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2012 Draft

Dwayne Allen 6031 255 Clemson
Combine: 4.89 Forty| 27 Reps| 32.0 VJ| 110.0" BJ| 7.12 3C| 4.37 20Sh| 12.07 60Sh|

Pro Day -  Allen, who ran a 4.89-second 40-yard dash at the combine, chose not to run Friday, according to Mayock. Allen did nothing to hurt himself during the workout and still carries a second-round grade, per Mayock. “He gets up the field, catches the ball and runs good routes, and that’s what he did (Friday),” Mayock said. “He’s fluid, he’s not an in-line heavy blocker, which probably keeps him out of the first round.”

PFW Scout's Candid Comment -"A solid #2 for us. I can't see him getting in the 1st round, but the way this league is, it wouldn't surprise me. He's a really good receiver, but he's not a blocker. His toughness is an issue. He's getting a lot of publicity as the best tight end in the country, but that's all it is."

Pro Football Draft Guide   Should become a reliable starter, an above average blocker and receiver.

From - Declared early.  Great size for the position and even better speed. A polished and accomplished route runner who understands how to play the position and will be an immediate threat at the next level. A more classic, line-attached TE  who can work upfield out of a three point stance without having to rely on aligning in the slot. Rare combination of size, speed, athleticism, and overall understanding of the intricacies of the position.

An  extremely flexible mover who works in and out of a two-point stance with ease. Has the strength and body control to avoid jams at the LOS and will fight through and stack back on top of his defender to get into his route. Can drop his weight in and out of breaks and is a very smooth runner for size. Quick to turn his head and locate the ball / uses his body well to shield off defenders downfield. An explosive athlete who can separate frorm LB’s and S’s alike. Natural short area receiver whocould be a go-to option early -on to move the chains.

But he’ll labor at times off the ball when blocking in the run game and has a bit of an unorthodox blocking stance. Simply not the caliber of blocker that he is a receiver, but still above average there. It's difficult to find many weaknesses in his game based on the junior year he put together.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Zone buster who can settle into pockets. Footwork could be crisper on 90-degree breaks / doesn't always separate from underneath man-coverage. But he is a physical route runner who can box out defenders. Some savvy on downfield routes. Can tempo and set up breaks with change of speed on post and flag routes.

Will sometime let ball get to frame but has above average overall ball skills. Extends arms and snatches passes thrown above head. Big hands / can snag passes with one hand. Above average body control /can adjust to back shoulder passes. Will hold onto the ball after taking big hit. Tracks the deep ball well.

Can flex out and reach top-end speed quickly when not slowed down at the LOS. Fast enough to work the seam and exploit downfield pockets vs. zone. Won’t make many defenders miss but is fast enough to rip of chunk of yards when he gets room to work after the catch.

Drives legs and drags defenders for after catch. Unafraid to work the middle of the field. Willing and spirited blocker. Could have more of a mean streak though he did play with an edge at times.

A lot to like about his upside as a blocker, but is average at this point. Can seal the front side and cut off backside. Adequate awareness in blitz pick up though he could sink and anchor better. Sound hand placement /will fight to sustain in-line blocks but leans into defenders instead of rolling hips (so that he slipped off some blocks). Can cover up linebackers and takes adequate angles but can be step late locating second level assignment.

Coby Fleener 6060 247 Stanford
Combine: Didn't Run| 27 Reps| Did not participate in drills|

Pro Day -Fleener ran the 40-yard dash in 4.53 and 4.51 seconds. He registered a 37-inch vertical, a 9-foot-8 broad jump, a 4.30-second short shuttle and a 7.02-second three-cone. He worked out in the slot, as a wide receiver and as a tight end. He’ll probably be the first tight end selected in April’s draft, likely late in the first round (around pick 25 or so). He has to improve his blocking, but that will come with maturity and age.

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 2

PFW Scout's Candid Comment -"I really like Coby Fleener. I have not seen one better this year. The way the tight end position is going - if it falls right, he could fall right into the Todd Heap category. He's a second-round pick, but the first is not out of reach."

Pro Football Draft Guide   More receiver than TE, but he’s reliable and should secure at least a part time role.

