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2012 Draft

Michael Brockers 6050 322 LSU (Arm: 35)

Combine: Forty: 5.36 | BP: 19 | VJ: 26.5 | BJ: 105 | 3C: 7.46 | 20Sh: 4.81 | 60 Sh: DNP | 

Pro Day - Brockers measured in six pounds lighet than combine. He had 5.26 and 5.18 40-yard dashes, a 30-inch vertical jump, 8-2 broad jump, 4.78 short shuttle, 7.48 cone, and 21 strenght lifts. He moves really well for a defensive tackle and displayed his agility in the position drills.

Pro Football Draft Guide – Big powerful DT still learning the game. A freak athlete with a huge muscular frame. Natural knee bender who generates power from his lower half.

From - An elite athlete who has been gaining a lot of steam on draft boards in recent months. Came to LSU as a thick linebacker prospect before putting on good weight and moving to DT. Has positional versatility and could even be attractive to 3-4 teams as a DE, since he is athletic enough to work from the edge in a scheme that uses bigger DEs to protect LB’s. Has more value as a 3 tech DT in a 4-3 scheme / will have an immediate impact as a rookie.

Massive frame & can probably fluctuate his weight to play a number of different roles. Working from the inside, he can work off double teams. Excels against the run and could shore up the middle of a defense from the second he shows up in camp. Has thick, powerful legs and out-leveraged nearly every linemen he faced in the SEC. Very long arms. Uses his instincts to sniff out plays and has the uncanny ability to diagnose screens and draws.

Only started for only one full year and is still developing. Has poor technique as a pass rusher and relies heavily on his natural ability. Tends to stand upright when stationary and loses a lot of his power when doing so. Slow to use his hands vs. jolt blocks and exposes his frame on most plays. A raw prospect who has developed physically at a rapid pace and is still getting a feel for his body.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Adequate-to-good initial quickness and power. Will come off the ball a bit high at times but plays with leverage and continues to improve. Above average awareness locating the ball. Powerful upper body. Can ragdoll some OLs. Uses swim and rip moves well, but can be a little loose with technique. Very good at disengaging quickly once ball is located, but occasionally will let his pads rise and allow OL to establish leverage.. Lower body strength is adequate but can improve. Works hard to fight through double-team. Good at defending lower body on cut blocks. Good effort in pursuit. Powerful hitter. Will sell out to make the play."

Good initial quickness but not elite first step. Has power to collapse the pocket as a bull rusher. Lacks a game-plan as a pass rusher and wastes a lot of steps and energy. Effort is not a question; he will chase if he gets a clear line to the quarterback and he keeps fighting even when he's not making headway. Good awareness. Will get his long arms up and disrupt passing windows. Tools to improve but results have been underwhelming.

Lacks elite first step explosiveness but is still a very good athlete for his size. Good lateral agility and balance. Hand quickness is above average. Will continue to improve hand usage with more focus on technique details.

Played on a deep defensive line at LSU and got plenty of rest. But his effort is very good. Works hard to find the ball and pursue. Not afraid to sacrifice his body to get into the mix. Fights hard to split the double team.

Fletcher Cox 6040 298  Miss State (Arm: 34½)

Combine: Forty: 4.79 | BP: 30 | VJ: 26.0 | BJ: 103 | 3C: 7.07 | 20Sh: 4.53 | 60 Sh: DNP |  

Pro Day - Had a 26-inch vertical and a 9-foot broad jump. Looked good in the drills and showed a lot of quickness while moving very well. He’s now a lower first-round pick. He’s comparable to Memphis DT Dontari Poe but not quite as strong or fast.

BRS (Gollin) – A guy that size who runs a forty as fast as Coples and Ingram raises the question – “Then why not move him 3-4 DE?” Horton likes versatility in his defensive make-up and Cox would replace the physical presence we lost on the edge when Branch departed.

