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2012 Draft

Morris Claiborne 5111   188   LSU

Combine - Forty: 4.50 | BP: DNP | VJ: 34.5 | BJ: 118 | 3C: 7.01 | 20Sh: 4.12  | 60Sh: 11.44 |  

Pro Day - Make his case for being a top-five selection in the 2012 NFL Draft.The Tigers’ top prospect reeled off 4.43 and 4.46 40-yard dashes, improving on his combine marks. He also had a 35-inch vertical jump and a 9-9 broad jump.Claiborne will have surgery on Friday to repair a torn ligament in his left wrist, but he didn’t show any ill effects of the injury on Thursday. He caught the ball well in position drills and displayed quick feet.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "Claiborne's cover skills are a rare commoditiy. I wish he were more physical, but he has few holes in his game."

Pro Football  Draft Guide – #1 CB with value in the return game. Close to the total package for a press corner..

From - Huge for the position and has track speed. A very explosive athlete, Should easily pressure for a starting role early in training camp. Covered top talent in the SEC and is as polished as corners come in this year's draft. Has first-round value and shouldn't last long.

Aggressive cover man who likes to use his tall frame and long arms to get up in the face of receivers and shock them at the LOS to disrupt timing. When he punches, he doesn't just get his hands there, he makes his presence felt. Can run with his back to the ball at the receiver's hip using a press/bail technique and looks natural running with his man in-phase while still keeping an eye towards the ball. So gifted an athlete with uncommon body control that he runs with his man fluidly up and down the field while still being well-positiioned to break off at any time and get involved in plays coming across him. As a zone defender, he is simply an explosive athlete with length and can keep plays in front of him and react quick enough to meet the man at the ball. Physical in run support and will have no problem coming up to tackle from the edge.

So gifted an athlete that he can get lazy in his technique. In off-man coverage, he tends to get his pad level high in his back pedal and neutralize his explosiveness that makes him so effective out of his breaks.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Instincts continue to improve with more game experience. Confident in press-man coverage. Above average awareness in zone. Will bait QB's to throw his way by keeping distance but knows his limitations.

"Experienced playing inside but spends a majority time on perimeter. Can continue to improve his upper body strength and must become more consistent with press-technique. But has long arms and is good at rerouting WRs when in press. Outstanding foot quickness and fluid hips for a taller corner. Can flip his hips quickly and has the top-end speed to turn and run vertically with faster SEC receivers. Has a legitimate second-gear and can gain ground when the ball is in the air. Gets a bit sloppy in his pedal at times and must be more consistent with his pad level, especially when playing off. But has good burst out of his pedal and closes quickly when playing  balls thrown in front of him.

Former WR. Few college cornerbacks have his awareness and ability to track the ball over his shoulder. Outstanding body control. Will lay out and make diving catch. Confident attacking the ball and has cashed in on most opportunities. Production matches tape. Some wiggle and explosiveness after the pick. Big play ability in the return game.

Above average in run support but not as big, strong or physical as Patrick Peterson. Gets pushed around by bigger blockers and it takes him a bit too long to get off of blocks. But there's no question he's willing to support the run and mix it up physically. Bit of a mean streak. Will break down in space and stay under control. Attempts to wrap up most of the time but occasionally will leave his feet and puts his head down. Should continue to improve tackling skills with more experience. "

Janoris Jenkins 5100    193    No. Alabama

Combine - Forty: 4.46 | BP: DNP | VJ: 33.5 | BJ: 121 | 3C: 6.95 | 20Sh: 4.13  | 60Sh: 11.23 |

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Big play gambler booted from Florida. Elite in off-man coverage with the quickness, closing burst and uncanny instincts to make plays

From - Transferred to North Alabama after multiple run-ins with the law and the Gators' coaching staff. But a natural cover corner with strong instincts who can cover top wideouts. Size also a concern. Looks comfortable with the ball in his hands as a returner. If teams can overlook his off-field transgressions, he’s a bonafide first-round talent and a potential top 15 pick.

Explosive.  Can stay with receivers and cover in man and zone alike. Can read plays and react to them to be around the ball, where he uses his athletic ability, quickness, and closing speed to finish plays. Has impressive hips, / his fluidity stands out and makes him a natural at the position. A flexible athlete, he is quick-twitched and can ignite a powerful plant foot at any time or position to react on a ball or move by a receiver. Can completely blanket a receiver and effortlessly move in transition to stay with and on top of almost any wideout at the collegiate level. Despite size, he can jam and re-route the receiver well at the line and play with physicality in run support. A classic man-cover corner who uses his superior athletic ability and instincts to stay a step ahead.