From - The one senior tight end with the talent to start early at the next level. Uses his 6-6 frame well when running routes and separating from defenders. Has been the go-to target in the red zone . Understands route concepts and has the competitiveness and size to be an effective inline blocker. Some may question his true talent given his size and having Luck as his QB, but he’s an attractive prospect who could be taken towards the end of Round One.

Has steadily improved and turned into a technical, effective route runner who can separate at the top of routes. Obvious target who has a good feel for defenders around him. Will go up for the ball, especially in the red zone. A smooth athlete who looks natural running deep down the field.  Anticipate the throw,  find it in the air and rarely not come down with it.

He has struggled (but continues to improve) as a blocker on the LOS. Somewhat stale at the line and must get stronger to become a more complete player. Tends to get jammed at the line and can have trouble getting back into his route

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Above-average athleticism and top-end speed translates to very good separation skills. Good at avoiding contact and getting a clean release. Gets in and out of stem easily with good pop out of cuts. Nice feel for routes /sets up defenders well within stem. Can run away from LB's on intermediate crossing routes. Natural feel vs. zone coverage to find open areas /works back to QB. Enough versatility and athleticism to be flexed out.

Soft and natural hands. Catches ball away from frame. Has the body control to open up and make tough grab outside of frame. Can pluck on the run without breaking stride. Average leaper /lacks elite one-on-one jump ball capabilities.

Quick release and good initial pop allows him to get on top of the defense quickly. Good athleticism after the catch. Lacks great elusiveness but is shifty with enough top-end speed to capitalize if given a seam.

Effort and toughness not a question. Willing to work the middle of the field. Will secure the ball in traffic. Hustles to the whistle and will give second effort to give a downfield block. Could show more aggressiveness as an inline blocker and do a better job of sustaining blocks.

Blocking is an area of weakness. Must get stronger in the core and lacks great inline capabilities right now. Technique also needs work especially with hands. Good awareness and better technique in pass pro.

Orson Charles 6024 251 Georgia
Combine: Didn't run| 35 Reps| Did not participate in drills|

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 3.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment -"Charles positions and sustains and makes some really nice blocks wheeling his feet around. He plays with some violence and is very put together."

Pro Football Draft Guide   Will be limited to H-Back but Charles is arguably the most explosive pass-catchers among this year’s TE’s.

From -  A  big, athletic and flexible “mismatch” TE. Has decent size for the position and runs pretty well. Started 95 percent of his games the last two years. Ready right now to step in and block on the line  and  a very reliable short-yardage pass-catcher. If he can put on a little bit more size, he could be drafted as early as the third round.

An athletic mover, especially off the LOS. Has enough power to fight off hand jabs at the line of scrimmage and very savvy at getting back into the path of his route quickly.Uses his body well underneath to shield himself from defenders when working zones and is a very reliable hands-catcher well suited to a role as a go-to option on third downs at the next level. Still developing as a blocker but has all the physical traits (including strength) to be successful at the next level. Stood out as a very competitive player likely to work hard to hone his skills.

A straight-line route runner who could have issues separating from defenders at the next level. Looks unaware in-phase and is far from the point where he can set up defenders to lean on them or get them off balanced. A flat-footed runner with trouble sticking his foot in the ground or bending to break quickly in his routes.Decent wiggle and speed after the catch not much of a threat deep. His MO of beating defenders in college, through size and power, will be much more difficult at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Athletic ability and frame make him a nightmare matchup when he lines up in the slot. Uses hands and quick feet to quickly get off the line. Could make crisper 90-degree cuts at top of stem and tends to drift downfield on crossing routes but shows some craftiness as a route runner. Uses tempo and upper body to get defenders off balance and set up breaks. Quick enough to separate from most linebackers. Locates downfield seams in zone looks but could do a better job of adjusting route and settling into windows on intermediate routes. Missed blitz pickup early in the 2011 Boise State game. .

Snatches ball with hands away from frame. Can catch pass thrown above head. Fluid gathering the ball in stride but can take eye off it resulting in a drop.

