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6 Marlon Humphrey CB 59 Alabama rSo 6000 197 1

Perfect combo of 4.41 speed, size, ball skills and physical play - Gollin

Mitch #1 CB

Exceptional Athlete - Very good size/long arms Has speed, flexibility and COD. Good in run support - Plays the ball very well...can play the physical game...leg injury as a freshman and during 2015....Has something special to him..."Sky's the limit as far as upside"...Scout Says: Humphrey is physical and will run real fast but I don't trust his ball skills...- PFW

About as celebrated as it gets among DBs. Former five-star recruit with track-star speed /standout in coverage, run support and special teams...exciting combo of size, straight-line speed and physicality...Broad-shouldered well-built frame with long arms well-suited to press coverage. Balance/provides a pop with his initial jam, with good extension and body control...Isn't reliant on the jam, with enough flexibility and balance to open his hips, turn and accelerate down the sideline with even the speediest of receivers. Good awareness, including in zone/shows a feel for routes developing behind him while keeping his eyes trained on the QB. Attacks would-be blockers on quick screens and in run support/sets the edge and forces ball-carriers to adjust. Good size, timing and jump ball skills, with good hands f...Tracks the ball well over his shoulder/can pluck outside of his frame. Durable player...Experienced, passionate ST defender...Not likely to slide inside in the nickel. Relatively high backpedal and tight hip rotation...Can get too focused on the receiver, losing track of the ball - failing to turn back towards it as it arrives. Can get a bit grabby when extending his arm to limit receivers' movements. Has the size and speed scouts are looking for on the outside - appears to be just scratching the surface of his potential. Lack of ideal fluidity leaves him vulnerable to smaller, quicker receivers. Comp: Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, ... - NFLDS (Rang )

Has a superb skill set with the size to match up against big wideouts and enough speed to run with speed receivers. In 2016, had 33 tackles with 2 tackles for a loss, 2 interceptions and 5 pass breakups. Shut down JuJu Smith-Schuster, holding him to 1 catch for 9 yds (& also had an interception returned 18 yards for a TD and a tackle for a loss). However, he had issues playing the ball...very good at preventing separation /can vertically stay with wideouts and run the routes with receivers, but some opponents have made catches over him. ...On those plays, he was close to receivers and not allowing separation, but they were making receptions over him /he wasn't doing a good job of playing the ball. Many teams really like him and already view him as a high first-round talent. They feel he has a great skill set with size, speed and athleticism. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.41...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 10...VJ: ...BJ: 125...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Jalen (Teez) Tabor) CB 121+ Florida Jr 6000 199 1

4.62 not a very elite forty time...Comes across as very high-risk/very high reward prospect - Gollin

SI (Ranks #6 CB) -

Good height and length...Instinctive, very aware and reacts quickly...Plays ball well...Willing in run support...Needs to be bigger and stronger...more of a body tackler (rather than wrap-up)...Excellent cover skills to go along with tp ball skills...Plug & play... - PFW

The fourth SEC defender and currently the top defensive back on the PFF draft board. Coverage numbers this season are pretty ridiculous (15 receptions on 302 coverage snaps so far this year, with an NFL passer rating allowed of just 39.3). Over the past three seasons he has shown his ability to make plays on the ball, with 32 combined interceptions and pass breakups. - PFF

Plays with the aggressive temperament and "my ball" mentality...patient and balanced in press coverage with the fluid hip action to open and redirect, staying on top of routes..has the footwork to play both press and off coverage and leverages well vs. the run, attacking downhill with a physical demeanor. His long-speed has been questioned by scouts /testing numbers will be important. But aside from his speed, the position comes naturally to him, trusting his skills and understanding situations. Off-field issues may in fact be his greatest obstacle (suspended multiple times)...Athletic v-shaped frame with good overall weight distribution, broad shoulders and long limbs. Loose hips and light feet..Quick acceleration and fluidity help him remain in the hip pocket of receivers while locked up in press coverage and he offers better size to defend throws to bigger receivers. Size and route anticipation show up in off-man coverage, where his ability to sneak peeks back at the quarterback and quick closing speed helped pad his PBU numbers. Confident with the ball in the air, locating it quickly with good timing and explosiveness on jump balls. Times his collisions with receivers well...good hands including the ability to extend and pluck outside of his frame. Quicker than fast /may not possess elite straight-line speed. Must show greater awareness of blockers in the running game and on quick screens...Generally a reliable wrap-up tackler but will duck his head and attempt to lasso the knees of bigger ball-carriers...Twice suspended from the team...tweeted that college football is a "modern form of slavery." Has excellent size for the position and plays relaxed in coverage, trusting his skills and feel for the game. He is patient and balanced in press with quick footwork to mirror and ride routes vertically and has the ballskills to force quarterbacks to think twice before challenging him....ComP: Patrick Peterson - NFLDS (Rang).

