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2013 Draft

Lonnie Pryor FB 1 Florida State Sr 5113 227 4th-5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - More of a pusher/cutter than an exploder as a blocker. Not real big. Not mentioned as much of a receiving option. Fullbacks are gradually being phased out of most NFL offenses.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.54. Combine - Forty: 4.70. Ten: 1.61. Reps: 17. VJ: 30.0. BJ: 9-6. 20S: 4.55. 60S: 12.13. 3C: 7.28.

PFW Audibles - "Lonnie Pryer grades out as a PFA to me, but if there is no one else, maybe he'll get drafted late.  He'll put his hat on people, but he just doesn't have much of a stinger. He ended up having a good game vs. NIU in the (Orange) Bowl because their other two backs were hurt. He'll be a special teams (contributor."

Based on NFL Draft Scouts - Athletic frame with a thick, powerful lower half. Flexible athlete who gets low and explodes, driving his legs on contact to clear a hole or run through tackles. Alert, creative blocker who'll lunge to cut defenders in pursuit of his teammates. Natural runner with better lateral agility and speed than his size would indicate.  A bit of a 'tweener. Built more like a running back than a fullback,with narrow shoulders. Wasn't nearly as quick during his junior season when asked to bulk up. Pushes rather than explodes into defenders on blocks. Compared To: Edgar Bennett.

Zach Line FB 2 Southern Methodist rSr 6004 232 4th-5th
Pre-Combine Forty: 4.65. Combine - Forty: 4.88. Ten: DNP. Reps: 26. VJ: 30.5. BJ: 9-3. 20S: DNP. 60S:DNP. 3C:DNP
Tommy Bohanon FB 3 Wake Forest Sr 6010 246 5th-6th
Pre-Combine Forty: 4.74. Combine - Forty: 4.88. Ten: 1.68. Reps: 36. VJ: 35.0. BJ: 9-11. 20S: 4.42. 60S: 11.94. 3C: 7.27.

Senior Bowl - Nothing stood out.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Bohanon ran the 40-yard dash in 4.76 and 4.79 seconds (improving on his official 40 time of 4.88 from the NFL Scouting Combine). He then stood on the rest of his numbers from the combine. Bohanon looked good in the workouts, and caught the ball well. This is a talented fullback, but the nature of his position in the NFL hinders his value at the next level.

PFW Audibles - "Tommy Bohanon had two games where he caught two TD passes (Duke and Virginia). He's more of a finesse, athletic fullback. They kind of misused him - he didn't have any carries in any of the games I saw. He's smart and tough enough. They even line him up at tight end - it's kind of ridiculous. He doesn not get embarrassed but he's just a wall-off, position-sustain blocker."
Zach Boren FB 4 Ohio State Sr 5114 238 5th-6th
Pre-Combine Forty: 4.78. Combine - Forty: 5.00. Ten: 1.71. Reps: 25. VJ: 32.0. BJ: 9-1. 20S: 4.44. 60S: 12.12. 3C: 7.28.

Pro Day  (Brandt) - Posted a best time of 4.98 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

PFW Audibles - (Describes him as a LB) -"For never having played linebacker. Zach Boren looked pretty good there for the last six games. Obviously, he's going to struggle in the pass game but he looked good vs. the run. He showed natural instincts and leverager and did some positive things."
Braden Wilson FB 5 Kansas State rSr 6034 251 7th
Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice enough height to be an all-purpose H-Back, TE, FB.

Combine - Forty: 4.81. Ten: 1.60. Reps: 22. VJ: DNP BJ: DNP. 20S: DNP. 60S: DNP. 3C: DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Wilson recorded a 33-inch vertical, a 9-foot-5 broad jump, a 4.40-second short-shuttle and a 7.36 three-cone drill.

Kyle Juszczyk FB 6 Harvard Sr 6-2 245 7th-FA
Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - If we were to add a FB to back up Sherman, this dude would be the leading candidate in free agency - probably on the PS and not the regular roster.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.73. Combine -Not Listed.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Juszczyk who was not at the NFL Scouting Combine  ran the 40-yard dash in 4.72 and 4.71 seconds. He had a 37-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot-1 broad jump. He ran the short shuttle in 4.19 seconds and the three-cone drill in 6.93 seconds. He performed 24 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press. Juszczyk played some tight end and H-back for the Crimson, but worked out at fullback at his pro day. He had a very good workout, and I imagine that this showing will earn Juszczyk a draft selection somewhere in the fifth or sixth rounds.

Senior Bowl
- Clearly the lead-blocking cruncher of this year's draft, but position-wise, a possible dinosaur.
Michael Zordich FB 7 Penn State rSr 6-0 233 7th-FA
Combine - Not Listed
Eric Stevens FB 8 California rSr 6-0 242 7th-FA
Combine - Not Listed
Taimi Tutogi FB 9 Arizona Sr 6-1 260 7th-FA
Combine - Not Listed

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