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2013 Draft
Round One Rumors
As of 4/25/12

Pick Team Buzz Latest Projection
1 Kansas City Local media seems to think it will be Joeckel, but theycould draft Fisher, & there's a lot of PR posturing that suggests they'd like to trade down. Albert trade still not consummated but is expected to be Joeckel
2 Jacksonville Latest buzz is either Fisher or Joeckel but Barkely's name has surfaced (maybe after a trade down)? Probably won't trade pick. Early local buzz hints at Jordan. Fisher
3 Oakland Trying to trade down - otherwise BPA. Floyd receiving most love in local media. Fisher top pick. If he's not there, Floyd. Could take Geno Smith. Floyd
4 Philadelphia Lane Johnson getting most draft day buzz. Have it narrowed to 4 players but want to trade down. Jordan played for Kelly. Lotuleilei on radar. Canceled visit with Milliner.  Lane Johnson better fit for active Kelly offense. I think Austin or G Smith may be the 4th guys they're considering but not this high. L Johnson
5 Detroit Just a gut feeling that,the Lions will not let Jordan get past #5. Not seeking to trade up for top pick; more likely to try to trade down (LaConfora). CB not a priority. Open to taking an OG - Leaning Warmack. Warmack and Milliner visiting. Checking out TE Dion Sims. Jordan
6 Cleveland Milliner a priority (Pauliine), but there are late hour knocks on his durability. Hayden could be another option but probably not this high. Mingo in play (could be trade bait) Seeking to trade down. Milliner
7 Cardinals If Jordan falls to here, I think Keim will grab him. If not, I think the Cards will stay with Cooper or Warmack. Keep an eye on Jarvis Jones as a longshot at #7. Potter could move to LG (suggesting that we wouldn't take Warmack or Cooper?). If one of the 3 OT's should fall here, we'd take him, but odds are highly unlikely.  Wecould trade down a little bit and hope to draft a guard or Fluker if a few guys we liked were still on our board. A relatively low number of prospects (20) said to have visited: QB (6): Barkley, Glennon, Landry-Jones, Nassib, Scott, G Smith. RB (4): Michael, D Washington, Murray, K Davis. WR(2): Wheaton, Buckner. TE: Kasa, No OL's. DL/LB (4): Ansah, D Jordan. LB: Alonso, Magee. DB 3): Milliner, Mathieu, Cyprian. Keep an eye on these guys - In the past, the Cards have tapped into pool like this in later rounds. Cooper
8 Buffalo Barkely's name has surfaced, but we're having trouble believing that they'd draft Nassib or Barkley this high. (Geno maybe, but not the other guys). G Smith
9 Jets They now have Tampa's #13 and could package this pick, #13 &/or a later pick to move up and grab Milliner. Most local buzz involves Mingo (here or at #13), but J Jones' name has surfaced  Could target a TE but not this high.  According to ESPN-NY, they're not interested in Eifert here, but could be targeting Ertz in the next round. Interested in Austin. Setting sights on Mingo. Working out Geno, meeting with Manuel and Dysert. Interested in Swearinger and Cyprian. Earlier rumor had them trying to trade down to stockpile more picks. Mingo
10 Tennessee The big DT hard to ignore at #10. Say they need a cover corner. Vaccaro, Schwenke, Elam visiting. Part of Pugh, Mingo, Cyprian tours Lotuleilei
11 San Diego Charger OL is a nightmare. Warmack great value here.  Met with Te'o. Warmack
12 Miami Miami had been linked with Rhodes. But Hayden has come from out of nowhere and, if Miami wants a corner, Hayden now would be their guy. Intrigued with Watson. Sounds like a team that wants to trade up or down. Albert trade still "in process.". Expressed interest in Eiftert or Austin. Don't feel they need to take a CB early. Said to be interested in DT's Lotuleilei and Richardson. Hayden
13 Jets (fr TB) They could also take Austin at #9 and Mingo here.Traded Revis to TB for pick and could set their sights on another CB (despite having Kyle Wilson opposite Cromartie). I could see them packaging both 1st round picks or a 1st plus a later pick to move up to grab Milliner. Austin
14 Panthers Say they do not plan to trade up from here. Need help inside on defense. Richardson
