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2013 Draft
Defensive Ends
This page will be a work in progress and updated frequently. Come back often and watch it develop.

2 *Bjoern Werner DE 1 Florida State Jr 6032 266 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Raw pass rush freak with unlimited upside as an all-around player.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.78. Combine - Forty: 4.83. Ten: 1.66. Reps:25. VJ: 31.0. BJ: 9-3.

Pro Day (Brandt) - He kept everything he did at the combine. He looked outstanding in the positional drills. Werner is a very, very good athlete.

PFW Audibles - "...Bjoern Werner is Brian Kerrigan. That's who he is."

Based on NFLDraftScouts –
Top 5 prospect. Good get-off quickness and bend to beat blockers off the snap. Natural instincts and upside makes him an attractive pass-rushing prospect. Still developing, with a high ceiling, but already shows outstanding football awareness, reading the ballcarrier and batting down passes at the LOS. Strong hands to win the edge and get around blockers, using his body strength and feet to flatten to the pocket. Can improve chase skills vs. run. Still raw, (took up football at the age of 15). Compared to Chris Long - Both have a combination of quickness and strength and a nonstop motor to consistently bring pressure off the edge
4 *Damontre Moore DE 2 Texas A&M Jr 6044 250 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Similar build to Werner, - slightly slower but more well-rounded. Low Bench Press Score a concern. Still has technique and consistency issues to clean up.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.83. Combine - Forty: 4.95. Ten: 1.69. Reps: 12. VJ: 35.5. BJ: 10-2.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Moore had a solid work out, performing as both a linebacker and defensive end at the pro day. He ran the short shuttle in 4.37 seconds and had 19 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press, but was unable to continue due to a sore right leg.

PFW Audibles - " explosively talented but he's a mess off the field. There is no structure in his life. He beats to his own drum."

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Lean, lanky build with plenty of room for additional muscle mass. Quick first step off the snap. Long, strong arms and uses his hands well to defeat blocks. Generates impressive speed off the edge, including a late burst to close. Good flexibility to dip under the tackle's reach with long arms to keep his opponent from grabbing hold of him. Lines up in a variety of spots / capable of beating defenders with both his quickness and bull rush – uses a complimentary spin move to slip inside or outside. Improved strength as a run defender. Generally does a nice job of sealing off the edge and keep ing contain.. Locates the ball well and pursues with passion. Closes on the ballcarrier quickly with good drag down strength. Rips away at the ball when he can. Uses hands to get into passing (& kicking) windows ( blocking two kicks in 2012). Surprising  awareness, lateral agility and straight-line speed when asked to drop back into coverage.

Inconsistent get-off at the snap /lacks elite explosiveness.Work in progress getting his hands up as a pass defender (only two pass breakups in 2012). Tends to let his pad level get too high in run support and can be knocked back off the ball. Makes a disproportionate number of his tackles five yards downfield due to his hustle /not the consistently dominant defender his statistics might indicate. Compared with John Abraham -he has the potential to rank among the league's top pass rushers whether as a classic 4-3 defensive end or as a stand-up pass rusher out of the 3-4.

7 *Barkevious Mingo DE 3 LSU rJr 6040 241 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - All Name Team. Elite pass rusher's speed. Fasted ten yard split of all DL's. Gets his hands up. Could be asked to play OLB. Needs to work on run defense and counter-moves.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.57. Combine - Forty: 4.58. Ten: 1.55. Reps: DNP. VJ: 37.0. BJ: 10-8.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Mingo refused to do the bench but was off the charts in the positional workout. He did drills with his hand in the ground as a defensive lineman and in space as an outside linebacker. He’s in magnificent shape. He worked out for more than an hour and never broke a sweat, but there are still concerns about his strength.

Based on NFLDraftScouts –Lean, athletic build with plenty of room for additional muscle mass. Explosive first step and the combination of flexibility and closing speed to exponentially add to his sack numbers in the more pass-happy NFL than he had while at LSU. Alert defender who will get his long arms into passing lanes when unable to get to the quarterback. More physical than his frame suggests. Fights through blockers at the LOS to make plays in the running game and anchors surprisingly well given his lean lower half. As much upside as any prospect in the 2013 draft. But looks more like a small forward than an NFL defensive end and could be asked to make the transition to OLB. Has explosive straight-line speed, but also has very long legs, which make him less fluid when changing directions. Relies upon his burst upfield to beat pass blockers and simply hasn't developed the counter-moves to complement his speed. Compared to Bruce Irvin -- Mingo is longer than Irvin and therefore possesses more athletic upside. Like Irvin, his speed should result in eye-popping numbers immediately. Lacks an effective counter however, and is a liability against the run, at this time.

