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2012 Draft

Trent Richardson 5092 228 Alabama
Combine: Forty: DNP | BP: DNP | VJ: DNP | BJ: DNP | 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP | 60Sh: DNP |

Pro Day -  Richardson ran the 40-yard dash in 4.48 and 4.47 seconds. He did 25 bench presses. He had a great position workout. Richardson caught the ball well and made a sensational one-handed catch. He reaffirmed what everyone already thought: he’s one heck of a football player.  (Brooks) - He's a special running back with outstanding feet and movement skills. He is explosive and powerful when changing directions. Richardson is just an average pass-catcher and needs to work on running routes, but he is a quick learner who would be an excellent every-down back. For a comparable pro player, look to Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew.

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 1.

Pro Football  Draft Guide
A bell cow back who can stay on the field for three downs. Nearly a  sure bet to be a star.

From - Did not participate in Combine
(No write-up)

ESPN (Scouts, Inc) - Runs under control but also with determination and competitiveness. Churns his legs and almost always falls forward at the end of run. Will lower his shoulder on perimeter runs.  Ball security OK but he could improve. Experience as Wildcat triggerman and a weapon on kick returns. Good decision maker, decisive with good vision, Has an explosive second-gear for a bigger back.

Patient runner with impressive natural instincts. Waits for blocks to develop. Does not run up the heels of his offensive linemen or get caught dancing around in the backfield.

Light on his feet / good stop-and-start skill for a bigger back. COD is adequate-to-good. Will stick his foot in the ground and accelerate off the cut. Has upper-echelon burst through the LOS and a second-gear to bounce to the outside once he hits the second level.

Outstanding power and balance.Runs with a wide base and excellent balance. Runs under control and behind his pads. Big, powerful runner who can deliver a blow and wear down a defense. Will drive legs after initial contact. Runs with his knees high and does not get tripped up very often.

Good awareness in the passing game for a young player. Productive pass catcher early in career. Reliable hands out of the backfield. Good burst upfield with the straight-line speed to run away from defensive backs. Experience splitting out wide and working in the slot but is still developing his route running skills. Knows his assignments in pass pro and is more than willing to mix it up. Has his head on a swivel. Aggressive picking up the blitz. Stays low as a blocker and also mixes in occasional effective cut blocks.

David Wilson 5095 206 Virginia Tech
Combine: Forty: 4.49 | 41.0 VJ | 132 BJ | 7.09 3C | 4.12 20Sh | 11.59 60SH |

Pro Day - Ran the 40-yard dash just once (4.40 seconds) and did not participate in the jumps or shuttles, standing by his numbers from the NFL Scouting Combine. Wilson had a very good position workout, showing quickness and explosion, but questions about his ability to catch the ball probably hurt his draft status.

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 2.

Pro Football  Draft Guide  At worst, he’s an explosive committee back. But if he can adjust to the physicality of the NFL and take more pride as a pass protector (both within his capabilities) he could become a 3-down star.

From - Electrifying runner who truly runs with his own style - it's obvious that he has love for the game. High risk-high reward player who loves to reverse field on the entire defense. A decorated track star who displays obvious explosion every time he touches the ball. \

Explosive and quick-twitched off the snap. Can accelerate to top speed quickly / neutralizes the negative effects of his small frame by lowering his pad level into hits. So explosive with so much leg drive that he can run over linebackers - but he prefers to use his agility to make guys miss. Just as electric working as a receiver out of the backfield or in the slot, and could be used in a variety of alignments early in his career.

 Relies heavily on his athletic ability and runs with a very unconventional style that could get him in trouble at the next level. Will allow his pad level to get high when changing directions downfield, and get caught off guard at the next level. Not content with a 2-to-3-yard gain and cross the field to try and make something out of nothing (another habit likely to backfire in the NFL). Must be more patient & let the plays and blocks come to him and play within a scheme, rather than try to make everything happen all the time.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Hates going down. If anything he can get into trouble when he gets greedy. But runs hard and finishes. Wants the ball and runs with a great deal of confidence. Runs like a 6-foot, 225-pounder. Ball security a concern.

Above average vision / learning how to set up blocks as an inside runner. Inside running patience improved in 2011, but he strings too many runs out wide and must learn when to cut his losses.