 There are the off-field concerns, and he projects as an undersized corner. Could have trouble adapting to the size and physicality of some top NFL wide receivers/ tackling and run-support remains a question mark.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Confident competitor with natural instincts for the game. Anticipation and route recognition skills are above-average. Good awareness in zone coverage to mark targets coming into his area. Also good at reading quarterbacks eyes and drops - which allows him to get a quicker break. Good field awareness /will come off of primary responsibility to make a play on the ball. Over aggressive at times which can result in a missed tackle after catch.

Quick-twitched athlete who reminds us a bit of a young Asante Samuel. Natural back pedal / makes an easy flip of hips to turn and go. Balanced - feet stay constantly underneath him allowing him to make a quick transition out of breaks. Explodes out of his pedal and closes quickly on the ball in front of him. Can mirror and maintain proper position in man coverage. Could be more aggressive with his press technique but will jab and run with receivers when in press-man.

Very good at getting his head turned around in time and locating the ball in deep coverage. Natural hands / consistently comes down with routine interception. Will also make acrobatic INT outside of frame. Times leaps well when high-pointing the ball, but can be shielded by bigger and more physical WR.

Active and willing in run support. Physical / uses hands well when taking on blocks. Lacks ideal strength and will get muscled around a bit by bigger WR's if they can get into his body. Reliable overall tackler who breaks down well in the open field.

Dre Kirkpatrick    6015   186    Alabama

Combine - Forty: 4.51 | BP: DNP  | VJ: 35.0 | BJ: 120 | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP  | 60Sh: DNP |  

Pro Day - Likely solidified himself a first-round grade with a strong performance. Kirkpatrick stood on everything from combine. He had a very, very, very good workout. He’s already a first-round pick, I think what he did was make people realize that their evaluation was correct. I look at him as first half of the first round.

BRS (Gollin) - Let me put it this way - at the one position where straight-ahead speed means something, only 5 of the top 11 players thus far are known have run under 4.51. (Granted, a couple haven't been timed in the forty yet). But in other words: If you're a team who needs to draft a corner, you'd better pull the trigger early. (Note - The only sub 4.5 corner after Kirkpatrick is Bentley who may be a bit undersized).

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "Has length and ball-skills. He has a lot of issues (teams) are going to have to sort through.

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Big physical corner but a little stiff. Great size and long arms. Fluid hips and good zone instincts. Plays with supreme confidence.

From - Early-entry junior. Tall dude who can match up with the league's tall receivers in the red zone. Could also be moved and developed at safety where he wouldn't be a tackling liability despite his thin frame.

Able to defy the perception that taller skill players don't have the footwork and agility that shorter players do. Will thrive initially within a zone scheme, where he can use his burst and length to cover ground and remain active in plays. He is So talented athletically that he could be tested early (& excel) on an island in man coverage /has the confidence and field presence necessary to take on such a task.

But he has issues - He is very thin and some will question his ability to play physically at the next level. Though technically not a tweener (i.e. always played and been advertised as a cornerback), his size and athletic ability could encourage a transition to the safety position. Physical development was Alabama where his

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - A big cornerback with long arms and adequate balance for size. Does better than average job of pressing WR's at LOS  but needs to improve his strength in order to take game to the next level. Almost always effective in rerouting WR's with press technique. A bit stiff in his hips. Good recovery speed and closing burst but lacks ideal COD skills. Struggles to mirror smaller, quicker WR's if he doesn't get hands on him. "

Long arms and good defending radius. Strong hands when in position to make a play on the ball. Can be late getting head turned around or locating ball over his shoulder. Does not appear to have great leaping ability. Will play body rather than ball at times.

Big, physical corner. Aggressive and active in run support. Works hard to fend off blockers and uses long arms to keep separation. Very good motor / will make play in pursuit. Reliable and strong tackler for the position. Must improve his strength. Only other negative is occasional lack of discipline. Gives up outside leverage at times and will leave defense vulnerable, as a result.

Alfonzo Dennard 5100   204    Nebraska

Combine - Forty: 4.55 | BP: DNP | | VJ: 37 | BJ: 121 | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP  | 60Sh: DNP |  

Pro Day - Stood on everything from the combine, as well. Some people think he’s a first-round pick. Best way to describe him is he’s a steady guy who runs well but doesn’t have really any exceptional characteristics at his position. He’s a guy who’s probably going to be drafted between No. 25-45.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "I am not buying into Alfonso Dennard. I would not take him in the first two rounds. He is a third round talent. He scares me downfield."

Pro Football Draft Guide – Physical press corner – a little too stiff. On the short side but thickly built. Very physical and is good at jamming receivers. Some trouble downfield

From - Less tested as a senior once back from injury because he lost having that elite player on the opposite side. Has some of the same traits as Prince Amukamara (i.e. smart, plays with instincts and understands how to support in run - a staunch corner who does more than just cover). While not particularly stellar with any singular trait, he has the size, athletic ability, and overall above-average skills that blend together to make a nice prospect. Could contribute heavily on special teams in his rookie year, and although he has not been tested much working in the slot, could likely be picked in the late first or early second round.

