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2014 Draft
Undrafted Free Agents

Zach Bauman RB No. Arizona, 5-7 194
Pro Day Forty: 4.54...13 BP Reps; VJ: 34"; BJ: 9-10; Short Shuttle: 4.12; 3-Cone: 6.92...Wasn't invited to of only 9 players in FCS history to rush for 1000+ yards four times. Doesn't look physically imposing and lacks a power-element...runs low to the ground...makes decisive cuts and finishes runs. Was in East-West contest.

Jonathan Brown LB Illinois, 6-0 238.
Combine Forty: 4.98. Pro Day Forty: 4.87; Pro Day Scores: BP: 18; VJ: 31.5; BJ: 9-3; 20S: 4.53; 3C: 7.30...Had a huge senior season leading team in tackles (2nd in conference)...3rd in Big Ten in tackes for loss...5.0 sacks, 4 pass breakups and an interception and forced fumble...Yet others have described his senior season as "disappointing."...According to Brugler, his on-field production doesn't match his stats...had disasterous game vs. Ohio State (including a flagrant cheap shot late hit on Braxton Miller (adding to a reputation for being a dirty player)...that said, he's a physical striker (nailed Hyde behind the LOS one time)

Glenn Carson LB Penn State, 6-3 238
Former Southern HS star in Central NJ...No combine results. Pro Day: Forty 4.70; BP: 30; VJ: 35; BJ: 9-10; 20S: 4.25; 3C: 6.99....Nice agility scores for size...Penn State's leading tackler in 2013...took over role as "heartbeat of the Penn St. defense" everyday player with improved coverage skills.

Kevin Smith WR Washington, 6-0 208
No combine results...Pro Day: Forty: 4.54; BP: 10; VJ: 37"; BJ: 10-06: 20S: 4.36; 3C: 6.96...Basketball background...2011 ACL injury....Caught 50 passes for 765 yards (15.3 avg.) and 4 TD's last year....

Corey Washington WR Newbury, 6-4 214
Nice size...No combine results....Pro Day" Forty: 4.50; BP: 14; VJ: 33; BJ: 10-5; 20S: 4.42; 3C: 6.83...played in NFLPA Collegiate Bowl...Grew up without parents...mentored a disabled fan...would be first Newbury product to be drafted (but is wasn't to be)....

Kadeem Williams OT Albany State (NY), 6-7 330
Big fella. No combine results...Pro Day: Forty: 5.56; BP: 19; VJ: 27.5; BJ: 7-0; 20S: 5.21; 3C: 8.35...Ten-inch hands...Signed a 3-year deal with Cards...Worked out for 7 NFL teams at Wagner's pro day. Made a positive impression (showing good hips and good feet in position drills).

Brandon Sermons CB UCLA, 5-11 181
Nice speed for CB (Mora claims his pro day time was faster at 4.39)...No combine results...Pro Day: Forty: 4.43...BP: 14; VJ: 33; BJ: 9-10; 20S: 4.21; 3C: 7.19...

Justin Renfrew DL Miami
No info (yet)

Kevin Palmer OT Baylor, 6-4 302
No combine results...Pro Day: Forty: 5.03; BP: 26; VJ: 31.5; BJ: 9-4; 20S: 5.10; 3C: 7.88....moves well for a 300+ dude...

Todd Washington CB SE Louisiana, 5-11 3/8 196
Injured toe caused him to miss final 6 college games...still isn't 100% healthy...Pro Day Results (operating at 80%): Forty: 4.69...VJ: 35.5; 20S: 4.40; 3C: 7.28; Looked pretty good in position drills considering his injury....Experience in press and off-man coverage...slot open field tackler...good route recognition (can shadow & mirror and ride the hip pocket)...Good FBI...jammer on ST's....but has small hands and short weight room strength...inconsistent technique...too easily manipulated by QB (eye discipline)?...not a ballhawk/lacks swagger.

James Carson LB Penn State
(Possibly a duplicate of Glen Carson)?