Lacks great initial burst, but has a definitive second gear and good top-end speed; but takes a bit longer to reach top speed. Lateral agility is good but not elite. Can make sharp cut in the backfield and accelerate off of plant foot. Can bounce inside run to the outside once he reaches the second level and can make a sharp cut in open field without losing any mph. He can win sprint vs. some smaller DBs.

Not overpowering, but he runs with good balance and generally with good pad level. Churns legs through contact.

Adequate hands. Can be a big weapon after the catch but does not pluck naturally on the run and is not a natural route runner. Gets into position as a blocker and generally will make solid initial contact, but must show more aggressiveness and fight. Frequently struggles to sustain and seems to put in just enough effort to get by.

Lamar Miller 5106 212 Miami (FL)
Combine: Forty: 4.40 | BP: DNP | VJ: 33.0 | BJ: DNP | 3C: DNP \ 20Sh: DNP | 60Sh: DNP |

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 3.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment: "Miller did not practice a lot. We wore a harness all year on his shoulder. He'd turn on contact. I don't question his toughness playing through the injury. He played hurt. He's not a power back, but he'll hit it  up in there hard."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   (Coming back from shoulder surgery). Still has upside left. Can play play on 3 downs and, if kept fresh, in a committee situation could be a premier big-play threat.

From - Had played sparingly in more of a scatback role prior to this year, but showed that he is a true starting tailback who possesses many traits of a first rounder. While there’s debate about the risk of investing an early round selection on backs with traditionally short shelf lives, Miller has put together enough solid tape to warrant a late first-round value .

Has track speed (& experience). Once in the open field, he is a threat to take it the distance – more than a straight-line, long-speed runner; has even more impressive quickness off the snap and in tight areas to stay clear and productive. Very smooth and impressive off the snap / gets to top speed quickly and can pick his spots at full speed. Hardly ever gets nailed in the backfield and usually gets positive yardage on each carry. A very efficient runner with a natural feel for maneuvering his way through the box.

There’s only one full season of tape on him, and he was rather ineffective as a runner prior to this year. Relies on speed and leg drive to gain yards. Won't be able to juke linebackers or bail himself out of bad spots at the next level. Runs like a power back at times, which – given his lack of heft - could be a liability at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Much more competitive runner prior to shoulder injury in September. Aggressive inside runner even though he's not a physical back. Not a great finisher.

Excellent at making penetrating defenders miss in the backfield and shows a natural feel for sidestepping. Shifty but does not get caught dancing much. Outstanding feel for cutback lane / knows when to make the second-level cut.

Elite lateral agility and acceleration. In same class as Chris Johnson. Few have his combination of quickness and speed. Squeezes through tiny creases. Stops and- Starts with almost no wasted motion. Accelerates off his cut and can string together double moves seamlessly.

Never been an overpowering back but ran noticeably harder prior to shoulder injury. Runs with decent balance but not with a wide base. Gets cut down too easily. Lacks power to consistently break tackles.

Adequate ball skills. Can pluck ball on run but not a natural and struggles to adjust at times. Can be a huge threat after the catch. Diver in pass pro. Loves to cut defender, but must learn to take on as a blocker. Must get stronger at POA in pass pro.

Chris Polk 5104 215 Washington
Combine: Forty: 4.57 | BP: DNP |VJ: 31.5 | BJ: 111 | 3C: 7.13 | 20Sh: 4.21 | 60Sh: DNP |

PFW Scout's Candid Comment: "Polk has really good feet in and out of the hole. He has pretty good speed. He has vision. He can jump cut. They have no offensive line. He is creating all his yards on his own."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Durability and lack of speed are concerns, but Polk has the tools to be a three-down back and should thrive in a zone scheme.

From - Rising quickly un the boards after really standing out as an impact running back and future NFL starter in his senior year. Rushed for nearly 1500 yards in his last year and displayed many highly sought-after traits for a pro running back.

Has ideal size to carry the load as a starter. Well put together and looks to be more of a compact, agile athlete than a power back. An all-around player who doesn't necessarily excel in one specific aspect of his game but does many things at a high level and is capable of playing within a variety of schemes. Qoff the ball and a natural runner between the tackles. Prefers to kick it outside to gain an edge but can be productive inside and is a heavy runner who is tough to bring down. Patient with smooth footwork that allows him to throttle down and wait for blockers and plays to develop.

