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2013 Draft
This page will be a work in progress and updated frequently. Come back often and watch it develop.

3 Chance Warmack OG 1 Alabama Sr 6020 317 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - The 5.49 combine forty-time was underwhelming, but his game-tape blows you away. Question over who gets drafted first - a LT (Joeckel or Fisher) or a better OG (Warmack). This guy not only anchors well against the inside bull-rush, he also will put tacklers "on roller skates" as he drives them back downfield on running plays. I'm having a hard time deciding between Warmack, Cooper and the 2 LT's - Frankly, I'd be happy with any of the four. (Note - Warmack has longer arms than Joeckel despite the height difference).

Pre-Combine Forty: 5.34 . Combine Forty- 5.49. Ten - 1.83. Reps - DNL.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Warmack ran the short shuttle in 5.01 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.91 seconds.

Based on NFL - Considerably lighter on his feet than his stout frame suggests/adept at meeting and eliminating linebackers at the second level. In pass pro, does a nice job of supplying an initial punch and grasping hold of his opponent, with good lateral agility to slide as well as the anchor to handle powerful bull-rushers. Equally effective when asked to drive defensive tackles off the ball or beat linebackers to the action at the second level. Lack of height may limit his versatility, but he is further along in his development than Fluker and, frankly, makes more eye-popping blocks than Jones. Will probably be relegated strictly to interior blocking in the NFL. Compared with Will Shields. (No incoming rookie truly deserves comparison to a first ballot Hall of Famer like Shields, but Warmack is a rare prospect).

16  Johnathan Cooper OG 2 North Carolina rSr 6021 311 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Moving up the charts separation between Cooper and  Warmack is shrinking. Only thing standing in his way is a shoulder history and a reported lack of dominating strength (though his 35 lifts at the combinne would seem to refute that claim).

Pre-Combine Forty:  5.17. Combine Forty- 5.07. Ten - 1.74. Reps - 35.

Based on NFL - Smooth, coordinated athlete with fluid footwork and outstanding balance, blocking well on the move and constantly getting to the second level. Lacks overpowering strength must cut down on the penalties, but is an extremely effortless mover with explosive quickness in tight quarters. With an impressive senior season, he could be the first offensive lineman out of North Carolina to be drafted in the first round since Harris Barton (Note Cooper  is almost fully recovered from January shoulder surgery).

65 Larry Warford OG 3 Kentucky Sr 6030 332 2nd-3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Road grader. Another big guy. Uses weight well, but- like many large individuals - also has a soft middle and lacks elite speed to get to the second level.

Pre-Combine Forty:   5.34. Combine Forty- 5.58. Ten - 1.92. Reps - 28.

Pro Day (Brandt) -  has a chance to be the highest-drafted offensive lineman from Kentucky since Dermontti Dawson 

PFW Audibles - "...was a lot better as a junior than he was as a senior. He put on weight and didn't move around as well. I always get nervous about guys who might eat themselves out of  the league. He could be one of them.

Based on NFL - Short, squatty frame with broad shoulders, making him difficult for defensive tackles to slip past him in pass pro. Surprising balance and lateral agility in pass pro/can slide in either direction. Uses strong hands to grab hold of the chest plate of the defender and pull him in close, negating any quickness or arm-length advantage the defender might have. Good awareness to handle surprise blitzes with the competitiveness to put away off-balance defenders. Adequate initial quickness pulling. Uses girth and impressive initial explosive pop to knock defenders off the ball. Carries too much weight around his middle. Slow, even for a man of his size. Lacks the straight-line speed to consistently get to the second level quickly enough to make blocks on the move. Will drop his head, making him vulnerable to swim moves. Compared with Uche Nwaneri - similar body-type, mauling style and level of durability.

112 Brian Winters OG 5 Kent State Sr 6040 320 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Big guy who makes up for lack of speed and agility with toughness and power. Has no experience playing inside. Shoulder injury bears watching. (Is this why he could only pump out 9 reps at the combine)? Snyder-comparison by NFLDraftScouts will no doublt annoy some Cardinal rooters.

Pre-Combine Forty:  5.09. Combine Forty- DNP. Ten - DNP. Reps - 9.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Winters ran the 40 in 5.29 and 5.18 seconds. He had a 4.75-second short shuttle and 7.57-second three-cone drill. He had a 27-inch vertical jump and 8-foot-5 broad jump. Winters was unable to lift on the bench press due to a strained pectoral muscle suffered at the NFL Scouting Combine.

PFW Audibles - "...holds his own at left tackle in the MAC, but the bullets fly a lot faster in the league. He can't do it, but he can become a damn good guard. I could see the mushroom heads (O-Line coaches) falling in love with him."