Strong all-around player – jack of all trades/master of none (but that’s his key trait). There are few weaknesses in his game. Heady player who plays on top of receivers and understands how to turn and run to not get beat deep. He trusts his speed and footwork in man coverage and can fill nicely as a run defender in both run plays and in zone. Solid athlete with fluid hips who can adjust to make ball plays in mid-air. Understands how to play with leverage and jam the receiver at the LOS –a  very balanced and strong player who rarely falls off his stance or gets pushed off coverage by bigger wideouts. Experience starting in games at a high level and is NFL-ready.

But he is shorter corner and could potentially get out-jumped at the next level. Lets himself get blocked by more physical receivers, but when the play comes his way he usually gets involved. Missed the first three games of 2011 with a pulled leg muscle.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Above average instincts and ability to keep receiver on back when facing LOS. Reads receiver and quickly reacts to any kind of break but may react better than anticipate. Slow to turn to locate the ball and can get flagged for pass interference because of it.

Quick twitch athlete who can shadow receiver in and out of breaks. Fast enough to run with most receivers on vertical routes. Above average recovery speed when caught out of position. Effective press corner when he gets hands on receiver. Strong for size and can reroute bigger receivers but not as effective in press bail coverage. Can be too quick to cross over when forced to open up and receiver shoots inside. Takes extra step and could be a touch smoother when forced to turn. Closes well but a little too high in backpedal & gives receiver too much of a cushion at times.

Will make big play and win 50-50 battles but doesn't extend arms and snatch the ball out of the air. Body catcher. Drops catchable passes. Willlook for ball over outside shoulder instead of inside shoulder when running with receivers downfield.

Employs strong punch and won’t back down from bigger receivers but will get caught up in fights and take too long to get off blocks. Sub-par tackler who’ll reach out arm instead of squaring up or attacking the ball carrier's legs.

Trumaine Johnson 6017   204    Montana

Combine - Forty: 4.61 | BP: 19 |  VJ: 35.5 | BJ: 122 | 3C: 7.20 | 20Sh: 4.15  | 60Sh: 11.68 |

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "The Montana kid is really talented. He can do whatever you want. He is better than Jimmy Smith (Ravens). He could go in the first. It would take big balls (to take him there) but he could.

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Very long fluid athlete with the size and speed to be an interesting developmental press corner. Raw. Needs to be a more physical tackler.

From - Arguably one of the best and most polished NFL prospects to come out of the Big Sky in quite some time. A big, athletic cover corner who has completely dominated his competition with the speed and agility (& height) to stay with receivers. An NFL-ready corner projected to be picked in the second round.

A lanky defender with the athletic ability to stay in a receiver's hip and make plays. Uses his arms effectively in press coverage and jabs receivers to interrupt their routes and timing within the offense. Understands when to react in zone and has the long speed to take risks and still recover. Good at reading the receiver's hips, reacting to their drop and quickly making a play on the ball. A very effective tackler and imposing athlete at the position.

Level of competition a possible issue -  there will undoubtedly be a learning curve at the next level. Although a good tackler against the run, he can get velcro’d to blocks at times and must learn to shed more quickly.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Reads quarterback and can get an early break on the ball. A step slow recognizing high-low route combinations and can drift downfield when he has underneath responsibilities in zone coverage. Overall route recognition is average. (Can bite on play action).

Fluid hips for corner his size / fast enough to turn and run with receivers. More than enough range to cover deep third. Footwork could be crisper but he’s quick enough to limit separation out of breaks. Got caught flat footed at times and could do better job of using long arms to reroute receivers at the LOS. Will take an extra step or two to gather and plant off back foot.

Tracks the ball well. Times jumps well and can highpoint the ball in jump ball situations. Arm length is above average / gets hand on passes most corners would not reach. Can reach in with left hand and deflect the ball without getting called for interference. Can extend arm and knock ball to the ground when he has opportunity to go up with both hands and come down with the pick.

Doesn't shy away from contact (fills when he reads run). Violent punch / can get off blocks. Keeps outside contain and funnels backs inside. Experienced lining up outside tight end and could hold own if moved to safety. Wraps up but too high at times raising concerns about ability to bring power backs to the ground at the next level.

Dwight Bentley 5100   182    Louisiana Lafayette

Combine - Forty: 4.43 | BP: 13 |  VJ: 31.5 | BJ: 114 | 3C: 6.99 | 20Sh: 4.50 | 60Sh: 12.11 |

Pro Day - Bentley posted a 35.5-inch vertical leap at his pro day. He showed quick feet and good closing ability in position drills.

BRS (Gollin) –  4.43 Forty time further reaffirms impressions that "he can play." His performance during Senior Bowl Week impressed me. Perhaps he lacks the prototypical size and athleticism per the ESPN write-up, but he has one thing that impresses me most when rating CB’s – he’s aggressive breaking on the ball – especially those thrown in front of him. (The one thing that, in my opinion, separates keepers from pretenders is whether they arrive at the ball early or whether they arrive a step late. Bentley gets there in time to break up the play - an attribute that's not all that easy to find).