15 Dion Jordan DE 4 Oregon rSr 6062 248 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Favorite of several Cardinal die-hards. Good ten-split. I am intrigued over the prospects of having another skyscraper to play opposite (&/or back up) Calais Campbell, but 248 lbs is a bit light  for a 3-4 DE (maybe OK for OLB).  Still has a lot to learn. Durability issues (shoulder). Intense player.

Pre-Combine Forty  - 4.68. Combine - Forty: 4.60. Ten: 1.57. Reps: DNP. VJ: 32.5. BJ: 10-2.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Jordan had shoulder surgery recently, and that prevented him from working out at the pro day. He wasn’t measured either (he came in at 6-6 and 248 pounds at the combine).

PFW Audibles (as an OLB) - "...Jordan scares me. I'm not sold on the tall drink of water. He is a Sam in a 4-3? Is he a Von Miller type in terms of how he plays? He doesn't have his explosiveness or power. I like the athleticism in his drops, but his pass rush is pretty ordinary. He's leggy and has trouble powering through people and doesn't get off blocks real well. From being at practice, he scares the (crap) out of me."

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Rare athleticism for size with loose hips and smooth footwork to move naturally in any direction. Looks like a basketball small forward in football pads with his tall, long frame and flexible joints, looking comfortable in space. Fluid COD in transition. Very good first step with natural bend and closing burst off the edge to flatten to the quarterback. Active and relentless. Uses his length well with violent hand use -  quick mitts make it tough for blockers to combat them. Physical striker who can separate man from ball with the arms to easily wrap and finish. Fiery demeanor / good head on his shoulders. Good awareness and experience lining up all over the defensive front-7, even spending time covering the slot receiver and dropping in coverage. Still growing /sky is the limit with his athletic potential.

Lean and lanky body type. Will have to add bulk to his frame and get stronger, but there are questions about how much extra weight he can handle. Lacks dominant upper body power to win with his hands. Still learning his pass rush moves. Must stay controlled, (often overruns the pocket or his intended target). Lacks experience putting his hand on the ground and rushing from a 3-point stance. Lacks a natural position and will be viewed as a defensive end by some and a strong-side linebacker by others.Still raw in a lot of areas and will need time to grow at the next level. Major durability concerns ( notably a tender right shoulder in  2012). Compared to: Chandler Jones -  Jones is stronger and a bit more polished at this point in his development, (but scouts see that type of potential for Jordan - plus he brings much more position-versatility and upside).

17 *Sam Montgomery DE 5 LSU rJr 6032 262 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice motor. Combine speed more than 2/10ths slower than pre-combine est. But a bit stiff and slow to react and escape the trash.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.59. Combine - Forty: 4.81. Ten: 1.64. Reps: DNL. VJ: 34.5. BJ: 9-6.

Pro Day (Brandt) -— Scouts think Montgomery will be better lining up as a defensive end in the NFL. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.88 and 4.82 seconds and did 22 reps of 225 pounds.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Certainly looks the part… lanky frame with long arms and plenty of room for additional muscle mass…terrific speed…Quick burst off the snap /accelerates very smoothly for a man of his size/can track down elusive ball-carriers from behind. Plays with good strength and holds up nicely at POA,, stringing off-tackle runs to the sideline with solid containment integrity. High effort defender who seems to enjoy the physicality and competition of the game. Great work ethic reflected by the way he back bigger, stronger and faster after a serious knee injury in 2010.