Based on NFL - Naturally large man with good overall weight distribution. At least adequate initial quickness off the snap. Takes short, quick power steps in pass pro and shoots his hands out to corral his opponent. Plays with a wide base and shuffles well laterally to square up with pass-rusher, controlling him with his upper-body strength. Uses his hands and leverage well to control his opponent/seems to enjoy the physicality and one-on-one nature of the game. Strength and tenacity are especially evident when run-blocking, as he latches onto his opponent and keeps driving his legs to finish blocks until the whistle is blown.

Excellent durability and toughness - played through a left shoulder dislocation (third game of the season) that left him at what he described as "70 percent." May not possess the foot speed or flexibility for a LT. Was able to rely on his strength and tenacity in college but consistently plays with a high pad level, negating his own power and losing the leverage battle. Projected as a guard but has no experience inside. Shoulder injury requires a close medical evaluation. Compared to Adam Snyder - value lies in his toughness, physicality, durability and potential versatility.

88 *Alvin Bailey OG 4 Arkansas rJr 6031 312 3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Only Lane Johnson and one other major lineman ran below 5.00 at the combine. Ten-split not so hot. Big, strong guy who was helped by capable surrounding cast but still must clean up a few technique deficiencies. Uses leverage well and can block on the move, but has trouble changing direction abruptly.

Pre-Combine Forty: 5.32. Combine Forty- 4.95. Ten - 1.74. Reps - 27.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Bailey ran a 4.69-second short-shuttle and 7.50-second three-cone drill. He looked good in his positional workouts.

PFW Audibles - "...a big ol' body and has a punch, but I don't know how powerful he is for as big as he is. He'll go somewhere in the third round. There are not many guards."

Based on NFL - A naturally massive man - impressive quickness off the snap / can knock defenders off the ball in the running game. He's athletic enough to handle blocking on the move, but struggles to re-direct if the defenders sees him coming (often is forced to lunge at his opponent, resulting in some impressive knock-down blocks but also an occasional miss). Surrounding cast of linemen helped Bailey in pass pro. Tends to stop moving his feet and attempt to control his opponent with just his size and strength. But for a big man, Bailey shows the ability to block low enough to anchor. He still must refine his game but could earn top 100 consideration.

108 Hugh Thornton OG 5 Illinois Sr 6032 320 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Good size/speed for guard. Has the athletic chops but will need to clean up a bunch of technique issues. One of my "sleeper" picks of this draft.

Pre-Combine Forty: 5.18. Combine Forty- 5.11. Ten - 1.71. Reps - 27.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Kept his numbers from the combine, and weighed 322 at the pro day. He had a very good positional workout.

PFW Audibles - "...If Hugh Thornton checks out medically, he's a plug-and-play starter. He is tough and nasty. He's had a rough background. I've done a lot of digging - he's not going to be for everyone and his card will be pulled off some boards, but I'd like to have him."

Based on NFL - Thick, powerful frame with good arm length. Natural bender who establishes a solid base routinely in pass protection and utilizes lower-body leverage extremely well against longer, taller defenders. Powerful, heavy hands on contact/adept at keeping his frame clean by extending his arms consistently. Impressive upper-body strength to ragdoll and toss defenders aside at POA. Has lateral fluidity and agility to close off the edge/can redirect with some suddenness to thwart the quick counter move. Targets decisively in space and possesses good burst to lead the second-level charge in the run game. Squares up nicely on the run with flexibility and suddenness to adjust to defenders coming from various angles in space. A bit of a nasty streak/will fight to the whistle. Versatile lineman with experience at guard and tackle.

Will get anxious and overextend at times. Leads with his shoulder and will drop his head when engaging defenders in space. Lacks the ideal height and length for a prototypical NFL tackle. Will get too upright in his kick-slide taking him out of position to utilize leverage on contact. Will stop moving his feet, leaving him susceptible to being thrown aside or pulled to the ground. Compared with Sean Locklear -  may not possess the ideal frame to play tackle at the next level, but his physicality, flexibility and natural athleticism will help him compensate. A probable mid-round selection with starter upside.

125 J.C. Tretter OG 6 Cornell Sr 6035 307 4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice size and speed and Ivy League smarts. Will need to get stronger and learn to use leverage better. Should be considered a developmental project.

Pre-Combine Forty: 5.08. Combine Forty- 5.09 - Ten - 1.70. Reps - 29.

Pro Day (Brandt) - No write up (focus was on Steve Tasker's kid).

