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2012 Draft

David DeCastro 6047 316 Stanford (Arm: 32¾)
Combine: 5.43 Forty | 34 Reps | 29.5 VJ | 98.0" BJ | 4.56 20Sh |

Pro Day - DeCastro stood on everything he did at the NFL Scouting Combine, though he was weighed and measured. He had a very good workout, and is a very solid football player. He is similar to Titans G Steve Hutchinson, an 11-year veteran who has made the Pro Bowl seven times. Like Hutchinson, DeCastro should be a top-line starter for 10 or 11 years.

BRS (Gollin) - Cardinal fan favorite as BPA at #13. Fans could be right, but it would go against the CW that "you never draft a guard high in the 1st round.".

Pro Football  Draft Guide   LG with rare blend of power, athleticism and balance. Far and away the top interior lineman available. A complete blocker who will fit in a number of schemes. Seems a lock to make multiple Pro Bowl appearances

From - An extremely polished, disciplined NFL-ready player who likely will demand a starting spot immediately through his play. Could be one of the highest draft picks at the guard position in recent years, and could easily go in the top 10.

A technician on the field and beautiful to watch. Very quick off the ball to get into his block. Shuffles nicely to avoid trash when pulling or down-blocking and, once engaged, is very strong to his ground. Good snap on contact / is usually the one providing the drive-back pressure on his man. Once locked on his man, he can drive and maneuver him at will using his very strong upper body. Extremely controlled in his movements, with body control and overall balance that is rare for a man his size. Decastro isVery athletic on the move and can key in and adjust on his moving target well. It's nearly impossible to find many weak points in his play, and he could easily be the best lineman on his team as a rookie.

He could be more consistent when finishing run blocks downfield & keeping his hands engaged on his man. There are some slight hitches in his bending and footwork when engaged in contact and moving downfield that can cause him to fall off slightly. Not a very violent puncher but that’s OK, being the technician that he is.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Sets up quickly in pass pro with a wide base. Strong initial punch and good initial hand placement. Usually patients in sets but can lunge at times (which can get him into trouble). Above-average short-area lateral quickness / can slide to stay in front of quicker rushers. Solid core strength / can sink to anchor against bull rush attempts.

Adequate first step quickness in the run game. Takes sound initial angles and works to get proper hat placement. Adequate inline power base /keeps feet moving on contact. Works to sustain blocks but will sometimes lunge instead of using hands. Exceptional second level and space blocker. Adept at keeping pads square working combo block to second level. Plays under control and in balance to adjust on the move and cover up targets.

Field awareness is a strong point. Good instincts and overall awareness. Assignment-sound in the run / quickly identifies and locates targets on the move. Can post up with one arm in protection while keeping eyes on swivel / using opposite arm to help out fellow linemen in the other direction. Good awareness of defensive line twists and pressure from the second level.

Takes pride in craft / works to finish assignment. Mean streak evident but could be  more consistent. Will chase play downfield and looks to clean up piles. Plays with the necessary grinder’s mentality for the position.

Peter Konz (C/G)    6050 314 Wisconsin (Arm: 33)
Combine: Didn't Run | 18 Reps | Didn't participate in other drills |

Pro Day - Was not medically cleared to work out because of his injured left ankle. Konz waited until his dislocated left ankle was ready and worked out April 4. He finally worked out at the university in front of scouts from 11 teams and coaches from the Cincinnati Bengals and the Baltimore Ravens.  All Konz did was weigh in at 313 pounds and then did 23 bench presses. He’s very athletic, but had a broken ankle and missed the final three games of the regular season. However, he returned to play a bowl game and will probably go in the 25-35 area.

BRS (Gollin) Projects as a center by most. Lifted better after the Combine.

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 2.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment (as a center) - "He has excellent size. Usually Wisconsin's offensive linemen are hammers. I thought Konz had more of a finesse style, but he's a good player."

Pro Football Draft Guide   (as a center) Not an elite center prospect but should be a quality starter and could be a Pro Bowler in a zone scheme. Heady pivot with good range who excels on the move. Only average strength inside.

From - Premier center in this year's draft (selection will likely be solely based off team needs towards the end of the first round). Massive frame for a center center, but has impressive knee bend which allows him to play the position effectively. Made all the calls at the line and was the centerpiece of a dominant Wisconsin line loaded with NFL size and talent.

Looks natural sitting in his stance and swiveling his head to make all the line calls, (impressive given his uncommon height). A smooth athlete who can uncoil his hips into defenders and blow them back to create quick holes in the run game. A smart player who picks up stunts well and uses his strength and anchor to sit and stall any oncoming bull rushers. Comfortable working in fluid motion with his guards when pulling and sealing. Has all the tools to be an elite center for years to come.