Too slow off the snap (often the  final player to react off the ball much of the time). Struggles disengaging from blocks. Quick spin back to the inside but otherwise overly- reliant on his speed and bull rush skill. Lacks elite flexibility to dip under the reach of talented pass protectors and despite his long, strong arms doesn't consistently keep his hands working to break free. Gets Velcro’d too often and doesn't break until the ball has passed him. Struggles with COD due to stiffness in his hips /can be left in the dust by elusive ball-carriers who see him coming. Reacts late to cut blocks and too often is negated by them.Compared to Lawrence Jackson, DE, Detroit Lions -- Just as Jackson earned a first round selection out of USC based largely on his production against quality competition and effort, Montgomery may earn a high pick despite lacking some of the key characteristics that usually result in NFL success
21 Ezekiel (Ziggy) Ansah DE 6 Brigham Young Sr 6052 271 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - One of the top 5 or so late-risers up the charts. Looked great during Senior Bowl Week. Relatively raw. Faster than pre-combine est. by 1/10th of a second. Not quite as explosive as the truly elite NFL pass rushers (though the 1.56 ten-split isn't too shabby). High upside. Instinctive. Relies too heavily on natural athleticism instead of sound technique.

Pre-Combine Forty  - 4.74. Combine - Forty: 4.63. Ten: 1.56.  Reps: 21. VJ: 34.5. BJ: 9-10.

Pro Day (Brandt) - He did position drills and he looked very good.

PFW Audibles - "Everyone has been talking about Ziggy Ansah and throwing around comparisons. If a guy has length, some twitch and a motor, people think he's Jason Pierre-Paul. He ain't. Otherwise, they wouldn't align him inside so much. He's a one-year wonder and a 'tweener...Put on the bowl game. He was getting pushed down the field and the ball was thrown at his chest and he intercepts it. He fell into it - he didn't create it. That's how he produced this year."

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Rare combination of size, athleticism and natural power. Long, well-distributed frame with room for additional muscle mass without a significant loss of quickness. Has an explosive initial punch to gain space.

Has rare balance allowing him to maintain his feet despite taking long-strides that gobble up space to the quarterback . Balance and surprising lateral agility makes him good at changing directions. Good -- not great -- strength but very good natural explosiveness to bull rush his opponent into the pocket. Slips off blocks when near the ball-carrier, using long arms and big hands to drag-down ballcarriers. Seemed to improve game to game in 2012, especially locating the football. Began to sniff out screens and draws, demonstrating good awareness and hustle to complement his physical traits. Already shows excellent recognition and use of hands in pass defense, getting his hands up to knock down nine passes in 2012. Significant untapped potential / an ascending talent whose best football is ahead of him.

Lacks elite first-step quickness off the snap. Relies too much on his speed, size and an explosive first punch to shock his opponent and  struggles to break free if the blocker grabs hold of him. Must learn to chop with his hands moret consistently to break free once engaged. Allows his pad level to rise and can be pushed back v.s the run.. Has only played football since 2010 . Compared to Jason Pierre-Paul -- Ansah is not the same terror-off-the-edge pass-rusher as Pierre-Paul, but he's similarly gifted and plays with greater commitment to the run. Like Pierre-Paul, there is some risk factor, but his upside is through the roof.

38 Alex Okafor DE 7 Texas Sr 6050 264 1st-2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - More of an Acho type than a Freeney freak.

Pre-Combine Forty  - 4.78. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 21.  VJ: DNJ. BJ: DNJ.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Okafor — who did not run at the combine — ran the 40 in 4.88 and 4.89 seconds. He had a 36-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-4 broad jump. He also had a 4.40-second short shuttle time. Okafor is the fifth-rated 4-3 defensive end in Mayock’s positional rankings.

Based on NFLDraftScouts –  Strong hand play, chopping away at his opponents' attempts to get their hands on his chest or using an effective arm-over swim move. High-revving motor. Good overall athlete. Most impressive attribute is his power. He can knock opponents onto their heels on his way to the quarterback /also sets the edge nicely as a run defender. Ability to make plays against the run and pass makes him arguably the most well-rounded senior DE in the country.

Has the body of a classic RDE speed rusher but is better suited to playing the left side as a run-defender. Lacks quick-twitch burst and isn't a speed rusher (Texas initially lined him up at DT).

Slightly stiff upper body  / struggles changing directions - better candidate to at DE than dropping back into coverage as a LB. Came in lighter than expected at the Senior Bowl at 261 pounds. Compared to Ray Edwards  -- A team expecting Okafor to become a lightning-quick speed edge rusher will be disappointed. However, his strength, length and high effort could make him a fine addition as a left defensive end capable of holding up against the run and asa solid supplemental pass rusher.