Based on NFL - Athletic frame with room for additional muscle mass. Quick off the snap, with light feet, lateral agility and balance. Shoots his hands into the chest of his opponent with nastiness to knock off-balanced defenders to the ground. Surprising football intelligence considering his lack of experience. Recognizes blitzes and adjusts to stunts well/will slide off of double-teams and take on the defender looping around. Takes the game seriously showing good attention to detail. An ascending talent who is just scratching the surface of his potential.

Level of competition questions. Will be asked to make the transition inside (due to short arms and lack of foot speed to handle NFL edge rushers). Lacks the strength and use of leverage to anchor against NFL defensive tackles. Clear upside but equally clear as a developmental project. Compared to Herb Taylor (who was originally drafted out of TCU as an offensive tackle but whose smallish frame pushed him inside.

140 Omoregie Uzzi OG 7 Georgia Tech rSr 6-3 302 4th-5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - More quick than powerful. Good explosion off the ball. Good low leverage vs. bull rush. Good pop on contact. Better run blocker than pass protector. Still has technique issues to clean up.

Pre-Combine Forty: 5.26. Combine- DNP. Reps - DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - No write up.

Based on NFL Explosive, quick for his size. Comes off the ball fast, with athleticism to get to the second level quickly. Adjusts nicely on the run. Establishes low leverage to anchor against the bull rush. Effective cut-blocker in Georgia Tech's run-heavy system. Impact pass-blocker when he gets his arms extended and hands inside his opponents' pads. Light, fluid kick-slide in protection, with suddenness to redirect with rusher. Quick, punchy hands to keep rushers out of his chest. Good flexibility in his lower half. Strong initial pop on contact. Targets decisively and can engage and disengage consecutive opponents without losing momentum on the run.

Only average size for the position. More quick than powerful / susceptible to the bull rush.. Doesn't consistently absorb impact with his lower half, and will try to out-muscle his opponent too frequently. Will stop moving his feet in pass-pro and allow defenders to run right by him. Game may be simply moving too fast for him in passing situations / struggles to be decisive on blitz pickups. Overextends frequently off the line - sometimes by design when cut-blocking, but at other times because he bends at the waist and loses his footing. Compared with Jahri Evans. Due to his instincts, strength and athleticism as a run-blocker and struggles in pass pro. Like Evans, Uzzi could prove to be a steal as an immediate-impact run blocker with Day One starting potential.

174 Sam Brenner OG 8 Utah rSr 6-2 307 5th-6th
Combine - DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - No write up.
192 Jeff Baca OG 9 UCLA rSr 6033 302 6th
Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Combine Forty Time and Ten-split while not elite do put him in with the more athletic guards.

Combine Forty- 5.03. Ten - 1.68.
Reps - DNL

Pro Day (Brandt) - Baca did 28 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press, and then stood by the rest of his numbers from the combine. He also participated in the position drills.

198   Earl Watford OG 10 James Madison rSr 6033 300 6th
Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Sounds too good to be true - i.e. when the experts said that the depth of offensive line talent would take teams deep into the middle rounds, Watford may have been one of those guys they had in mind. Nice mid-round pick, but will initially be riding more on potential than results.

Combine Forty- 5.06. Ten - 1.73.
Reps - 24.

Based on - Ranks him 14th best OG - Projects best to a zone blocking scheme due to his athleticism. If given time to adjust to "life in the fast lane", he could develop into a starter. Has a lean athletic frame, is light on his feet, has good flexibility and body control. Quick off the snap and can adjust on the fly. Bends knees and can apply good leverage.  Arms are long enough to warrant a look as an OT. Better than expected strength demonstrated during East West Shrine practices. While he dominated lower-level competition, he relies more on technique, toughness and tenacity than on brute strength. Good but not great ability to adjust at the second level.Can get pushed back into the pocket when his pad-level rises. Plays throught the whistle but  sometimes will "overcompete" and draw flags
210 Braden Hansen OG 11 Brigham Young rSr 6-5 308 6th-7th
Combine - DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - No write up.
216 John Sullen OG 12 Auburn Sr 6-5 340 6th-7th
Combine - DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - No write up.
235 Blaize Foltz OG 13 TCU rSr 6-3 329 7th
Combine - DNP.

Pro Day (Brandt) - No write up.
245 Chris Barker OG 14 Nevada rSr 6025 305 7th
Combine - DNP. Reps - 29.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Barker ran the 40-yard dash in 5.14 and 5.13 seconds. He had a 4.67-second short shuttle, 7.86-second three-cone drill and an 8-foot-3 broad jump. Barker was worked out by one of the scouts in attendance, Adam Engroff, who is one of the best at working out linemen.

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