Even though Konz has good flexibility, defenders will be able to out-leverage him at the point given his size. Can get stunned by quick bull-rushes at the point and has a difficult time resetting his feet afterwards. While he is an effective short-area mover he looks limited and rigid when moving in space or downfield.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - (As a center) Finds ways to get the job done but is a limited athlete who benefitted from a mobile quarterback and a run/play action heavy attack. Average initial quickness as a pass blocker, but has problems preventing penetration working against quicker defensive tackles. Not agile enough to recover when he oversets or stay in front when the defender redirects. Average upper body strength, but initial punch is average at best. Not an effective hand fighter. Bit of a waist bender but plays with a wide base and holds ground against bull rushers.

As a run blocker, he gets into adequate initial position and walls off defenders long enough for backs to locate seam. Plays too high and doesn't roll hips into blocks, but drives legs and can move defenders off the ball once in position. Lacks the lateral quickness to seal front side one-techniques when asked to zone block and doesn't get any help from guard. But makes up for it with smarts and effort. Works to get helmet on play side when he does get help and washes defenders down the LOS when he can't get around the defender. Has problems adjusting to moving targets and looks stiff in space, but takes adequate angles to second level blocks and can cut off backside linebackers. Makes up for average range with smooth pivot and can get around the corner when asked to pull.

Identifies MIKE before every snap. Keeps head on a swivel in pass pro. Picks up line stunts and blitzes. Keeps head up and locates linebackers when asked to combo block up to the second level. Identifies second level assignments.

Has battled though medical issues to start 30 games in three years. Finishes blocks and has killer instinct but is more of a relentless wall-off blocker than a mauler. Could be more aggressive in pass pro and space.

Cordy Glenn 6056 345 Georgia (Arm: 35¾)
Combine: 5.15 Forty | 31 Reps | 23.5 VJ | 93.0" BJ | 5.00 20Sh |

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 4. Says he played LT & has all the measurables, but his feet may not be quick enough to handle the blind outside.

BRS (Gollin) – All though I (& many other Cardinal fans) have seen enough of DeCastro to peg him a possible #13 in our mocks (extremely high for  an OG), I like Glenn’s write-up better. If we don’t draft an OT or DeCastro at #13, I wouldn’t be upset if we traded down to regain the 2nd round pick we gave up for Kolb and somehow wound up with Glenn.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "I was surprised at how well he played at the Senior Bowl. He might be able to stick at tackle."

Pro Football  Draft Guide – (as a guard)  A safe choice to be a quality starter. Could play in a number of schemes inside and maybe even some RT.  Massive college LT more likely to move inside or RT. Elite natural strength; must keep weight in check..

From - Played tackle and was a stalwart whether lined up there or at guard – Versatility could enable him to go as early as the 3rd round..

An athletic big man fluid when pulling and who gets up-field with ease. Effective mirror blocker who uses good technique to sit into his base and control defenders.Aware of stunts and blitzes and usually picks them up with ease. He is a big body who has been a durable starter.

Somewhat of a tweener who would struggle against NFL pass rushers at tackle. Could stand to lose some weight.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Tall OG with long arms. Tough to get around big, long frame. Some athletic limitations / adequate but not great mirror-and-slide skills (that's why he's a better fit at OG than OT). The only time we see him getting in trouble is when he starts to lean and gets his helmet out over his feet. But when he stays balanced he rarely loses. Adept at locking out his arms and sustaining. Can resink his hips after initial contact and has little trouble anchoring.

"Massive wide-body OG. One of the better run blockers in college football today. Fires off the ball with very good initial pop. Does a nice job with his first step and almost always is in solid initial positioning. Play a bit high at times but is “country strong.” Has strong hands and upper body to steer defenders once locked on / keeps his legs driving while engaged. Works hard to get out on pulls and second-level blocks. Not a great athlete but takes good angles, generally stays under control and does a better than average job of hitting moving targets.

Above average overall awareness. Keeps his head on a swivel in pass pro. Knows his assignments. Works inside-out when uncovered with good discipline. Gives his OC and OT a lot of help in pass pro. Good at handing off defenders before peeling off to his next assignment. Good natural instincts dealing with delayed action (blitzes, stunts, twists, etc). "

Road grader with an attitude. Type of player that grows on you the more you study tape of him. Not a hothead but definitely plays with a mean streak. Stays with his blocks and does a great job of finishing. Is tough and physical. Won't lose many phone booth battles.

