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2013 Draft
Wide Receivers
This page will be a work in progress and updated frequently. Come back often and watch it develop.

13 *Keenan Allen WR 1 California Jr 6020 206 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice speed (Look for improvement at Combine)...Quick but not real agile. Knee history. Can block. I don't get the feeling we're getting a Megatron or AJ Green in this year's draft.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.53. Combine Forty: DNP. Vert: DNP. BJ: DNP

Pro Day (Brandt) - Allen is dealing with both a knee problem and a hamstring issue. He caught the ball while stationary from Stewart. Allen is scheduled to have a separate workout in Greensboro, N.C. on April 9.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Long, tapered build with prototypical height for the position. Very good all-around athlete. Good initial quickness, balance and lateral agility…smooth accelerator with sneaky build-up speed. Natural big play threat who isn't afraid of contact and has very good vision and patience to set up blocks. Rarely allows passes to get past his hands and into his chest.  - very good hand-eye coordination and a wide catching radius due to his length, flexibility and big hands. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder. Experienced route-runner with extensive experience lining up outside and in the slot. Quick hands and feet to slip past press coverage. …natural savvy running routes, altering his speeds, dipping his shoulder and exploding out of his cuts to separate. Adept at shielding defensive backs from the ball with his size. Wastes little time getting upfield. Competitive, attentive downfield blocker.

Lacks elite straight-line speed. Quick for size, but lacks the elite elusiveness to consistently make defenders miss in tight quarters. Will occasionally drop catchable passes in traffic (will run before securing the ball). Left knee injury will need to be evaluated. Compared To: Jordy Nelson – i.e.  possesses just enough straight-line speed to beat defenders on the outside, as well as the size, toughness and sure hands to attack over the middle.

22 *Cordarrelle Patterson WR 2 Tennessee Jr 6017 216 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice size/good speed. Smart/competitive. But a bit raw and inconsistent. As much upside as anyone in this draft. At this point in time., I'd rate him ahead of Allen

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.46. Combine Forty: 4.42. Vert: 37. BJ: 10-08.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Patterson did 7.21 seconds in the three-cone, slipped in the short shuttle and posted a 4.42, and decided to rest on his combine numbers for the rest of the drills. Patterson had one drop, and needs to work on his route running, but this kid has unlimited potential.

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Solidly-built frame with good height and length….fluid athlete with good initial burst and strength to release to the inside and gain separation in man coverage…excellent vision, controlled footwork, speed, excellent COD  and a strong plant foot to make elusive, sharp cuts. Natural feel with the ball in his hands, making defenders miss with quickness to weave through defenses. A  tough, confident ballcarrier who believes that no one can tackle him, powering through arm tackles and allowing defenders to slide off of him. Very good strength for the position - uses his body, box out defenders and make contested grabs, out-muscling defensive backs. Quick hands and natural adjustment skills to make impressive catches on off-target throws. Coaches rave about his football IQ and his competitive nature and focus. Extremely productive at both the JUCO level and Tennessee.

But he is still developing  as a route-runner and will tip his patterns at times. A natural hands-catcher, but will have concentration lapses and drop easy ones, running before catching. Must scale back his physicality downfield, (won’t get away with some push-offs in the pros).  Bad habit of stopping his feet when running room isn't there - always searches for the home run instead of taking what's there. Has made some mistakes on which punt returns  to fair catch and which ones to let go., Just one year of FBS experience. Mix of Dwayne Bowe and Nate Burleson, - He has the frame and physical downfield nature as Bowe mixed with the speed and quickness of Burleson.

25 Tavon Austin WR 3 West Virginia Sr 5084 174 1st

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Waterbug with insane speed and agility. Walter Mitchell compares his agility to Patrick Peterson's. One of those guys whose athletic ability figures to transcend his small (almost tiny) size. I don't think many teams would roll the dice on Austin to be their #1 or even #2 wideout, but a roster-rich team with draft picks to burn (like New England?) might take that risk due to Austin's incredible ability to make big plays.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.38. Combine Forty: 4.34. Vert: 32. BJ: 10-00.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Austin wasn’t measured and didn’t run any timed drills, but he excelled during the positional workouts. Austin displayed great quickness during the wide receiver drills. One of the NFL teams present had a special teams coach work Austin out as a kick returner.

PFW Audibles - "Tavon Austin is a smurf with speed. He's skinny - waisted and thin-ankled. He's a little guy. He's fast as (bleep) and explosive. I don't know how much of a pounding his body can take. He gets lost in the shuffle as a punt returner and squirts through the line. He won't turn the corner in the NFL the way he does in the Big East."