Only displayed elite ability in his last year and was a slow developer up to that point. Decent in pass pro but can struggle with his technique at times. He has the anchor and thigh strength to leverage under bigger rushers, but he needs to work on squaring up defenders as a blocker instead of chipping them as they run by. Lacks elite speed in the open field and, although he is explosive in short area movements, he won't be able to accelerate past pursuing safeties who have an angle on him.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Runs with good determination. Keep legs churning upon contact and consistently finishes run falling forward to pick up hidden yardage. Picks up feet well through traffic and has an effective spin move. Can handle a heavy load and has good awareness to stay in bounds when closing out a game. Ball protection needs improvement especially through traffic.

Good vision / senses crease before it opens. Consistently makes effective cuts. Patient / knows how to set up his blocks. But sometimes will hesitate in the backfield though generally a decisive runner. Natural feel for cut back lanes. Solid second level runner.

Adequate burst to the hole but does not explode through it. Foot quickness below average. Takes too long to stop and start. Has an effective jump-cut but lateral agility is just adequate. Lacks a second gear.

Runs with good strength and balance, but tends to get a bit high when trying to make a cut or shift directions into the hole. Otherwise runs with adequate pad level and a wide base. Runs hard and will lower shoulder to deliver finishing blow. Also will bounce off of initial contact to pick up tough yards between tackles. Not an elite short-yardage runner but can sometimes push the pile.

Effective third down back for size. Good at getting quickly into routes. Soft hands. Can pluck on run. Can also be flexed out and looks natural as a route runner, even though he will struggle to separate from tight man coverage in the pros. Takes pride in pass pro - good strength and technique. Above-average awareness with blitz pick-up.

LeMichael James 5080 194 Oregon
Combine: Forty: 4.45 | BP: 15 |VJ: 35.0 | BJ: 123 | 3C: 6.88 | 20Sh: 4.12  | 60Sh: DNP |

Pro Day -The diminutive James posted 4.42 and 4.41 marks in the 40-yard dash, a 34-inch vertical jump and 16 strengths reps. He was extremely quick in position drills and caught the ball well, establishing himself as a second- or third-round pick.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment: "Is faster than you think. Watch all his long runs. He plays fast.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   A bigger risk than his production suggests. Will likely top out as a dangerous weapon in spot duty but would be a stretch to play full-time

From - Has been the most electric and productive player on a very impressive Oregon offense. An ideal fit for the unique Oregon zone blocking scheme / has displayed many traits that are transferable to the NFL. Teams could get hung up on his size and question whether he was “good on his own” or simply the beneficiary of Oregon’s spread-option offense,

Quick and decisive back who looks to be productive each time he touches the ball. Can get to full speed quickly off the snap and doesn't hesitate when hitting the LOS. Will make splash plays out of nothing /has the uncanny knack to turn broken plays into positive ones. Better between the tackles than his frame would suggest - uses a quick shuffle to avoid trash or zip thru an open lane. Once through the line, he can make things happen on his own downfield, and routinely had runs of 20-plus yards. A consummate threat to score, with the foot quickness and breakout speed to gain the edge and turn it up field.

Had fumbling issues throughout his career…but looks conscious of keeping the ball high and tight to his frame, and has very good all-around strength, but lacks the arm strength to secure the ball after big hits. A willing and technical blocker in pass pro but simply lacks the bulk or anchor to be successful there at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Runs hard for a pint-sized RB. Does not always finish runs but not afraid to lower shoulder along the sideline. Uses a quick spin move to absorb contact and pick up extra yardage. Tough but needs to be smarter about protecting his body. Can do a better job of protecting ball in traffic.

Comes from a fast-paced shotgun spread system and will need to adjust to pro-style running game. Overall vision is adequate but could improve. Natural feel for creases before they open, but sometimes will make one too many cuts and get caught dancing in the hole. Must learn the value of churning out tough yardage and not always looking for the home run. Thrives as a second level runner and is good at setting up blocks in the open field.

