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2014 Draft
This page will be a work in progress and updated frequently. Come back often and watch it develop.

3 Teddy Bridgewater QB 29 Louisville Jr 6022 214 1st

Didn't run at Combine...Good head, solid mechanics. ("Sharp football mind - SI). Accurate clutch passer...possibly best suited for West Coast scheme...Played in pro system. Good mobility. Mature and grounded individual. Taller version of Russell Wilson. Accurate; cool under pressure...a bit slender...small hands...questions about his athleticism but he may surprise you (maybe not as athletic as Manziel or Bortles but plenty good enough).Tepid combine showing suggests he may not rise to the occasion in big situations as much as his earlier hype suggests......

Pro Day - Disappointed observers during position drills (i.e. lack of consistent accuracy, footwork etc. executing what figured to be a scripted routine)...

Combine (QB03) - Hand: 9 1/4; VJ:30; BJ: 113; 3C: 7.17; 20S: 4.20;

4 Johnny Manziel QB 31 Texas A&M RSoph 5116 207 1st

Combine Forty Time: 4.68...Height a concern as are maturity/off the field issues -but not fatal. All around athlete. Very big hands. Accurate.,,Innate running and passing instincts (eyes in back of head)...Completed 73% of pases from pocket...Brain seldom locks up in pressure situations...has elite quicks and good speed...while forty speed is important as an indicator. Concerns include ball security and height...Huguenin ( cautions not to be overly enamored by his forty in and of itself....

Pro Day - Impressive - completed 63 of 65 passes to 6 different receivers ("He made the throws that you look for and that you wanted to see, so it was good. (But) It was just a part of (the much broader evaluation process").

Combine (QB08) - Hand: 9 7/8; VJ:31.5; BJ: 113; 3C: 6.75; 20S: 4.03;

1 Blake Bortles QB 13 UCF   6050 232 1st

Combine Forty: 4.93...The most prototypical-looking QB from the standpoint of size and athletic skills. Main questionmark is his mastery of the mental aspects of being a pro QB, given his level of competition in college. Came out of nowhere to become a highly-rated prospect....very good athlete for size - had a good forty time at Combine...but will throw into traffic somtimes...a raw undeveloped version of Carson Palmer?....



Pro Day - Descrined as "very solid overall" with one scout grading his performance a "B." Majority of throws were touch passes; a few of which "hung." Footwork appears to have improved.


Combine (QB01) - Hands: 9 3/8; VJ:32.5; BJ: 115; 3C: 7.08; 20S: 4.21;

2 Derek Carr QB 25 Fresno St. RSr 6020 214 1st

Combine Forty: 4.69...Similar to Bortles though not as tall but more athletic...Most pro-ready QB of this class...Classic dropback QB...majority of passes in college were horizontal...Mechanics issues...played in QB-friendly offense.

Pro Day - Despite pre-workout nausea, he didn't have a bad throw (he "demonstrated everything you wanted to see")

Combine (QB04) - Hand: 9 1/2; VJ: 34.5; BJ: 110; 20S: 4.20;

Senior Bowl: Said to be winner of Day One of practice and ended the week as the best QB in Mobile without question - throwing with the most velocity and displaying the most consistent decision-making and accuracy.Though a bit stiff in the pocket, he was one of the few QB's who could drill the ball into a brisk wind. Deep-ball accuracy in question; release isn't as quick as Garoppolo's, but Carr is still a much better prospect "off tape." Would stay after practice to work with receivers on routes and timing...Definitely the leader of the South team.


6 Zach Mettenberger QB 55 LSU RSr 6050 224 1st-2nd

Big, durable and tough, but he does have an injury history...Reminds me of Roethlisberger... Off the field (groping) incident at bar raises red flag. Not strong in the mental aspects of playing QB. Mechanics need a lot of work. Cannon arm - tough to bring down, but not a threat to run. (Note - If he can't make it at QB, you could always move him to TE or DE).