41 Margus Hunt DE 8 Southern Methodist rSr 6081 277 1st-2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - I'm intrigued by this guy. Tall dude. shaved 1.14/10ths of a second off his pre-combine forty. Great combine scores for speed, quickness, explosion and power. (38 bench press reps is insane). May be a bit raw, but I may rate him higher because of what I perceive to be a good fit within the Cardinal defensive system (i.e. tall pass blockers on the flanks). Relatively new to football, bringing incredible raw athleticism to the party. A bit risky due to his lack of experience but if he can learn his trade, he has a huge upside.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.74. Combine - Forty: 4.60. Ten: 1.62. Reps: 38. VJ: 34.5. BJ: 10-1.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Hunt is projected by some experts to be a first-round pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, and is also a symbol of just how far the Southern Methodist University football program has come since the infamous “Death Penalty” was levied in the 1980s.  Hunt hails from Karksi-Nuia, Estonia, and came to SMU as a decorated track and field athlete (he’d set a junior world record in the discus throw at the 2006 World Junior Championships). With SMU dropping its men’s track and field program, Hunt was convinced to give football a try. Hunt (6-foot-8 1/2, 282 pounds), who first started playing football in 2009, set an NCAA record with 17 blocked kicks (10 field goals, seven extra points). At SMU’s pro day, Hunt — who stood on his combine numbers  — was worked out by New York Jets coach Rex Ryan.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Like Montgomery, looks the part- Long, tapered build with room for additional muscle mass. Boasts a surprisingly quick first step and gains ground efficiently due to his long strides. Closes quickly on the ballcarrier and can provide a thump on arrival. Naturally powerful defender who can simply bull-rush his opponent deep into the pocket. Big, strong and reasonably active hands to fight through blockers.. Good hand-eye coordination - playmaking kick-blocker. Has emerged as a player the offense must account for on virtually every snap and yet remains a better athlete than football player thanks to his exciting upside.

Highly inconsistent. Will make a splashy play and then disappear for long periods at a time. Struggles with pad level and can get blown off the ball against the run because he loses the leverage battle. Like a lot of taller DE’s, he’s stiff in his upper body and struggles to re-direct. Can be eluded, lunge at ball-carriers and wind up whiffing. Doesn't get his hands into passing windows as much as he should (Only seven passes defended in 53 games). Inconsistent effort in downfield pursuit. Compares with Corey Wooton, who was a productive player in college who slid on draft day due to injury concerns but surprised everyone. While the concern with Hunt lies has to do with his relative inexperience and inconsistency, the team that gambles on him could be similarly rewarded with a future standout.

67 Datone Jones DE 9 UCLA rSr 6037 283 2nd-3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Another fast-riser due to productive Senior Bowl Week. Not especially fast, but not bad for 283 lbs. Tweener (not fast enough to be a 4-3 edge guy; not big enough to play DE in a 3-4, though 283 lbs is pretty big). Needs to clean up technique issues but, meanwhile, his productivity is impressive.

Pre-Combine Forty  - 4.82. Combine - Forty: 4.80. Ten: 1.63.  Reps: 29. VJ: 31.5. BJ: 9-4.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Jones stood on his combine numbers and only did the position drills. The feeling with Jones is that he has to be play defensive end in a 4-3 base defense in the NFL.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Well-built with long arms and good strength. Explosive initial burst off the snap to penetrate gaps. Uses his hands well at the snap to rip free from blocks, witha variety of pass rush techniques (swim, rip, club), as well as enough power to simply bull over offensive linemen into the backfield. Keeps his head up and locates the football quickly, with good awareness and effort in pursuit. Has the upper-body strength to lock-out opponents and seal the edge. Stout enough to slide inside to DT, especially on obvious pass rush downs. Enjoyed a breakout senior campaign and may be just scratching the surface of his potential.