Could be the best CB prospect, but his off-the-field issues could cause other corners to get drafted ahead of him. In 2016, had 33 tackles with 4 interceptions and 6 passes broken up....good ball skills and the instincts to make big plays, but is also a gambler who can struggle with deep role could come as a big nickel. There is a lot to like about Tabor - very good at running the route and preventing separation from WRs on short to intermediate routes...has quick feet, length, and is put together well. Uses his quickness and athleticism to stay with wideouts in and out of their breaks, putting him in good position to drive on the ball...breaks on the ball extremely hard. to knock away and picki off passes. Aso has good hands and times his contact well (to cause incompletions rather than draw penalties). Comfortable when the ball comes in his direction, so you don't see him getting caught out of position. Must improve his run defense and show a more willing attitude to take on running backs. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.62...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 9...VJ: 31.0...BJ: 120...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

11 Sidney Jones CB 77 Washington Jr 6000 186 1

Decent speed and cover skills, but physical play suspect due to slight frame...Athletic but kind of slender (although weight isn't all that bad)....Cardinal fan fave - Gollin

SI (Ranks #3 CB) - Jones is another in-your-face cornerback, even though he runs 30 or 40 pounds lighter than Quincy Wilson.

Good to very good athlete...good instincts/awareness in coverage....Small frame/lacks bulk and strength...More of a drag-down tackler...Has the coverage skills but lack of strength a concern...Scout Says: "(His) ball skills are as good as any corner in the draft, but he has to become more physical and tackle better."... - PFW

One of the more talented CBs in the country /opposing quarterbacks often shied away from throwing into his coverage. For the year Jones has only allowed 22 catches for 280 yards and 0 touchdowns....has the size, speed and coverage ability pro teams desire, and he should hear his name called early in the draft. This season, QBs only have a 41.0 QB rating when throwing into his coverage. - PFF

With his cat-like quickness and instincts, Jones' knack for coverage and creating turnovers is likely to earn him a first round selection, though scouts may have concerns about his relatively slim frame....quickly distinguished himself as a standout in the pass-happy Pac-12...first thing that stands out about Jones is his easy movement skills. Very light feet and loose hips, allowing him to shadow receivers... has the height, long arms and easy COD to handle pressing at the LOS. ...delivers a solid jolt to the receiver and fluidly pivots in trail positionIn zone...very good route anticipation... impressive confidence and poise with the ball in the air...reads the receiver, turns to locate the ball with excellent ballskills *including the ability to make a one-handed circus catch)... impressive timing and body control to contort in the air, as well as excellent hand-eye coordination...While not an overly physical tackler, he gets ball-carriers to the ground with an effective lasso style...willing to lower his shoulder/ good timing and aggression when blitzing....Biggest" knock is his spindly frame (lack of ideal strength shows up most often against bigger receivers) but is durable regardless ..While an effective tackler, Jones is too willing to let teammates do the dirty work in run support. Concerns over his size could limit him to certain schemes but he's a classic cover corner with a legitimate first round combination of agility, acceleration and awareness of the ball....Comp: Trae Waynes - NFLDS (Rang)

Had 39 tackles with 6 passes broken up, 3 interceptions and 2 forced fumbles in 2016. Played really well with sound coverage all year. Had an excellent season in 2015 and was one of the top CBs in the nation - had 10 passes broken up, 4interceptions, 45 tackles and 3 forced fumbles.... also showed coverage skills as a freshman...He could climb up draft boards with another strong season.- WalterFB

Forty: 4.47...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 33.5 ...BJ: 123...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

12 Desmond King CB 80 Iowa Sr 5100 201 1

Still waiting for forty numbers - Gollin

SI (Ranks #2 CB) - King falls shy of the noteworthy 6-foot line for cornerbacks, but you wouldn’t know it by how he goes at it. He can play in all coverages, and he’ll step up in run support.