Pro Day - Rehab is ahead of schedule and he says he'll throw at LSU Pro Day April 9. Ron Jaworski rates him #2 QB prospect behind Bortles. ("...I love the energy he brings to the football field").

Combine (QB11) - Hand: 9 3/4;


7 Tajh Boyd QB 69 Clemson RSr 6010 222 2nd

Combine Forty: 4.84...Quick twitch Russell Wilson type athlete who lacks height...weight-control an issue....Fearless under pressure but too often locks onto a receiver and fails to go thru his progressions...Underrated...built like a RB...more of a horizontal than vertical thrower...Above average accuracy throwing on the run, but a bit inconsistent accuracy-wise in general.

Pro Day - Says he's been focusing mainly on stuff like mechanics, but no evaluations of his mechanics were provided by analysts, however, his accuracy was near-perfect. Once highly thought of, his stock has apparently plummeted over past 12 months. Mayock considers him a late pick who's a "winner" and a "playmaker" but whose first instincts are to leave the pocket to early. Tony Pauline quotes a Packer scout who said: "based on what I'm seeing, Tajh Boyd is not draftable."

Combine (QB02) - Hand: 9 5/8; VJ: 30.5; BJ: 106; 3C: 7.33; 20S: 4.23;

Senior Bowl - Lack of height may have hurt him. Not an accurate passer, but there's "clay to be molded."...Seemed to have a "weak arm" early in the week but showed more zip and accuracy on timing routes later on. "described by one writer as a "rhythm passer"..

5 AJ McCarron QB 45 Alabama RSr 6032 220 2nd-3rd

Combine Forty: 4.94; "Everybody's whipping boy of late" (according to Huguenin)....Skipped Senior Bowl and may not throw at the Combine...Scouts want to see how he measures up aathletically against other QB prospects in Combine drills...Has all the strong leadership intangibles. Major "plus" is that he played for a top-ranked collegiate program...Has the size and arm strength to stick in the NFL but needs to get bigger and stronger...Key issue is how he'll stand up under pressure...Good in short game but deep game needs better accuracy and he needs to throw deep with more zip. Deceptive mobility (can lug it if he needs to)...

Pro Day - According to Gil Brandt, he had an A+ pro day and appeared a lot better than the mid to late round pick he's been projected to be.

Combine (QB10) - Hand: 10"; VJ: 28.0; BJ: 99; 3C: 7.18; 20S: 4.34;

13 Aaron Murray QB 174 Georgia RSr 6000 207 2nd-3rd

Short tough guy. Lacks prototypical height. Outstanding leadership skills. Plays in pro system. Does not make many big plays in big games. Accurate with intermediate throws but misses too many easy throws in the short game...

Pro Day - Scheduled for April 16 but his surgically repaired knee is only 80 - 85%.

Combine (QB13) - Hand: 9 1/8...

8 Jimmy Garoppolo QB 73 Eastern Illinois Sr 6020 226 3rd

Combine Forty: 4.97..."Snappy catch & release QB."...Near-decent height, nice frame, good speed....small hands...started out as a RB...very good work-ethic and leadership skills....tough, competitive, good football IQ and mental grasp of the position...fairly mobile but not elite in this dept....lacks eyes in the back of his head pocket-wise...quick release/makes quick decisions...Questions regarding arm-strength, level of competition and taking snaps from under center...considered good development project under the right coaching...I get the feeling he's squeezing out every ounce of ability within the context of somewhat average physical potential...

Pro Day - Completed pf 29 of 39 passes but didn't move the needle on how scouts view him -either up or down. (Note - Bill Polian is said to consider him a first round talent).