Lightening quick feet. Can hit vertical cuts without losing momentum. Exceptional stop-and-start agility. Can transition to top-gear instantly and is extremely dangerous once hitting the open field. Quicker than fast. Lacks a second-gear to outrun faster DBs in the open field. Gets caught from behind more often than expected. Sometimes appears to be running too fast for own good and has to throttle down to make lateral cut.

Good overall balance / fights hard for yards after contact, but he is extremely skinny in his lower half and goes down too easily. Lacks the size to run over defenders and won't break many tackles.

Quick enough to create adequate separation on underneath routes. Will make the tough catch over his head. Very good body control but will fight the ball on occasion. Dangerous on screens or when catching the ball with green grass in front of him. Lacks the size and strength to hold up as a pass blocker.

Bernard Pierce 6002 218 Temple
Combine: Forty: 4.49 | BP: 17  |VJ: 36.5 | BJ: 123 | 3C: 7.07 | 20Sh:  4.28 | 60Sh: DNP |

Pro Day — Pierce ran the 40-yard dash in 4.50 seconds going uphill and 4.34 seconds going downhill. He completed the short shuttle in 4.7 seconds and the three-cone in 7.53 seconds. Pierce had a good workout and should be selected around the fifth round of April’s draft.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment: "Pierce was real disappointing. He is not tough at all running between the tackles. He loves to bounce runs outside. He has an NFL body and looks the part, but he has to find his heart if he wants to play here. I don't know if he will. Someone will get enamored with him (though)."

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Probably will be restricted to a zone blocking scheme, He has the potential to be a quality early-down runner, but has a ways to go before he’s well-rounded enough to play on third down.

From - Athletic but had a tough time staying healthy at Temple. Good vision and can cut back across the field when jammed up. Not very powerful – better off working within a one-cut-&-go zone-blocking offense. Has mid-round value and could go as high as the third.

An upright, one-cut runner with a good feel for working between the tackles. Has a natural lean to cut up and avoid trash at the POA, and does a good job of bracing for contact to deliver blows. A natural mover in short areas who should be productive in the right scheme. Can elude in space and has a feel for getting to daylight.  Won’t be capable of many big-time plays due to average speed. Struggles to recognize blitzers and has a tough time with knee bend.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Runs with good determination and can churn out yards after contact. Protects lower half very well as a runner and is hard to bring down with an arm tackle. Will finish on occasion but we’d like to see it with more consistency and violence. Can do a better of securing the ball with both hands in traffic.

Vision slightly above-average. Good at setting up and utilizing blockers. Could be more patient to stay the course / sometimes bounces runs too quickly. And occasionally misses vertical cuts. Natural feel for cut back lanes inside. Room for improvement as a second level runner /will make too many lateral cuts instead of getting north-and-south.

Nimble feet and above-average lateral agility for size. Good body control as a runner. Shifty with a quick jump to go along with an effective spin move. While he runs with good tempo he lacks elite suddenness and may lose momentum when he attempts to make an instant cut. Top-end speed is adequate but lacks the extra home run gear.

Runs with a wide base and above-average balance. Seemss to have natural power in his lower half and can churn out hidden yardage after contact. Must run with more consistent pad level, but does a nice job of getting behind his pads when trying to squeeze out tough yards inside.

Often substituted-for during obvious passing situations. Good size and strength in pass pro but needs improvement in technique and lacks aggressiveness. Goes to the well too often with cut blocks. Adequate hands /can make the routine catches, but lacks elite ball skills and may struggle with throws outside his frame. Lacks great suddenness or polish to consistently create separation underneath.

Doug Martin 5092 223 Boise St.
Combine: Forty: 4.55 | BP: 28 | VJ: 36.0 | BJ: 120 | 3C: 6.79 | 20Sh: 4.16 | 60Sh: 11.29|

Pro Day - Martin’s NFL outlook is significantly brighter (than QB Moore), as he ranks among the draft’s top running backs. He kept all his combine marks, but he had a very good workout and was exceptional in catching drills.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   No superstar, but he’s a tough runner and versatile contributor who could end up providing 3-down value.

From - Had great production toward the end of his career (1299 yards and 16 TDs). Strong athlete with footwork  his most outstanding trait. Can make people miss in the open field and in tight spaces. Effective between the tackles / can burst through the lane to take it the distance. What stands out most about Martin is his decisiveness as a ball carrier - he often hits the hole hard. A natural with the ball in his hands and will bring value as a special teams player, (either as a returner or in the coverage game). Though ball security has been a past concern, he is an overall solid back and projects to the second round due to his versatility.