Very good instincts and ball reactions...PR and KR...Not a burner...Plug and play...where he's drafted depends on workout numbers - PFW

King is going to check off all the measurables boxes at the combine. ...also has a three-year body of work that is unmatched in consistency and excellence at the position. QBs have a rating against him of below 60 all three years, and he has combined to allow just 79 catches on 172 targets while picking off 13 and breaking up another 24 throws. - PFF.

Instinctive, passionate defender with the agility, ballskills and quickness to handle coverage duties in the NFL along with the physicality and open-field tackling skills necessary to hold up in run support. Physical enough, to be a safety - .
Light-footed with the fluid change of direction to remain at corner...quick in his backpedal / transitions cleanly, accelerating smoothly to keep up on vertical routes. Perhaps at his best, coming downhill back to the ball with terrific route anticipation, body control and ballskills...Ballskills also transfer well to special teams - an aggressive returner with the vision, burst and courage to continue in this role at the next level...Better football player than athlete. Lacks elite agility or speed / didn't face many true speed demons in the Big Ten. Lacks the makeup speed to recover if he's beaten initially. Broad shoulders, but doesn't possess the height or length scouts prefer in an outside corner...Iowa suspended him for treportedly being late to a team meeting...already looks the part of an NFL standout. Whether he is ultimately a better fit at corner or safety will depend on the team that draft him. - NFLDS (Rang)

2016: An instinctive corner with good ball skills, but running with speed receivers will likely be a weakness for him/Some might move him to free safety. Had 58 tackles with 7 passes broken up, 3 interceptions and 1 forced fumble, plus some good kick and punt returns. ..was sound in coverage/ teams generally avoided throwing his direction. Accepted an invitation to play in the Senior Bowl. Was one of the breakout players in 2015 /tremendous ball skills with 8 interceptions and 13 passes broken up & 72 tackles along with good kick and punt returns .Could have been an early round pick if he had declared for the 2016 NFL Draft. If King is smaller than his listed size, it could relegate him to the role of a slot cornerback - WalterFB

Senior Bowl -

Forty: Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 14...VJ: 34.0...BJ: 117...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

10 Cordrea Tankersley CB 71 Clemson Sr 6010 199 1-2

Subpar VJ number suggests lack of exposion...Straight ahead speed pretty good...Reported lack of physicality a red flag- Golln

SI (Ranks #8 CB) -

Mitch #5 CB

Very good size - can play press, off or zone...Alert in zone/looks to help out when free....Not a burner...Lacks upper body strength...must become more aggressive vs. run & tackle better...... - PFW

Press-man corners with shutdown potential are highly coveted...Tankersley has all the traits to make him a defensive cornerstone at the next level.Didn't make as many big plays this season, but his reliability overshadows the lack of turnovers. Allowed only 23 catches for 236 yards,(had one touchdown, one interception and six pass deflections)...."Ticks every box". - PFF

Good-sized athlete with the height and length for the next level, using his arms well to obstruct the catch point vision and disrupt the rhythm of wide receivers. Above average ballskills/can quickly locate and gain proper position - terrific judgement for the position. Not an elite speed athlete, but stays hip-to-hip in man coverage - there were several instances of him tracking down ballcarriers from behind on tape. Tough-minded in run support, staying low to wrap and finish. Undisciplined with his hands in coverage, grabbing and attracting attention from officials...Outstanding ball production last season, but also left some of it on the field due to inconsistent timing and reluctance to get his head turned. Must stay balanced on top of routes - struggles at times to collect himself on comeback routes/ lack of experience vs. receivers with a diverse route tree....Could be the first Clemson cornerback to be drafted in the top 45 picks in the past 10 years. Must tweak some technique and discipline issues, but his size, athleticism and ball skills, especially in man coverage, have NFL scouts intrigued and excited - NFLDS (Brugler)

Tankersley had 47 tackles, 4 interceptions and 10 passes broken up in 2016. Has the size and coverage skills to be a starting corner on the outside in the NFL. Scouts say they view him as a first-round talent. Has played well / teams generally target other DB's. Impressive ball skills. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.40...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 13...VJ: 29.5 ...BJ: 121...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

4 Adoree' Jackson CB 42 USC Jr 5110 186 2

Nice size and length...cream of crop in what looks to be a weak CB draft class...."Long CB with adequate speed" - ESPN.

