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2013 Draft
Defensive Tackles
This page will be a work in progress and updated frequently. Come back often and watch it develop.

8 Star Lotulelei DT 1 Utah Sr 6030 311 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Heart problems surfaced in a combine echo-cardio test, and he headed home. Considered a Top 5 talent. Most criticism in his direction involves his lack of penetration skills, but he looks immovable as a big inside space-eater in the right system. Has had weight problems earlier in his college career.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.14. Combine - DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - This represented the first on-field workout in front of NFL scouts for Star Lotulelei, a playerprojected to be selected in the top half of the 2013 NFL Draft. A heart condition detected at theNFL Scouting Combine kept the defensive tackle from working out in Indianapolis. His workout Wednesday could nudge him back up draft boards.

Lotulelei measured in at 6-foot-3 1/4, 314 pounds at Utah’s pro day. He ran the 40-yard dash (after being advised not to run it, but doing so anyway since he desired to join the rest of his teammates who were running), and recorded times of 5.31 and 5.36 seconds. He had a 4.65-second short shuttle and did the three-cone drill in 7.66 seconds. Lotulelei had a 30-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot-9 broad jump. Lotulelei performed 38 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press, which would have tied Lotulelei with SMU’s Margus Hunt and Missouri Southern State’s Brandon Williams for most at this year’s combine.

Lotulelei worked out Wednesday at Utah’s pro day after seeing cardiologist Josef Stehlik, who was recommended to Lotulelei’s agent — Bruce Tollner — by the San Francisco 49ers. Lotulelei — who will continue to be monitored for the next two weeks — still has to go back to Indianapolis on April 15 for a recheck on his heart condition.

PFW Audibles - "...(he) has a 30-plus (inch) vertical at 320 pounds. He's athletic and can run. He can rush the passer. I think he will get better with coaching at our level. They line him up as more of a nose, but he is athletic enough to be a three-technique. As strong as he is working half a man, he is going to create pressure."

Based on NFLDraftScouts –  Boasts all of the physical traits to rank as one of the better, more versatile defensive linemen in the NFL. Explosive burst off the snap with the lateral agility and flexibility to slip through gaps and ruin plays before they even have a chance to begin. Strong, heavy hands to control his opponent and the upper and core strength to simply rag-doll offensive linemen. Thick, classic Polynesian build well suited to anchoring against the run, making him a natural candidate to play inside at nose guard or defensive tackle, as well as a five-technique defensive end. Has a developing arm-over swim move to break free from blockers. Locates the ball well / good effort in lateral pursuit. Has only average arm length but is very strong and can grab and pull down ballcarriers seemingly out of his grasp. Has a short-area burst to close on the ball and can generate impressive explosiveness as a hitter. Seemed to step up his play against top competition.

Inconsistent. Relies too much on his unique physical traits to overcome rather marginal technique. Does use an elaborate array of pass rush moves and had just seven sacks in 38 career games at Utah. Too often is stale-mated when his initial burst and power are contained. Shorter than ideal arms/ struggles slipping blocks and only knocked down 5 passes at the LOS over his career.  Carries extra weight around his midsection /played at more than 350 lbs in 2008. Will be slightly older than most prospects. Compares to  Kevin Williams - offers a similarly dominant combination of quickness and power and should one day rank among the league's best interior defensive linemen.

14 *Sheldon Richardson DT 2 Missouri rJr 6024 294 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - A trifle light, but mobile, agile and hostile. Great motor. Can drop back in coverage. Shoulder surgery in 2011. Academic suspension part of his resume.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.89. Combine - Forty: 5.02. Ten: 1.77. Reps: 30. VJ: 32.0.  BJ: 9-8. Pro Day Forty: 4.88.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Richardson ran the 40-yard dash in 4.88 and 4.89 seconds (topping his official combine 40 time of 5.02). He did the short shuttle in 4.59 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.33 seconds. Richardson really impressed the scouts on hand because he was informed by his agent to not do anything at the pro day. Instead, Richardson showed he was a competitor, willing to jump in and do the workout. He was really good in the positional workout, and it helped his draft status to work out. Richardson is going to be a first-round pick (recent mock drafts published on project Richardson going as high as No. 14 to the Carolina Panthers).