Based on NFLDraftScout - Video game-like athleticism with rare COD skills. Lateral explosion is something special - excellent at sticking his foot in the ground and bursting in any direction. Knows how to change gears and turn on the jets to blow by others on the field. Very good start/stop ability with patience and vision to quickly survey and waste little time creating, always appearing to have a plan. Goes zero-to-60 in a flash and forces poor angles by defenders, following blocks and anticipating holes to set up his moves. Very good space player and extremely shifty and elusive with the balance and deceiving strength to stay on his feet through contact. Smaller target for defenders to square up and a tough ballcarrier to tackle in motion. Good body control / makes tough catches look easy with quick hands to pluck. Fearless and confident going up for the ball. Tough, gutsy / can take a hit/ works hard to ge't turn the corner for every yard. Versatile skill-set with experience at RB and WR (often used as a decoy). Dangerous return man and very good at weaving through defenders and playing with different gears that others on the field just don't have.  Extremely productive.

Smallish frame and limited length  (durability concern). Will dance too much and get caught going east-west too much. Smaller hands /will have some drops and double-catches, sometimes running before securing the grab.

31 *Robert Woods WR 4 Southern California Jr 6003 201 1st-2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Said to have made Barkley look good during Pro Day. Good knowledge of the inside nuances of the position (like route running and setting up his man). but drops too many balls and tends to be more of a "body-snatcher." Not great YAC numbers. His success may be more a function of his surrounding cast than his ability on its own.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.47. Combine Forty: 4.51. Vert: 33.5. BJ: 9-09.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Woods ran the short shuttle in 4.36 seconds, the three-cone drill in 6.83 seconds, and stood on the rest of his numbers from the combine. Woods had a great pro day workout.

PFW Audibles - "...seemed to get all the hype at USC. The other kid (sophomore Marquise Lee) is the one with all the talent. He's the real deal. You could live with Woods in the slot. He's not special.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Prototypical blend of size and athleticism, Standout at the collegiate level in large part due to his knack as a route-runner. Few at this early stage of their "careers," show the moxie Woods has shown for setting up defenders. But there are some troubling elements to Woods' game -  simply drops too many passes. Often targeted on 10+ passes a game and allows too many throws to get into his pads. Or he simpy takes his eyes off passes to move before securing the ball. Only averaged 11.8 yards per catch over his career. A relatively high proportion of the plays he's made have been created as function of either USC's creative route designs or Matt Barkley's impressive passing.

Don't get me wrong, Woods looks the part of a first round wideout. But based on the number of drops on tape, how he's featured in this offense and the protection he receives by having   Marqise Lee play opposite him, it isn't without question that Woods may beoverrated. Woods' "unquestioned" perch as the leader of the 2013-14 wide receiver corps is shaky... at best.

35 *DeAndre Hopkins WR 5 Clemson Jr 6010 214 1st-2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Solid but not scintillating at all aspects of his game. For every receiver fitting that profile who turn out to be Reggie Wayne, there are 9 others who don't.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.56. Combine Forty: 4.57. Vert: 36. BJ: 9-07.

Pro Day (Brandt) - “He’s going to be the most evaluated player in the draft because he plays faster than his speed indicates. He was an excellent basketball player. He’s got really soft hands and knows how to position his body. He’s probably going to be a second-round pick.” Hopkins had times of 4.58 and 4.57 seconds in the 40-yard dash. He was timed at 6.83 seconds in the three-cone drill. His vertical jump, broad jump and bench were all the same as from combine.

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Nice job catching the ball in stride and immediately creating after the catch with a very good sense of his surroundings, always appearing to have a plan. Deceiving body strength /powers through arm tackles. Tough. Strong hands with above-average body control/ focus to highpoint and attack the ball.. Tracks the deep ball with a second gear to separate and go after it.. Very good short-area burst in his cuts with some beautiful stop-and-go moves and route acceleration to create room. Good shoulder dip and footwork to set up his routes / takes pride in his patterns. Handled quarterback Tajh Boyd's fastballs /can extend to reel-in tough grabs . Uses his body well to box-out defenders / fearless over the middle.

Changes gears well and knows how to turn on the jets. Competitive and physical attitude / wants the ball more than anyone else on the field.. Dedicated himself to the weight room this past off-season. Much improved maturity. Super productive.Lean torso with average height and frame with limited growth potential. Won't break a lot of tackles but has room to get stronger. Will miss a few easy ones, running before he catches.  Will attempt to corral the catch at times instead of using his palms. Lacks track speed.  Still improving his consistency and not yet a finished product. Compares to: Reggie Wayne – i.e. not the biggest or fastest, but can manipulate his routes to create separation and is a reliable pass catcher with the body control, focus and competitive nature.  Will likely fall out of the top-25 picks but prove to be an excellent late first/early second round value

45 Terrance Williams WR 6 Baylor rSr 6020 208 2nd
Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice size and production. No negatives of note. Deserves to be upgraded.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.49
. Combine Forty: 4.52. Vert: 32.5.  BJ: 9-11.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Williams was at the NFL Scouting Combine and stood on his numbers from the event, only doing position drills at Baylor’s pro day. Williams is a really good looking athlete and is a likely second-round selection in the 2013 NFL Draft. I have Williams as the No. 37-rated prospect in this year’s draft.