15 New Orleans Most mocks point to J Jarvis Jones (who are we to disagree)? Rob Ryan needs to reload. Ansah is moving up fast and could go higher but he's a high risk/high reward prospect. J Jones
16 Rams 1 Could take a WR (Austin or Hopkins) with either 1st round pick), but a primo TE would be an even better security blanket for their QB.  Fluker under consideration here. Vaccaro mentioned twice combining #16 and #22...Brandt - Rams need to replace S Jackson with a bruiser, so Lacy or Ball could be a possibility (but not this high) Eifert
17 Pittsburgh Their OLB's are getting long in the tooth. Ansah - despite the risk - could be the answer. Said to prefer Bray over other rookie QB's (I doubt this high, though). J Jones Austin or Rhodes. Some talk about RB - possibly Lacy. Ansah
18 Dallas Need OL help and could go Fluker, but most mocks associate them with Vaccaro. Sylvester Williams a possibility. Mingo Warmack or Werner. Want an OL. Vaccaro
19 Giants We hear Ogletree, Te'o or Fluker., but Watson's surfacing on a few late mocks.  Would love to move up to grab Warnack. Showing interest in TE Dion Sims. Ogletree
20 Chicago Te'o Ogletree, Fluker. They need receiving help opposite Marshall....Te'o a logical replacement for Urlacher but a bit risky at #20. On Cyprian tour list. Te'o
21 Bengals Watson (logical replacement for A Smith), but Fluker's still available....also said to be looking at TE's so don't discount Eifert or Ertz. Fluker
22 Rams 2 They're not going to reach for a pick, but they need a replacement for Steven Jackson and Lacy would look nice here. Patterson mentioned twice at #16 and here. Lacy
23 Minnesota 1 MLB a need. Late trade chatter. Considering a trade upward to secure elite WR or CB. Wants to add a couple of WR's somewhere in draft. Patterson, Short or K Allen...Lost Harvin. Ogletree and Te'o visiting. S Williams
24 Indianapolis Woods made Barkley look good. S Williams, Hunter, Te'o...Luck needs help at receiver. There's a run on them Woods
25 Minnesota 2 Need a CB. Rhodes falls due to emergence of Hayden higher up. Banks, Te'o or S Williams. Another Williams in the defensive middle. Rhodes
26 Green Bay Ball, Elam or Eifert Elam
27 Houston Hopkins Woods or Elam...On Cyprian tour list. Hopkins
28 Denver Several late mocks have them taking Werner. Hunt a possibility. Dysert visiting. 2 for Trufant. Interested in RB's Michael and LeV Bell. Werner
29 New England Pats love to grab raw athletes and mold them. Unlikely to trade up. Met with Wheaton, TH Simon and Woods. 2 for Hunt Hunt
30 Atlanta Would like to trade up to grab Jordan, Milliner, Rhodes or Trufant). Seeks to add OL ballast but not in 1st round....Trufant a possibility...Looking at TE's despite Gonzalez re-signing. Ertz
31 Niners Need to replace Gholston..Probably will package extra picks to trade up...lost Sopoaga. Cyprien
32 Baltimore Expressing interest in Carradine. Taking close look at Fragel. Elam, Minter Carradine...Te'o makes sense here. Newsome says the "comfort level" with Te'o and his off the field issues is good.  So does Elam as a replacement for Ed Reed Minter
33 Jags This is where teams try to trade up - especially to grab a QB. Jags saidn not to be sold on Gabbert. Barkley
34 Niners SF is loaded everywhere. Can take BPA. Need a backup QB & run could begin here. Manuel
35 Philadelphia Meeting with Lattimore. Want to get bigger on defense Hughes
36 Detroit Must give Stafford more weapons. Need RB help. Ball
37 Cincinnati Dalton needs someone to take some of the heat off J Jones. S Bailey
38 Cardinals Watson is BPA. (O-line would be upgraded with addition of Watson and Cooper). If they draft an edge rusher first, they figure to draft a couple of OL with the next two picks. Could also use help at safety (to replace A-Dub's presence). Or this could be where they roll the dice on a QB. (I like Matt Scott nearly as well the other top guys - but he might not be available later. You rolls the dice and takes your chances). In each round of every draft, there are at least one or two surprise players who fall thru the cracks. BPA figures to be Swearinger, but Cards could opt to draft a G, C or T here; Quesenberry, Schwenke or Warford strong possibilities M Watson
51 Redskins    
56 Seahawks    


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