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Unofficial - Last Updated Apr 19, 2021
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01 Murray, 12 McCoy, 15 Streveler,
State of the Position - Murray's locked in, but depth behind him is questionable.
Running Backs
02 Edmonds, 6 Connor, 29 Ward, 26 Benjamin, 37 Feaster
State of the Position -
Drake is gone. Connor has arrived. Starting combo figures to be Edmonds (Mr Outside) and Connor (Mr Outside)
Wide Receivers
WR - 13 Kirk, 04 Moore, 38 Dortch, 83 Richardson
WR - 18 Green, 17 Isabella, 82 Bacelliia
WR - 10 Hopkins, 19 K Johnson
, 33 Wesley
State of the Position -
Cards are set at starting WR and the roles that they play. It will be tough for a backup to to break into the Top 6.. Cards drafted speedster Moore.
Tight Ends
TE - 87 M Williams, 81 Daniels, 48 Travis, 86 D Harris, 43 Seikovitz
State of the Position - This is not the most talented position on the roster.
Offensive Line
LT- 74 Humphries, 66 Miles, 60 K Martin
LG - 67 Pugh, 64 Harlow, 62 Calhoun
61 Hudson, 73 Garcia, 72 Menet, 53 Henry
RG- 71 Murray, 65 Winters
RT - 68 Beachum
, 79 J Jones
State of the Position - Steve Keim apparently made OL-depth a prime off-season priority. While the Cardinal OL may lack charisma, it is deep in lunchpail depth. Cards drafted a center (Menet).
Defensive Interior Line
DT- 99 Watt, 94 Allen 91 Dogbe
NT - 90 Lawrence, 98 Peters, 78 C Murray
DT - 97 J Phillips, 95 Fotu, 96 Mauro,76 Hunt
State of the Position - Biggest news was the signing of Watt. Thiss looks like a talented physical group of youngsters with plenty of room to grow.
OLB - 55 C Jones 45 Gardeck, 92 Dimukeje
ILB - 48 Simmons, 51 Vallejo 47 Turner,xx T Smith
ILB - 25 Collins, 58 Hicks, 50 Weaver,
OLB - 44 Golden, 92, 42 Kennard, 49 Fitts, 56 Young
State of the Position - Loss of Riddick weakens this unit - but some migjht say "not by a lot." The status of this unit is very iffy and fluid - especially when a DE like Watt can impact the Cardinal pass rush and LB play. I can't wait to see C Jones, Simmons snd Watt all "bringing it" on a pass rush. Cards drafted Dimukkeje and Collins

Defensive Backs
CB -30 Dennard, 07 Murphy Jr, 20 M Wilson, 39 Whittaker
CB - 21 Butler. 23 Alford, 37 Worley, 32 Gowan

S - 34 J Thompson, 22 D Thompson

S - 03 Baker, 31
Banjo, 36 S Williams, 38 Wiggins,
40 Tillman
State of the Position - Patrick Peterson is outtahere - (How much juice he had left in the tank is open to debate.Butler may not be as sexy as PP21, but the hope is that the combo of Butler and a healthy Alford provide steady if not spectacular CB play. Cards are set at one S spot with Pro Bower Baker, but talent and depth could be better at the other safety spot. If we had to single out the roster position that worries us the most depth-wise and talent-wise, it would be the Cardinal secondary. If Steve Keim were to "draft for need", his #1 priority would be at corner. Cards drafted M Wilson, Gowan and Wiggins

Special Teams
P - 04 Lee, 16 Winslow
5 Prater
H - 14 Lee,
LS- 46 Brewer
KR -
04 Moore
PR -
04 Moore
State of the Position - Gonzalez had talent but was just inconsistent enough to cost us a couple of close games last season. Prater is steadier. Lee is OK. Returners problably won't be determined till the final cut. I sense the backdoor strategy is to keep a few guys who can sbespecial team difference makers.

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