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2014 Draft
This page will be a work in progress and updated frequently. Come back often and watch it develop.

1 Jay Prosch FB 196+ Aubutn rsr 6000 258 3rd-4th

Est. Forty Time: 4.70...Illinois transer...named one of top 10 Craziest Athletes in College Football for his power lifting feats (broke Ratliff's and Ronnie Brown's Tiger record for the power clean of 380).....Transfer from Illinois...Weighs way over 250 but looks like he weighs 230."...No major write-up info

Pro Day - Ran a 4.72 forty......

3 JC Copeland FB 196+ LSU Sr 5110 271 5th-6th

Combine Forty Time: 4.95...No major write-up info

Combine (RB07) - Hand: 10; VJ: 28.5; BP: 23;.VJ: 28.5; BJ: 111; 3C: 7.60;.20S: 4.58....

4 Chris Coyle FB/TE 196+ Arizona St rSr 6020 240 6th-7th

17th rated TE by Walter's Football who describes him as "an underized TE who is a good receiver...

5 Chad Abram FB 196+ Florida State Sr 5110 236 7th

Est. Forty - betw. 4.53 and projects him as a "priority FA pickup" this draft season. His college coach (Jimbo Fisher) says he has "NFL potential."...

Pro Day: Forty: 4.65...BP: 21; VJ: 35.5; BJ: 10-7; 20S: 4.57; 3C: 7.17;

2 Trey Millard FB 196+ Oklahoma Sr 6020 247 7th-FA

Est. Forty Time: 4.65...H Back type...thick build, good top speed...durable...good intangibles....competitive...better than average agility...pretty good inside runner...excellent hands/good receiving skills.

Combine (RB22) - Arm: 31, Hand: 9 1/8...


6 Ryan Hewitt FB 196+ Stanford rSr 6040 246 7th-FA

Est. Forty Time: 4.95...decent height/weight for H-Back...average speed for FB/below average for TE...passionate about game/good intangibles...more TE than FB...lacks power in the lower half...few carries during college....versatile and pretty good receiver....gets clean release off LOS......No major write-up info...

Combine (RB15) -

7 Whitlock FB 196+ Wake Forest rSr 5110 254 7th-FA

Est. Forty Time: 4.90...No major write-up info...

8 Gator Hoskins FB 196+ Marshall Sr 6020 244 7th-FA
No major write-up info...
9 CJ Zimmerer FB 196+ Nebraska rSr 6000 230 7th-FA

 Est. Forty Time: 4.80...No major write-up info...


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