A classic 'tweener who until this year had never lived up to expectations. Lacks the sustained speed and flexibility to turn the corner as a traditional 4-3 DE. Lacks the bulk to be a full time DT.. Tends to stand up as he comes off the ball, losing the leverage battle. Uses hands well initially but tires quickly and struggles to disengage once opponent has locked on. Compared to Robert Ayers -- Like Ayers, Jones has flashed talent throughout his collegiate career but has been racked with inconsistency. His versatility and big senior season could tempt a team to gamble on his upside early.

86  "Tank" Carradine DE 10 Florida State Sr 6040 276 3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Instinctive, hungry and well-conditioned.  Improving. Must become stronger, hone his skills and improve his first step explosiveness.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.75. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 28.VJ: DNP.BJ: DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) — He recorded 32 bench presses, but will do another workout April 4 at Woodward High School in Cincinnati.

PFW Audibles - " of the stiffest guys I've ever seen this year. He cannot redirect. It's almost like he has Ricketts - he can't change direction. He is a power rusher, not a pass rusher. He has no plan. He's coming off the knee now and he's a rep guy. There's a lot of miss (factors) there."

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Good-looking athlete with agile feet and very good closing speed. Natural bend and flexibility around the edge with smooth lateral quickness and redirection skills. Quick in pursuit to force the issue and has the athleticism to recover from a false step. Very good  footwork to sidestep blockers & to flatten and close on the pocket. Fluid movements and short-area burst, but also rangy. Uses active hands and limbs to swat and stay balanced through contact. Reliable in the open field, using his length to wrap and has the discipline to not sell out. Accurate recognition skills /showed immense development in this area, setting the edge and making quick reads. Improved hand use to rip and tear, keeping low pad level through the process. Hungry player whose effort doesn't waver. Chiseled frame /looks the part.

Still growing at the position and developing his pass rush moves. Didn't become a starter until his senior season / most of his playing experience came at the JUCO level. Must continue adding strength and bulk to his frame, because he can be overpowered at times in the trenches. Room to improve his snap anticipation off the edge  (too many offsides penalties). Major durability concerns ( torn ACL in the 2012 season finale). Most likely won't be able to work out for scouts pre-draft.

102 Malliciah Goodman DE 11 Clemson Sr 6035 276 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Lunchpail guy with few or no big negatives..or for that matter, big positives. Slower than est.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.74. Combine - Forty: 4.87. Ten: 1.65. Reps: 26. VJ: 31.5. BJ: 9-6. Pro Day Forty: 4.67.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Goodman ran the 40-yard dash in 4.70 and 4.67 seconds. He recorded a 33-inch vertical, a 9-foot-9 broad jump, a 4.48-second short shuttle run and 7.10-seconds in the three-cone drill. He had the same reps (26) at 225 as at the NFL combine. His biggest measurable might be his nearly 37-inch-long arms.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – At 280 pounds, Goodman isn't the quickest or most explosive rusher off the edge, but he works hard to the pocket and has the strength to handle blockers in one-on-one situations. If he can elevate his statistics as a senior, look for him to improve his draft stock, which is currently in the mid-round range.

110 *Corey Lemonier DE 12 Auburn Jr 6033 255 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Shaved nearly 2/10ths of a second off his pre-combine forty time. Good ten-split time. Hard-working, relentless. Faster than expected but quicker than fast. Good strength. Needs to perfect his craft and play under more control..

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.78. Combine - Forty: 4.60. Ten: 1.57. Reps: 27.VJ:  33.0. BJ: 9-11.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Lemonier stood on most of his numbers from the NFL Scouting Combine (he posted the third-best time for defensive linemen in the 40 — 4.60 seconds). He did do the vertical at Auburn’s pro day, jumping 34 inches. Lemonier did position drills led by Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker coach Keith Butler.

Based on NFLDraftScouts  Quick off the edge - can only be contained for so long. Blend of sped and power to penetrate the pocket and pressure the quarterback. Raw power at POA with a sharp punch/appears stronger than in past years. Experience dropping in space and has been given coverage responsibilities. Never quits in pursuit and is tough to stop/you can only hope to slow him down. Ferocious hitter who looks for the knockout blow. Will line up as a stand up linebacker and rush from different angles.

Still developing run awareness and technique. Must improve his discipline in space and become more field-aware. Too often overpursues off the snap /can be overaggressive, taking himself out of plays. Inconsistent snap anticipation /needs to cut down on offsides penalties. Will get hung up on blocks /hand -usein the trenches is still a work in progress. Must consistently finish once he gets his hands on the ballcarrier. Disappointing second half of last season/ played down to the level of the rest of the team.

