the sixth round to grab a safety (Rudy Ford) who's been working out at CB. In addition, the injuries at CB ast season may prove to be a blessing in disguise - having created considerable young developmental depth. In addition to Ford, eep an eye on Bouka (Canadian who was injured all of last year), B Williams (who improved after being shell-shocked in his debut with the pros) and Bethel (Was his subpar play last year due to chronically poor play or because he hadn't fully recovered from injury)?


Special Teams
P - 06 Wile, 09 Leone
04 Dawson
H - 06 Wile, 09 Leone
LS- 86 Brewer,
KR -
10 Golden
PR -
21 Peterson, 10 Golden
State of the Position - Poor play on ST's cost us at least 4 games last season - and, probably the playoffs. ("it's the little things that can trip you up - for example: long snapping and holding). New kicker (Dawson for Catanzaro). New punter (either Wile or Leone) replaces Drew Butler. Punter/Holder. Home-run hitter TJ Logan is expected to add some juice to an otherwise moribund kick return game. Cardinal coverage teams were also less than elite a year ago. Seems as though one characteristic of most Cardinal draft and UDFA prospects last year was their play on special teams
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