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2015 Draft
24. D.J. Humphries, OT Florida

Let's put it this way: In the first round of the draft, within our division: The Rams helped themselves by grabbing premier RB Todd Gurley. The Niners drafted the guy I hoped we'd get - defensive lineman, Arik Armstead. Seattle traded their pick in a package to NO to wind up with the best TE in pro football (Graham).

The Cardinals selected D.J. Humphries.

To be quite frank, I blew it - we didn't have him on our 130-man board. We didn't have him listed in our position rankings. For all intentions, he was an invisible man on this website. So OK, who is DJ Humphries?

Pro Football Now (Arkush): Lists Humphries as their 6th ranked offensive tackle. Describes him as a somewhat raw junior with a "huge" wingspan (though the combine results show his arm length as a fairly average 33.6")...."Quick and athletic" with "Excellent feet"...can slide and recover...."has natural snap in his hips on contact...runs his feet well...has weight room strength. But they feel he's a bit light for the position and lacks functional strength (although he's said to have good weight-room strength)....some injury issues..."more talent than production shows...Great athlete with the frame to get 20 310"...Tremendous upside...will take time to develop."

Lindy's: Rates Humphries their #20th ranked tackle. Coming out as a junior a risk...Durability an issue...Moves more like a TE than an OT. Athletic and quick off the snap..."Plays with his knees ben(t) and easily shuffles with the skills to seek and plant at the second level...But ran hot and cold depending on level of the competition...Poor fundamentals.

Beckett's Draft Guide - No write-up.

Pro Football Draft Guide - Ranks as #11 top tackle. "One of the most athletic linemen in this draft class...natural knee-bender who is at his best landing blocks in space as a run blocker...battled injuries (which stunted his development as a pass blocker)...hand use is sloppy and he does too much lunging...Will need a year or two of development but has the upside to become a LT if he's properly coached up."

Bottom Line: For years, I've been critical of the Cardinal top management for their piecemeal and band-aid approach to fixing the offensive line. Even during the less-bad (Edgerrin James) years, most running plays were an adventure (with as many plays being stopped at or behind the LOS as made positive yardage). Add to this the percentage of time our passers had to run for their lives. I felt that, to become a perennial Super Bowl contender, the Cardinal brass would have to take the bull by the horns and transform the OL into a deep and talented powerhouse. The selection of Humphries (though mostly for his huge upside) appears to be a step in the right direction - but more than a little risky. (Ignoring the short term in order to draft mainly on "potential" has gotten more than one coach or GM fired).

Best way I can sum it up is to compare the selection of Humphries with hospital food - i.e. "nourishing, but not all that tasty." How nourishing? We may not know for a couple of years.


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