Highly productive back with a polished all-around game. Looks and plays like a starting NFL back. A reliable runner when closing out games. Careful with the ball and a very savvy runner between the tackles with the athletic ability to break it outside.  But a very traditional back who is not extremely explosive. Good in all facets, but some scouts will knock him for not being "outstanding" in any one particular area.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Would have an elite grade if not for ball security issues. Determined and aggressive down-hill runner. Hits the hole hard, does not shy away from contact and will lower shoulder to finish runs. Keeps feet churning upon contact and consistently falls forward for hidden yardage at the end of runs. Frequently runs with the ball dangling out wide.

North/south cut-back runner. Wastes very little time in the backfield and hits the hole quickly. Natural feel for cutback lanes. Can become impatient at times but has improved here. Adept at setting up and utilizing blocks. Above-average second level runner with good vision in the open field.

Very good initial quickness. Lacks the homerun hitting top-end speed of David Wilson but is quicker out of the gates. Can accelerate through vertical cuts without losing momentum. Can turn pads and get skinny through holes without sacrificing much speed. Good lateral agility. Can stop-and-start quickly. Skilled at setting up defenders with quick double moves.

Not a bulldozer but he runs behind his pads and with a wide base. Very good balance and low COG/ will bounce off of contact to pick up extra yards. Churns legs upon contact. Can break through most arm tackles and good at lowering shoulder to ward off tacklers trying to chop his legs.

Isiah Pead 5101 197 Cincinnati
Combine: Forty: 4.47 | | BP: DNP |VJ: 33.0  | BJ: 116 | 3C: 6.95 | 20Sh: 4.32 | 60Sh:  DNP |

Pro Football  Draft Guide Physically, he’s among the top five backs in this draft. But Pead will only be a change-of-pace/third down back until he starts doing the little things.

From - Explosive, electrifying running back who has produced in all areas. He can catch the ball out of the backfield, make a guy miss and turn upfield for a score, or make big plays running inside the tackles. Uses his vision and athletic ability to find a hole and once there has the long speed to take it the distance. A few question marks around his skill-set and he has shown the tendency to disappear at times. But his natural athletic ability and production should make him a top 3 RB with second-round value.

Pead has an initial step out of his stance that is comparable to some of the best backs currently in the league. Hits the hole explosively and gets to top speed quickly, Good vision once he gets through the hole, with the foot quickness and lateral agility to make the first defender miss. Also careful to stick his foot in the ground and get upfield to pick up yards. Can dance around defenders but prefers to cut once and go. Can get the edge on a defense and then turn on the jets. His burst, footwork and vision allow him to be a viable pass-catching option out of the backfield. Likely to catch a lot of passes at the next level.

But not a willing blocker / barely displaying the strength to stall rushers when he does step in. Limited experience catching passes out of the backfield. A bit undersized / hasn't been hit enough times in college to get a feel for what his durability will be like at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Spins out of would-be arm tackles and fights for yards after contact. Doesn't need to leave feet as often as does but is willing to expose frame to big hit in an effort to hurdle defenders and pick up more yards. Above average ball security throughout his career.

Has improved his ability at setting up his blocks but still needs work. Tends to string zone runs out too wide. Far more decisive on designed downhill runs. At his best heading North/South. Good vision in the open field. Adept at sensing lanes and setting up blocks when working in space as a runner, receiver and return man (resembling Leon Washington)..

Shifty / can make defenders miss by changing speeds quickly. Makes defenders miss in the hole. Shifts into another gear when he hits daylight. Top-end speed is good but not elite. Not adept at sticking his foot in the ground and accelerating off of the plant. Gears down a bit when making a vertical cut on zone runs. Can look like he's on roller-skates when attempting to turn the corner on outside runs.

Usually hits the hole hard as an inside runner. Able to slip out of would-be arm tackles and bounce off others. Better initial pop than most smaller backs, but is undersized and runs with a narrow base. Lacks the leg drive &lower body strength necessary to drive the pile in short-yardage/goal line situations.