Pro Football Draft Guide – Fluid 2-gap DT who could be a 3-4 DE. Still a bit raw and growing into his frame.  

 From - Early-entry junior - a raw athlete with room to develop with an impressive frame and one of the more talented athletes in the US. Relies heavily on his natural ability to make splash plays and has a major upside.

An impressive athlete who can making big, impactful plays from the interior of the defensive line. Extremely quick off the ball and can get into the backfield as quickly as any DT prospect in the country. Has a high motor and pursues down the LOS with aggression. Can snap his hips into an OL to get a blow-back effect and is equally as fluid to dip and rip his hips around would-be tacklers to get into the backfield. Very active hands that he uses efficiently to keep blockers off him. A serious athlete at the position who would immediately bolster the front of any defense and would work well in a rotation to be a fresh, impact player on passing downs.

But he allows himself to get completely washed away when double teamed (an example of the raw nature of his play). Relies too heavily upon his athletic ability vs. the run and doesn't set an anchor to  remain a presence and gap-filler within the scheme. Could be a high risk-high reward player as a rookie.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - He's a tempo-setter up front. Plays with an edge and is not afraid to get in opponent's face. Fires out of stance and is strong enough to hold ground in most one-on-one situations when he keeps pad level low. Powerful upper body and quick, strong hands. Much improved awareness. Can stack and shed in time to make plays at the LOS. Very good range for a DT and makes more plays outside the tackle box than most at his position. But, he needs to play with more consistent leverage vs. the run. Not big enough to anchor against double teams when he doesn't stay low. Gets washed down the LOS by angle blocks too much. Better at extending arms and controlling gap as a five-technique than he does inside at DT, where he's more effective shooting a gap to disrupt in the backfield.

Explosive bull rusher who can be very effective when he stays low. Effective hand fighter using rip and pull moves. Just average lateral mobility and won’t get many offensive linemen off balance with side-to-side moves. Versatile and can play all along the DL, but his best pass-rush potential is inside.

Active and violent hands. Very quick first-step. Quick enough to shoot gaps and make plays in the backfield. Lateral quickness is adequate but not great.

Relentless might be an overstatement but his overall motor is very good. Doesn't give up when he fails to win with first move. Not quite as thick or strong as Corey Luigit but has similar motor and versatility. Pursues hard from behind when there's even a slight chance of getting back into the play.

Devon Still    6047   303   Penn St (Arm: 33¼)

Combine: Forty: 5.08 | BP: 26 | VJ: 29.5 | BJ: DNP | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP | 60 Sh: DNP |

BRS (Gollin) – Funny thing about Penn State draft prospects. They invariably are well-rounded – good at a lot of things but not dominant at any one. Therefore, when you draft one, you never know if you’re going to get a solid, safe, unspectacular citizen or a mediocre prospect who has few weaknesses but few strengths. I feel that way about Still.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "Still is a pretender. He is a project to me. He plays high. He gets knocked around. He has some initial quickness, but he is not a tough, explosive finisher. Someone is going to get their feelings hurt drafting him in the first round. I don't know how you play with guys who get hammered inside. I know we can't."

Pro Football Draft Guide – Inconsistent DT who dominated at times.A giant with a well-proportioned huge frame with long limbs. Explodes off the snap and has a rare blend of quickness and power.

From - One of the most NFL-ready interior lineman and arguably one of the most polished and "safe" picks of the draft. Has massive size to clog lanes on the inside and occupy blocks. Uses good technique to beat double teams and get to the passer, along with the power to bowl over would-be blockers & be disruptive in the backfield. A reliable and productive player – suitable for a team with run defense needs who wants to add a player who can protect LB’s in a 4-3 or 3-4 scheme. Projects to the middle of the first round and an immediate starter.