Kevin Zeitler 6037 325 Wisconsin (Arm: 32¾)
Combine: 5.39 Fort | 32 Reps | 29.0 VJ | 101.0" BJ | 4.61 20Sh |

Pro Day - His position drills were very good, but he still is probably a middle of the second round type pick.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "I love Zeitler. I think he's a first-round can't-miss guy. He is a guard only. He is big and tough. I would not take him in the first but someone will take him there.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Low upside but also low risk. Has the temperament and physical skills  to be a serviceable starter; particularly in  a zone scheme.

From - All of his linemates have been considered professional run blockers with the size to match, and he is no different. Well coached and technical in his pass-set. He has second- or third-round value..

Has very quick movement off the line and gets into his blocks quickly. Can blow a defender back and also drive his legs to sustain throughout run plays. Stands out in his work at the second level, where he can bend his knees and engage linebackers. He can quickly pull from his spot off the line. \

A  big man with heavy legs who at times labors to get moving when he needs to get out of his set and pull. Body control can be inconsistent at times, (he will occasionally whiff on linebackers). Slower than desirable and is better off working in a phone booth.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Initial quickness is just average /can get beat off the snap when footwork isn't sound. Quick hands in sets / can get into defenders pads and lock on. Can shuffle and mirror to stay in front of rushers once engaged. But can get caught lunging at times. Does not panic when getting knocked off balance initially and is able to recover and get back into position. Can sink and anchor to neutralize bull rush attempt.

Sound initial fit (What does that mean?) more times than not as a run blocker/ can wall off assignment. Quick and compact hands to lock on to defenders. Drives legs once in position and will drive defenders when staying low and generating leverage. But plays too high on occasion and lacks an elite inline power base to overcome this and get adequate movement when pad level raises up. Shuffles feet well on contact to stay engaged with blocks. Plays under control and takes good angles in space or climbing to the second level. Can adjust on the move to cover up targets in space.

Above-average instincts and football I.Q. More instinctive as run blocker than in pass pro at this point. Generally assignment-sound in the run game. Locates targets pre-snap and executes assignments. Good at identifying targets at the second and third level on the move. Keeps head on a swivel in pass pro. Can be step late getting into position when picking up pressure from the second and third level.

Plays with an edge and can deliver the big block when he catches defenders off guard. Must become more of a finisher. Does not back down from challenges but we’d like to see more of mean streak.

Joe Looney 6032 309 Wake Forest (Arm: 32¼)

Combine: Didn't Run. | 26 Reps. | Didn't participate in other drills |

Pro Day  - Looney couldn’t work out because of an ankle injury, but he did do 26 strength reps. He could still be a mid-round pick if he can get healthy enough to work out before the draft.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "He's smart, competitive and really tough. He can move and bend. He really heated up as a senior. He can play a couple of positions. He'll play a long time in the league."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   No write up

From - A strong interior lineman -  an athletic mover who blocks well in the run game and has great size. Has fourth-round value based on his production and ability to be inserted right away.

Quick off the ball to engage with D-linemen and get movement. Good technique in his sets and very polished using his hands. Can get upfield to hit linebackers and effective when pulling or sealing the edge. Reliable and durable - the go-to man to run behind throughout his career.

But he can struggle in his pass set at times. He has the feet to get there but will get aggressive and lose his balance on blockers. Must learn to sit in his base better and can be more effective here at the next level, but needs a good coach.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Has a wide frame and nimble feet. Gets into sets quickly and can slide and mirror to stay in front of rushers. Powerful initial punch and strong hands to latch on and control rushers once in position. Can sink hips and anchor against bull rush attempts. Only time he gets into trouble is when he lunges and eyes go to the ground making him susceptible to quicker rushers. (Flaws are all correctable with proper coaching).

Quick first step and above-average lateral agility to get into strong initial position in the run game.Strong inline power base /can get adequate movement on defenders when locked in phone booth. Ankles a bit stiff which can affect his balance. Excellent second level and in-space skills. Takes proper angles and is good at cutting off linebackers. Moves well in space and can adjust on the move to cover up targets.

Overall instincts are solid. More aware in pass pro than as a run blocker. Quickly recognizes and reacts to twist and stunts along the defensive line. Adept at locating pressure from the second and third level. Consistently identifies and locates targets at the second level when climbing or pulling down the LOS, but can be a step late adjusting on the fly to defensive line movement when run blocking.

Plays hard and takes pride in his craft. Will finish when given the opportunity. Has a mean streak but must show it more consistently.