Good ball skills for a back. Can make tough catch in traffic and snatch the ball without breaking stride. Routes could be crisper. Quick enough to separate from man coverage and produce after the catch. Gets up the field quickly after the catch. Has lined up in the slot. Liability in pass pro. Not big enough to anchor in pass pro and shows almost no toughness there. Cut block attempts can look feeble at times.

Vic Ballard 5102 219 Mississippi St.
Combine: Forty: 4.65 |  BP: 23 |VJ: 33.0  | BJ: 115 | 3C: 7.03 | 20Sh: 4.19 | 60Sh: DNP |

Pro Day — He ran 4.55- and 4.53-second 40-yard dashes and had a 6.99-second three-cone drill. Ballard looked very good in a blitz pick-up drill and caught the ball well. He has good quickness and really helped himself with this workout. He would probably be picked at the top of the second round if he were a lineman, but will probably be picked in the third round despite being a second-round talent. He’s a top-10 back overall.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Has a chance to stick as a #2 back and could be a borderline feature back on a team that utilizes a lot of inside zone runs.

From - Big back who is very effective running between the tackles and could be a reliable third-down option (i.e.  athletic in space and understands how to block in the pass game). Has late-round value to a running back-needy team.

Very instinctive runner - looks natural to sift through defenders who get into the backfield early/ shows a good burst breaking through the line. A good open field runner with some deceptive juke moves that he will put on bigger players. Carries the ball high /protects the ball inside. Valuable as a big body willing to block oncoming LB’s in pass pro, and is also a good check-down option in the pass game. A willing special teamer who likes to fly around and seeks contact.

Not a very quick-twitched athlete. Big but doesn't run with a ton of power (bigger linebackers often bring him down on first contact). Instinctive inside and when he has the ball in his hands in the flat, but lacks the speed to gain the edge on his own. Natural between the tackles, but a deer in headlights in the open field

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Generally runs hard but could be consistent as a finisher. Does not churn out the hidden yardage as expected. Must protect his body / leaves feet far too often in traffic. Ball protection in traffic is shaky.

Adequate vision - does a nice job of utilizing blocks. Gets vertical once he sees hole develop. Lacks elite instincts as a runner and can hesitate in the backfield at times.

Nimble feet and above-average lateral agility for size. Uses subtle movements and an effective jump-cut to make defenders miss in a confined area. Quick short area burst to get through hole quickly. But lacks the top-end speed to consistently out run defenders and hit a home run. "

Has  natural power due to size. Will bounce off of initial contact when running with proper pad level. But he runs with a narrow base which can affect his overall balance. Can push a pile but needs to do a better job of staying low.

Runs adequate routes with  above-average hands. Can open up and make tough catches outside of frame. Enough agility and speed to pick up yards when catching the ball with room to run. Underwhelming (too passive) in pass pro - technique is poor.

Tauren Poole 5100 205 Tennessee
Combine: Forty: 4.54|  BP: 24 |VJ: 34.0 | BJ: 118 | 3C: 7.36 | 20Sh: 4.19  | 60Sh:  DNP |

Pro Football  Draft Guide   A "take what's there" type of runner. Will be popular with coaches...Projects as a quality committee RB.

From - Hampered by turmoil and change at Tennessee. Despite this, he consistently demonstrated he could run between the tackles and block, with the overall savvy to compete and find a role in the NFL. Expect him to be taken in the late rounds for a team looking to take a mature player who can immediately step in and compete for a backup and special teams role.

A savvy and experienced runner who’ll take what he can get from a defense. Elusive for a bigger runner and knows how to pick his spots and burst through the hole. At the second level he can juke linebackers and run through them for positive yards. A reliable and consistent back who takes care of the ball.

But far from electric - always faced pressure from younger and more talented backs to take his job in college. Will need to show he can contribute on special teams to make a 53 man roster.

Cyrus Gray 5103 206 Texas A&M
Combine: Forty: 4.47|  BP: 21  |VJ: 32.5  | BJ: 114| 3C:  7.17| 20Sh: DNP  | 60Sh: DNP  |

Pro Day - Stood on everything from combine, except he ran a 4.33 short shuttle and 7.33 cone drill. He didn’t have the right shoes on for that drill, but he’ll be there March 28 and I expect he’ll run again. He caught the ball well in drills as an RB and showed good quickness. He’s probably a middle of the second day type of guy: lower third-round pick, top of the fourth.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Figures to be a reliable committee-back who can be an asset in the passing game. Not a lot of upside though.