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Fluid, quick cover corner with good closing speed and a ball-hawk mentality. Can be burned by double-moves. Size an issue; not physical. Projects to a potentially very good nickel corner.

From - Classic, undersized corner from a small school with the athletic ability to contend for an NFL spot. Has very quick in short movements and is an instinctual player. Could definitely be knocked for his size and level of competiton, but he is a good option for a team that needs to bring corners into camp and let them compete. Could struggle in man coverage, but worth a flier in late rounds.

Athletic and it shows once the ball is thrown to his area. Can jump and adjust his body to make a play on the ball. Very natural when working on the LOS and in zone coverage. Will aggressively drive his foot and move toward the ball when working the flats in cover 2. A "blanketer" at the top of routes, and very good at staying with his man to contest the ball once it's thrown.

But he’ll struggle in man coverage - it could be a huge issue for him in the NFL. Wasn't given many opportunities to play straight up in college, and he played a lot of zone coverage in which he didn't have to rely on his footwork to play on an island. Non-existent in run support. Struggles to play physically - which could hurt his NFL development.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Aggressive and confident in his cover skills. Will occasionally bite on double-cut when playing off-man coverage but overall instincts are above average. Good at anticipating WRs breaks.

"Primarily an off-man cover corner who drops with hips open to the QB. When he does use traditional backpedal he tends to let his pads rise and can get caught a bit off balance. Lacks strength in press coverage but can be physical with receivers. Quick-twitch athlete with very good agility. Plays with good balance, has ultra-fluid hips and can change directions in an instant. Awareness /has a feel for reading routes and QBs eyes. Good recovery speed."

Tiny hands but above average ball skills. Not very physical when the ball is in the air but times his jumps well and is competitive. Very good body control. Adept at locating the ball over his shoulder. Takes solid angles to the ball and will attack it at its highest point.

Adequate effort in run support/ will fill hard when necessary, but by no means can he be considered a physical cornerback in run support. Lacks size and power. Struggles to get off of blocks. Effective as an open field tackler and almost always gets his guy down. But his tackling skills must  improve. Not a wrap up tackler. Leads with shoulder and frequently dives for the legs of ball carriers.

Brandon Boykin   5092   182    Georgia

Combine - Forty: DNP | BP: DNP |  VJ: DNP | BJ: DNP | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP  | 60Sh: DNP |

BRS (Gollin) – Strong ESPN write-up for a guy ranked so low. Interesting mid-round option for a team like the Cardinals (who “can never have enough quality corners”). Granted, size may be a problem, but he projects as one of those stocky, low COG (Mike Adams) guys who'd be great at smothering smaller more mobile receivers out of the slot.

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Small quick-twitch CB with big play knack. Compactly built, quick explosive cover corner with added value as a return man. Big vertical leap and excellent ball skills but can get outmuscled by bigger receivers, Could be valuable playing inside early on

From - Superior athlete who relies on his speed and quick-twitched feet to cover. Very flexible and athletic mover who needs to improve his technique to cover at the next level. An intriguing prospect for teams who want to develop his technique and are willing to overlook his stature. Value as a nickel corner immediately and should be selected near the middle of the third round.

Perfect athlete for the corner position. Makes hip flipping and backpedaling look natural, and uses elasticity in his legs and the rest of his body to mirror closely in man coverage. Although shorter than many corners, he rose to grab passes and adjusted his body to intercept tipped balls numerous times at Georgia. A burner who can recover & run with almost any receiver in the NFL. Can trail receivers well throughout their routes and effortlessly flip his hips to stay with them in transition. A cover corner who can also play well up-close despite his smaller stature.

A smaller corner, who struggles when tackling and has to drag players down. Not very strong and can fall off players when attempting to tackle. Sometimes slow to react to balls even if he is running side by side with a receiver. Will struggle against bigger, more physical wideouts.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Still has room to improve but made huge strides. Is learning when to gamble and when to play it safe. Does a nice job of reading QB's eyes and getting an early jump on throws. Is confident / shakes off mistakes. Good instincts as a return specialist.

Outstanding natural athleticism. Quick feet, fluid hips and above average top-end speed. Very good body control / explodes out of his pedal. More physical in coverage than size indicates / exceptional leaping ability helps him match up well vs. bigger WR’s. Must improve his press technique and footwork but has the tools to cover at a high level both in man and zone.

Instincts and anticipation continue to improve. Is finding the ball sooner and putting himself in better position to succeed. Exceptional leaping ability. Can climb the ladder and contest the jump ball with the tallest receivers. Very good at adjusting to the ball in the air. Good hand-eye coordination and solid hands. Very reliable returning kicks.