Kelechi Osemele 6054 313 Iowa State (Arm: 33¼)
Combine: 5.36 Forty | 32 Reps | 26.5 VJ | 104.0" BJ | 4.87 20Sh |

Pro Day - Osemele did not run. He had a 27-inch vertical and 8-10 broad jump, and threw the bar up 36 times. He has 34-7/8-inch arms. I don’t think he can be a left tackle. His best position will probably be at right tackle. He is a strong, tough guy. His feet are adequate, not great; he performed well in the position workouts.

BRS (Gollin) - Lots of impressive takes on this guy, and I plan to take a closer look at him.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - (as a tackle) "The Iowa State kid has the most talent of all the tackles. You have to see if you can control him. I won't know until we sit down and put him through the ringer. He's 6-7 (Ed Note- 6-5½) 323 and young."

Pro Football  Draft Guide  There’s some risk but Osemele could be developed into a very good guard for a power-blocking team if he’s coached up properly.

From - His potential as a go-to run blocker for the next decade could find him selected as early as the first round. Will need strong coaching and guidance, but if he finds his way and becomes a consistent player, he stands to be a dominant lineman at the next level. He has great athletic ability and gets off the line very quickly. Understands blocking with angles and within a scheme/ has the natural upper strength to keep on his blocks once he gets to them. When using technique, he is one of the more powerful and dominant blockers in the country. Very rarely do defenders release themselves from his blocks, and if he can learn to get to the block sooner at the NFL level, he can be a stalwart for years to come.

An extremely strong, natural run blocker. Explosive off the line / can visibly jolt defenders back either with a strong arm -- extension or a ferocious uncoiling of his hips. Once engaged, he can ignite a powerful, high-kneed leg drive to keep defenders at bay. If he can learn to play with consistency and channel his explosiveness, he could be an overwhelming blocker who is dominant at the next level. His natural ability is apparent in his play.

However, he is somewhat of a raw player and can disappear for stretches. Highly effective once engaged, but has had trouble sticking onto blocks vs. more athletic players. Must take better angles to his blocks on the second level. Not a pure tackle and may have more value at guard. Somewhat of a risk to take in the front end of the draft, despite the physical abilities that will likely land him there.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Lined up at left tackle at Iowa State but hasn’t proved trustworthy as protector of the blindside. Average initial quickness /xplosive edge rushers can turn the corner against him. Average hand fighter / upper body technique needs work. But he moves well enough laterally and has enough balance to hold up at RT if needed. Can stay in front of defensive ends when they redirect or shoot inside. Best fit is at guard where he has the foot speed to hold up one-on-one. Waist bender, but is massive and plays with a wide base so rarely gives ground to bull rushers.

Upper and lower body strength jumps out on film. Engulfs and drives smaller defenders off the ball. Effective zone blocker when technique is sound but he’s inconsistent in this area. Ducks head and lunges too much. Takes adequate angles to downfield blocks and can flat-back linebackers with punch. Enough range to get around the corner and lead the way if asked to pull.

Better awareness in pass protection than as a run blocker. Keeps head on a swivel. Picks up line stunts and blitzes. Can get into position at second level and cut off backside as a run blocker but has some problems adjusting and locating assignment when the defensive front shifts at the snap. Doesn't always locate and pick up LB on combo blocks.

Doesn't play with the same sense of urgency on every snap and could be more aggressive in pass pro. Endurance also a concern. A mauler, but appears to wear down late in games; however, overall effort is above average. Blocks through the whistle as a run blocker. Can bury defender and then get in his face.

Senio Kelemete 6035 307 Washington (arm: 33½)

Combine: 5.52 Forty| 21 Reps | 25.0 VJ  101.0" BJ | 4.58 20Sh |

BRS (Gollin) - Available Players Above Him on Board When Drafted - 3 (J Brown OG, Iloka S & Carder LB). Solid pick that makes those of us concerned about the Cardinal offensive line a bit more hopeful. More of a lunchpail guy who plays with an edge but who will need a lot of coaching, but has potential blocking in space. Listed as an OT when drafted, but probably more suited to play inside.

 Pro Football  Draft Guide   At least a year away from contributing, but has a nice upside and could be a quality starting guard if coached properly.

From - Teams will debate whether to leave him outside or move him in to guard, and he could project better there since he is a bit short for the tackle position. Look for him to be taken in the fifth round to a team in need of line depth.