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Naturally large frame with proper weight distribution throughout his arms and legs. Thick trunk conducive to standing his ground in short-yardage situations. Quick off the snap with the burst to slip through gaps before trap blocks can be effective. Has a short area burst to close and surprising flexibility to adjust and make tackles in space. Good balance and recognition against cut blocks. Active hands to handcuff offensive linemen attempting to get into his pads /quick, fluid arm-over swim move and good strength to rip free from his opponent. Excellent vision and recognition /can disengage from blocks and put himself in position to sniff out screens, draws, etc. and make plays. Coaches would occasionally drop him back into coverage on zone blitzes... terrific motor.. Closes quickly and with power, exploding into tackles and showing good hand-eye coordination to strip the ball away. Stepped up his level of play against top competition . Has the size and athleticism of a future Pro Bowl defensive tackle.

Had only had one dominant season and there is some concern about how motivated he'll remain once he signs a big NFL contract. Tends to stand up out of his stance and lose the leverage battle.  More productive rushing the passer, recognizing the dump-off pass and pursuing from behind with passion than in sacking the QB... Has struggled with academics …Also suspended for violating team rules - reportedly for academics... Underwent shoulder surgery following the 2011 season. Compares to Tyson Alualu, - If NFL scouts are convinced he'll stay focused and motivated once he cashes his first paycheck, his combination of size, athleticism and high-revving motor could lead to a shockingly high grade for Mizzou star.

22 *Johnathan Hankins DT 3 Ohio State Jr 6027 320 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Has the heft to play NT. Good vs. run. Attracts double teams. Weight may be an issue. Ditto endurance. Nagging knee woes. Penalized too much.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.32. Combine - Forty: 5.31. Ten: 1.82. Reps:  DNL. VJ: 26.0.  BJ: 8-8.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Considered a top-12 pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, Hankins reminds people of Cleveland Browns DL Phil Taylor. What hurt his performance during the season was that he seldom came off the field. It’s hard for big guys like this to play 65 or 70 snaps a game. Hankins opted to only take part in selected drills coming off his effort in the NFL Scouting Combine.

PFW Audibles - "I liked Johnathon Hankins. I didn't love him. He's productive flushing protection and causing pressure more than he actually making plays."

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Wide frame with the natural size to carry a lot of weight. Excellent feet for the position with very good first step quickness and get-off burst. Fluid and rangy, dropping in coverage at times and making plays up and down the line of scrimmage. Looks smooth in space with flexible ankles to quickly redirect his momentum. Tough run defender with very good awareness and instincts, using his eyes to track the play and body to force the issue. Will extend to shrug off blocks and uses his hands to bully blockers, controlling the POA and setting the edge when playing outside. Extremely strong hands to secure tackles and finish plays once he gets his hands on the ballcarrier.Can play inside or outside/also plays on special teams. Eats up multiple blocks and frequently attracts double-teams. Rarely left the field and started every game the past two seasons..

Relies too much on his upper-body strength and must learn to play with consistent leverage. Uses his body too much and needs to consistently utilize his hands and limbs. Doesn't always play smart (several penalties). Tends to wear down throughout the course of a game and give a streaky effort. Battled a minor knee sprain the past two seasons, wearing a brace much of the time. Lost 15-plus pounds prior to his junior season and his weight needs to be monitored to stay in shape. Compared to Brandon Mebane - a tough run defender who can disrupt the pocket and dominate 1-on-1 blockers, but at his best when not asked to play every down.

24 Jesse Williams DT 4 Alabama Sr 6030 323 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Wide body with excellent speed for a 320 pounder. Very strong. Improving. Good short-area quicks and agility.  Mainly a space-eater; struggles as a pass rusher. Needs to work on leverage and other techniques, but could be outstanding for teams who like their NT's to mostly plug the gaps and occupy blockers.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.94. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 27. VJ: DNP.  BJ: .DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Williams ran the 40 in 4.92 and 4.94 seconds. He had a 4.75-second short shuttle and a 7.79-second three-cone drill. Williams is originally from Australia.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Has a naturally wide frame with relatively short limbs, giving him the low center of gravity conducive to holding up at the point of attack. Unbelievable weight-room strength (600 pound bench press) that translates well onto the football field due to his use of leverage and surprisingly good technique .Has improved his use of hands and has developed into a cognitive defender capable of reading the action, shedding the block with heavy, active hands and making the tackle in the hole. Has the length to play outside as a five-technique DE, - which he did before sliding inside to the nose as a senior. Good phone-booth quickness and plays hard, competing to the whistle. Alabama's short-yardage fullback .