Anthony Steen G Alabama, 6-3 314
No combine results. Workout Results: Forty: 5.33; BJ: 8-10; 3C: 7.95...

Your basic lunch-pail player who (despite lacking the hype of his Alabama teammates) may have a considerably longer career as a pro...Tough, durable grinder who pays bigger and more powerfully than size would suggest. Could become a starter at next level.

Fundamentally sound in pass pro...surprisingly quick sliding laterally in pass pro & also moving downhill at second level...Keeps head on swivel with good awareness, poise and vision (i.e. not panicking or bailing) dealing with multiple rushers. Sustains blocks to the whistle...can drive bigger defenders into the ground. Adequate lower-half bend enables him to get under his opponent and absorb bull-rush...Quick on pulls/uses feet well to seal the edge....Has better impact in the box than he does blocking downfield...can be beaten by swim or swat moves....could project to center due to his lack of length...coming off troublesome shoulder injury...very short arms...not ripped physically...not explosive.

Tim Cornett RB UNLV, 6-0 209
Combine Results: Forty: 4.48; VJ: 34.5; BJ: 125; 3C: 7.01; 60S: 11.72...

One-cut zone runner...Thick, muscular RB with outstanding timed-speed...tough (battled thru torn labrum as a junior)...good in weight room...has returned kicks...Kind of tight-hipped and straight-lined...lacks ideal balance and competitive drive or the temperment for ST's...will be asked to perform against better level of competition...marginal strength (not a tackle-breaker) YAC...runs upright...too easily turned on contact...average balance and body control...does not play to timed speed...passive blocker.

Bruce Gaston DL Purdue 6-2 308
Combine Results: None. Pro Day Results: Forty: 4.95; BP: 34; VJ: 34; BJ: 9-1; 20S: 4.55; 3c: 7.48...

Had a so-so senior season after a pretty good junior season as his team adjusted to a new 3-4 defense...Brugler (nfldraftscouts) says he has good snap-quickness(to attack gaps) & keeps his hips low to anchor..considered "a player to watch" and have the same impact on the Purdue DL that Kaann Short had...moves well for his size with smooth hip, agile footwork and a knack for always being around the ball...Inconsistent (fly to the ball on one play and then take the next play off)...plays with a nasty attitude...not much of a pass rush threat but can be disruptive behind the LOS...has flashed All American potential (right! "potential")...Brugler says he could become a top 10 DT in the 2014 draft...

Durable...can stack and shed...can push the pocket...good balance, athleticismand movement...played multiple range to the perimeter...inconsistent and "non-violent" hands...needs broader arsenal of moves...Had a good East-West week and was considered "draftable"...not considered consistently "intense" enough.

Chandler Cantanzaro K Clemson, 6-3 208
Nicknamed "Cat Man"....Was Clemson's leading scorer in 2013 with 95-points and made 13 of 14 FG attempts...His four FG's helped Clemson outlast Maryland...As of 9/19/13 was just 8 points away from becoming Clemsen's all-time leading scorer...Rated 5th best kicking prospect by WaltersFB citing his "powerful leg" that could vault him to the top of his class....made 3 of 3 in FG's over 40-yards and one for one 50+ yards....

Kelsey Pope WR Samford, 6-0 198
No combine results. Pro Day Results: Forty: 4.73; BP: 12; VJ: 31; NJ: 9-1; 20S: 4.53; 3C: 6.90.

If his 4.73 forty pro day time doesn't reflect something out of the ordinary (like an injury), it's unlikely he can beat out anyone for a WR job (even special teams)...I suspect he's run far faster, and it will be up to me to ferret out this info (maybe this is an UDFA version of Anquan Boldin's bogus forty time)...caught 68 passes for 552 yards in 2013...was told by Card receivers coach on draft day that they might try to work a trade to draft him in the 7th round (Coach evidently "likes Alabama guys")....originally brought in to Samford to play QB...


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