Fast enough to get behind most linebackers vs. man coverage and can work the deep middle vs. zone looks. Not as dangerous as Aaron Hernandez. Makes first defender miss and has above average top-end speed.

Unafraid to work middle. Tough runner who’ll fight for yards after contact. Not a mauler but flashes a mean streak. Unafraid to mix it up with bigger defenders

Above average hand placement and upper body strength but there are concerns about whether he can hold up as in-line blocker. Narrow hips, played high / lower body strength appears below average. Doesn’t drive-block defenders. Ducks head and lunges at times. Struggles to sustain in pass pro. Sloppy footwork / problems sealing the backside. Athletic enough to adjust to moving targets at second level but not aggressive enough in space / defenders have had some success slipping him.

Michael Egnew 6051 252 Missouri
Combine: 4.62 Forty| 21 Reps| 36.0 VJ| 131.0" BJ| 7.03 3C| 4.32 20Sh| 12.07 60Sh|

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 5.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment -"His QB is bad. He can't get the ball downfield. The TE is not great by any means, but he's better than Martin Rucker. He's not an athlete athlete. His body is really underdeveloped. He can get in the seam, but I don't see him separate vertically. He has good hands but he's not an elite receiver."

Pro Football Draft Guide   He could add some weight and try to become a more traditional TE, but Egnew fits best as a playmaking flex tight end.

From - Mismatch possibility (athletic, tall and somewhat underweight who creates mismatches up and down the field). A converted receiver, but has struggled with traditional tight end duties as a blocker. Combine results, if good, could cause him to climb the boards as a high-value mismatch-creator.

Knows how to run in-phase and use his athletic ability to separate. Can separate from linebackers and play more physically than most safeties. Adept at catching the ball and has a large catch radius. A threat after the catch and a big overall target. But he has struggled blocking defensive linemen and it’s tough for him to get a free release off the line when attached to a tackle. Much better working off the ball. Can be physically outplayed by some bigger linebackers. Could have trouble playing on the LOS at the next level.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Above-average athlete and smooth strider. Lacks the elite explosiveness of a or Gonzales, but easily gets in-and-out of stem to create separation. Natural feel vs. zone coverage and can locate and settle into soft spots. Limited experience with routes from traditional TE alignment / may need work on getting clean release.

Natural hands and bigger frame provides QB with a favorable target. Catches the ball away from frame and plucks the ball naturally on the run. Good at using frame in tight coverage.. Above-average body control / can pull in tough catch outside of strike zone.

Has the top-end speed to stretch the middle of the field and pose a threat down the deep seams. Above-average athlete who can create yards after the catch. Athleticism and size makes him a matchup problem in the red zone.

Fearless working the middle. Will secure the ball in traffic. Not much of a blocker but works to sustain blocks downfield. Tough runner who fights for yards after the catch.

Limited experience as an inline blocker. Will need to add bulk and strength to frame to ever become consistent in this area. Good body control to cover up targets downfield when flexed out.

LaDarius Green 6056 238 LA - Lafayette
Combine: 4.53 Forty.|16 Reps| 34.5 VJ| 124.0" BJ| 7.12 3C.| 4.47 20Sh| 12.08 60Sh|

Pro Day - Green looked very smooth and fluid in position drills, and he caught every ball thrown to him. He recorded a 35.5-inch vertical leap, 10-6 broad jump, and 17 reps in the bench press. He has a chance to be selected at the end of the third round.

Mayock Pre-Senior Bowl Position Rank: 4.

PFW Scout's Candid Comment -"Someone will take a chance on Green. He's not very good."

Pro Football Draft Guide   He’s not guaranteed to be a full-time player but Green will at least be an effective situational weapon.

From - A late riser who could continue to move up…comes from a smaller conference. A very productive pass-catching tight end with the type of athleticism that makes him a mismatch at the next level and the type of player a team could fall in love with and take with a risk-pick earlier in the draft. Has displayed sixth-round talent up to this point and is a developmental project at the position.

