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2012 Draft
Gollin Mock Draft #1
As of 4/4/12

Pick Team Off/Needs Def/Needs Buzz Player
1 Indianapolis V/MP- WR, OL, TE 4-3/HZ - CB, SS, DL   Luck QB
2 Washington fr StL W/SZ - WR, OL 3-4/RPM - CB, SS, DL   Griffin III QB
3 Minnesota W/MP - OT, WR, OG 4-3/PZ - CB, LB, S   Kalil OT
4 Cleveland 1 W/SZ - QB, WR,RB 4-3/FFlM - DE, CB, S Trade Down? Clairborne CB
5 Tampa Bay V/SZ - RB, WR, OL 4-3/FFlZ - CB, SS, OLB Blount fumbles Richardson RB
6 Rams fr Washington V/MP - WR, OT, OG 4-3/AM - DT, CB, OLB Trade up or down? Blackmon WR
7 Jacksonville V/MP - WR, C, OT 4-3/FFlM - DE, CB, DT   Floyd WR
8 Miami V/MP - QB, OT, WR 3-4/HPM -FS, LB, CB   Tannehill QB
9 Carolina V/SZ - WR, OT, OG 4-3/RZ - DT, OLB, CB   Coples DE
10 Buffalo V/SZ - OT, WR, QB 4-4/FFlZ - OLB, CB   Reiff OT
11 Kansas City V/SZ - OT, RB, QB 3-4/RPZ - NT, ILB, CB   Poe NT
12 Seattle V/SZ - QB, RB, OL 4-3/FFlPZ - LB, DE, DT   Keuchly ILB
13 Cardinals V/MP - LT, RT, WR 3-4/PhM - DE, OLB, S Not signing Bell tilts to DeCastro over Ingram DeCastro OG
14 Dallas V/MP - QB, OL, TE 3-4/AM - CB, LOB, S   Glenn OL
15 Philadelphia V/SZ - QB, RB, WR 4-3/AZ - LB, S, DL   Barron S
16 Jets V/MP - OT, QB, TE 3-4/APM - OLB, S, ILB   Ingram DE/LB
17 Cincinnati 1 fr Oakl W/MP - RB, WR, OG 4-3/HM - CB, S, LB Ahead of Kirkpatrick Gilmore CB
18 San Diego V/MP - OT, WR, OG 3-4/APZ - OLB, DE, SS   Upshaw DE/LB
19 Chicago V/SZ - WR, OL, TE 4-3/PZ - DL, CB, S   Kirkpatrick CB
20 Tennessee V/SZ - OG, C, WR 4-3 FFlZ - DE, S, DT   Cox DL
21 Cincinnati 2 W/MP - RB, WR, OG 4-3/HM - CB, S, LB   Hill WR
22 Cleveland 2 fr Atlanta W/SZ - QB, WR,RB 4-3/FFlM - DE, CB, S   K Wright WR
23 Detroit V/MP - OT, RB, OG 4-3/PPZ - CB, S, DE   D Jenkins CB
24 Pittsburgh V/MP - OT, OG, RB 3-4/APZ - NT, DE, CB   Brockers DT
25 Denver V/MP - RB, QB, OL 4-3/AM - CB, DT, SS   Still DT
26 Houston W/SZ - WR, OG, OT 3-4/APZ - CB, ILB, DE   Hightower ILB
27 New England 1 fr NO W/SZ - WR, C, OT 4-3/PPZ - FS, CB, DE   Randle WR
28 Green Bay W/SZ - C, QB, TE 3-4/APM - OLB, CB, S   Konz C
29 Baltimore V/SZ - OT, WR, RB 3-4/APM - LB, DL, SS   Kendricks ILB
30 San Francisco W/MP - OG, RB 3-4/PZ - DL, CB, LB   Zeitler OG
31 New England W/SZ - WR, C, OT 4-3/PPZ - FS, CB, DE   H Smith S
32 Giants V/MP - OT, TE, RB 4-3/PZ - LB, DT, S   Fleener TE
54 Atlanta V/MP - LT, C/G, WR 4-3/AZ - DE, FS, CB   Osamele OL
59 New Orleans W/SZ - WR, C/G, OT 4-3/PM - MLB, DT, OLB   Reyes DT
97 Oakland W/SZ - WR, C, TE 4-3/PPM - CB, DT, SLB   Criner WR


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