Combine (QB06) - Hand: 9 1/4; VJ: 30.5; BJ: 110; 3C: 7.04; 20S: 4.26;

Senior Bowl - Late arrival, but quickly claimed a ranking right below Carr. Hallmarks are his quick release and ability to pick things up quickly. According to Matt Bowen, he jas a lightning-quick release...can put the ball on the upfield shoulder...and has a nice touch"...though he does lack Carr's top-tier velocity"...did, however, "show the ability to drive the ball through the wind"...Another scout describes him as a "pure passer" whose biggest questionmark is his ability to dissect a defense and make throws against bigger and faster NFL defenders - a "stronger-armed Andy Dalton."...There's a need to see more of Garoppolo in game situations; which means "a return to the tape-room."

15+ Stephen Morris QB 196+ Miami (FL) Sr 6020 213 4th

Combine Forty: 4.63;. Slighly undersized...shotgun QB with fringe accuracy...streaky (both good and bad)...very good straight line speed...durability concerns...very good leadership intangibles...has the intangibles down (i.e. good eye-disicpline, accurate on back-shoulder throws, will throw the ball away, slippery under pressure) but lacks feel for vertical game and height not ideal..

Pro Day - Had an impressive outing - at least from a physical standpoint. Denver and Carolina scouts said to consider him a "serviceable backup." Problem, according to one source, is that he performs much better in camp settings than he does in actual games.

Combine (QB12) - Hand: 10 1/4; VJ: 30; BJ: 111; 3C: 7.36; 20S: 4.49;

Senior Bowl - "Terribly small/wildly inaccurate"


14 David Fales QB 127 San Jose St Sr 6020 212 4th - 5th

Combine Forty: 4.99...Height issues but has sturdy build...very good leadership skills...Tough...very good football IQ...excelled in a quick-drop passing offense...Fluid, quick delivery but lacks the arm-strength to drive the ball into the wind...can run out of pressure but lacks elite speed...good pocket feel and poise...accurate & smart...

Pro Day - Actually outshone Bortles (who was working out on the opposite coast)...Only missed one of 52 passing attempts (a deep post that sailed a bit...knock on Fales is that he lacks arm strength and relies on anticipation and accuracy - OK in a west coast offensive scheme/not so OK in a more vertical offense..

Combine (QB05) - Hand: 9 1/4; VJ: 28; BJ: 103; 3C: 7.55; 20S: 4.50;

Senior Bowl - Had an up and down week. In terms of footwork, arm-strength and physique, one scout describes him as "a shorter Alex Smith" Physically sick during the early part of the week, but came on as the week developed...doesn't get much trunk-rotation or push from his lower half but has a pretty strong arm...

10 Logan Thomas QB 85 Virginia Tech RSr 6060 248 5th-6th

Combine Forty: 4.61. Workout warrior, but can he play QB in the pros? Big, strong QB who can beat you with his legs...Inconsistent in accuracy and decision-making...Prototypical height/weight/speed...accepted blame for lack of leadership a year ago...worked with private QB coach in off-season...Problems in the mental aspects of the game (including "inconsistent eye discipline"). Cannon-arm and tough to bring down, but continues to have major mechanical issues (i.e. accuracy, feet, long windup). Vulnerable to strip sacks. Can break tackles and complete passes on the move...Thomas freely admits he could be drafted anywhere from Rounds 1 and 7...

Pro Day - Coach Arians was there...According to QB guru, George Whitfield, Thomas put on quite a show...

Combine (QB17) - Hand: 10 7/8; VJ: 35.5; BJ: 118; 3C: 7.05; 20S: 4.18

Senior Bowl - "Took as many sacks as he had passing attempts"..."Credit him for being fearless in the pocket and seeking open receivers in the face of a rush, but at some point he's got to learn to move within the pocket..." "Looked more like a TE than a QB (and just as inaccurate")..One writer disagreed with prevailing positive commentary about Thomas and referred to: "an uncontrollably strong arm, inability to dial back, poor mechanics and inconsistent delivery."...Improved as the week wore on..."Will make a variety of wow plays...and make a major mistake later on..."