Exceptional hands...willing run defender...good tackler...Versatile - Played CB, RB, WR and RS...Lacks the size to start on the outside...May struggle vs. taller receivers...Special as a returner...Playmaking skill-set will get him drafted higher than pure CB skills would dictate...... - PFW

With all due respect to Jabrill Peppers, Jackson was arguably the most versatile and exciting player in the country. His head coach at USC, Clay Helton, likes to refer to Jackson as "Superman." A remarkable athlete. but will will likely make his most immediate impact as a returner...Scouts will no doubt be intrigued by his versatility and pure athleticism. ...should be able to make an immediate impact as a returner and perhaps earn action as a receiver,...His top attribute, of course, is his explosiveness. While lacking preferred size, he sports a compact, athletic frame with good overall weight distribution. Very light feet and flexible joints, which help him change directions fluidly and accelerate in a flash. Willing to take chances in coverage, with improved route anticipation in 2016...burst back to the ball forces QBs to think twice about challenging him /has rare recovery speed and legitimate ballskills with the body control and soft hands...Not simply a track star in shoulder pads/his agility and speed make him an obvious threat to score whenever he has the ball in his hands. Butt his vision and ability to read blocks stand out. Has no hesitancy in running through traffic...Jackson has work to do as a CB... (Struggled when matched up with fellow speedsters John Ross and Will Fuller) in 2015, Has the agility and speed to handle off-man coverage but too often he plays the receiver and not the ball Lack of ideal size shows up mostly in run support, where he needs to show greater intensity and consistency in fighting through blocks...generally reliable open-field tackler but is more than willing to let teammates do the dirty work. Ankle injury will require a close check by team doctors at the Combine. Arguably the elite athlete in this draft and his ability to create big plays as a returner and occasionally on offense only make him that much more intriguing...The team that drafts Jackson with the intention of him playing cornerback may need a free safety with range to help protect him. For all of the big plays he made... he surrendered plenty as well, including seven passing touchdowns in 2016, alone...Comp: Devin Hester...NFLDS (Rang)

Put together an electric season for USC...also returned two kickoffs and two punts for touchdowns. Has given the NFL proof that he is a serious cover-corner prospect. Does have problems defending receptions over him and gave up a few touchdowns on those kinds of plays. Jackson became a starter in 2014 and was a sensation who also contributed as a wide receiver and returner/coverage defender on special teams. In the pros, the 5-foot-11, 185-pounder looks more like a cornerback. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.42...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 36.0...BJ: 122...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Cameron Sutton CB 121+ Tennessee Sr 5110 188 2

A confident, fluid athlete at his best in man coverage. He throws up a hand into the face of receivers when in press, as well as the loose hips to turn and run with them. Good route anticipation - changes direction easily and locates the football quickly, with excellent hand-eye coordination to rip at the ball when it arrives.Terrific initial quickness, helping him break on underneath routes and slip past would-be tacklers when he gets the ball in his hands. Ballskills are evident in the return game with soft hands to pluck outside of his frame and the savvy to wrap both arms around the ball while in traffic. Has second gear and composure with the ball in the air. Scouts would like to see Sutton bring more physicality - His light feet, awareness and soft hands are all there. His leadership and work ethic have been lauded by his coaches. Reportedly was given a third-round grade following the 2015 season but this may have been a conservative assessment. Barring injury, he igures to be a top 50 selection. In fact, Sutton could wind up getting drafted much earlier than that. - NFLDS (Rang)