Senior Bowl - Impressed me most of all the wideouts - classic big, physical receiver in today's mode.

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Looks the part with a lengthy frame and vertical speed to create separation downfield, with excellent footwork along the sideline. Tough runner, with the creative ability to make something happen with the ball in his hands. Not on the same level as Kendall Wright as a pro prospect, but he might be able to do what Wright didn’t last April and be the first senior receiver drafted in 2013.

52 *Justin Hunter WR 7 Tennessee Jr 6040 196 2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Another Tenn. wideout. (Remember Clyde Duncan)? Tall. Good speed for size. Good  Jump Scores = Explosiveness. Physical. Good ball skills. Runs sharp routes. Uses body well. But a bit inconsistent in his mechanics and open field judgment. Ball protection concerns. Must play with more discipline and maturity.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.49. Combine Forty: 4.44. Vert: 39.5. BJ: 11-04.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Had a 40-1/2-inch vertical, 11′ 6″ in the broad jump, 7.19 in the three-cone drill, and was smooth and fluid. 

Based on NFLDraftScout - Tall, long athlete with an exceptional catching radius and reach. Fluid, gliding mover with long strides and deceiving speed to get vertical or make plays after the catch. Strong footwork in/out of his breaks with sharp route quickness to sell patterns and create some separation. He tracks the ball beautifully, adjusting with outstanding body control. Will become a DB downfield to knock balls away and prevent the INT. Has the size/speed combination to attract defensive holding and pass interference penalties in his routes. Has lined up as an X, Y and Z receiver. Lean body type from head to toe /must add more strength and bulk, but lacks the frame to easily do so. Not overly explosive after the catch /a little straight-linish. Plays rushed and must stay under control in his routes and when locating the ball.

Has some bad habits, playing wild at times, jumping when he doesn't need to and losing yardage when he reverses his field trying to do too much. Lacks natural hands /too many body catches and double catches. Doesn't always look the ball into his hands, battling streaky hand/eye coordination. Gets frustrated by off-target throws and lets poor body language show (he has to keep his emotions in-check). Must be more aggressive on 50/50 and jump balls, often lacking the physicality to consistently out-muscle defensive backs. Some alligator arms over the middle Lacks the build to break tackles, but must play tougher - holds the ball too loose after the catch and needs to protect the ball. Some durability concerns because of his lean build, (torn ACL). Struggled against top competition.Compared to  mix of AJ Green and Brian Quick. Has Green's speed and length for the position, but like Quick, he is unpolished in several areas, including inconsistent hands.


56 *Da'Rick Rogers WR 8 Tennessee Tech Jr 6024 217 2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Big, fast, physical and dominating against lower-grade level of competition. Good jump numbers.  Could be a bit more consistent. Reputation as a troublemaker. Small college version of David Boston?

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.52. Combine Forty: 4.52. Vert: 39.5. BJ: 11-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Went to Tennessee, then transferred to Tenn Tech, did 38 in the vertical, kept the rest of his numbers from the combine, and caught the ball well

Based on NFLDraftScout - Proved too strong for most teams to consider pressing - even in big time competition. Versatile, - can line up outside, as well as in the slot. While it is easy to get excited about Rogers' size-speed potential, one of his greatest attributes is simply his toughness, as he absorbed several big collisions and never dropped a pass due to a hit while at Tennessee. He is a powerful runner who fights for additional yardage and has the agility and speed to run away from the pack for explosive plays.

Generally a reliable pass catcher, but will occasionally look to juke the defender before securing the pass, resulting in an occasional bad drop. Until he cleans up the perception that he's a troublemaker, it may not matter how talented Rogers is, NFL teams will be too concerned to give him the first-round grade his talent deserves.

62 Markus Wheaton WR 9 Oregon State Sr 5110 189 2nd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Slender but not imposing size combined with good speed. Great receiving fundamentals. Product of Oregon St. system? Good blocker. Seems underrated. Spoke with Cardinals at Sr. Bowl.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.44. Combine Forty: 4.45. Vert: 37.0. BJ: 10-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Did wide receiver drills. He caught the ball very well, but he had some trouble tracking the ball overhead on long throws.

Senior Bowl - Impressive, good speed/hands. Spoke with Cardinals.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Very good straight-line speed that translates well onto the gridiron. Eats up the cushion due to quick burst off the snap. Good arm-over swim move and the lateral agility to elude when pressed. Very experienced against press coverage. Savvy, athletic route-runner. Can drop his hips with good balance and burst out of his breaks to generate separation. Recognizes holes in zone and settles nicely, keeping the play alive to aid his quarterback. Talented pass catcher. Will snatch passes out of the air with good body control to contort. Good deep ball receiver/ can track the ball over either shoulder. Good lateral agility to elude defenders in tight quarters / effective stiff-arm and good balance to generate yardage after the catch. Alert and a surprisingly competitive blocker given his relatively slight frame. Good bloodlines. Cousin of former Dallas Cowboys defensive back Kenny Wheaton.