118 Lavar Edwards DE 13 LSU rSr 6040 277 4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Try-hard guy who plays smart and hard, but also a bit out of control. Lacks starting experience mainly due to crowded DE position at LSU.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.82. Combine - Forty: 4.80. Ten: 1.64. Reps: DNL. VJ: 33. BJ: 9-11.

Pro Day (Brandt) - He looked very good in positional drills and weighed 8 pounds less than he did at the NFL Scouting Combine. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.77 seconds twice. He also recorded a 32-inch vertical and a 9-foot broad jump.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Good natural athleticism with some experience dropping in space. Good eye use and awareness to see where the quarterback or ballcarrier wants to go and disrupt the plan. Generates power from his upper and lower body and does a nice job extending and jolting blockers at POA. Active hands / plays with a fighting mentality. Heady player who shows good anticipation and discipline. Keeps working through the whistle/ continuous motor. Experience at both DE’s and inside on passing downs. Pushed for playing time and earned his way on the field over Mingo and Montgomery at times.

Must protecting his bodybetter off the snap and anchor at the point,( gets redirected by blockers at times). Still developing his technique as both a pass rusher and shedding blocks. Stuck on the bench most of his career - when he got on the field, he played out-of-control, causing offsides or late hit penalties. Must finish once he gets his hands on the ballcarrier. Experience a question mark /more of a rotational player over his career.

124 *William Gholston DE 14 Michigan State Jr 6062 281 4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Marginal athleticism. Long, strong & quick but stiff - needs to develop more moves. Some concern about motor and work ethic.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.76. Combine - Forty: 4.96. Ten: 1.73. Reps: 23. VJ: 28.5. BJ: 9-2.

Pro Day (Brandt) — Gholston ran the 40 in 5.00 and 4.97 seconds. He had a 4.66-second short shuttle time and did 21 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press. He looked smooth in the position drills. Gholston is the cousin of New York Jets 2008 first-round pickVernon Gholston.

PFW Audibles - "...will go higher than he should because of how he looks and measures out. Someone will probably take him in the second. He plays likea fifth (rounder). He makes some flash plays but then disappears and allows himself to be blocked by lesser players."

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Has the size, length and physical skills to maul blockers coupled with the athleticism to play in space and beat linemen with quickness. But plays too stiff and must develop a better array of pass rush moves, too often relying on his natural tools instead of technique. Lackluster first two seasons was followed by a solid, but not outstanding, junior season, failing to quell some questions about his work ethic and motor.

139 Michael Buchanan DE 15 Illinois Sr 6053 255 4th-5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Slender but athletic (good COD skills). Led conference in sacks.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.75. Combine - Forty: 4.78. Ten: 1.59. Reps: 22. VJ: 33.0. BJ: 9-5.

Pro Day (Brandt) — Kept his numbers from the combine, but weighed 247 at the pro day. He worked out with his hand in the ground as a defensive end.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Has a tall, long frame and uses his length effectively to keep linemen from his body before ripping past the initial block. Moves well laterally and has the foot athleticism to play in space and close quickly in pursuit. Lacks elite bulk and the body type to add much more muscle / will be labeled by some teams as a hybrid player, but he has the skill-set to lead the conference in sacks as a senior and boost his draft stock.

155 Devin Taylor DE 16 South Carolina rSr 6070 266 5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Tall guy with excellent first step explosion (especially for someone that big and not especially straight line fast). But somewhat stiff. Poor bench press score for a D lineman.

Pre-Combine Forty -  4.79. Combine - Forty: 4.72. Ten: 1.59. Reps: 14. VJ: 35.0. BJ: 10-8.

Pro Day (Brandt) - He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.87 seconds and recorded 16 strength lifts. They worked him out as both a defensive end with his hand on the ground and a guy that plays in space. If the light ever goes on and Taylor realizes how good he can be, somebody will get a really good player.