Athletic - especially for a lineman who could potentially be playing on the interior. Comes off the ball fast and consistently puts himself in good positions for blocks. Will stay with his blocks for the duration of running plays and is good at using his feet to maneuver himself in the right position when pulling and sealing. Working up to the second level, he gets in good position to get his big body in front of linebackers. Uses his hands well.

Kelemete still has technique issues with his pass -set when working from the tackle position. Tends to set his base a bit slowly and get off balance and beaten to the outside. ( another reason to move him inside)?

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Gets into sets quickly to establish strong initial position in pass pro, but does not bend extremely well. Anchor is just average / can be rocked back initially by effective power moves. Can sink and reset though. Strong punch and hands /can control rushers once he’s able to latch on. Can slide and mirror once he gets into position. But can lunge and is susceptible to effective double or push/pull moves.

Not a smooth athlete but has enough short-area quickness to establish position as a zone blocker. Inline power base is just average / does not get great movement at POA. Will have problems with more massive and powerful interior defenders at the NFL level. Transitions well to the second level to cover up LBs. Good at covering up targets down field when pulling around edge. "

More instinctive in the run game than in pass pro. Locates and identifies targets quickly in the run game. Stays patient vs. defensive line twists in pass pro. But can be a second late recognizing and reacting to pressure from the second and third line of defense.

Not a great athlete but scrappy and tough. Clearly works hard and gives good effort to sustain blocks. Plays with an edge, but not a consistent finisher yet.

Ryan Miller 6072 321 Colorado (Arm: 33)

Combine: 5.27 Forty. | 32 Reps | 28.0 VJ | 100.0" B | 4.78 20Sh |

Pro Football  Draft Guide   There’s a lot to like about his physical package but Miller is a tweener without a true position.

From - Given Miller's solid athletic ability and size, a move to the outside seems imminent. He would need to learn the position after spending the past two years inside, but he could transition well with his talent and versatility. Look for him to be selected early as a result of his size, athletic ability and versatility on the line -  he could go as early as the late first round, but most likely will settle in nicely in the second round.

Did everything well on the front line since he is able to come off the ball quickly and bend well despite his immense height. As a tackle, he sustained his blocks well and often finishes through the play.

Some will consider him a tweener and wonder if there is a hidden aspect that made him play inside despite prototypical tackle size. He is a bit of a slow mover and will take some time to develop if moved outside to tackle.

 ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Long framed / plays with a wide base. Strong upper body / can latch on and control defenders when he gets proper hands placement. Lacks elite balance and is vulnerable to effective push/pull moves. Some stiffness in lower body /struggles when having to quickly move laterally. Can play too high and get rocked back initially, but is able to sink and reset.

Quick enough to establish position as a run blocker/ massive frame allows him to swallow up smaller defenders. Strong upper / when he plays with proper pad level, he flashes good inline power and can get movement on defenders. But height might an issue/ doesn't always play with adequate pad level which can affect his POA skills. Limited athlete which puts a lid on his ability to play in space. Struggles adjusting to cover up targets downfield. "

Overall instincts are adequate but inconsistent. More awareness as a run blocker than in pass pro. Assignment sound in the run game. Good timing coming off of combo blocks and /identifies targets at the second level. Can be a second late recognizing pressure from the second level in his pass sets. Recognizes defensive line stunts but can be a quarter count late reacting.

Good toughness/ works to the whistle. Has an edge to his game and the strength to finish when given the opportunity.

Adam Gettis 6023 293 Iowa (Arm: 33)
Combine: 5.00 Forty | Did not lift | 31.5 VJ | 112.0" BJ | 4.65 20Sh | 

Pro Day -
Gettis did 20 strengths reps and looked good in position drills, but he needs to get stronger.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "Throw on the Penn State game and watch how he plays Devon Still. He's going to shoot up. Physically, he is still underdevelopped. He came in at 220 pounds and he played close to 280. He's still got another 10-15 to add but he's got starter potential."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   No write-up

From - Severely undersized, yet a smart and competitive blocker who stood out as the leader of the line and usually was run behind. It will be much more difficult for him to overcome his size deficiencies at the next level; if he can't put on at least 10 to 15 pounds of weight, he could struggle against the league's top interior defensive lineman.

Quick off the ball - uses his initial explosion as a tactic to overcome size deficiencies. Consistently gets into his man first when pass blocking and is a good overall blocker because of it. He wins with leverage, which is often the only way to gain an advantage on bigger foes. Very polished in his hand and footwork, and understands the importance of pad and helmet placement in gaining a blocking advantage. Quick feet allow him to be a very mobile and versatile blocker.

He is very undersized, and this will force many teams to do a cross-examination of his play. Aside from size, Gettis doesn't generate much of a push off the ball into his man and relies heavily on footwork to make effective blocks.