A strong player who gets off the line quickly with the explosion to blow back offensive guards into their own backfield. Excels as a run defender by using his strength to occupy a blocker while he reads and reacts - ideal for a nose tackle in a 3-4 defense. Can use hand technique and footwork alike to remove himself from blocks and get in the backfield. For a massive nose tackle he is an above-average pass rusher who can use an array of swim and dip moves to get to the passer.

While he can rush the passer, it is rare that he actually gets there -  athletic ability is rather average once he is exposed in the open field. Tremendous in tight quarters but lacks that quickness or explosion in the open field (true in pursuit, as well). Once the ball gets past him he usually is done for the play.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Big, thick, powerful with good short-area quickness. Quick first-step / can be disruptive when his motor is running hot and when he plays with leverage. Powerful upper body /can shed blocks in time to make plays at or behind the LOS (although he needs to be more consistent). Awareness vs. the run improved but still only average. Has a high center of gravity and gives too much ground when pads start to rise (which is too often). Gives up too easily vs. double team. Poor at protecting legs. Gets knocked to the ground too often. "

Quick first step and can be disruptive when he's going all out. Will occasionally collapse the pocket with initial quickness and power. Adequate club-to-swim move. Tracks the quarterback and gets hands up in passing lanes when given middle draw/screen responsibilities. Gets too high as he works up the field. Not a powerful bull rusher who can consistently collapse the pocket. Narrow base /can get knocked off course by powerful punch. Awareness on play-action is marginal.

Has the initial quickness and power to penetrate and disrupt. Also can out-quick zone blocks. Not a great athlete, though. Quick enough to establish position but not a disruptive 3-technique whot can consistently burst through the B-gap, redirect and make plays in pursuit. Hand usage improved .Has quick hands for a long-armed DT. Has improved effectiveness of rip and swim moves.

Flashes but doesn't sustain high effort level. Plays like a potential Pro Bowler on some downs and plays like a reserve on others. Effort vs double team is inconsistent. Still too quick on occasion on wave the white flag.

Brandon Thompson 6020 314  Clemson (Arm: 33½)

Combine: Forty: DNP | BP: 35 | VJ: 31.0 | BJ: 100 | 3C:7.97 | 20Sh: 4.71| 60 Sh: DNP |  

Pro Day - Mayock said Thompson ran a 5.16 in the 40 with a 1.77 10-yard split, which confirms his second-round status. He (officially)ran the 40-yard dash three times, posting efforts of 5.20, 5.21 and 5.33 seconds. Thompson had a 7-foot-10 broad jump. Thompson looked really good in the workout, as if he’d been working very hard to stay in great shape.

BRS (Gollin) – Worth a look-see if he falls past Round 2 – we could  use a bit more heft inside at NT. Biggest potential problem with big interior linemen has to do with motor and endurance. Thompson doesn’t appear to have that problem. (Note - There is one of those unconfirmed  "urban legend" eleventh hour rumors that Thompson has shed 20 or 30 pounds and is working out as a TE).

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "Had his ankle scoped after the season but he still played at the Senior Bowl. There's something to be said for that."

Pro Football Draft Guide – Disruptive tackle who too often doesn’t finish. Short, thick, quick-twitch tackle who is very instinctive on the interior.

From - Can play both DT or NT. Has been disruptive - plays stout against the run and will plug the hole well. Can find the ball as a defender and is effective after the snap making plays in the backfield. Doesn't bring a ton of pass-rush sparkle, but will serve as a strong presence up front. Warrants a late first or early second-round pick.

An incredible run defender inside. Consistent in his play / uses his feet to make plays happen against the run. Comes off the ball quickly and can fill gaps well at his size. Can also make plays on the ball carrier. A very strong player who knows how to use his hands and disrupt plays in the backfield.  But he tends to be negated by double teams inside due to substandard technique. Though he is stellar against the run, he is limited against the pass, only occasionally making things happen as a pass rusher.