From - A well-rounded back who can block, run and catch the ball out of the backfield. Great size and productive as a pass catcher throughout his career. Highly elusive in the open field and understands the nuances of short-intermediate running back routes in the passing game. Ideal for a screen-heavy team, due to reliable hands / has the patience to wait for plays to develop. Likes to bounce outside, (sometimes too quickly), but he is effective when doing so. Knocks on his inside game which will keep him from getting drafted as an every-down back but does bring value as an effective (though not very explosive) returner.

A big and athletic back who hits the hole hard and is elusive for a man of his size. One of those natural runners who understands when to weave and when to power-up. Has been highly productive / his style of running with leg-power makes him a reliable short-yardage option early in his career.

Not a burner (slow-footed at times). He usually picks his spots, but he can be hesitant in the backfield. Despite his size, he struggles as a pass protector at times. Takes him a few steps to reach full speed, and he won't be a threat to take it the distance at the next level.

Chris Rainey 5083 180 Florida
Combine: Forty: 4.45|  BP: 16  |VJ:  36.5 | BJ: 120 | 3C: 6.50 | 20Sh: 3.93  | 60Sh:  11.06 |

Pro Day — Rainey, a world-class sprinter, ran 4.41 and 4.35 in the 40, did a 4.10 shuttle drill, and worked out at WR, where he showed good pass-catching skills. Should be a third-round pick.

Pro Football  Draft Guide   Between character and medical concerns, he'd figure to be off most boards. But someone is sure to roll the dice on him as a potential game-breraker in return game and as a situational specialist,.

From - Like his teammate Jeff Demps, is a burner but, unlike Demps, his track-speed translates to the football field. While not nearly as big as Percy Harvin, Rainey has similar traits. He uses his supreme agility and foot quickness to make guys miss and make an electric play whenever he touches the ball. Could move up into the middle rounds if he continues to flash his athletic ability between the end of the season and the draft.

Quick to make a decision off the snap and hit the hole hard. Usually looks to get the edge (and almost always does). Very effective short-area mover who can ignite a two-step power move to beat a defender laterally and gain the edge. Explosion is obvious every time he sticks his toes in the ground. Always a threat to get the edge, make one quick inside move, and take it the distance. A straight-line runner but elusive and make defenders miss in the open field. A good route runner out of the backfield and  slot.

 But he is undersized and it shows when he tries to run inside or pass protect. Almost always looks to get outside and will go down on contact when running in the box. Not willing or able to block and will get overpowered at the next level. Strictly a work-in-space player who would have a hard time playing as a traditional running back.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Tough /runs hard. Runs like a bigger back and hits the line at full speed when asked to run inside. Asked to lead block for RB Jeff Demps & help out in pass protection at times. More than willing to mix it up with bigger defenders.

Will miss a few seams but not many. Can read blocks and flow of defense. Excellent fit for a zone heavy scheme. Lets blockers get into position and then can shift into another gear. Above average awareness in the open field.

Lighting quick /can turned the corner in a flash. Low COG /makes crisp cuts. Can press the line of line of scrimmage and bounce outside. Effective cutback runner. Makes defenders miss without wasting a lot of motion and momentum loss.

Marginal power. Won’t push the pile when doesn't get a seam or regularly drag defenders for extra yards but has picked up more yards than expected. Above average balance. Can run out of shoelace and arm tackles. Almost always falls forward due to burst and aggressive running style.

Smallish hands but tracks the ball well and looks it in. Has played receiver and can line up- in slot. Shifts gears quickly and can separate from most linebackers and safeties. Burst, second gear and ability to make defenders miss in space make him dangerous after the catch. Not big enough to anchor but willing to step up and cut the legs out from blitzing defenders when asked to help out in pass pro.

Jeff Demps Florida
Combine: Forty: DNP | BP: DNP |VJ:  DNP | BJ:  DNP| 3C: DNP | 20Sh: DNP  | 60Sh: DNP |

Pro Football Draft Guide  
No write-up

From - Did not participate in Combine (No write-up)
Javaris James RB (FA Colts)


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