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2012 Draft

Ben Jones 6025 303 Georgia (Arm: 32)

Combine: 5.67 Forty |  29 Reps | 30.5 VJ | 105" BJ | 

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "He's on the ground too much. He's a good player, but he's not as athletic as you would like. He got knocked around a lot in the Senior Bowl/ He has short arms. He played overweight because the new strength coach wanted him bigger. His ideal weight where he could bend is around 300. I thought he was a late-rounder personally."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Seems likely to earn a starting job by his second season. Not a star but should be a quality starter.

From - A leader on the field who made all the calls - a savvy player who doesn't have great athletic ability but understands angles when blocking and plays to his strengths. He is a reliable backup option early on and worthy of a sixth-round pick.

Hes very good at staying with his blocks and sealing off defenders in the run game. Has trouble moving defenders backwards but is efficient in the way that he mirrors and can seal at the last second to create a hole. Has similar traits as a pass blocker -  he understands his strengths and sets early to be able to stall bull rushers and keep sustain.

He has trouble with his footwork in many aspects of the game, but  is savvy enough to overcome this. But hr is exposed when he is in open space attempting to pull. Feet can get very choppy and limit his ability to move quickly towards his destination point. Very non-explosive blocker who relies on his ability to mirror and his overall strength.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Adequate but not good athletic ability for the position. Occasionally struggles to keep his feet moving while engaged and will fall off of some blocks vs. quick counter moves. Short arms, but does show a powerful punch and a strong upper body. Uses his hands well and does a nice job with placement. Very good at anchoring vs. bull rush. Plays with a wide base and uses good leverage at the POA. Can sink his hips and reset after giving up ground initially.

Fist-fighter type run blocker with good hand placement and a powerful upper body. Some range limitations / inconsistent at hitting a moving target. But does a nice job with his first step and overall angle. Lower-body strength is adequate-to-good for the position. Good initial pop. Understands the importance of positioning and leverage.

Good awareness. Great at chipping and peeling off. Helps both of his OGs in pass pro while keeping head on a swivel. Savvy run blocker. Gives up initial positioning at times in order to bait DTs out of the play.

Aggressive and physical. Seeks out contact and works through the whistle. Plays with a chip on his shoulder with the type of temperament you want to see in an offensive lineman. Plays with the toughness and emotion of Shaun O'Hara.

David Molk 6007 298 Michigan (Arm: 32)

Combine:  Didn't run. 41 Reps. Didn't jump. 

Pro Day - Molk also kept all his marks from the combine. He did not work out or do position drills because of injury his right foot was in a cast.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "Even if I put a high grade on a guy, I have a hard time selling him if I don't like him. That's how I felt about Molk. I put him in the fourth round.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   No write up

From Named the nation's top center. Good speed for his position and a strong player. Slightly underweight, but it hasn't affected his play much. He can be late to pick up blitzes at times and struggles in his technique, but has solid value and should be selected near the fifth round.

Quick off the LOS/ gains an advantage on his man immediately. Also quick to get out when pulling and can gather speed rather quickly to bury any LB in his sight. Good footwork in nearly all his movements and has a good pass -set where can quickly chop his feet and adjust to oncoming rushers.

He can have trouble sustaining his blocks through the end of running plays. Often has to pull his man down with him to keep him out of the play and he finds it difficult to generate enough push early to create a solid hole for his backs. Reliable enough to not allow sacks but can get off balance when setting against bull rushers.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Gets set quickly and doesn't get beat off the snap when footwork is sound. Powerful punch /can knock edge rushers off balance  - but inconsistent in this area (hands can be more violent). Above average balance / stays in front of defenders once locked on. Absorbs and resets feet working against power rushers but can still give too much ground. Footwork is inconsistent /he struggles to recover when he oversets. Inconsistent hand placement opens the door for officials to flag him.

Has the lateral mobility and first-step quickness to develop into an effective zone blocker with improved footwork. Better drive blocker than size would suggest. Strong for size. Relatively low COG  / can get under defenders. But still more of a positional blocker than a mauler. Gets caught leaning and falls off blocks. Average at best in space and gets slipped at times but can reach linebackers with sound angles and adequate body control. Above average range / can get around the corner when asked to pull. "

Makes line calls. A step late at times but picks up most line stunts and blitzes in pass pro. Above average but not elite instincts as a run blocker. Keeps head up and locates linebacker when combo blocking up to the second level. Will pick up stunts as a run blocker but inconsistent in this area.