Has a narrow frame and is especially thin in his lower body.. Owes much of his statistical success to Oregon State's quick-hitting passing attack, which features a lot of screens and other short routes. Has struggled with drops when attempting to make defenders miss before securing the ball or when trailing back over the middle on drag routes. Compared to Bernard Berrian, - can blame the so-called East Coast bias for his lack of national coverage despite proving himself to be a playmaker over his career. Like Berrian, Wheaton is a big-play threat whenever the ball is in his hands, but his spindly frame could keep him from reaching his maximum potential.

71 Quinton Patton WR 10 Louisiana Tech rSr 600 204 2nd-3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Shorter than pre-combine est. Similar to Wheaton. Lacks explosion. Could be a little more consistent and disciplined.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.52. Combine Forty: 4.53. Vert: 33. BJ: 9-11. Pro Day Forty: 4.48.

Pro Day (Brandt) – He ran 4.48 and 4.50 in the 40-yard dash. He recorded a 37-inch vertical jump and a 9-foot-6 broad jump. Patton kept the rest of his numbers from the combine. He looked very good. Patton had a couple drops early but then looked very good catching the ball. He’s probably going to be a second-round pick.

Senior Bowl - Probably the most impressive receiver there.

PFW Audibles - "...does not make enough plays. He loos good on the hoof,, and I gave him a third-round grade, but I felt like it was too early."

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Athletic build with long arms. Quick accelerator who gobbles up the cushion.  Good quickness, strength and competitiveness vs. press coverage. Sets up the defender with a variety of releases, alternating his gait to keep his opponent off-balance. Consistently catches the ball with his hands, away from his body. Experience as a punt returner is obvious. Good vision to set up blocks and good shake to elude defenders one on one. May not possess elite breakaway speed but has the burst to turn a short pass into a long gain. Tracks the ball very well over his shoulder, with excellent body control to keep his feet in bounds while securing the pass. Alert, competitive downfield blocker.

But may lack elite breakaway speed. Struggles to gain separation on deep passes and while a very good route-runner, doesn't possess true explosiveness out of his breaks. Operates on the borderline of being overly aggressive, drawing the rare offensive pass interference flag. Has generally reliable hands but will drop an occasional pass, especially when defenders are battling with him. Must get stronger and improve his concentration to make the tough grabs with defenders ripping away at his arms. Can make defenders miss but lacks the  strength to run through many arm tackles. Compared to Nate Washington.

79 Cobi Hamilton WR 11 Arkansas Sr 6016 212 2nd-3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Tyler Wilson battery-mate. Same size/speed as Patton but more of a finesse receiver who must be tougher (over the middle, escaping jams and as a blocker). Jump Scores = lack of explosion.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.52. Combine Forty: 4.56. Vert: 29.5. BJ: 8-11.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Hamilton ran the 40-yard dash in 4.58 and 4.56 seconds and recorded a 7.09-second three-cone drill. He looked good in positional workouts.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Gliding athlete with good quickness in-and-out of his breaks and good, but not great, vertical speed. After the catch, he's good at slipping defenders and racing down the field. Used a lot on movement routes to catch the ball in stride and create. Smooth body control with excellent adjustments to back shoulder and off-target throws. Nice job securing away from his frame, making consistent hand catches with good hand/eye coordination. Tough at the LOS and in tight coverage. Benefited from his chemistry with quarterback Tyler Wilson in college with top-shelf production, including the school-record for career catches.

Lean frame and lacks body strength. Must do a better job fighting for the ball on contested throws /too much of a finesse receiver. Room to improve his footwork  - to stick his foot in the ground and decisively go. Will have concentration lapses and drops, allowing too many balls into his body. Tends to round off routes /must be tougher over the middle. Gets himself in trouble when he retreats to pick up extra yards. Not the most aggressive blocker and will sneak out of bounds instead of picking up every yard he can. Durability concerns with a concussion history and ankle issues.

82 Stedman Bailey WR 12 West Virginia rJr 5102 193 2nd-3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Played opposite Austin. More of a #2 or slot guy than a primo receiver. Great grasp of the fundamentals of the position, but lacks explosion. Durability concern (ankle). Tends to lose interest when not directly involved in play. A bit undisciplined on the field; plus off-the-field character red flag.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.49. Combine Forty: 4.52. Vert: 34.5. BJ: 9-09.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Bailey posted times of 4.62 and 4.66 running the 40-yard dash. A long strider for a wide receiver, Bailey looked good in the position workouts. He did have one drop on the day.