15 Jeff Mathews QB 186 Cornell Sr 6040 223 6th-7th

Combine Forty: 5.26...All time Ivy passing leader, but the wheels came off this past season (primarily due to an inexperienced, less-talented surrounding cast)...Level of competition a logical concern...not an elite athlete...footwork needs work...

Pro Day - He had it, but results weren't impressive enough for the local media to report on.

Combine (QB09) - Hand: 10 1/8; VJ: 25.5; BJ: 105; 3C: 7.14; 20S: 4.36; ...

15+ Keith Price QB 193 Washington RSr 6010 202 7th-FA

Heady field general but more lunch pail than superstar...decent athletic ability...Inconsistent... Lack of height figures to be a problem.

Pro Day - Had a "strong performance" and put to rest concerns about his arm strength...."It was a good workout and he's a good player, but he's fighting against a good class of quarterbacks though..."

12 Connor Shaw QB 124 South Carolina   6000 206  

Combine Forty: 4.66...Athletic and tough...gym-rat. (coach' son)...17 -0 in home games- could test better than all other QB's at the Combine...injury history...tends to lock-on to one receiver...

Pro Day - Feels he helped his cause - it gave scouts the chance to see him operate under center...effortlessly negotiated numerous passing routes and missed his target only twice...McShay feels he'll be drafted and become a solid backup QB in the pros...

Combine (QB16) - Hand: 9 1/4; VJ: 34.0; BJ: 116; 3C: 7.07; 20S: 4.33; ...

11 Jordan Lynch QB 112 Northern Ill.   6000 217  

Combine Forty: 4.76...Read-option under pressure...may lack vertical arm strength...Short, athletic, heady, outstanding work-habits, can beat you with his legs, (numbers and write-ups make him sound like a poor man's Johnny Manziel) could project to a sifferent position...

Pro Day - Completed 53 of 60 passing attempts....ran a 4.75 forty...did some drills at safety also...Lynch will be working with John Gruden as part of Gruden's evaluation pgm. between now and draft day

Combine () Arm: 29 3/4; Hand: 8 7/8; VJ: 29.5; BJ: 109; 3C: 6.55; 20S: 4.20;

9 Tom Savage QB 79 Pitt   6040 228 2nd - 7th

Came out of nowhere to skyrocket up the charts. (One writer says he could very well leapfrog Bridgewater)...Since I live in NJ and follow Rutgers, I know a little about the kid....Came to Rutgers as a highly touted QB with a big arm from either a Penna or Delaware high school. Competed with a couple of other QB'S on Rutgers roster as a freshman but didn't really sparkle and transferred to Arizona after injuring his right hand and losing his starting job (Says leaving Rutgers was a huge mistake)...when Mike Stoops was fired and Rich Rodriguez hired at UA, Savage transferred again to Pitt where he felt the offense suited him better...started all 13 games for Pitt in 2013 and completed 61.2% of hus passes for nearly 3,000 yards, 21 TD's and 8 Ints...17 & 11 in 28 career starts...Big, inconsistent pocket passer...Has terrific size and excellent arm strength...experienced in pro offense...good intangibles...needs to "speed up his clock", "quicken his eyes"... and make quicker decisions...less than elite pocket awareness...will throw into traffic...accuracy and overall game production less than consistent...Suddenly this guy is "flavor of the week" (some in the Patriot org are referring to him as "Tom-2." (he was invited to the draft in NYC but declined the invitation - you don't get that kind of invite unless the NFL feels your draft rating is pretty high) but my guess is he's not as good as his recent hype nor was he all that bad before that. What a team probably will be getting is a whole lot of potential needing to be coached-up and molded into future starters. There are always a bunch of those guys in every draft, but for various reasons most don't pan out. My guess is that a number of teams took compared Savage's upside with other raw-potential QB's like Logan Thomas or Zach Mettenberger and decided that Savage represented as good or better a roll of the dice as other big guys with cannon arms.

Arm: 31 5/8"; Hand: 9 5/8"...

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