A big tight end who understands how to get open and use his frame as a receiving option  in the short passing game. Good foot quickness / uses this and his frame to work against zone and box out smaller defenders to convert first-downs. Body control allows him to leap, torque, and reach both high and low for poorly thrown balls, making him a solid red zone option.

Raw and a project at the position. Can struggle getting off the LOS/ can give away his routes quickly. Lots  of negative aspects to his game currently but they can be mitigated through time and coaching.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Undersized even for an H-back and will need to be flexed out wide for the most part. Quicker and more dangerous after the catch than most TE prospects, but may never develop into a solid in-line blocker in the NFL.  Lacks explosive initial burst off the line. Must get stronger and improve his array of moves vs. press. Must be more precise with routes. Lacks ideal suddenness in and out of breaks. But he's a fluid, smooth athlete with massive frame to naturally separate. Shows some craftiness when setting up defenders with double moves. Physical route runner. Uses his frame to shield defender from the ball. "

Long with a huge catching radius. Confident pass catcher with strong hands. Attacks the ball away from his frame. Can pluck on the run. Above average body control.

More capable with the ball in his hands than most TEs in this class. Does not explode off the line but can chew up real estate quickly and stretch the seam. Lacks elite top end speed but fast enough to establish positioning on seam routes. Has the length to win more than his share of jump balls. Stops and starts quickly. Can make the first defender miss. Surprisingly good vision to set up blocks and make open-field cuts.

Good effort in all aspects of the game. But by no means does he play with a mean streak. Doesn't shy away from contact and gives a decent effort as a blocker. Unafraid to work the middle and has proven capable of securing the ball while taking a big hit. Could be more physical and aggressive after the catch (could have been favoring shoulder injury).

Good effort to get in position as a blocker. At best a decent position and wall-off space blocker. Typically gets in solid position as a space blocker and has long arms to reach. Can overwhelming  DBs at POA but lacks bulk, shows marginal lower body strength and really struggles to sustain vs. LBs and DEs. Dips his head and lets pads get too high on contact. Gets in position in pass pro and typically makes good initial contact but has a narrow base, plays too high and really struggles to anchor.

Deangelo Peterson 6030 243 LSU

Combine: 4.76 Forty| Didn't Lift| 36.0 VJ| 121.0" BJ| 7.19 3C| Didn't run shuttles|

Pro Day - Peterson only ran a 4.58 short shuttle, deciding to keep all his other combine numbers. He caught the ball well and looked fluid in the positional workouts.

Pro Football Draft Guide   A developmental prospect with intriguing athleticism, but he’s far away from being ready to make an impact. A longshot to be a situational receiving threat.

From - Undersized tweener, used in both wide receiver looks and at tight end.Definitely won't be a blocking bruiser working off the LOS, but more of a mismatch candidate who will need to work out of the slot to get looks against slower linebackers or smaller safeties in the NFL. A good athlete, but lacks the consistency to warrant a top pick. But he does match current vogue as a mismatch TE has late-round talent with middle round potential.

Relies heavily upon his speed and length to beat LB’s and make catches over safeties – a mismatch-driven player who doesn't make a lot happen on his own when working against fast linebackers, but he runs decent routes and is deceptively shifty with the ball after the catch.

Doesn't make many plays happen for himself. He has to rely on mismatches and schemes drawn up by coaches to be put in a position to make plays. Can't block at all at the LOS. A slightly better blocker working up field on linebackers, but really struggles with the physical aspect of his play and can get beat up on the LOS by bigger linebackers before he ever gets into his route.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - An H-Back that's primarily used as a situational receiver. Moved from WR to TE. Narrow frame, but can stick butt out and box out linebackers/safeties when working middle. Size can give defensive backs problems when flexed out. Struggles to sink hips and explode at top of stem. Will slip and stumble out of break. Can get muscled out of routes.

Lets ball get to frame but has above average overall ball skills. Tracks the ball well and can make over the shoulder catches. Good body control. Can open hips and adjust to passes thrown behind him. Long arms. Can reach out with one hand and tip ball to himself.

Initial burst is just average but is long strider with enough speed to get behind most linebackers and work the seam vs. zone looks. Doesn’t appear as dangerous with ball in hands on shovels and reverses. Won’t make many defenders miss /lacks breakaway speed after the catch.