SPN (Scouts, Inc.) - On the move too much in 2011 and not as dominant versus the run. Consistently struggles to keep his balance and feet under him when he's slanting, looping, etc. let's his pads pop up too quickly when his first movement is lateral. At his best when working on a straight line. Has a quick first step and explosive initial pop. Can get into the offensive lineman's pads and jack him up with initial power. Could do a better job of extending his arms upon contact but he does have a powerful upper body and can disengage quickly. Will drive his legs upon contact with very good awareness locating the ball. Consistently the first DL to diagnose. Pursues hard on most plays. Powerful hitter who can separate the ball from the body. "

Not overly productive as a pass rusher to this point and will always be a better run stopper. Good initial quickness to gain penetration and employs a powerful bull rush to collapse the pocket. Adequate COD skills when he gets through the LOS and also has above average awareness on passing downs. But he frequently comes out of stance too high as a pass rusher and must develop a better array of pass rush moves (swim move is his most effective but only adequate at this point). Lacks elite athleticism and closing burst to the quarterback.

Very good first-step quickness for size. Consistently gains initial penetration and is very disruptive. Can improve his hand usage but has the quick, violent hands to do so. "

Motor is above average but slipped a bit compared to the previous year. Usually fights to split the double team and shows effort even when he's losing the battle. Tough and physical. Works hard and makes hustle plays in pursuit.

Jerel Worthy 6023 308  Michigan State (Arm: 33)

Combine: Forty: 5.08 | BP: DNP | VJ: 28.5| BJ: 107| 3C: 7.60 | 20Sh: 4.56 | 60 Sh: DNP | 

Pro Day — Ran 5.03 and 5.06 in the 40, and had 28 strength lifts. He’s a guy who’s got a lot of ability, but there’s a question of maturity and a question of motivation. He’s down right at the No. 27-50 pick range.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "One of those guys like Albert Haynesworth. He might run 5-flat and he's athletic. Physically, he has everything that you want. He won't get out of the first round - but there is some buyer beware with him.

Pro Football Draft Guide – Disruptive DT. Stamina an issue. A stout 3-technique with long arms and a quick first step.  Has high football IQ and strong instincts.

From - An extremely thick, tightly built DT with a ton of power. Looks prepared to be an immediate rotational player on the front of a 4-3 scheme. Can the nose if necessary, but has the athleticism to be a sub-package 3-technique rusher.

Has thigh power that can blow back interior lineman off the snap. Has a surprising burst for size and  capable of knifing and slanting the line to get into the backfield almost instantaneously. A pad-level and leverage-savvy player who understands how to win with a first step and bull rush alike.

But he’ll get upright off the snap and really has trouble working his pass rush moves or moving his feet if he doesn't win with a burst or quickness. Struggles in space and has a difficult time breaking down his weight to fit on a ball carrier. Can get neutralized by double teams not due to lack of strength or talent, but because of effort and breakdown of technique.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Very good snap anticipation and first step quickness. Most effective on the move and allowed to create a disruption up the field. POA skills are inconsistent. Can anchor against most one-on-one blocks when he maintains leverage, but is too inconsistent. Lacks an elite anchor against double teams and can get folded to the ground. Will struggle if asked to consistently two-gap at the next level. Plays fairly under control and can redirect and fall back into play when initially washed down the LOS. Protects feet well against cut blocks.

Very good first step quickness /most disruptive when able to gain initial position. Quick hands with an effective club to swim move. But if he doesn't win with first few steps he's rarely going to recover. Often comes off the ball too high and does not have elite power as bull rusher to consistently collapse the pocket. Good awareness to get hands up in throwing lanes.

Very good first step quickness to establish initial positioning. Quick hands to swim. Still developing rip and club moves but has enough quickness to improve. Can quickly redirect and finish play once he creates initial penetration in the backfield.

Effort and motor can run hot and cold. Will occasionally give second effort to get back involved in play but scout would like to see it with more consistency.