PFW Audibles - "Oklahoma could not stop Steadman Bailey and they have a good defense. You have to take into consideration he's going to need some route work coming off that spread offense. Look around the country and tell me where the playmakers are. He makes plays

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Tracks the ball very well with outstanding body control and timing on deep passes. Excellent hand/eye coordination and is a natural hands-catcher, making tough catches look easy. A balanced athlete with quick feet in/out of his breaks and the agility in the open field. A smart route-runner who knows how to bait defenders and draw defensive pass interference penalties. Excellent patience and burst in his routes with good stop-and-go motions to release at the LOS to gain a step or work back to the ball. Adept at gaining inside position / uses his body well, to do a nice job catching the ball in stride. Has a RB-like build with a little bit of power for the position and strength to pick up yards after contact. Some wiggle after the catch and  not always easy to bring down with his slippery run style.

Extremely productive over his career. Good starting experience, lining up all over the offense.Lacks ideal height, length and leaping ability including the large catching radius of other receivers. Doesn't have great explosiveness to beat defenders with speed alone, lacking the same suddenness as his teammate Tavon Austin. Doesn't always appear invested in the play when it isn't designed to go his way. Limited experience and production on special teams Must learn to play smarter (flagged for elebration penalty after a touchdown vs. Baylor). Battled a gimpy left ankle much of the 2012 season and has some minor durability issues. Some character concerns after he was cited for stealing over-the-counter cold medication a year ago. Compared to a blend of Steve Smith and Golden Tate - i.e. has the build and athleticism of Tate,and the toughness and downfield playmaking ability of Smith

96 *Kenny Stills WR 13 Oklahoma Jr 6004 194 3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Decent size, blinding speed (a 1/10th second faster than pre-combine estimate). Can play the position. DUI arrest in 2011.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.49. Combine Forty: 4.38. Vert: 33.5. BJ: 10-04.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Stills ran the short shuttle in 4.13 seconds and the three-cone drill in 7.13 seconds (keeping his numbers from the combine in the other drills). He caught the ball well with only two drops in his positional workout, and looked very smooth as a receiver.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Smooth athlete with the natural speed and quickness to create separation while making some acrobatic catches look easy. Good body flexibility and acceleration to catch-and-go, making plays after the grab. Lacks ideal size and physicality. Needs to show better consistency and focus to make the easy catches. Also must answer some maturity questions after a couple off-field concerns, including a DUI arrest in 2011

102 Ryan Swope WR 14 Texas A&M rSr 6001 205 3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Shaved nearly 2/10th seconds off forty time. More athletic than expected. Good football skills. Suited for slot receiver. Could be underdrafted sleeper.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.53. Combine Forty: 4.34. Vert: 37. BJ: 10-05.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Swope — who grabbed a lot of attention for running a 4.34-second 40 in Indy — stood on his numbers from the combine. Former Texas A&M quarterback Jerrod Johnson — the Aggies’ starter before Ryan Tannehill emerged as starter — threw passes to Swope, who looked good in the workout.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Not a flashy athlete but he's a terrific football player. Has the ideal build for a slot receiver in today's NFL and is an accomplished route-runner with sticky hands. Lacks the elite speed to run away from defenders with the consistency that his big plays last season might lead you to believe but isn't just a safety outlet, either. Regardless of what his statistics may or may not be in 2012, Swope has already demonstrated the toughness and consistency NFL scouts are looking for. Don't be surprised when he earns a top 100 selection and winds up enjoying a more successful NFL career than some of the elite athletes selected ahead of him.

106 Aaron Dobson WR 15 Marshall Sr 6030 210 3rd

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Like Swope - probably a better football player than athlete (except that he's bigger than Swope). Could block better. Not very quick-twitch, but executes receiving fundamentals well.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.53. Combine Forty: DNP. Vert: DNP. BJ: DNP. Pro Day Forty: 4.42

Pro Day (Brandt) - Despite a relatively quiet season for the Thundering Herd, Dobson impressed with the spotlight on during Marshall’s pro day. Dobson posted a 4.42 and 4.44 for the 40-yard dash to go along with a 4.29 in the short shuttle ran the three-cone drill in 7.2 seconds. He also put up the bar 16 times in the strength drill. An injury kept the wideout out of a game and a half last season, and the team’s desire to get playing time for some of the younger players led to Dobson’s decreased productivity. Dobson looked great catching the ball during drills. The wide receiver is an excellent athlete who is also a strong basketball player.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.

PFW Audibles - "...may be a No. 3 receiver. I thought Brian Quick was bigger and better. They both have that basketball player build. I don't see the speed to go vertical."

Based on NFLDraftScout - Savvy route-runner whose body control and reliable hands made him a standout at the Senior Bowl. Good attention to detail. Sets up defensive backs well, selling his routes to push defensive backs deep even on running plays with strength and determination as a downfield blocker. Consistently works his way back to the quarterback. Can leap high, contort his body and haul in difficult passes in deep coverage. Very good hand-eye coordination and will make the difficult reception look easy. Consistently will make the reception despite defenders in close proximity. Voted team captain in 2012.