No hesitation going over the middle Runs hard and will fight for yards after contact. Doesn't shy away from contact but is not aggressive or physical enough as a blocker.

Strong punch as a blocker/can knock linebackers off balance but could take better angles when attacking second level. Sloppy footwork /gets beat to the inside when asked to cut off the back inside. Gets rag-dolled at times. Narrow base, plays too high and seems to have lower body strength.

David Paulson 6032 246 Oregon

Combine: 4.93 Forty| 21 Reps| 32.0 VJ| 110.0" BJ| 7.18 3C| 4.40 20Sh| 11.90 60Sh.

Pro day - Paulson was good in his position workout, but he didn’t elevate his draft position. He had 4.70 and 4.69 40-yard dashes, a 33-inch vertical jump, 9-5 broad jump, 4.32 short shuttle and 6.98 three-cone drill.

BRS (Gollin) - I disagree with the Pro Day analysis - improving his forty time from 4.93 to 4.69 is a big deal for a pass catching TE - especially in a week class.

Pro Football Draft Guide   Has just enough skill as a receiver to earn a part time role as an H-Back or fullback

From - Reliable pass-catching tight end who struggles to get open, but played well within the Ducks' scheme. A consistent durable starter who kept the chains moving.Can make the spectacular catch and has sixth-round talent.

Athletic, although he doesn't look the part. Quick out of his stance and into his route /understands to how to play to his strengths. Speed isn't his forte, but he knows how to lean on linebackers or throw a last-second jab at them to create space. Decent wall-off blocker. A heady player who doesn't try to do too much and usually will make the tough catch when asked to.

He’ll find it difficult to get open at the next level going up against more athletic linebackers. A slow mover who struggles to change direction quickly (which in turn may allow linebackers and safeties to recover or undercut his routes).

 ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Good athleticism as a route runner, but needs polish. Good initial pop off the LOS  and can get on top of defenders quickly. But takes some time to throttle down on lateral in and out cuts. At this best running vertical seams and deep crosses where he can run away from defenders. Good feel for soft spots vs. zone coverage. "

Natural hands / catches ball away from body. Has the body control to open up and secure catch outside the strike zone. Must be more aggressive attacking the ball must do a better job of using his frame to shield defenders from the ball.

Gets out of the blocks quickly and can stretch the middle of the field. Not very elusive as a runner but shifty and fast enough to pick up yards after the catch if provided with a seam.

Must get stronger and play with more aggressiveness. Does he have the mentality to do the dirty work that an every -down TE requires? Limited experience lining up at the traditional TE alignment /may need work on his release. Works to sustain blocks down field.

More of a positional blocker. Quick enough to establish position but lacks inline power to get movement on defenders. Can get knocked back into the backfield by more powerful defenders. Takes solid angles to the second level.

George Bryan   6-5 265    NC State

Combine: Did not participate.

BRS (Gollin) – Is he eligible? ESPN write-up suggests he’s, by far, the top-rated #2 in-line) TE in this draft class, but he didn't participate in the Combine (Could be a matter of ESPN jumping the gun on his coming out). Reminds me of a gazillion lunch-pail TE’s who have lasted ten years in the NFL.

Pro Football Draft Guide   Has the potential to be one of the better blocking specialists in the NFL. But his lack of pass-catching skills will prevent him from being more than that.  The size/speed combo could get him drafted late.  Bryant could be developed into a situational  player capable of creating mismatches as a move-TE.

From - No write up.

ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Slowish, but savvy. Nice first step / Smarty getting off the LOS. Runs precise routes. Good feel for finding soft spots in zone. Will settle in and stick with his QB on broken plays. Physical route runner. Uses his hands and body to create separation on underneath routes. Can be effective as a route runner within 10-12 yards but struggles to separate beyond that point. Heavy footed. Lacks ideal balance and body control. Below average natural athleticism for the position. Takes too long getting in and out of breaks. Can be mechanical in some of his cuts with a lot of wasted movement when running down-field routes.