A very physical defender who plays with a chip on his shoulder. . His pick, against Appalachian State, was a huge play to help Tennessee avoid an upset. Also muffed a punt in that game. In the third game of the year, Sutton broke a bone in his ankle and didn't play again in 2016. Teams generally seemed to avoid throwing his direction. Sutton has good size and speed for the position. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl - ...Injuries derailed a strong 2016 start ..."but he had a fine showing...lining up at multiple positions throughout...practice. ...Had a lot to prove after (an excellent) 2014, but not nearly as sharp in 2015...change-of-direction was evident on PFF analyst Bobby Slowik's“best rep of the week” (where Sutton stayed on top of a slant-and-go with excellent body control)...coaching staff had him taking reps outside at cornerback, in the slot, and even at safety....finished with one of the (game's) better coverage grades...capping a strong week that put him back on the radar in a deep cornerback class." - PFF

Forty: 452...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 11...VJ: 34.0...BJ: 120.. ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

3 Tre'Davious White CB 33 LSU Sr 5110 192 2

4.47 forty is good enough...stocky frame...solid though not elite in all areas of play - Gollin

Continues to have a strong bounce-back season this year, allowing an average of just 0.66 yards per coverage snap and ranking third among Power-5 corners with 10 pass breakups. Has the versatility to line up both in the slot and on the outside. - PFF

Very good length/alert in zone...Good ball skills...solid in run support...Short but has long arms...Lacks good top-end speed - "Plays like a 4.52 guy on tape"...... - PFW

White is next on the list to go from Baton Rouge to the pros.Started 24 total games his first two years in Baton Rouge...Not quite as big as Jalen Collins and isn't the fastest player on the LSU roster, but has the foot quickness and fluid athleticism to blanket receivers on the outside, using his instincts and ballskills to disrupt the catch point. He'll take some unnecessary chances and fall victim to coverage lapses, but his football future is bright....NFLDS (Brugler)

White played well and produced some big plays in 2016. Had a 21-yard pick-six in the season opener & then returned a punt for a touchdown in Week 2... struggled to defend against big receivers like De'Runnya Wilson and Laquon Treadwell. Each one had success at shielding White away from the ball.. Better at defending speed receivers and route-runners where he can use his quickness and athletic ability to prevent separation.Reportedly received a 2nd-round estimation from the NFL Advisory Board a year ago..Has shown steady ball skills. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - "...Left the field with what appeared to be an injury right near the end of practice, after making an outstanding play to break up a pass on a slant route.Was tied for the highest coverage grade in the FBS last year, looked frustrated as he left the field.... posted the nation’s top grade among FBS corners in 2016, and those skills were on display Tuesday, with him showing good change-of-direction and deep speed in coverage...." - PFF

Forty: 4.47...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 16...VJ: 32.0...BJ: 119...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .....

14+ Jourdan Lewis CB 121 Michigan Sr 5100 188 2

(See if he can improve that 4.54 forty time at his Pro Day - Gollin

SI (Ranks #5 CB) - Lewis is among the smallest of the bunch, but he mirrors receivers’ routes incredibly well with his quick feet and finishes plays.

Unlike (Iowa's) King, Lewis is likely to be knocked down some draft boards because of his lack of ideal size...This year, he defended 35 of 35 throws into his coverage. QBs have a rating of 16.0 throwing against him this year (39.6 for the past 3 seasons - PFF

"Quicker than fast, but fast enough"...Tough and competitve - plays bigger than his size...Quick low pedal and smooth turn...Good hands...Lacks top-end speed...Projects as more a slot guy..."Very good player. Just wish he was bigger"...Scout Says: "Jourdan Lewis is a football player...My boss told me he didn't have enough speed to make up for his lack of size and I said 'let's look at a little more tape together.' When we were done, he asked me when Michigan's Pro Day is and told me not to miss it. Forget his size. The kid can cover."... - PFW

it is easy to overlook Lewis, who is listed at a generous 5-feet-10 and 176 pounds. But on the field, opposing offense need to identify him quickly because he has the ability to blanket and remove receivers from the game...has the foot quickness and fluidity at the line of scrimmage to flip his body and stay hip-to-hip with receivers vertically. Routinely stays in phase in man coverage due to his balance and instincts (space between him and receivers seems virtually nonexistent). Also boasts quick eyes and the aggressive ballskills to attack the catch point - appears to want the ball more than receivers. Although he is a better than expected run defender, he lacks the body or power potential ideal for off-coverage. Prefers to play tight coverage is what makes him so effective, but it is also what gets him in trouble due to his tendency to grab...Has the quickness to recover if receivers push off, but facing bigger NFL receivers will be a much different task. Although he might not crack the first round, due to his size limitations, he could wind up being a steal later on day two for a team willing to look past his shorter stature, trusting his intriguing ability to suffocate passing windows...NFCDS (Brugler )