Dontari Poe 6034 346  Memphis (Arm: 32)

Combine: Forty: 4.98 | BP: 44 | VJ: 29.5 | BJ: 105 | 3C: 7.90 | 20Sh:4.56 | 60 Sh: DNP |

BRS (Gollin) – Combine results and tape revisits may catapult him into the top 10 plcks overall.

Pro Football Draft Guide – Draft’s best 30-front  NT prospect.  A mammoth NT who moves  exceptionally well for his size.

From - A big man who projects to NT. Best attribute is his ability to occupy space inside and allow those on the second level to flow and make plays. Not just a big man, however - he can use his strength to overpower most blockers and also use his athletic ability to be a threat in the passing game and make plays around the ball. Has the build and athleticism to be picked late in the first round or near the top of the second.

Has the serious ability to eat up a double team. Strong lower body allows him to stabilize his position. Athletic ability and quickness force opponents to double team him, and he can wreak havoc around the ball. Uses his strong hands to keep defenders at bay and throw them around to create opportunities. Consistent - combines size, strength, & athletic ability with an understanding of what it takes inside for himself and those around him to do their job.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Massive DL with thick trunk and long arms. Fires out with good leverage in the run game. Excellent initial pop with the size/strength to control the POA as a two-gapper. Will flat-back and take on double team. Can stack-and-shed but sometimes struggles to get off of blocks. (Short arms do not help). Powerful hitter who can jar the ball loose. Similar to Phil Taylor.

Can collapse the pocket. Must win with power moves and/or on twists/stunts when he gets moving laterally first. Good lateral agility for 330lbs. Good athlete for size but lacks the explosive first-step to consistently shoot the gap. Violent hands /can rip and swim through blocks. Overuses his swim move but when he uses it properly it can be effective. Adequate awareness as a pass rusher; will get his hands up and disrupt QBs passing windows.

Does not explode off the line but has adequate first-step quickness. Impressive later agility for such a massive player. Quick and violent hands. Can improve technique but uses quick hands and works hard to keep blocker off his body.

Generally plays hard and shows some toughness but he lacks ideal mean streak and nastiness. Effort is better than adequate but not great. Rarely stops working during a play but will wear down and struggle to go 100 mph at times. Effort versus double team must improve, especially on passing downs.

Alameda Ta'amu 6024 348  Washington (Arm: 32)

Combine: Forty: 5.37 | BP: 35 | VJ: 26 | BJ: 103 | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP | 60 Sh: DNP |

Pro Football Draft Guide – Massive NT with outstanding strength. Moves well enough to cover two gaps but often plays too upright vs. the run.

From - A big-boned, powerful inside force who projects to NT in a 3-4 defense . Can hold up lineman and clog lanes to keep linebackers clean. He has been so effective here that he’s made arguably "less-talented" teammates look better than they really are.

A powerful and forceful player vs. the run who can get off the ball on the snap and into a lineman's face quickly. Adept at holding two blockers to create lanes for his LB’s. Big-bodied and savvy at understanding his role within the defense. Can engulf running backs by using his long, strong arms or by pushing the interior of an offensive line into the backfield entirely.

But he is a slow-mover with much skill as a pass rusher or in pursuit. Lacks a repertoire in his bag of pass-rush moves and doesn't use his feet or hands to get off blocks. A non-explosive player who will rarely run down a QB or RB in the backfield, and he has little value playing in a 4-3 defense.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Massive, wide body NT. Needs work with leverage and playing with a consistent pad level. But when playing with leverage, he can be a handful. Powerful lower half /can create a strong initial surge in one-on-one battles. Strong base and very good balance to anchor against double teams. Quick hands but needs technique coaching. Finds the ball and moves well for his size. Can shed and redirect to get involved in tackle.

Powerful bull rush when staying low. Effective rip move, but far from a finished product in this area. Will not win many battles with quickness. Must to learn to play with lower pad level and not allow blockers into body. Has awareness for screens and draws but lacks the quickness to redirect to get back into play.