Rishaw Johnson 6033 313 Cal (PA) (Arm: 35¼)
Combine: 5.24 Forty | 22 Reps|  31.5 VJ | 108.0" BJ| 4.53 20Sh |

Pro Football  Draft Guide -  Not a high upside kind of guy but he has the physical skills to be developed as a starter in a run-heavy offense.

From - Small –school competitor  after a transfer from Ole Miss, and there are questions that arise from his departure there. Reliable backup option early as an athletic big body, and he has fourth-round value.

A good run blocker who sticks on his blocks and is quick to get into them off the line. Has a pop to jolt back defenders. Good foot quickness in pass pro and is a technically sound interior lineman. Some teams will not like his dismissal from Ole Miss… unreliable pass protector who has to work in close quarters to be productive.

Amini Silatolu 6035 311 (Arm: 32) Midwestern State

Combine: 5.43 Forty | 28 Reps | 31.5 VJ | 107.0" BJ | 4.87 20 Sh |

BRS (Gollin) – By no means ready for prime time but has the athleticism and temperament that coaches love when they set out to “build themselves a starting OG.” Could turn out to be an excellent mid-draft steal.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   A worthwhile developmental  prospect who, 3 years from now, could be a quality starter in a power scheme.

From - A large, athletic interior lineman who can smother his opponents and consistently sustain his blocks through the end of plays. Comes from a small school like Midwestern State facing little competition, so he will have a far greater adjustment period than for other linemen as he enters the pros. It is likely that a team will want to move him from his college position of tackle to inside, where his height will be more serviceable and he can use his athletic ability to get up field more often in the run game. His greatest attribute is his footwork - he is quick off the LOS  and an active puller who can get outside, move up field and locate his blocks to quickly engage. Lacks great leverage & explosiveness in his play but has many strong assets for an interior lineman, giving him early second-round value to a team with the patience to develop him into a starter.

A quick athlete for a man of his stature and gets off the line with a noticeable quickness. He is urgent in his play, and once engaged with a defender, can keep him covered up for an extended period of time. A leg-driver who doesn't get a lot of movement but keeps his man occupied. Extremely mobile and an active puller who can get outside, move up field and locate his blocks to quickly engage. Can slide well in pass pro  at tackle but will likely be a guard who can sit and stop rushers in their tracks in the pass game at the next level. A shield blocker who rarely lets a man behind him.

But he’s not an explosive blocker,s and his limited time at guard will likely slow his transition to the next level. Can be over-aggressive at times and whiff on blocks. Will have to play with more discipline at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - May not be long enough to stay at OT. Footwork is inconsistent but he’s an above average athlete with good initial quickness and balance. Ability to redirect a notch below elite. Ability to sink hips and absorb power rushers is above average. Upper body strength appears above average - can knock defenders off balance with punch.

Didn't have to play with sound technique to dominate Division II and has developed some bad habits. Inconsistent first step /overextends at times. But he has the physical tools and mean streak to become a very good run blocker. Quick and agile for size. Drives legs and generates adequate push when he stays low. Adequate angles to second level blocks. Above average body control and can adjust to moving targets. Smooth pivot and above average range when asked to pull.

Late picking up some blitzes in pass pro and as a run blocker/ struggles to adjust on the fly when defensive front shifts at the snap. But keeps head on a swivel and looks to help out in pass pro when no one comes to him. Plays under control and picks up line stunts. Above average at locating and getting to second level assignments when asked to pull. "

Mean streak /will finish one-on-one. Lowers shoulder and delivers blow when asked to kick out defensive ends. Will flat -back linebackers. Blocks through the whistle on most plays and doesn't back down but doesn't play every snap with the same level of tenacity.

Jeff Allen 6037 307 Illinois (Arm: 33½)
Combine: 5.28 Forty | 19 rep | 27.5 VJ | 102.0" BJ | 4.90 20Sh |

BRS (Gollin) - Needs work in weight room.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment (as a tackle) - "I was not expecting to see a player when I put on the Illinois tape, but #71 impressed me. He has sweet feet, plays hard, is smart and productive as hell."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   (as a tackle) A high upside developmental prospect who could be a starting LT in a finesse system if things break right.

From - He has size and has played on the right and left side, and for this he has good value as a backup at the next level. He has decent athletic ability and strength but understands how to not get beat, and his overall versatility and experience combine to make him a sixth- or seventh-round talent.