May be a better football player than athlete and therefore lack upside. Good, not great quick-twitch athleticism to make defenders miss in tight quarters /lacks elite top-end speed. Smaller than expected hands and not the punishing blocker his size would indicate a(though he made improvements in this area as a senior) Compared to Sidney Rice. Could emerge as a starting caliber split end despite less than ideal straight-line speed.

118 Denard Robinson WR 16 Michigan Sr 5104 199 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Fascinating when he entered Michigan as a Michael Vick type "running QB", but injury to elbow forced him to play WR where he is very very raw. Projects to high mid-rounds, although there are a few scouts who rave about his athleticism and rate him near the top of the receiving pack.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.39. Combine Forty: 4.43. Vert: 36.5. BJ: 10-03.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Robinson was the only player from Michigan who participated at the NFL Scouting Combine. Robinson stood by his combine numbers (he did run an official time of 4.43 seconds in the 40-yard dash). At Michigan’s pro day, Robinson caught balls as a receiver, and did also worked out as a running back and return specialist. His best NFL position might be running back — even if he worked out at receiver at the combine and played quarterback while at Michigan — as he can really make things happen when the ball is in his hands It will be a coach’s choice in the NFL for where Robinson ultimately lines up. Whichever team Robinson winds up with him will need to have a plan in mind.

Senior Bowl - Impressive speed and athleticism for alien position.

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Track-like speed with balanced explosion and COD ability to create with the ball in his hands. Versatile athlete who can big a big-play threat lining up at a number of positions. Suffered nerve damage in his elbow that prematurely ended his quarterback career at Michigan.  Extremely streaky as a passer with too many inconsistent decisions, low-percentage pass attempts and messy mechanics. Less than ideal attention to detail as a route-runner. Struggles with drops, and allows far too many passes to get into his pads. Fights the ball as a receiver and lacks sharpness in his routes (two areas that need improving before he is ready for the NFL). Also needed help on where to line up pre-snap on several occasions, indicating just how raw he is at the position. Struggled to field punts during Senior Bowl practices. With hot/cold accuracy and a frame under 6-feet, scouts are viewing Robinson as a Randel-El-type of prospect and more of a mid-round athlete rather than a quarterback.

125 Conner Vernon WR 17 Duke Sr 6-1 200 3rd-4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - "Steady Eddie" with good size and poor speed, but nothing spectacular.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4,.53. Combine Forty: 4.68. Vert: 32.5 BJ: 10-5.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Lacks elite size and speed  for the position, but he knows how to get open and is a quarterback's best friend with his reliable hands. Runs sharp, precise routes with very good footwork to create a little separation and snatch the catch away from his frame. There is nothing flashy about his game and he lacks the tools to be a consistent starter in the NFL, but Vernon's competitive attitude and savvy ability to get open and secure the grab could push his draft value into the middle round range.

144 Chris Harper WR 18 Kansas State rSr 6006 229 4th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Big guy with nice speed (1/10th second slower than preseason est) and decent ball skills but who lacks exceptional COD/acceleration skills.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.46. Combine Forty: 4.55. Vert: 35.5. BJ: 9-08. Pro Day Forty: 4.45.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Harper ran the 40 in 4.45 and 4.50 seconds. He ran the short-shuttle in 4.26. He looked good catching the ball.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.

Based on NFLDraftScout - A coordinated athlete with above average body control and focus, tracking the ball beautifully and snatching it out of the air with his reliable hands. Not overly explosive and more of a one-speed player, but has been improving each game as a route runner and is an effective perimeter blocker with a strong core for the position. While not a track star, he has good-enough football speed and is one of the more underrated receivers in the 2013 class.

161 Tavarres King WR 19 Georgia rSr 6002 189 4th-5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Agile with good speed but only so-so hands. A bit slender and may not be big enough or durable enough for a starting role.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.49. Combine Forty: 4.47. Vert: 36.5. BJ: 10-03.

Pro Day (Brandt) - King opted to stand on his combine numbers and only did position drills at Georgia’s pro day.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Great lateral agility, acceleration and generally reliable hands. Has the stop-start-go elusiveness to consistently make defenders miss and enough straight-line speed to beat them over the top. His fluidity during drills at the Senior Bowl was also impressive, as he showed the foot quickness and balance to chop his feet and turn quickly. Also the best on his squad at getting off press coverage. Has a lean, almost skinny build, especially in his lower body. Inconsistent pass catcher. Occasionally allows easy passes to slip through his fingers as he attempts to make defenders miss before securing the ball. May be limited to lining up outside due to his lean frame. Compared to Emmanuel Sanders - has the agility and straight-line speed to achieve success in the NFL, but his lean frame and inconsistent hands may make him a better complementary option rather than a front-line starter.

xx Ace Sanders WR 19T South Carolina JR 5070 173 5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Waterbug who lacks the blazing speed of a Tavon Austin. Subpar Jump numbers suggest lack of explosion (not good for a slot guy). Ball protection issues. All Name Team.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.50. Combine Forty: 4.58. Vert: 32.0. Jump: 9-09.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Only coverage of SC was a lengthy write-up of Lattimore.