Missed a couple of games with an injury, but was excellent after returning to the field. Scouts really like Lewis as a slot corner, but his lack of size hurts his draft grade. The writer would have Lewis rated higher, but very few players make it in the NFL weighing as little as Lewis does. Must stronger to take on pro receivers. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) "...had a sound day in coverage that backed up his stats this season, and in 2015 when PFF graded him No. 1 cornerback.... had a particularly impressive repetition vs. Jalen Robinette. He jammed Robinette off the line and didn’t allow him to get inside, and then Lewis was able to break the pass up after re-directing Robinette to the outside of the end zone...(Day 1) - ."..also showed the same feisty man coverage skills that saw him allow only 31.7 percent completions into his coverage last season (second-best in the FBS). Perhaps his biggest win was coming in at 5-foot-10 in the weigh-in..." - PFF

Forty: 4.54...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 15...VJ: 34.5...BJ: 121 ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

8 Gareon Conley CB 64 Ohio State rJr 6000 195 2-3

Cards need an aggressive cover corner opposite Peterson with good ball skills, coverage techniques and sound tackling. ..Moving up the charts...I like the 4.44...He comes across as a bit straight-linish - i.e. athletically "solid" but not deluxe. - Gollin

SI (Ranks #9 CB) - Both Conley and teammate Lattimore have first-round potential, which just goes to show what a loaded group this is

Very good hands and ball skills...Lean frame...needs to mature physically...Played a lot of zone/very aware...Excellent upside...projects as mid-1st rounder... - PFW

Not elite in any one area, but solid across the board ...Not on the same level athletically as Lattimore,but moves very well for his size and consistently stays within arm's length of his man....Plays on his heels too much, making him a tick slow attacking plays in front of him and allowing savvy route runners to eat him up. ...Often played on an island in the Buckeyes' press-quarters cover scheme, adding slot corner duties to his resume in 2016....Long-strider with enough lower body twitch to stay snug in man coverage. Sound route anticipation...Astute understanding of field/sideline leverage /uses body positioning to close routes. Above average arm length...understands timing and how to disrupt throwing lanes. Natural ballskills...Well-schooled in press and off man coverages with experience moving inside to cover the slot. Downhill burst and chops in run support. Voted a team captain in 2016...a tad mechanical in his transition. Comfortable playing nose-to-nose at the LOS, but rarely jams ...Inconsistent instincts with his back to the ball leading to several big plays and touchdowns downfield on film. Handsy when receivers gain a step....can be outmuscled for 50-50 balls andmoved by blockers on the perimeter...needs to be more aggressive with his shed skills. Reckless run defender but must become a more technically-sound tackler in space. - NFLDS (Brugler)

Scouts think he is a solid corner who could be a first-round pick. After some early issues, Conley had a solid 2015 season for the Buckeyes and improved as the year progressed. Has a good skill set, and it wouldn't be surprising if he took his game to another level in his final college year. Looked good to scouts in training camp practices. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.44...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 11...VJ: 37.0...BJ: 129. ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Marquez White CB 121+ Florida State Sr 6000 194 2-3

Good height and length...32.1 arms...Has played press, off and zone...smooth in transition but ball skills just average..Career improvement tailed off in 016....Development PS player... - PFW

White was part of a Florida State secondary that had some problems in pass coverage throughout the 2016 season. He is a tall corner with length, but could use more strength to take on NFL receivers. In 2016, he recorded 25 tackles with four passes batted and two interceptions. As a junior, he had 23 tackles, two passes broken up, and one interception. White's stock could rise with a good Senior Bowl. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.59...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 36.0...BJ: 123..SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Brandon Facyson CB 121+ Virginia Tech rJr 6010 191 3-4

A gritty defender, but didn't produce as much as expected....said to have received late-round grades. Was an impact-making player for the Hokies in 2013. - WalterFB

Forty: Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Ed Paris CB 121+ LSU Jr 6000 210 3-4