Bit of a one-trick pony, lacking the quickness & the agility to collapse the pocket as a pass rusher. Must protect his knees better /susceptible to cut blocks. Too often raises his pad level at the snap, negating some of his power and making him all the more vulnerable to cuts/has only moderate flexibility. Must do a better job of getting his hands up in passing lanes as he rarely gets home as a pass rusher (just three passes broken up in 25 career starts at Alabama). Plays with good effort but lacks lateral agility and struggles to knock down ballcarriers with any room to maneuver. Compared to Vince Wilfork - Williams isn't going to pressure the QB often but his size and strength will make him a force in the middle.

26 *Sharrif Floyd DT 5 Florida Jr 2025 297 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Some rate him in the Top 5 - 10. Elite explosion. More of a penetrator than space-eater. Improving each year. Raw as pass rusher and inside battler.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.17. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 27. VJ: DNP.  BJ: DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Floyd didn’t work out at Florida’s pro day on the advice of his agent and will run drills on March 22. When you have 20 teams show up for the pro day — including head coaches and coordinators — it’s probably in your best interest to do everything you can to impress them. Odds are a lot of them aren’t going to be there when your agent wants you to work out.

PFW Audibles - "...played end to help the team and get the best players on the field, but that's not what he is.. He's a penetrator...He didn't start playing football 'til later in life. He didn't have a lot of structure. It was not easy for him when Urban Meyer left. He wanted to follow him to Ohio State, but he stuck it out. ..He's a workout fiend. He is going to test out really well.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Has a naturally powerful frame with wide shoulders, a surprisingly trim waistline and the thick lower-half conducive to anchoring as a two-gap defender and run-stuffing presence in the middle. Terrific initial burst off the snap, with the quickness to split gaps or even challenge lethargic offensive tackles when he's asked to line up wide. Uses his hands well to chop at blockers attempting to latch on to his chest, ripping away with a nice over-arm swim move. Good lateral agility to "get skinny" through gaps with enough short-area quickness to close on the ballcarrier. Made gains each of his three seasons of collegiate football and could be just scratching the surface of his potential.

Remains rough around the edges. While quick off the snap, Floyd has a tendency to lose sight of the ball and get too caught up in hand-fighting with offensive linemen. (often stands up at the snap, losing his natural leverage advantage, as well as his impressive combination of burst and strength). Has great initial quickness but may lack the sustained quickness to translate into a consistent interior pass rush threat. Compared to Corey Liuget -- Athletic, strong and capable of emerging as a standout as either a 3-4 defensive end or 4-3 defensive tackle/has talent and upside to virtually guarantee first-round consideration .


33 John Jenkins DT 6 Georgia Sr 6040 359 1st-2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - An extremely huge human being who has captured the attention of some Cardinal die-hards.  Immovable wide body with incredible size and strength. More of a stuffer than rusher. Raji-type DT. Endurance concerns. Versatile enough to play five-technique in addition to NT and DT. 18 reps are not stellar for a big DT.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.21. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 18. VJ: DNP.  BJ: DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) — Jenkins ran the 40 in 5.20 and 5.26 seconds. He had a 34 1/2-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot broad jump. He did the short shuttle in 4.94 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.74 seconds. Jenkins had an impressive workout. DL John Jenkins ran solid 5.20, 5.23

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Built like a Coke machine and is just as difficult to move. Wide frame with thick, strong limbs. Good strength and use of leverage (generally) to hold up to double-teams and create a pile. Surprisingly quick off the snap and can split gaps to destroy plays before they've even begun. Good lateral agility, balance to slide laterally in pursuit of the ballcarrier to string out the play while fighting off blockers. Keeps his hands active, with good effort, strength and technique to battle his ways towards the quarterback. Good bull rusher. Can simply drive opponents backward. Locates the ball well with good effort to the flanks. Slips off of blocks to grab on and drag down ballcarriers attempting to slip past him. Very good drag down strength.. Has lined up virtually all over the Georgia defensive line. Long enough arms to potentially play the five-technique role, as well as at NT or DT.

Not much of an interior pass rusher/. Is simply too wide not get slowed down while squeezing through tight spaces /only phone booth quickness. Wears down quickly and will need to be substituted often to stay fully effective in NFL games. Allows his pad level to rise as he tires, (negates his strength). Compares to  B.J. Raji -Jenkins' mass and strength are the most obvious of his impressive physical characteristics, but his surprisingly light feet and willingness to fight through blocks to provide some interior pass rush could lead to a steady ascent as the draft approaches.