Willing in run support. Does not back down. Good toughness. A scrapper. Likes to get involved even when he doesn't need to. Biggest issue is his lack of size and strength. He works hard to keep outside leverage vs. the run but bigger WR's can steer him if they can get into his body. Usually finds a way to get the ball carrier in space but leaves his feet too often. Must learn to break down and wrap up.

Josh Norman 6002   197    Coastal Carolina

Combine - Forty: 4.66 | BP: 14  | VJ: 33.0 | BJ: 124 | 3C: 7.09 | 20Sh: 4.23  | 60Sh: DNP |

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "Norman will go in the second round just off the Shrine game. Granted, he was cheating the drill and squatting routes, but he picked off six passes during the week. he is talented."

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Fearless FCS corner with length and speed. A gambler with good ball skills. Willing to get physical. Brings length, fluid athleticism,, acceleration and recovery speed. .

From - Solid prospect from a small-school. Great size for the position / parlays this with fluid movement/ match up with big, athletic wide receivers. Similar to Ike Taylor. But does have not quite Taylor’s blazing speed that he had when he entered theNFL. Level of competition a concern, but look for Norman to be selected in the fourth round.

Can play man and zone equally well and was a physical presence on the outside of the defense. Understands when to take risks and when to play back. And he is physical when he makes his decision to come up. Supports the run well and is a reliable tackler. Works well to feel with his hands to stay on a receiver in-phase, and has the hip mobility to move with his man all over the field.

Could have a longer adaption period early on due to level of competition. Taller /might struggle with some hip/transitional movements moving to his left (but it's not a major concern).

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Has good natural cover instincts but is inconsistent with his recognition skills and must do a better job of diagnosing WRs routes. Looks lost in space at times. Does not pick up new concepts quickly and can be a quarter-count late to react in zone coverage.

Has the size to match up one-on-one vs. bigger WRs. Smooth hips for a tall corner and looks natural sinking and opening. Very quick feet. Can plant-and-drive on the ball quickly. Good burst out of his pedal and closing burst to the football. Smooth mover who can change directions with ease. Can turn-and-run with little wasted motion. Must become more consistent and polished with footwork and press-technique. Awareness in zone is inconsistent. Might always be a better man-to-man cover corner.

Playmaker with very good natural ball skills. Impressive body control to adjust when ball is in the air. Upper-echelon short-area closing burst to the football. Knows when to play the ball and when to play the body. Has long arms and big hands. Will make the play when laying out horizontally and times his jumps/dives well. A ballhawk at the small-school level.

Diagnoses run quickly. Adequate but inconsistent at keeping outside leverage. Fills hard and aggressive in run support. Good toughness and overall willingness. Plays a bit out of control at times and could improve his pursuit angles and open-field tackling skills. Also must improve lower body strength.

Leonard Johnson 5097    196   Iowa State

Combine - Forty: 4.71 | BP: 15 | VJ: 32.0 | BJ: 120 | 3C: 6.96 | 20Sh: 4.15  | 60Sh: 11.40 |  

Pro Day — Johnson ran the 40-yard dash in 4.54 and 4.55 seconds. He had a 35-inch vertical, did the three-cone in 7.01 seconds and the short shuttle in 4.17 seconds. Poor running at the NFL Scouting Combine likely knocked Johnson from consideration as a draft pick, but he ran much better this week, saving his stock and probably landing him back in the draft. He had a good workout. Johnson has the potential to do well as a third corner. He did a very good job against Oklahoma State last season, shutting down top WR prospect Justin Blackmon.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "(Johnson) is a backup to me. He's a tough, zone corner. I have him in the fourth round."

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Undersized, scrappy cover corner. Ultra competitive with the mindset of a #1 corner. Fluid hips and good COD. May lack straight-line speed for press coverage, but could excel ion zone due to his instincts .

From - Has played both the field and boundary corners and is a good lateral mover and overall athlete for the position. Not a speed guy and can struggle in transition, but is a strong player and is patient playing both man and in zone. Reliable to keep his side of the field covered and has late third round value.

Has a good feel for his man when covering him and  is good in his back pedal and staying with a man in transition. Plays the ball well, coming towards it or working away and running deep, and is a very physical tackler who makes his presence felt from the outside. Good at flipping his head and torquing his body to make plays on the ball when running downfield to

A solid all-around player who doesn't quite have elite corner speed for the next level. He does many things in his game to avoid getting exposed, but it will be tough to look past his lack of speed.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Overall diagnostic skills are solid. Good awareness in zone coverage and adept at maintaining strong position to mark targets coming in and out of his territory. Good anticipation, but route recognition skills are still developing. Recognizes and reacts well to screens. Plays with confidence and does not go into the tank after getting beat. Good versatility / experienced lining up at the nickel-back position in the slot.