Forty: Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Jordan Thomas CB 121+ Oklahoma Jr 6000 192 3-4

Forty: Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

9 Kevin King CB 68 Washington Sr 6030 200 4

Nice length, speed and explosion.- Gollin

Very tall with very good arm-length...Good to real-good athlete...solid in run support...Long legged and, therefore, a bit clumsy in transition....a pure press cover guy who also plays well in zone...played a little bit of safety (& he could end up back there)... - PFW

Most versatile defender in Washington's talent-laden secondary the past few years was King, who reigned regardless of whether he was asked to line up at safety or cornerback...has the size, acceleration, awareness and reliable open-field tackling skills to revert back to free safety but is surprisingly agile for a player of his height and could remain at CB in a heavy press or zone scheme...

Offers rare size at cornerback with a lean, tapered frame, including very long limbs. Surprisingly agile in coverage, with loose hips to turn and shadow receivers downfield...Will extend an arm but doesn't rely on his initial jam. Cerebral, experienced player who can play nickel. Very good awareness in zone...provides a physical pop on contact. Good hand-eye coordination and ballskills ...Generally reliable open-field tackler...High character player All Academic Honorable Mention and the team's community service award)...Not as physical as size and occasional big hits indicate. Too interested in ripping at the ball...More a grabber as a facing the quarterback. Like a lot of longer cornerbacks, he needs an extra step to change direction...might be best at safety (but he has not played there in two years. His size, awareness and versatility warrant top 100 consideration. Ability to play multiple roles should help King earn a roster spot in the pros. Size is both a quality and a curse (i.e. big enough to shrink passing lanes, but always vulnerable to shifty route-runners). Comp: Stanley Jean-Baptiste, - NFLDS (Rang)

Forty: 4.43...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 11...VJ: 39.5...BJ: ...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ....

13 Rasul Douglas CB 110 West Virginia rSr 6020 209 4-5

(Good size and grit. Needs technique work. Forty time on the cusp of "way too slow" - Gollin

Long and tall...Great hands and ball skills...Good open field tackler...Not that physical in run support...But has a lot of upside and will go high in the draft...Scout Says: "I really like (Douglas). He can start for us right away."... - PFW

One of the Big 12's best defensive backs during the 2016 campaign...impressive athlete on the hoof...uses his length to disrupt receivers at the LOS and crowd the catch point downfield. Tough-minded and physical, but requires technique and discipline upkeep in press and off-coverage...Although he clearly lacks seasoning, he should improve with more experience and has NFL starter potential....above average arm length. Long-strider. Looks to jam and disrupt route tempo. Great understanding of timing and spacing from off-coverage to drive on underneath throws and converge at the catch point - must better anticipate, but reacts in a flash. Understands down, distance and situations, ...Fierce ballskills/ "my ball" attitude...Always looking for the big play...Mentally and physically tough/competes with a survivor mentality....but has lean lower body....upright in his pedal and transition with high hips and leggy movements. needs to improve his timing and balance in press to land his jabs. Struggles to sink and control his momentum on the move...Too easily gives up inside position/late to gain proper body position. Struggles to find the ball with his back to the quarterback...doesn't loosen his grip on receivers downfield, leading to attention from the zebras....lacks the make-up acceleration to catch receivers from behind. Willing but underachieving run defender. Only one season of starting experience - NFLDS (Brugler )

Senior Bowl - (Day 1) - "...Came in at 6-foot-2, an eye-opener for teams in need of a long, press man corner. But he was only in press coverage on 15.0 percent of his snaps in 2016, (below the FBS average of 19.4 percent). He struggled in press at practice, particularly on one rep in which he nearly tackled East Carolina’s Zay Jones at the line of scrimmage and still gave up a long reception. Douglas was the No. 8-graded CB in 2016 at 86.9, but his development as a press corner is something to watch this week..." - PFF

Forty: 4.59...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 16...VJ: 33.2...BJ: 120..SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Damonte Kazee CB 121+ San Diego State rSr 5100 184 4-5

Barely so-so top end speed...Kind of short at 5-10...But can't ignore playmaking productivity - Gollin

Excellent ball skills (15 interceptions)...Can play man or zone...good in run support...Strong Senior Bowl week...Marginal size/short arms - will fit best as a slot-guy.... - PFW