Will never win with initial quickness, but displays a powerful initial punch to jolt blockers. Quick hands to latch on and disengage from blocks. Nimble on his feet and has adequate range considering size.

Carries a lot of weight which will always be a concern, but seems to have very good stamina for his size. Surprisingly was rarely substituted for during the four games of film study. Plays with an edge and hustles to the ball in pursuit. Good fighter when locked in a phone booth. "

Kendall Reyes 6041 299   UConn (Arm: 33¼)

Combine: Forty: 4.95 | BP: 36 | VJ: 34.5 |  BJ: 113 | 3C: 7.43 | 20Sh: 4.53 | 60 Sh: DNP |

Pro Day - School’s biggest name in this month’s draft. The defensive tackle stood on all of his combine numbers but worked out well. He has a chance to sneak into the end of the first round, but he likely will be an early second-round pick.

PFW Scout's Candid Comments - "I was disappointed with Reyes' run support and finish. I know some (evaluators) are running him up the flagpole, but I kept looking for more - I did anyway. I put him in the third round.

Pro Football Draft Guide – Long-armed with a quick first step. Capable of getting into the backfield regularly. Excellent body control/uses his arms effectively.

From - A big body inside with a decent skill set and frame. A powerful mover and a hard worker who should stick with a team at the next level based mainly on size and strength. Has a strong lower body which provides him a good anchor vs. double teams inside. But lacks the same strength in his upper body, though technically savvy with his hands to keep offensive lineman off him. Has a motor inside and relies more on his feet and technique to beat guys. A good player to insert in different slants and stunts inside. Will be a reliable and strong player at the next level. A high effort player who rarely gets completely blocked inside always able to make just enough of a play to make a difference.

He is a good all-around prospect, but without any jaw-dropping skills that make him attractive at the next level. A bit underweight, and can struggle vs. double teams. He’ll have a tough time getting into the backfield to disrupt or rush the passer at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Could play with better pad level at times but rarely gave ground one-on-one and can anchor against double teams despite lack of ideal size. Will blocker into the backfield and can force back to redirect. Strong / can lift interior offensive linemen off their feet when he wins leverage battle. Capable of stacking and shedding in a two-gap scheme. Above average instincts for an interior defensive lineman / locates the ball quickly. Above average range for an interior defensive lineman and can make plays outside the tackle box.

Too one-dimensional as a power rusher. Shed blocks quicker as a run defender than as a pass rusher. Doesn't close as well as some other DT’s in class but has enough quickness and agility to develop into a productive interior pass rusher at the next level.

Above average first-step quickness for size. Above-average lateral mobility when scraping down LOS. More than athletic enough to make a success transition to 5-technique in a base three-man front. Effective hand fighter who can shoot hands inside and lock on before most offensive linemen can get to his frame, but could be more violent with hands when rushing the passer.

Doesn't give much ground or back down in a phone booth. Chases outside runs. Makes plays with second effort and played hard. Motor is inconsistent, but fatigue may be bigger issue than work ethic.

Dajohn Harris 6030 306  USC (Arm: 33)

Combine: Did not participate in drills - Forty: DNP | BP: DNP | VJ: DNP| BJ: DNP | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP | 60 Sh: DNP |

Pro Football Draft Guide – Big, well-proportioned athlete who plays with natural power. Has the quickness and burst to dominate, but his motor runs hot and cold.

From – (Ed Note: Read with caution - This write up describes an offensive lineman and not a DT). Inconsistent player early in his college career,  but has blossomed under Lane Kiffin - a productive inside force at DT. A big man who could stand to lose weight ; a former high school tight end. Has good hand-technique. Projects to go in the early-to-middle rounds if teams can look past his consistency and conditioning issues.