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Extremely dangerous with the ball in his hands. Excellent stop-start quickness and lateral agility -  a nightmare to tackle in the open field. Explosive initial acceleration. Excellent vision and feel for setting up his blocks. Patient, creative runner who is always a threat to go back against the grain. Good straight-line speed and late burst to pull away. Will pluck the ball from outside  his frame. Tracks the ball well over his shoulder with good hand-eye coordination and timing to make the diving grab. Good toughness and concentration to handle slot responsibilities. Fights through arm tackles and is tough to tackle due to his naturally low center of gravity. Doesn't back down to size and physicality over the middle.

Significantly undersized. More quick than fast and is a bit of a one-trick pony as an interior receiver. Made most of his plays at South Carolina on quick screens, drag routes and occasional deep balls and is therefore lacking in his route progression. Doesn't switch the ball to his outside arm consistently and will allow the ball to swing too freely.Compared to Roscoe Parrish - more dangerous as a returner than a receiver. His secure hands and toughness, however, could make him a dangerous target out of the slot in the right offense


168 Aaron Mellette WR 20 Elon rSr 6023 217 5th

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.53. Combine Forty: 4.54. Vert: 33.5. BJ: 10-3.

Senior Bowl - Nothing special.
171 Marquise Goodwin WR 21 Texas Sr 5087 183 5th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Cut a full second off an already-insane 4.36 forty. (Figures to be upgraded considerably based on recent scouting commentary). Broad jump number was darned good too. Being compared with Austin (similar skill-set). Evidently is improving various aspects of his game to bring them in line with his blazing speed. Like Sanders, another slot guy only much faster.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.36. Combine Forty: 4.27. Vert: DNP. BJ: 11-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Goodwin is a world-class track and field athlete, and is a two-time NCAA champion (and Texas record-holder) in the long jump and a four-time All-American. Not surprisingly, he posted the fastest 40-yard dash time at the NFL Scouting Combine (officially at 4.27 seconds). At Texas’ pro day, Goodwin recorded a 42-inch vertical jump and an 11-foot-5 broad jump (topping his combine number of 11-foot-0).

Senior Bowl - Speed to burn, Looked good in game.

Based on NFLDraftScout - World-class speed. Looked more polished as a route-runner at the Senior Bowl than he had shown previously; more flexible in his patterns and breaks, catching just about everything thrown his way. Explodes off the line and hits another gear when the ball is in the air. Versatile playmaker who can add value by getting the ball into his hands in the backfield or as a kickoff and punt returner. Undersized - relegating him to a slot position. Can be jammed at the line, taking him out of the play. Lackluster senior season highlighted raw route-running. Generally failed to impress on film.

188 Alec Lemon WR 22 Syracuse Sr 6010 202 5th-6th

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.58. Combine Forty: 4.59. Vert: 32. BJ: 9-04.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Lemon had a 36-inch vertical jump and 9-foot-8 broad jump, and then decided to stand on the rest of his numbers from the combine. Lemon looked good catching the ball from Nassib in the positional workout.

191 Josh Boyce WR 23 TCU rJr 5110 206 5th-6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Slot guy who knocked off nearly 2/10th seconds off his forty time to run in the 4.3's. Nice BJ number.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.54. Combine Forty: 4.38. Vert: 34.0. BJ: 10-11.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Considered a pretty good prospect in the 2013 NFL Draft, but was unable to work out at the pro day. He had surgery to repair a Jones Fracture on his foot on Tuesday and will be sidelined 6-10 weeks

Based on NFLDraftScout - Boyce lines up outside in the Horned Frogs' scheme but projects nicely as a slot receiver in the NFL due to his build, competitiveness and savviness as a route-runner.

198 Rodney Smith WR 24 Florida State Sr 6043 225 5th-6th

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.59. Combine Forty: 4.51.Vert: 34.5. BJ: 10-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) - He kept everything he performed at the combine. He had a workout with a note that he needs a development year as a wide receiver.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Good combination of size and athleticism for the position. Does a good job of location and adjusting his lanky but fluid frame to make a play on the ball. Struggles to play up to his size and must do a better job of finishing downfield. Too often doesn't complete catches / allows the defensive back to out-muscle him.