Quick-twitched athlete with above-average movement skills. Stays low and natural in back pedal. Feet are always underneath him with good balance to quickly transition when changing directions. But he appears quicker than fast on tape and his closing burst is good but not great. Overall range is just average and scout did not see an extra gear to recover once caught in trail position.

Good but not great ball skills. Locates the ball, takes good angles to the point and puts himself in solid position. Uses quick hands to separate the ball from the receiver. But not much of a finisher or playmaker at this point. Must work on timing leaps with more consistency. Hands are just average. Can be pushed around by bigger and more physical receivers in jump ball situations.

In run support, he plays bigger than measureables indicate. Makes a quick diagnosis and will set the edge. Aggressive disengaging from blocks. Takes sound angles to the ball and is a solid wrap-up tackler. May have issues tackling bigger and more powerful ball carriers in the open field.

Stephon Gilmore   6004   190       South Carolina

Combine - Forty: 4.40 | BP: 15 |  VJ: 36.0 | BJ:123 | 3C: 6.61 | 20Sh: 3.94  | 60Sh: 11.15 |

Pro Day He was at the combine, and kept all of his times. He was weighed and measured. He will probably be selected between No. 25 and No. 40. He worked out well.

BRS (Gollin) - Shooting up the charts/could be the second CB drafted.

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Tad skinny. Not great in press but with good ball skills Big instinctive corner with good fluid athleticism. Excellent ball skills. At his best sitting back in zone coverage but could be developed further as a press corner.

From - Has the skill set to move to safety but is talented enough to challenge for a starting role at the corner position as a rookie. Makes big plays.

Impressive footwork for his size which he uses well in a shuffle-shuffle-bail technique at the LOS. Although this isn't considered the most efficient technique, Gilmore makes it work, which allows him to use his huge frame to mirror and cut off receivers early in their route. A natural cover man who can jam at the line and stay with a receiver in his hip and use his strength and length to make plays on the ball and finish plays.

Loses a lot of his fluidity when working in zone or off-man (his eyes slow his feet and he doesn't diagnose routes as quickly and will get his feet stuck in the ground prior to breaking). Gilmore Was able to rely on size, strength and athleticism to cover in college and will get exposed by technically sound receivers at the pro level. Will struggle when forced to work within specific schemes that don't allow him to play freely.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Vocal leader on the field with a clear understanding of the defensive scheme. A natural at reading QBs eyes and consistently getting an early jump on throws when working in zone coverage. Still developing his route recognition skills in man coverage. Competitive and passionate about the game, but borders on being overly emotional.

Plays a lot of zone/bail and almost always uses shuffle technique rather than the traditional pedal. At his best when the action is in front of him. Very good recognition skills in zone coverage and off-man coverage. Quick feet / closes quickly coming forward. Tough  and strong enough to hold up in press-man but must become more consistent with his technique. A little bit of stiffness in hips when forced to turn and run. Can improve in this area with better footwork. Frequently too high in his pedal and gets sloppy with his footwork (gets his feet crossed and will open too early, which leaves him vulnerable vs. double moves).

Natural tracking the ball over his shoulder. Takes good angles to the ball and times jumps well. Hands are adequate but not great. Fails to high point the ball at times and lets it into his pads.

A bit lean and can get run over at times. But he's tough and backs down to nobody. Feisty with a mean streak. Likes to be in the mix near the LOS. Will lower his shoulder and deliver a blow. Has good initial power for a CB but doesn't always finish. Must become more reliable as a tackler. Leads with his shoulder too often and fails to wrap up. Falls off too many attempted tackles. Gets overaggressive at times and will lose outside contain.

Chase Minnefield   5102   183    Virginia

Combine - Forty: DNP | BP: 7 | VJ: DNP | BJ: DNP | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP  | 60Sh: DNP |

Pro Day - Minnifield ran the 40-yard dash in 4.63 and 4.68 seconds. He said he had a tight hamstring, and probably didn’t run as well as he could have. He had a 32-1/2-inch vertical and a 9-9 broad jump, and did  8 strength lifts.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "I don't think he can play. He's not a very good athlete. I don't like him at all."

Pro Football  Draft Guide – Size/speed CB who gets in trouble deep. Good in run support and has fluid hips to turn and run, but doesn’t locate deep balls quickly enough

From - Savvy and polished corner who may not electrify a defense at the next level but projects to be a serviceable starting corner and a stalwart in both defending the pass and run. Clearly understands how to play to his strengths. While he seems to have a "just don't get beat deep" mentality, he is an effective player who will fill in run support and also cover in both man and zone. Will likely excel in a zone scheme at the next level but does not quite possess the speed and athletic ability to be taken in the first round of the draft. Expect him to be taken at some point in the second and contribute early.

Good instincts - reacts to the ball well. Keeps his eyes on the quarterback and good at reacting to plant and drive towards the receiver. An effective player in man- playing up close and off - and also in zone. Has somewhat of a choppy backpedal, but can plant and drive using his foot quickness to makes up for being out of position in his pedal. Good ball skills and in run support.