He’ll need to make it at the next level based on his versatility (he can play four of the five positions on the line - all but center). More of a grabber who waits for defenders to come to him in pass pro, but he uses his hands well to keep defenders at bay. Decent footwork in his pass-set and in space pulling. Good mirror/shield blocker who doesn't get upfield powerfully very often, but it's rare that you see his man get behind him.

Not a flashy blocker and is a bit of a slow mover at times. Doesn't necessarily excel at either the tackle or guard spots - a bit of a tweener. Could struggle with lack of athletic ability at the next level.

Luke Nix  6052 317 Pittsburgh (Arm:33½)
Combine: Did not lift | 4.90 20Sh.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment - "He plays on his toes too much. I love his get-off. He's agressive and has some explosiveness, but he is also tilting and tipping too much"

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Has the kind of attitude an o-line coach will love. He’s a fringe starter in a power running scheme.

From - A very strong player when run blocking and pass setting.  Technique-savvy, and it shows when he uses his hands to keep defenders at bay and employs a strong, powerful-pass set and solid anchor. A third-round value who might start early inside and be a reliable player for the team that selects him. Could eventually play outside. Versatility will boost his value.

Fast off the snap to get into a DT’s face, and displays the same speed when pulling around to get to linebackers. Keeps his feet moving when he engages and can drive defenders backwards. Can keep a steady balance and sustain on his blocks despite the wide base he falls back into when contact is initiated. Can handle strong defenders and is one of the strong anchor-type guards who can sit back and absorb a heavy rush without getting blown back.

While he does possess good footwork, Nix has a tough time breaking down in space to fit on athletic linebackers once he reaches the second level. Decent hands, but stronger players can beat him. Relies on a sturdy base and that could get him in trouble against more powerful players at the next level.

Desmond Wynn 6054 303 Rutgers (Arm: 34)
Combine: 5.05 Forty | 28 reps. 32.5 VJ. No BJ. No 20Sh |

Pro Day - Wynn stood on everything he did at the NFL Scouting Combine except for the short shuttle, which he completed in 4.46 seconds.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   No write up

From - Has a big body and the strength/footwork to match. A tough individual who fights until the end to sustain his blocks downfield. Has the base to hold his blocks and has been a go-to offensive lineman to run behind.. Had a strong second half of his senior season and a strong showing in the Pinstripe Bowl, where the team rushed for over 250 yards against UConn.

Can get his body in position and sustain on his blocks downfield. Has the strength to lock on and keep his legs driving to get noticeable movement. A consistent player who always shows up in the run game. His athletic ability can be exposed on the second level and in pass pro, but as a low-risk interior run blocker he is a good prospect.

Wynn struggles in pass pro, and his athletic ability can be exposed when he attempts to work to the second level and get on linebackers. He is a straight-line mover who hasn't shown the footwork to throttle down his body and fit on a linebacker or oncoming safety. Same challenge when he pulling - where trash gets in his way he can wind up on the ground often.

Levi Adcock 6-5   320   Oklahoma State

Pro Day - After not attending the combine, he ran 5.28 and 5.22 seconds in the 40. Adcock posted a 27 1/2-inch vertical jump, 9-foot broad jump, 4.84-second short shuttle and 7.84-second three-cone drill. He did not lift weights.

Pro Football  Draft Guide - A good enough athlete to be developed into a starter, but will likely be on the right side or at guard.
Mitchell Schwartz   6-5 315   California

Pro Day - Schwartz stood on all of his combine numbers.

Pro Football  Draft Guide - His future is at RT or inside in a zone blocking scheme. Has starter potential.
  Braeden Clayson     6-6    326    Idaho  State

Pro Day - Forty: 5.56 | Ten: 1.88  | Twenty:  3.10 |  BP: 25 |  VJ: 22½ |  BJ: 7-4 |  Sh Sh: 5.00 |  3C: 8.10  |

BRS (Gollin) - Size matters, but Pro Day scores are pretty much as bad as it gets straight across the board. He apparently struggled under the old coaching staff, but he thrived under new coaching in his final college year. Judging from the following interview, he sounds like a leader.

Walter Mitchell (posting on ASFN) All-Big Sky Honorable Mention. As the school website describes him, three year starter who "was a part of a line that allowed Kevin Yost and Rodrick Rumble set many school records

Chase Glorfield's Blog - Interview:

Q. What has been different since Coach Kramer was hired?
A. “The last three years that I’ve been here it’s been a constant uphill battle. I didn’t necessarily have a bad relationship with the old staff, but Coach Kramer and I meshed as soon as he came in. I went to his introductory press conference. I wanted him to know from day one that even though I was a senior and would be playing with him for no more than a season, I was going to do everything to try and make his job easier as far as taking the young kids under my wing and instilling in them what he expects out of us.”