Plays with an edge and flashes a killer instinct. Won't back down from bigger defenders. Short memory /doesn't let negative snaps snowball. Will play through pain. Not aggressive in pass protection or in space.

Michael Brewster 6041 312 Ohio State (Arm: 31)
Combine: 5.35 Forty | 29 Reps | 25.0 VJ | 96.0" BJ |

Pro Day -
Did position drills. Hes a third- or fourth-round pick.

BRS(Gollin) - Caught my eye during Senior Bowl week. Looked smart and feisty.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "The Michigan kid (DT Mike Martin) ate him up at the Senior Bowl. The problem with centers is that there aren't enough of them in college or the pros. They're hard to find. So what happens is that everyone tries to create them. They'll get pushed up in the draft. Fifth round talents will go in the second. It does not mean they'll play to that level when they get to the league.  But teams will reach to fill needs. It happens every year at the positiion.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Not a lot of upside but hes a safe mid-round pick who could become a serviceable starter.

From Brewster should expect to be selected in the late rounds as a reliable backup. A very good athlete in space. Some of the foot movements he struggles with inside do not hinder him at the second level, and he is good to fit his body on linebackers and get movement there. A competitive player who can make all the front-calls and understands angles and lower-base anchoring when he blocks. Has been durable and dependable for the Buckeyes. But not very consistent coming off the ball to get into his blocks and can fall off late. Seems so concerned with his pre-snap reads that hes slow moving off the ball. Will have a tough time against quicker defenders off the ball at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Finds ways to get the job done more times than not, but weaknesses should get exposed more often at the next level. Gets set quickly. Adequate hand placement / locks on, but arms are on the shorter side. Fails to lock out and makes it too easy for defenders to get to frame. Can redirect but lateral mobility is just average and inconsistent. Wide base / digs in against power but not as stout as size suggests. Sets high and can get walked back to the quarterback when technique isn't sound. Top-heavy and vulnerable to pull moves. Inconsistent accuracy and pace on shotgun snaps.

Gets into position and walls defenders off in the run game. Will wash defenders down the LOS and can cut off the backside DT on angle blocks. Can open hips and get around the corner when asked to pull. But feet can go dead on contact and he doesn't generate enough push. Doesn't deliver a strong punch or lock out. Falls off too many blocks. Takes occasional false step and isnt quick enough to prevent penetration when footwork isn't sound. Angles are inconsistent and he is not a great athlete in space. "

"Makes line calls and appears to make sound pre-snap reads. Keeps head on a swivel. Picks up most blitzes/line stunts but has noticeably better awareness as a pass blocker than a run blocker. Problems locating second level assignments. Struggles to adjust when defensive front shifts or slants on zone runs. "

Tough and willing to play with pain. Not a mauler / more of a wall-off blocker but he's an overachiever type wholl fight to stay in position and doesn't back down.

Phillip Blake 6026 311 Baylor (Arm: 33)

Combine: 5.25 Forty | 22 Reps | 29.5 VJ | 105" BJ |

Pro Day - Blake worked out at the NFL Combine, and he stood on everything he did there. He did position drills. An older player, the 26-year-old was originally a tackle and has moved to center. Hes good, and will probably be taken in the fifth or sixth round of the 2012 NFL Draft. Hes a very, very good, solid player.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "I like Blake. That big sucker has size and strength. He will climb."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Understandably raw but has the size and strength to invest a year or two of development.

From - Canadian. Good size for the position and is continuing to improve as a player, making him a solid late-round talent. A large body who fits well on his blocks. Once there, he can sustain and fight to stay involved. Quick when pulling. Will stay in front and mirror defenders in his pass set and has been a stalwart for Griffin and the Baylor offense up front. Still a developing talent, with average athletic ability and skill-sets across the board. Had a tough time against more athletic movers and will need time before starting at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Gets set quickly but still lets defenders get into frame too much. Doesn't deliver a violent initial punch / arms are on the shorter side. Footwork needs work. Oversets and takes too long to recover. But does find a way to get the job done. Gets sound hand placement more times than not and doesn't lose many battles once locked on. Average to above average balance when forced to redirect. Sinks hips and anchors well against power. "

Quick enough to get into position when footwork is sound but takes too many false steps. Drives legs but doesn't generate much push. Lower body strength just average / doesn't roll hips into blocks. Fails to lock out and slips off blocks. Can cover up linebackers when he takes sound angles but angles are inconsistent and he struggles to adjust to moving targets in space.