Based on NFLDraftScouts –Offers a unique combination of size and overall athleticism, an explosive burst off the snap and is a naturally smooth accelerator. Unfortunately, due to his high-cut frame, he's also stiff, struggling with the flexibility necessary to turn the corner efficiently when he does cross the line. His terrific speed allows him to chase down ball-carriers and make flashy plays but too often Taylor is eluded in short spaces. That Taylor plays a physical brand of football and has such long, powerful arms, helps him make tackles when  the rest of his body remains in poor position to do so. At LDE, Taylor should be able to feast upon the generally slower-footed right tackles and enjoy a nice statline as a senior. He certainly looks the part but he could prove more of a second or third round prospect come April than the top 10 prospect that you’d expect.

171 *Stansly Maponga DE 17 TCU rJr 6020 256 5th-6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Kind of short. Explosive on the edge off the snap. Playmaker (forced 7 fumbles). Low COG makes him tougher than expected against the run.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.78. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 30. VJ DNP: BJ: DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Maponga ran the 40-yard dash in 4.81 and 4.84 seconds. He had a 4.37-second short shuttle and a 7.30-second three-cone drill. He left 29 1/2 inches in the vertical jump and had a 9-foot-6 broad jump. Maponga played defensive end in college, but is also being worked out at linebacker (as an outside linebacker in a 3-4 base defense). The NFL linebackers coaches present worked out Maponga.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Natural edge rusher with natural pass rush skills. Quick off the snap, good flexibility to react to cut blocks and more stout at the POA than his size might indicate due to his natural leverage advantage and good upper strength. Also shows strong, active hands, which he uses well to defeat blocks and knock the ball free. He has forced seven fumbles over the past two seasons. Too short to remain at defensive end in some NFL schemes. Lack of success of former TCU edge rushers (Hughes, Schobel) could give scouts pause on draft day.

202 David Bass DE 18 Mo. Western State Sr 6037 262 6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Smart, productive, lunchpail type. Leader. Good motor. Level of competition a concern. OLB/DE tweener.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.73. Combine - Forty: 4.84. Ten: 1.67. Reps: 20. VJ: 30.5. BJ: 9-3.

Based on NFLDraftScouts – Good first step quickness and natural burst off the snap. Plays with springs in his legs with good vertical and lateral movements. Active hands to defeat blocks with good awareness to find the ballcarrier. Plays assignment-sound football and has developed his instincts. Motivated individual with an excellent competitive drive. Positive locker room presence with strong character on and off the field. Excellent career production (39.5 sacks and 56 tackles for loss as a four-year starter).Room to refine his pass rush moves and hand-technique. Allows his pads to rise off the snap must use  more consistent leverage. Some concerns about whether or not he is a hand on the ground DE or stand up LB. Level of competition is also a question mark.

229 Cornelius Washington DE 19 Georgia rSr 6040 265 6th-7th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Stunning 4.55 forty time (2/10ths of a second faster than his pre-combine est. Listed as an OLB by Combine. Posted gaudy numbers. Only subpar number for a DL was Bench Press, but, for an OLB, it was OK.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.76. Combine - Forty: 4.55. Ten: 1.60. Reps: 18. VJ: 39.0. BJ: 10-8.

Pro Day (Brandt)  - Washington ran really well at the combine (officially 4.55 seconds in the 40, which placed him among the top performers in his position group), so he only did the short shuttle (4.75 seconds) and three-cone drill (7.48 seconds) at Georgia’s pro day. Washington worked out at linebacker, and the scouts on hand also wanted to see him work out as a defensive lineman with his hand in the ground. However, a pulled hamstring prevented Washington from doing so.

232 Eric Martin DE 20 Nebraska Sr 6-2 250 7th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Tough, physical, nasty, short (but with long arms). A bit tight. Can drop back and cover in space.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.78. Combine - Not Listed. Pro Day: Forty: 4.53. Sh Shuttle: 3.97.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Martin posted a best time of 4.53 in the 40, went 3.97 in the short shuffle and 6.63 in the cone drill. He’s a possible sixth or seventh-round selection for an NFL team looking to the late rounds for some extra defensive help.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Uses his long arms well to rip past blockers, sticking his foot in the ground and exploding to the play. A little tight-jointed, but has the quick feet to drop and cover in space, making plays away from the LOS. Plays the game with a physical attitude and arrives to the ballcarrier with a nasty demeanor, making him a tough player to contain.

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