45 Kawann Short DT 7 Purdue rSr 6030 299 2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Caught many an eye during Senior Bowl Week. Strong and immovable, but also athletic.  A bit streaky. Not mean enough. Didn't work out at combine

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.16. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: DNL. VJ: DNP.  BJ: DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Kawann Short was sidelined due to a hamstring injury. Short will work out on March 25, which is a day before Notre Dame’s pro day.

PFW Audibles - "I'm not sure I'd take the Purdue guy in the first (round). He scares me even though he had a lot of sack production (during) his career. He reminds me a lot of Jerel Worthy, but he's more of a mama's boy. He was raised by the women in his life."

Based on NFLDraftScouts - A large human being with a huge wingspan, using his long arms to bat down passes (11 pass break-ups) and make plays on special teams (4 blocked kicks). Can be an immovable object in the middle of the field when he plays disciplined and generates power from his lower body. However, he too often gives a streaky effort and doesn't consistently play with leverage.

Sees a lot of double-teams, but scouts want to see more of a mean streak and less passiveness. Has been productive over his first three seasons, but there is also some negative game tape out there  While Short will still be an attractive pro prospect because of his natural size and tools, he’ll need to prove he can be consistently more than just a space-eater to cement his top-50 status.

73 Sylvester Williams DT 8 North Carolina Sr 6025 313 2nd-3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Smart with nice size and speed. A bit inconsistent. Work ethic and endurance concerns. Holes in technique-set make him vulnerable to misdirection, cut-blocks etc.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.08. Combine - Forty: 5.03. Ten: 1.72. Reps: 30. VJ: 26.5.  BJ: 8-6.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Williams stood on his combine numbers, and instead put forth an outstanding positional workout. I think the workout was strong enough to get Williams selected in the lower half of the first round (my latest mock draft projects Williams going No. 14 to the Indianapolis Colts).

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Naturally large, thick build. Very quick first step and a lethal swim move (both arms, if necessary) to slip past interior linemen. Varies his burst off the snap, lulling his opponent into relaxing and can make the explosive tackle behind the line of scrimmage before the ball-carrier has had time to make his first cut. Good bull rush strength. Can rip his arms free to disengage with a quick, closing burst. Very good drag down strength. Versatile. Asked to line up on the nose, defensive tackle and even out wide, /holding up to double-teams. Improving awareness vs. screens/draws. Good pursuit to the edge. Only played football for five years / appears to be an ascending player.

Struggles with consistency. Can make the flashy play and then disappear for long stretches. Relies on his swim move to slip past the defender but has only average flexibility, which forces him to turn his back to "get skinny." When doing so, he often loses sight of the ball, helping his opponent create easy lanes, at times. Lack of ideal flexibility and awareness also evident against cut-blocks, /often knocked to the ground /only has average quickness in getting back up to recover. Good pursuit to the edge, but loses steam quickly and doesn't give much effort downfield. Compared with Gerard Warren - has precisely the combination of size, power, and burst to dominate the middle. The question for scouts will be if he has the work ethic to dominate consistently.

89 *Akeem Spence DT 9 Illinois rJr 6005 307 3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Big, strong and physical - but short. 1.67 Ten-split suggests he;s quick off the ball. Pretty good speed and strength. Good run defender with room to improve rushing the passer.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.12. Combine - Forty: 5.15 . Ten: 1.67. Reps: 37. VJ: 30.0.  BJ: 8-11.

Pro Day (Brandt) — He kept his numbers from the combine, but weighed 306 at the pro day. He also ran the short shuttle, doing so in 4.60 seconds.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Physical tackler and powerful hitter, with good range and mobility for an interior lineman. Good awareness to find the running lane and halt ballcarriers. Not much of a pass rusher but has good experience. Must improve his leverage and timing meeting ballcarriers at the line, and keeping his eyes level to follow the ball and not take himself out of the play. Not much of a pass rusher . Compares to Stephen Paea  - Like Paea, Spence is a strong, stout run defender who has room to grow as a pass rusher.