He can get in trouble at times due to a back pedal that can get out of control. His technique is strong in all other areas, but he can struggle when working backwards with his eyes towards the receiver. Has a slight hitch in transition when turning his hips. He has always been a willing but not punishing tackler and shied away from contact a bit in 2011.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) -  Plays with discipline and within the scheme. Knows his assignments and rarely fails to execute. Excellent focus. Is dialed in on every play as if it's the last of his career. Good space awareness. Diagnoses WRs routes early and consistently gets an early jump. Gets his head around early and can locate the ball quickly.

High cut a/tends to pedal tall. Some stiffness in his hips. Has learned to protect himself well but takes a bit too long to flip his hips. Lacks ideal recovery speed but does have a bit of a second gear when the ball is in the air. Quick feet and good lateral agility. Experienced playing on the perimeter and in the slot. Good at rerouting WRs in press-man technique. Very good instincts in zone coverage. Holds up in majority of man-to-man situations but skill-set indicates he might be best suited to play in a Tampa 2 or zone-heavy defensive scheme in the pros.

Very good overall ball skills. Gets his head around quickly and is a natural at picking up the ball in the air. Takes very good angles and knows how to cut off the WR without contact. Has the height, leaping ability and long arms to contest on the jump ball. Attacks the ball at its highest point. Can make the acrobatic pick. Strong hands for a DB and  confident going after the ball. Very good focus / will secure the ball in traffic, even when he takes a bit hit.

Lean lower body. Struggles at times to get off of blocks but is willing in run support. Spends a lot of time working in the slot and holds up well near the LOS. Disciplined /good at keeping outside contain. Has a mean streak. Not afraid to mix it up. Overall tackling skills are OK but there’s room to improve. Takes good angles in pursuit, stays under control and will break down and look to wrap up in space. Gets in trouble at times when he dips his head and/or leaves his feet.

Jayron Hosley   5-11   182    Virginia Tech

Pro Day — Despite the fast running surface, Hosley kept his times from the combine. Hosley did post a 34 1/2-inch vertical and 10-1 broad jump. Hosley did the position drills, displaying good ball skills, quickness and recognition in the passing game. Size is a concern given all of the tall pass catchers that populate NFL receiving corps. However, Hosley’s quickness makes up for that lack of height, and that helps him project to being selected somewhere in the middle of the second round.

BRS (Gollin) - Cards have seen him work out.

Jamell Fleming   5-11   202   Oklahoma 
Combine- Forty: 4.53 |  BP Reps: 23 (Tops for position) | BJ:  10 -5 (Tops for Position)

BRS (Gollin) -
A good Combine apparently wiped out several concerns. Urban claims he ran a 4.43 forty at the Combine. The workout video says his best time was 4.53. Bench press and broad jump scores were tops for all corners. I had been hoping to hear more from Wiz and Graves about why they picked a 4th-5th round value in the 3rd round. Instead, we got the predictable mantra - "BPA." "He was rated much higher than the O-linemen." "He can play a little bit of safety and is good on special teams." But I'm not hearing anything about terrific ball skills, toughness or interception production. And I'd like to hear a bit more about character questions in his background. (Note - not to be totally negative, I'd like to hear more about his confidence and aggressiveness to the ball).

Mixed reviews from the pundits - PF Draft Guide says he has "long arms." PFW says he has "short arms." There's also inconsistency about his physicality - PFDG says "he'll be pushed around" and "doesn't help in run support."  NFL Draft Scout - while agreeing he isn't a "tenacious tackler" does observe that "he can deliver the big hit." PFW calls him a "soft and shoddy tackler." The picture I get is of a soft cover-guy with average speed and good ball skills but who has a soft physique and is unwilling to to mix it up. A 4th or 5th round value we reached for in the 3rd round.

PF Draft Guide -
"Has long arms and the fluid hips and decent speed to press. Physicality is a problem as he'll be pushed around by big receivers and doesn't help in run support. But if a coach can light a fire under him, he has No. 2 potential. "

NFL Draft - (Projects as 5th round pick). An athletic but narrow based cornerback with a lean frame. Must answer questions about academic fraud that led to his dismissal from OU (he was reinstated). He's not a tenacious tackler and plays the position with a wide receiver's mentality similar to Asante Samuel and enters the NFL much more of a raw athlete than a ready for prime-time cornerback. His upside will get him a look in middle rounds.

Should excel as zone defender because of his closing speed to wrap receivers after the catch. Can deliver the big hit and isn't afraid to jump inside to slow the ball. Strong hands, quick reactions for the interceptions. Former HS receiver with good ball skills. Willing and successful blitzing off the edge. Consideration for move to safety  with combination of range and sure tackle.