Recognizes and picks up most blitzes and stunts. Keeps head on a swivel and looks to help out when no one comes to him in pass pro. As a run blocker, he has above average job of adjusting and locating assignments when defensive fronts shifts at the snap. Keeps head up and locates linebackers when asked to combo block up to the second level.

Effort isn't issue. Blocks to the whistle more times than not and can get under defender's skin. (But still doesn't play with enough of a mean streak). More of a wall-off blocker than a mauler.

Quentin Saulsbury 6023 304 (Arm: 33)
Combine: 5.38 Forty | 26 Reps | 22.0 VJ | 90.0" BJ |

Pro Day - He posted 5.38 and 5.40 in the 40, had a 24-inch vertical, 8-6 broad jump, 4.93 short shuttle and 7.95 three-cone drill. Hes a good football player who has a good chance of playing in the NFL, but his lack of height means he wont be drafted until the sixth or seventh round.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   A zone-blocking center with experience at both guard spots who should at least become a valuable reserve.

From - A reliable, thick physical presence inside and outside. A decent athlete for his size who looks good when working in space pulling or getting upfield on screens. Not very strong and can be overpowered at times, could be drafted late as a big body inside. Hes fast off the ball with good feet to work into the second level on linebackers. Good footwork in the run game and keeps his legs moving, /also fluid in his pass set. But he can be overpowered and really can't uncoil his hips and drive his legs to create movement. A "stop" blocker who doesn't allow someone by but is far from overbearing when connecting. A fluid athlete but not a physical presence inside and could struggle against bigger, stronger players.

Garth Gerhart 6012 305 Arizona St. (Arm: 33)
Combine: 5.42 Forty | 25 Reps. | 30.5 VJ | 96.0" BJ |

Pro Day - The younger brother of Vikings running back Toby Gerhart, Garth posted dash times of 5.35 and 5.33 and put up 33 strength lifts. He didnt have a positional workout because there werent any line coaches on hand.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   No write up.

From - Plays true to his name, (or at least the reputation that his brother, Toby) - a high-effort, big-motor player who has the frame to compete for a starting position at the next level.Should be taken in the middle rounds and compete to start early at the next level.

Finishes blocks strong and an apparent leader up front at the center position. A throwback center who finds a way to get a block, whether on linemen or linebackers at the next level, / overcomes some small athletic ability issues with effort and football savvy. Has the type of motor you would want as center and leader of your line.  Slightly undersized for the position and will have to overcome this through a competitive "finish" attitude. Only an average athlete, who can be exposed at times when working up to the second level to fit on linebackers.

 Scott Wedige   6040    300    NIU 
Pro Day: Forty: 5.25  | Ten: 1.75  Twenty: 2.98  |  BP: 25 |  VJ: 27  |  BJ: 8-5  |  Sh Sh: 4.60  | 3C: 7.89  |

BRS (Gollin) - Write-ups suggest he has a real chance to make it - i.e. tough, smart, good in pass pro. He'll be going up against Bartholomew to back up Sendlein.

Walter Mitchell (posting on ASFN) - Remington nominee, 2nd Team All-American., 2 time All-MAC-1st Team. Works out with Jeff Saturday and Ryan Diem. Interviews are great to watch---super smart and likable kid. Plays tough---plays full-bore and with excellent leverege---reminds me a little bit of Lyle Sendlein.

Draft Scout Snapshot:
2010: All-MAC First Team Offense. NIU's 264.8 rushing yards also topped the MAC, also first in the league in sacks allowed with only 13. Offensive Lineman of the Week against Temple (10-9) and Iowa State (9-2). 2009: Saw action in 11 games, primarily as a backup center and on special teams. Had one kick return for six yards against Ohio (11-21). 2008: Played in four games as a reserve offensive lineman, mainly on the FG/PAT team. 2007: Redshirted. - 4/24/12: Wedige did a good job of blocking for Chandler Harnish in 2011 and has improved his draft stock. Wedige was not at the Scouting Combine.

8/20/11: Scott Wedige had an excellent debut as the starting center last season. He was an All-MAC first-teamer in 2010. Wedige was a very good pass blocker last season and Northern Illinois allowed less than a sack per game.



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