99 Brandon Williams DT 10 Mo. Southern State rSr 6012 332 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Short. Strong. Good bulk. Thin in lower body (top-heavy). Good arm length. Level of competition in question. Can play outside too. Quick but only in confined areas. Good technician. Not a natural pass rusher. Seems like a good "cog" type who could provide solid backup depth inside.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.09. Combine - Forty: 5.37. Ten: 1.79. Reps: 24. VJ: 29.5.  BJ: 8-6 .

Pro Day (Brandt) - Defensive tackle Brandon Williams weighed in at 332 pounds, but stood by his numbers from the NFL Scouting Combine. Due to a slight hamstring pull and unfavorable conditions (temperatures were at 27 degrees outdoors), Williams was held out of the positional workout. Williams was one of three players to participate in the pro day.

Based on NFLDraftScouts -  Broad-shouldered and bulked up, especially in his upper body. Has the upper body strength to shove opponents into the backfield and disrupt plays before they even have a chance to begin.  Enough short area quickness to slice through gaps. Longer arms (32 3/4) than expected given his stout frame, which he uses well to keep offensive linemen off him. Strong, heavy hands. Played NT and a five-technique DE and has the length and awareness to be similarly versatile in the NFL. Good recognition of screens and draws. Surprisingly light feet and balance to move laterally through the trash with enough phone booth quickness to close. Good strength and aggression on pull-down tackles. Gets his hands up in passing lanes /has good hand-eye coordination and timing to tip passes. Impressive week of practice at the Senior Bowl.

Disproportionately top-heavy build and thinner than ideal lower body (which makes him less effective vs. the run). While active for his size he’s not a quick-twitch athlete capable of providing a consistent pass rush in the NFL. Only phone booth quickness /lacks sustained speed, effort to travel far. Must do a better job of keeping his hands active/ remains blocked when his initial bull rush or first step are handled. Compares to Antonio Garay, - Williams' also had injury issues but wide body and strength could make him a quality run-stuffer at the next level.

122 Jordan Hill DT 11 Penn State Sr 6012 303 4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Effort guy. On the light side. Agile. Plays with low COG. Relentless. Smart. Good range. But not strong - can be bull-rushed. Better in space than in traffic. Sprained knee in 2012.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.06. Combine - Forty: 5.23. Ten: 1.75. Reps: 28. VJ: 22.5.  BJ: 8-7.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Hill kept most of the results he posted at the combine, but did run the 40-yard dash and did the broad jump. He posted times of 5.06 and 5.02 seconds in the 40, and recorded a 9-foot-3 broad jump. He also had 30-inch vertical leap, and was worked out by a Penn State lineman coach.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Good lateral agility with quick feet to sidestep blockers and knife through the offensive line. Flexible body type to make smooth movements and a quick first step when he correctly times up his get-off. Plays low with natural leverage. Ordinary upper body strength but active and strong hands and wrists. Keeps eyes elevated at the LOS to get his hands on passes (even snatched an interception in 2012). Good raw power for his smaller frame / plays with a feisty temperament. Goes hard on every play and can be a pesky player to block with his nonstop motor and effort. Spark plug of Penn State defensive line /. Plays smart./Rangy to make plays outside the numbers.

Light in the pants and can be driven wherever the blockers want. Short stature with limited length and short arms, lacking ideal NFL measurables. Lacks elite upper-body strength to overwhelm offensive linemen. Must improve snap anticipation. Dangerous in space and in 1-on-1 situations but not as effective in a crowd, where he can get lost or pushed around (left knee sprain, playing rest of the 2012 with a clunky brace). Compared to Trevor Laws - Quick, undersized interior player  who project best as rotational and depth player rather than a long-term starter.

131 *Bennie Logan DT 12 LSU rJr 6020 309 4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Well-built, agile and fast for position. Functional strength. Penetrator/pursuer. Good motor, but  a bit lazy in techniques (relies too much on natural ability)...endurance concerns...hasn't improved as much as hoped.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.89. Combine - Forty: DNP. Ten: DNP. Reps: 30. VJ: 25.0.  BJ: 8-8.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Logan had done a private workout for a team earlier and pulled a hamstring. He did not run but had a 28-inch vertical and 8-foot-5 broad jump.

PFW Audibles - "LSU gives the 18 jersey to their hardest worker. They gave it to Bennie Logan this year. He is a very strong plugger with a thick athletic build. He looks every bit the part.