But his body type is similar to (first-round Sooner bust) Andre Woolfolk. Questionable technique and he gets lazy with his fundamentals, sometimes getting too high in his backpedal and will breach the coverage call seeking flashy plays.

PFW - (Projects as 4-5 round pick) - Upside: Plays with eyes and diagnoses | Aware in zone | Good timing and ball reactions | Gets his hands on a lot of throws | Special teams production.

Downside: Short arms | Lacks elite top end speed | Unrefined technique | Upright, slightly choppy pedal | Inconsistent setting the edge | Soft, shoddy tackler. -

Fleming lines up in the boundary for Oklahoma and has a great combination of size, speed and technique that makes him a premier prospect at corner. His speed and athletic ability allow him to recover quickly off the line of scrimmage. He can get caught looking at the quarterback at times, but he usually can stay with receivers in man coverage. He is a physical and explosive athlete who can jam receivers and bring down running backs with ease. Fleming has played at a high level for the past four years and projects to start early at the next level as a second-round selection.



Fleming is superb in man coverage. He is reliable on an island and can stay with any receiver in the Big 12. He is not technically sound, but his back pedal and hips are naturally fluid. He can backpedal for an uncommonly long amount of time, even by NFL standards, which allows him to stay on top of receivers and plant, driv, and react to plays. He has the speed to catch up to receivers if beat and the ability to run down plays from the backside or provide help in zone. He makes the play every time as a tackler, and he can drive through his hips to deliver a blow to a ball carrier. When the ball is in the air he has the body control to turn and make a play on it. He is thick for the corner position and it is apparent that he understands his role in the run game. He is a prototypical athlete for the position.



Fleming is not technically sound, and it hasn't hurt him up to this point. At the next level, he will need to work on his technique when using his hands and feet to jam receivers and turn at the line of scrimmage. He can be undisciplined in various aspects of his play, but it usually hurts him more in zone coverage than it does in man, where he is a natural cover corner.
Justin Bethel    CB   6-0    200 lbs    Presbyterian
Combine - Forty: 4.58 | BP: 19  |  VJ: 39½ (Position High)  |  BJ: 131 (Position High)  |  3-Cone: 6.79  | Sh Shuttle: 4.30  |

BRS (Gollin) - Brandt and Kirwin on SIRIUS liked him - said the difference between a #20 CB and a #4 CB is miniscule. Said he once scored all the points for his team from the non-offense side of the ball.

Bleacher Report - Defensive back Justin Bethel from Presbyterian recently was seen jumping onto boxes five feet into the air, something San Jose State defensive end Jarron Gilbert (3rd round Buffalo) did in 2008 when he jumped out of pool.

Bethel, who showed off a [sic] 39.5-inch vertical jump, is 6'0' and 200 pounds. He has 9 and 3/4 hands, to got with a 4.53 40-yard dash, a vertical of 39.5", a broad jump of 131", benched 19 reps, ran 4.3 seconds in the 20-yard shuffle and 6.79 seconds in the three cone drill.

(NFL Draft Scout) -Bethel blocked nine kicks in four seasons, and in a game against Gardner-Webb, he recorded 12 total tackles, a forced fumble, a pass break-up, and a blocked field goal. That week, he was named the Big South Co-Defensive player of the week. He had four interceptions in 2011, one of which went for a touchdown.

(Pro Sports Weekly) - He was named Big South Defensive Player of the Year, after recording 87 total tackles with 3.5 tackles for a loss, a sack, a forced fumble, and three blocked kicks. He also had a punt return for a touchdown.  Athletic, competitive, versatile, unpolished FCS prospect. Could be a swing back-up or special teams contributor. Good size, covers ground with a smooth and gliding stride. Great tackler, special teams producer along with great character, motivated, hardworking and intelligent.

 Brandon Burton    6-0   178   Kentucky 
BRS (Gollin) - Said to have signed an UDFA contract with Cards but not on the official first list of 17.

Walter Mitchell (posting on ASFN) - 2011 stats: 41 t, 1 sack, 3 ints for 60 yds., 2 pbus. 2010 stats: 36 t, 3.5 tfl, 6 pbu, 1 int. Was named SEC Defensive Player of the Week on November 14th, 2011 after he posted 9 tackles and 1 interception versus Vanderbilt. His 4.6 time in the 40 hurt his chances of getting drafted---but his aggressive play warrants a good look.

  Larry Parker      5-11 180     San Diego State
BRS (Gollin) - One of 4 free agents who survived OTA try-outs.

Walter Mitchell (posting on ASFN) - 1st Team All-Mountain West---56 t, 6 ints, 3 ff, 1 fr---Plays press CB---and is very aggressive---a real ballhawk---takes some gambles but usually wins them---needs to look back for the ball more often---when he does he's an interception waiting to happen because he locates the ball quickly, tracks it well and has very good ball skills. Comment: Parker jumped out on tape to me and I would be surprised if he wasn't offered a contract.


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