Quick at the LOS / fits on his blocks immediately. Not an explosive mover but can stay with his blocks once on them. In pass pro, he’ll struggle but usually blocks long enough to get the job done. Technically sound and understands how to use his hands and feet to keep defenders occupied, though his overall athletic ability is average. Works hard to keep defenders moving in the run game and despite his weaknesses is a get-the-job-done player at the end of plays and games.

Inconsistency has defined and hindered Harris' career. Did not play a lot early on and has had conditioning issues. Will make big plays and then disappear for stretches; needs to show he can be a reliable three-down option at the next level. An athlete waiting to be unleashed, but first he'll have to solve his conditioning issues. Experience could be a problem as well since Harris has had limited reps against top talent.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Good strength and a solid anchor when playing with leverage. Will dig in feet and hold ground working against double teams. Uses strength well to control blockers and can redirect to get involved in play. Will play high when he begins to wear down.

Still developing as a pass rusher. Can get good initial surge when staying low, but needs to stay low initially and not allows blockers into frame. Not much of a counter puncher and needs work as a finisher. Has an above-average closing burst to the QB.

Good enough first step quickness to establish position. Light on his feet with good lateral quickness to be a factor outside of the tackle box. Strong and heavy hands /can shed blockers when he gets inside position. Will lose balance when playing too high.

Tough /hustles in pursuit when at full strength. Good at fighting through traffic, but can wear down as the game progresses and should work on overall endurance.

Billy Winn 6036 294  Boise State  (Arm: 32½)

Combine: Forty: | 5.00 BP: 24 | VJ: 27.0 | BJ: 107 | 3C: 7.37| 20Sh: 4.44| 60 Sh: DNP | 

Pro Day - Winn ran 4.86 and 4.87 40-yard dashes and did 24 strength lifts. He had a good position workout

Pro Football Draft Guide – A cat-quick big man who explodes off the snap. Has the quickness to shoot through gaps. But easily neutralized vs. the run.

From - A force up front for Boise State for several years. His consistency and ferociousness stays in your memory after watching him play. Although he isn't necessarily great with any one skill or talent, he grades out well because the whole is definitely greater than the sum of his parts. There are hitches in his play that he will need to work on to survive at the next level, such as using technique and adapting to the play speed. But once done Winn should excel. Expect him to be taken near the top of the second round ..

Has size for the position, which when paired with his speed will makes him a force in the interior. Gets off the ball and into offensive linemen quickly. Can uncoil his hips to create a significant push and shock blockers back into the backfield. Strong with his hands and can hold up blocks to read a play and shed them to get free and to the ball carrier. Uses his hands well to disengage and shed would-be blockers. Once he reaches the ball-carrier, he is an effective tackler. Overall, an active interior defender who can keep off blocks and stay active in the pass and run defense alike.

There are very few negative points in terms of skill set but teams could take a long look at his level of competition to see if his skills will translate. However, he has excelled against stronger non-conference competition as well. May struggle to get off blocks when double teamed. Uses his initial quickness off the line to combat this, but when bigger lineman get their hands on him in protection he can be slow to disengage. Known to take a play off occasionally and can be unpredictable when it comes to following schemes.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Adequate pass rusher but still has room for improvement. Very good initial quickness for size. Quick hands and effective swim and rip move. Can counter once initially caught, but does not display great power in this area. Lacks ability to get a consistent push with his bull rush. Struggles to split double team. above-average closing burst, staying under control to secure sack. "

Good length and size to anchor against the run. Anticipates snap count well and can establish solid position with first step quickness. Can turn pads and get skinny to create penetration. Could play with a wider base but has enough core strength to stack and hold his ground. Also can anchor against double teams but lacked ability to split them . Very good athlete for size with above-average lateral movement which gives him solid range.

Size, strength and athleticism contribute to his versatility. Best fit appears be as up the field 3-technique but also has frame to align as a 5-technique for a base 3-4 front. Also quick and athletic enough to line up as LDE in a 4-3 front. "

Good awareness /finds and reacts to the ball quickly. Recognizes screens quickly and can redirect to fall back into play. Motor is good but not great. (Consistently substituted-for during three games of film study).