Based on NFLDraftScouts -  Stout frame, thick lower-half and long, strong arms. Quick burst off the snap to slip through gaps. Good upper-body strength, with the functional strength to bull-rush guards and centers deep into the pocket before ripping himself free to pursue the QB. Explosive upper-body strength to shed blocks quickly and latch onto backs who try to run past. Will use an arm-over swim move with some effectiveness. Good lateral agility to "play the keys" and pursue down the LOS. Good hustle laterally.

Hasn’t improved as much as scouts had hoped. Doesn't use his swim move often enough, simply resorting to his bull-rush, which decreases in effectiveness as he tires and loses his pad level. Gets caught up in the hand to hand combat at the LOS and loses track of the ball. Plays with a high-motor but too often relies on effort  alone when his initial burst or push doesn't work, with few complementary moves for a player with his experience. Frequently  substituted in rotation, raising concerns about his readiness to play consistently against better competition in the NFL. Compared to: Brodrick Bunkley - the talent is in Logan to develop into a legitimate NFL starter and perhaps even turn into a standout. But, he'll need to develop a greater array of pass rush moves to do so. Otherwise, his strength and effort should be enough to help him carve out a niche as a solid run-stuffing presence in the middle.

146 Everett Dawkins DT 13 Florida State rSr 6027 292 4th-5th

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.96. Combine - Forty: 5.06. Ten: 1.73. Reps: 23. VJ: 30.0.  BJ: 8-7 .

Pro Day (Brandt) - He ran the 40-yard dash in 5.00 and 5.02 seconds. He kept the rest of the combine results. Dawkins did well in positional workouts.

153 *Kwame Geathers DT 14 Georgia rJr 6053 342 5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Another huge guy. Lacks straight line speed but quick off the ball. Can penetrate. Dancing bear. Lacks pass rushing skill. Relies on size too much/needs to work on improving techniques

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.38. Combine - Forty: 5.44. Ten: 1.88. Reps: DNL. VJ: 26.5.  BJ: 8-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) -- Geathers ran the 40-yard dash in 5.41 and 5.43 seconds, and did the three-cone drill in 7.85 seconds. He had a 29-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot-7 broad jump. He also had 21 strength lifts.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Simply massive with surprisingly even overall weight distribution. Tall with the arm length to go along with his height. Good quickness off the snap, with enough burst to surprise the center and ruin plays before they begin. Strong enough to plant his feet and simply lean to the side to occupy two gaps. Good drag down strength. Significantly improved lateral and downfield hustle in 2012. Surprisingly light on his feet with impressive straight-line speed for a man his size. Rare bloodlines.

Not the sum of his parts. Relies on his size and doesn't play as big as he looks. Struggles with leverage and can get knocked off the ball when his pad level rises. Only average hand quickness and technique / struggles to disengage once blockers get into his chest. Does not get his hands up into passing lanes as much as he should. Offers virtually nothing as a pass rusher, with little flexibility or sustained burst in close areas. Compares To: Paul Soliai,  - Geathers' incredible size and surprising athleticism will make him an intriguing Day Three developmental prospect for a two-gap team.

168 Cory Grissom DT 15 South Florida rSr 6013 306 5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice size, motor. Plays a bit out of control. Some durability concerns.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.14. Combine - Forty: 5.31. Ten: 1.74. Reps: 22. VJ: 27.5.  BJ: 8-1.

Pro Day (Brandt) - The defensive standout had a good position workout and went 4.82 in the 40. He recorded 24 reps in bench press at the standard 225 pounds.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Large lower body with good weight distribution. Good first step quickness to gain leverage on blockers. Moves clean laterally with some natural explosion. Very active and aggressive with a great motor, playing disruptive and showing up constantly in the backfield. Nice job using his hands to shed blocks and break through the LOS. Never quits / tough player to block for all four quarters. Nice arm-over technique will sidestep blockers. Tough - hates to leave the field.  40 career starts and hasn't missed a start the past three seasons.

Tends to play out of control  and ends up on the ground too much. Doesn't always appear to have a plan and must show better gap integrity. Must stay balanced through contact. Gets hung up on blocks and lacks the upper-body strength to rip and shed blockers. Some durability issues in the past. Compares To: Jaye Howard, DT, Seattle Seahawks

181 Montori Hughes DT 16 Tennessee-Martin Sr 6040 329 5th-6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Great size and good speed for size. Trash talker with character concerns. Another big guy who tries to get by solely on his size instead of honing his techniques.