208 *Brandon Kaufman WR 25 Eastern Washington rJr 6050 216 6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Terrific size but disappointing speed. (might be better suited for a flex TE). Injury and level-of-competition concerns, but interesting value in the 6th round.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.58. Combine Forty: 4.67. Vert: 33.5. BJ: 9-07. Pro Day Forty: 4.58

Pro Day (Brandt) - Kaufman ran the 40 in 4.58 seconds with the wind and 4.63 against the wind. He had a 35 1/2-inch vertical jump. His short shuttle time was 4.55 seconds and the three-cone drill was done in 6.96 seconds. Kaufman was at the NFL Scouting Combine.

Based on NFLDraftScout -: Good size, deceptive build-up speed and reliable hands. Consistent producer. Obviously concern over level of competition (although Kaufman was productive when pitted against FBS defenses). Missed the 2011 season due to injuries.

209 Marcus Davis WR 26 Virginia Tech rSr 6030 233 6th

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Another big guy but with decent speed (though slower than expected) for size. High jump numbers suggest nice explosion. ( Plays a bit absent-minded at times. A Hokie (like Arians). Could he grow into a flex TE

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.47. Combine Forty: 4.56. Vert: 39.5. BJ: 10-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) — Davis ran the 40-yard dash in 4.50 and 4.48 seconds. He had a 39-inch vertical jump and did the short shuttle in 4.20 seconds. Davis really worked out well.

Based on NFLDraftScout -  Big-framed athlete with a well-proportioned frame and good muscle definition. Good football speed / plays fast with the vertical ability to burst past defenders in single coverage. Fluid body control / explodes after the catch, with dynamic ability with the ball in his hands. Very good extension and leaping ability to attack the ball at its highest point. Similar skill-set to Dez Bryant and a very good upside. Not a refined route runner (often ran wrong pattern and appeared on different page than quarterback). Doesn?t consistently catch the ball cleanly and isn't reliable on throws away from his body. Must do a better job gaining body position and timing his jumps. Too many mental mistakes / doesn?t play like a senior or leader. Plays lazy and is unreliable at times. Looks disinterested and is a tough guy to figure out ? What makes him tick?

222 Uzoma Nwachukwu WR 27 Texas A&M Sr 6-0 195 6-7

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.52. Combine - Not Listed.

Pro Day (Brandt) — Nwachukwu was not invited to the combine. He ran the 40 in 4.47 and 4.45 seconds. He had a 39 1/2-inch vertical jump and a 10-foot-10 broad jump. His short shuttle time was 4.28 seconds and had a 6.78-second three-cone drill. He looked very good catching the ball from Johnson.

233 Jasper Collins WR 28 Mount Union Sr 5-10 183 6-7

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Mount Union dominated its level of competition this past season. Too big to be a legitimate waterbug - better fits the description of a somewhat smaller Paul Warfield.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.53. Combine - Not Listed.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Smooth route-runner with very good foot quickness and burst out of his breaks to keep the defender off-balance. Good at setting up his patterns with excellent conviction and patience. Can lure cornerbacks toward him on stop-and-go routes before bursting downfield. Good hands /could serve as a punt returner (three punt returns for scores in college). Obvious concern about  level of competition. Lacks elite top-end speed. On the small side, which will likely limit him to slot roles in the NFL.

238 Corey Fuller WR 29 Virginia Tech rSr 6022 204 6-7
Combine Forty: 4.43. Vert: 31.5. Jump: 10-0.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Fuller ran the short shuttle in 4.45 seconds and did the three-cone drill in 7.17 seconds. He stood on the rest of his numbers from the combine. Fuller also had a good positional workout.

252 *Marquess Wilson WR 30 Washington State Jr 6025 194 7

Big Red Sheet (Gollin) - Nice height but a bit pencil-thin. Decent speed and good ball and route skills. Could be a diamond in the rough.

Pre-Combine Forty: 4.53. Combine Forty: 4.51. Vert: 34.5. BJ: 10-2.

Pro Day (Brandt) - At a workout with the New England Patriots at U of Iowa on March 22, Tuel will be joined by receiver Marquess Wilson  who was at the combine — at that workout.

Based on NFLDraftScout - Though not a classic burner, the lean and athletic Wilson is a natural pass-catcher with impressive body control and deceptive speed. He needs to continue to get bigger and stronger (on tape he looks closer to 175), make his route-running more precise and develop a bit more explosiveness. A naturally long-strider who is at his best running under deep balls or using his long arms and body control to beat defenders in jump-ball situations

258 Zach Rogers WR 31 Tennessee Sr 6-0 179 7
Combine - Not Listed. Pro Day Forty: 4.49.

Pro Day (Brandt) - Ran 4.49 and 4.50 in the 40-yard dash, did 9′ 7″ in the broad jump, a 32 vertical, 4.30 short shuttle and 6.72 three-cone.

264 Tyrone Goard WR 32 Eastern Kentucky rSr 6037 205 7
Combine Forty: 4.50. Vert: 36.0. BJ: 10-3.

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