  Tevita Finau     6040    288  Utah  
Pro Day - Forty: 5.04 |   Ten: 1.85  | Twenty:  2.93 |  BP: 23  |  VJ: 28  | BJ: 8.04  |  Sh Sh: 4.53  |  3C: 7.24 |

BRS (Gollin) - Mystery man. (Considered a "legend" in Hokey Land without ever playing a down there). JUCO standout who signed three letters of intent with WVa. Wound up at Utah and improved his play the second half of last year (maybe having wife and kid helped him grow up). A bit small for a DT (Projects more as a Dockett-type 3-4 DE).

Walter Mitchell (posting on ASFN) - Hawaiian who was a top recruit as a JUCO All-American at Phoenix College---signed with West Virginia but decided to go to Utah instead. Really didn't come into his own at Utah until the last half of last season. In the Sun Bowl win over Georgia Tech he had 10 tackles and 1 tackle for loss---not a bad way to go out. But, here is a kid who is going to have to show up from day one and prove to the coaches that the light bulb is on. He has excellent physical ability and seems ideal for the 34 DE position, so who knows?
nfldraftscout -

- The highly-touted defensive line recruit Tevita Finau never showed up from his native Hawaii. A junior college All-America in Phoenix, Finau struggled to make grades and had a child and married over the summer. Even as camp broke the Mountaineers were hoping he would make an appearance, so they could redshirt him. He signed three different letters-of-intent with WVU.
06/09/09 - TOP NEWCOMERS: DL Tevita Finau - Considered the best defensive lineman in junior college, Finau was supposed to come to WVU last year but didn't qualify. He stuck with it and is expected to be on hand this spring. He is extremely quick for 295 pounds and has been clocked in 4.7 for the 40.
05/28/08 - TOP RECRUITS: DE Tevia Finau, Honolulu -- The product of Phoenix Junior College in Arizona should step right into the lineup and provide a needed pass rusher to replace Johnny Dingle, who has decided to enter the NFL Draft a year early. Finau has a nose for the ball and extremely quick feet.
 Conrad Obi   6032   289   Colorado 
Pro Day - Forty: 5.17 |   Ten: 1.83  | Twenty:  2.97 |  BP: 24  |  VJ: 27  | BJ: 8-8  |  Sh Sh: 4.86  |  3C: 7.90  |

BRS (Gollin) - Lacks Finau's speed and agility. Seems a bit light to play NT, but Horton seems to have no problems sticking agile, high-energy guys in the middle (i.e. David Carter). Cards should be looking for depth behind Calais Campbell and Dockett outside in the 3-4, so if the coaches feel Obi and Finau aren't big enough to play inside, they might have a shot as backup DE's.

Walter Mitchell (posting on ASFN) -
Was a highly sought after recruit who started his career at DE and was moved inside to DT. He had a tremendous spring last year unseating the starter in front of him and has been working out at Competitive Edge Sports in Atlanta---and the way he's been getting after it, it reminds me of how hard David Carter was training last year. 2011 stats: 31 t, 2 3rd down stops. A project---and physically impressive one at that.

PFW: Last name is pronounced “oh-bee.” The Georgia prep played in only four games his senior season after tearing a tendon in his hand. Also lettered twice in basketball. Redshirted in 2007 while practicing at defensive end. Saw action in five games in ’08 with one tackle and moved to defensive tackle late in the year. Appeared in 11 games in ’09 as a reserve DT and special teams player and did not record any tackles but blocked a field goal against Oklahoma State. In ’10, played in all 12 games (10 games at DT) and managed four tackles. Saw his most extensive playing time in ’11, logging 31 tackles, one tackle for loss and zero sacks with three batted passes in 13 games, including the first seven starts of his career at nose tackle.



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