Gets his head turned around very quickly after making his breaks. Picks up the football in a hurry and is extremely reliable as a short-to-intermediate pass catcher. Has the focus and concentration to make tough catches in traffic. Will take big shots and hold onto the football. Can pluck the ball while on the run. Secures the ball after the catch. Only ball skill issue we've seen is when he's forced to adjust to balls thrown behind him. He struggles to halt momentum and redirect in time.

Plays a little bit faster than his 40-time but still lacks the top-end speed to stretch the seam in the NFL. Tough runner after the catch and can break some tackles, but unable to make first defender miss with any consistency and lacks the speed to exploit a crease.

Gets the most out of his physical tools. Plays the game with a good motor and is an aggressive competitor. Tough to bring down after the catch. Great effort as a blocker. Special teams experience/ willing to pay the toll to contribute in the NFL.

One of the better blocking TEs in the 2012 class (compares favorably to Lee Smith). Good first step / consistently establishes sound positioning. Good initial pop / fights to sustain. Sometimes will fall off of blocks and must work on hand placement/upper-body strength. Takes very good angles as a second-level blocker and is adept at hitting a moving target. Stays under control in space and consistently finds a way to lock on to the LB or DS. Good awareness in pass pro. Anticipates blitzes and stunts. Good leverage in his set and is strong enough to anchor vs. bull rushers. Also keeps his feet moving and does a nice job of limiting athletic edge rushers.

Xiandre (Beau) Reliford 6050 256 Florida State

Combine: Did not take part in drills.

Pro Day - Did not work out because of a sports hernia.

Pro Football Draft Guide   A developmental prospect who has the kind of hard-working attitude that should earn him a long look in camp. He’s a potential future blocking specialist.

From - A big tight end with serious size for the next level. But he doesn't use this size to his advantage Has a lot of work to do as a blocker at the LOS. Can play soft at times and only a receiving option in college.  Has sixth-round value (based on his size and athletic ability) but a team will need to tap into his nasty side for him to reach his potential.

A good pass-catching tight end -  huge target with the frame to box out and make the tough catch underneath along with the hands to reel in poor throws. Quick off the line at times with athletic ability for his size. Looks natural when running routes and is a very smooth, controlled runner.

But he’s a soft blocker who can get thrown off the line by physical ends. Effort issues when he is asked to run deep routes or be physical across the middle. Lacks great speed and is really just more of an intermediate route runner

 ESPN (Scouts, Inc.) - Nice combination of size, athleticism and top-end speed but extremely raw. Will round off breaks instead of making crisp cuts. Must do a better job of avoiding contact with release and in routes. But he is a smooth athlete with good pop out of breaks to create separation. Has a natural feel for soft spot in zone.

Has big mitts that swallow the ball. But sometimes will allow ball to get into frame Has a wide catching radius and appears natural catching the ball above-shoulders. Can open up and make catch outside of frame. Also can elevate and make tough catch up high. "

An easy mover with the burst to stretch the middle of the field vertically. Can exploit the deep seams and deep flag routes. Lacks elusiveness but is shifty enough to make first defender miss.

Tough enough to work the middle of the field. Will make tough catch in traffic while absorbing a bit hit. But must be more prideful and aggressive as a blocker. Inconsistent effort - can fall off blocks too easily. Will struggle to read coverages on the run making him indecisive as a route-runner.

Blessed with a favorable frame and good thickness to give him a strong inline power base. Good strength in his upper body / can get movement on blockers when he tries. But too often content to wall off defenders. Needs a lot of work on initial blocking angles (he whiffed on several times on film). Lots of potential in this area if he gets with the right coach.

Taylor Thompson     6-6 259      SMU

Pro Day - An interesting case: He’s been a defensive end at SMU and a receiver in high school. He ran 4.59 and 4.56 in the 40, had a 37-inch vertical leap, a 10-6 long jump, 4.41 in the short shuttle, 7.40 in the three-cone, and 22 strength reps. Thompson had an outstanding workout. He caught the ball really well, moves really well, and probably went from an undrafted free agent to a bottom-third-, top-fourth-round type of guy. He’s just a really good athlete who projects in Brandt's top 100.



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