Q. There seem to be a lot of players from Idaho on the offensive line. Why is that?
A. “I guess we got the size so he doesn’t have to look out of the state. The potatoes are putting the pounds on us.”

Q. What do you want to happen against Washington State on Saturday?
A. “I just want to play hard. I want to go out there and play as hard as I can. I know it sounds cliché, but I want to go out with a bang.”

Q. What have you notice about the Cougars? On film, is there any particular player that stands out that you will have to gameplan for?
A. “Obviously they’re a PAC-12 school so they’ve got a lot of athletes and depth. They have bigger guys as well so I don’t think they’re necessarily stronger, but they are probably bigger and they may be quicker. They look quick on film. Anytime you’re going to play against a bigger school you have to be super prepared because it’s an animal you don’t see every week.”

Q. How do you feel being the role model or mentor for the younger kids on the line? What’s it like?
A. “It’s good. I don’t really mind it because I hope they see what I’m doing. I don’t talk back to the coaches, I do what I’m supposed to do, I am where I’m supposed to be and I do what’s asked. In my time here the people who do that always succeed and have a better outcome. I saw that my freshman year and realized that’s the path to go. So hopefully that’s what they pick up from me.”

Q. What do you want to happen this season for the team? What are your goals?
A. “I just want to see the team grow. Everybody kind of meshed together and that’s one thing we haven’t really had since I’ve been here. We’ve always had an offense vs. defense kind of mentality and since Coach Kramer got here he’s done a really great job of forcing both sides to mesh. I think the overall cohesion of the team this year is huge and I think it will lead to more wins.”

Q. There has been a lot of community support this season. How does it feel to have so many people cheering for you?
A. “It’s been good. It’s been something we haven’t had in the past. I’ve been really excited. It’s something that a lot of the older guys on the team aren’t used to. It’s good for the freshman as well, to be exposed to that early. It’s been a good thing knowing the community’s behind us and having more support than we have in years past. Also it’s a good thing from the standpoint that our players know we have all that support.”

Question with Coach Kramer
Q. What about Braeden Clayson stands out? You said he was one of the best performers during camp, talk more about that.
A. “I’ve had a lot of offensive lineman in my career as a coach. At Eastern Washington I was the offensive line coach and I coached some really, really fine players there and of course at Montana State we had some guys, a lot of guys make all-conference there. Braeden Clayson is simply one of the most premiere offensive lineman I have coached. Whether that makes him good enough to be all-conference, I don’t know. But he’s played very well for us every single day, every single rep, all the time, which is exactly what you want your offensive line to be. I’m very proud to have him as a fourth year senior.”

Question with Kevin Yost
Q. What’s it like playing behind a big kid like Braeden?
A. “It’s fun playing with him. He brings a lot of energy, he’s strong, he’s tough and he’s a real solid leader. He’s good for the team.”

Idaho State Bengals Website -

2011 Played and started in nine games, six at right tackle and three at left guard ... missed two games due to a hand injury ... earned Honorable Mention All Big Sky accolades ... was part of an offensive line that allowed Kevin Yost and Rodrick Rumble to set many school offensive records.

2010 Played in all 11 games for the Bengals on the offensive line … one of the most consistent members of the Bengal offense, starting 10 games for the season … helped pave the way for the Bengals up front to rushed for over 600 yards and pass for over 1800 yards.

2009: Played and started all 11 games for ISU, starting seven at left tackles and four at left guard ... also was a fixture on the field goal and extra point units ... started seven of the first eight games at left tackle, the lone exception the Central Washington game where he started at left guard ... started the final three games at left guard.

2008: Played in 11 games for ISU, on the offensive line, as well as on the field goal and extra point units.

  James Dekle  6005    282   Prairie View0
Pro Day - Forty: 5.42  |  Ten: 1.96 |  Twenty:  3.12 |  BP: NA  |  VJ: 27½  |  BJ: 8-1  | Sh Sh: 5.05  | 3C: 8.05  |

BRS (Gollin) -
Limited info on him. Kind of short and a bit light for the position. The 5.42 is underwhelming. But sometimes guys like that make up for their physical shortcomings with a lunchpail mentality and a lot of grit.
NFL Draft Scout -

- ...has been selected Pre-season All-SWAC for the 2009 college football season - Prairie View A&M football
12/14/08 - ...has been selected All-SWAC Second Team for the 2008 college football season. - Prairie View A&M football
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