Pre-Combine Forty - 5.04. Combine - Forty: 5.23. Ten: 1.83. Reps: 22. VJ: 26.5.  BJ: 8-8.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Passes the eye test with good bulk throughout his frame. Works hard in the weight room and has added approximately 75 pounds since high school. Moves light on his feet with an explosive first step to beat blockers off the snap. Natural burst to close and finish in a flash. Intense competitive nature / loves to talk on the field. Large, powerful hands to swat blockers and stays balanced through contact.

Questions about whether or not he can keep his head on straight after multiple incidents in Knoxville.. Allows his pad level to rise off the snap and will struggle with leverage at times. Must improve his fundamentals to shed quicker, relying too much on his athleticism  and not technique. Must improve awareness and recognition skills to find the ball quicker and react accordingly. Good motor when he has a full tank, but has known to take some plays off. Most of his production came against FCS-level competition. Compares To: Red Bryant.

194 Josh Boyd DT 17 Mississippi State Sr 6028 310 6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) -  The 1.60 ten-split is elite. Agile and tough enough, but needs to get stronger and more competitive. Needs to clean up some technique issues.

Pre-Combine Forty - 4.96. Combine - Forty: 5.14.. Ten: 1.60. Reps: 32. VJ: 26.5.  BJ: 8-8.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Boyd ran 5.18 and 5.12 in the 40, and 4.71 in the short shuttle. Boyd looked good in the defensive line drills run by Nunn. He also moved very well in the bag drills.

Based on NFLDraftScouts - Body fluidity smoothly redirect s his momentum. Quick-footed and rangy to make plays away from the LOS. Not shy with his punch to extend at the POA. Carries his weight well and looks comfortable changing directions; frequently asked to drop in space in college. Good awareness to hold his point and then chase down the action with closing burst from behind, with the motor to fight through the whistle.

Plays too light at times / struggles with his base strength. Offers a limited array of pass rush moves and is undeveloped as a pass rusher, rarely getting consistent pressure on the pocket. Allows his pads to rise off the snap and needs to improve his anticipation off the ball. Doesn't always finish and must do a better job breaking down on the move. Lacks the natural power to do much after his initial move doesn't work. Sometimes has the bad habit of playing to the level of his competition. Compares to Sen'Derrick Marks.

201 Anthony McCloud DT 18 Florida State rSr 6-2 309 6th
Combine - Not Listed. Pro Day Forty: 5.2.

Pro Day (Brandt) - He ran a the 40-yard dash in 5.21 and 5.24 seconds. McCloud recorded a 28.5-inch vertical jump, an 8-foot-5 broad jump and ran the short shuttle drill in 4.70 seconds. He also finished the three-cone drill in 8.19 seconds. He recorded 24 bench presses. McCloud has very big hands at 11 inches.

214 William Campbell DT 19 Michigan Sr 6-5 318 6th-7th
Combine - Not Listed. Pro Day Forty: 5.15

Pro Day (Brandt) - Campbell ran the 40 in 5.22 and 5.15 seconds. He had a 27-inch vertical jump and an 8-foot-11 broad jump. His short shuttle time was 4.71 seconds and three-cone time was 7.28 seconds. Campbell had 35 strength lifts of 225 pounds. In high school, Campbell was a three-year starter at offensive tackle and a two-year starter at defensive tackle for Cass Technical (Mich.) High School. There is a feeling that he might be a better offensive line prospect than defensive lineman in the NFL.

239 Gilbert Pena DT 20 Mississippi Sr 6-2 334 7th
Combine - Not Listed.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Pena ran the 40-yard dash in 5.52 and 5.51 seconds, ran the short shuttle in 4.88 seconds and had a 7.88-second three-cone drill. He had a 24-inch vertical jump and a 8-foot-0 broad jump. He also had 23 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press. Pena could be selected as high as the seventh round in the 2013 NFL Draft, or be a priority free agent at the draft’s conclusion.

248 Jared Smith DT 21 New Hampshire rSr 6033 302 7th
Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Good strength and explosion reflected by # of reps and jumping scores.

Combine -
Forty: 5.08. Ten: 1.79. Reps: 28. VJ: 32.5.  BJ: 9-7.

 Pro Day (Brandt) - -Smith ran the 40-yard dash twice in 5.01 seconds. He stood on his other numbers from the combine

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