Recorded his eighth interception of the season during SDSU's Hawaii Bowl victory over Cincinnati, tying the Mountain West record for interceptions in a single season....Compact, athletic build with the light feet, balance and loose hips to easily change direction. Confident in press man coverage, with a low, tight backpedal and smooth turning motion. Good route anticipation / understands angles, keep his frame between the receiver and the quarterback. Peeks back toward the quarterback and isn't afraid to drop his primary coverage duties to break quickly back to the ball, showing impressive field vision. Tracks the ball well, with the body control and concentration to make difficult over-the-shoulder grabs. Excellent hand-eye coordination (six career forced fumbles)... Competitive open-field tackler, Not an imposing hitter but is a sure tackler who wraps his arms for the secure stop....A classic gambler who can be fooled with double-moves ...Lacks the swift acceleration to recover and may struggle to keep up with NFL receivers on longer routes. More pesky than powerful as a tackler/comes with obvious size limitations. Lacks ideal size and speed for the outside, but is athletic enough to play man coverage and has the awareness, downhill closing speed and competitiveness as an open-field tackling ability to project as a nickel corner. Knack for making his own big plays (15 turnovers caused over his career) is certainly intriguing as well....NFLDS (RAng)

Mountain West Defensive Player of the Year last season with 8 interceptions, 75 tackles, and 7 passes broken up. Almost entered the 2016 NFL Draft, but the fourth-round grade from the NFLABprobably was a big reason why he decided to return for his senior year. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - "Another head-turner - Kazee was played with his normal feisty and aggressive style, constantly being physical and trying to re-route wide receivers. Takes a very “hands on” approach to coverage and was flagged twice for being too physical. That physicality was also apparent during some press-coverage reps where he stuffed wide receivers at the line of scrimmage, taking them out of the play. Kazee is a ball-hawk who likes to go after the ball and made a couple of nice plays undercutting in-routes, but also gave up some catches on out-breaking routes.... - PFF

Forty: 4.54...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 11...VJ: 34.0...BJ: 124...20S: ...60S: ...3C: ....

14+ Minkah Fitzpatrick CB 121+ Alabama xx xx xx xx

Forty: Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

1 Marshon Lattimore CB 9 Ohio St 0 6000 193 xx

Best long speed (4.36) of any leading corner. Good VJ as well. - Gollin

SI (Ranks #7 CB) - Both Lattimore and teammate Conley have first-round potential, which just goes to show what a loaded group this is

"Has the physical tools to become a shutdown corner early in his career"...Plays physical when he has to...Has something special to him...Very good size/long arms...QExceptional athlete ith speed, COD and flexibility...Can play press, off or zone...Leg injury as a freshman...As far as upside: Sky's the limit... - PFW

Expected to make an immediate impact once he arrived in Columbus, but hamstring injuries kept him on the sideline for most of his first two seasons...Checks the PLay Speed box with a sharpie, with the sudden movements and transitional quickness to match up with any type of receiver. Still developing anticipation skills, but his athleticism allows him to stay attached to receivers and restrict passing windows. Has a very high NFL ceiling and worthy of a draft pick in the top half of round one....Twitchy athlete with the lower body explosiveness to spring in any direction. Attaches himself hip-to-hip in coverage and runs better routes than the receiver. Above average top-end speed. Secondary burst to close cushions or recover after a false step. Sinks in his stance and stays on the balls of his feet to remain under control and in phase. Workable body type with adequate height to match up with receivers. Competes at the catch point...Reliable hands... Averaged 15.3 yards per interception return in 2016....Stings in run support and reacts without much hesitation. Mentally alert and plays with a self-assured confidence.But lacks ideal bulk and length...Plays near the LOS, but rarely jams. Must play the ball better with his back turned...Bad habit of grabbing when panicked. Can be fooled by body/head fakes - must better anticipate routes and concepts. Occasionally plays small as a run defender...History of chronic hamstring issues Comp: Janoris Jenkins...NFLDS (Brugler)

Very impressive according to scouts who raved about how Lattimore has looked in fall camp ...Very good in coverage with size and speed/ has the skill set of a No. 1 cover corner...could be a top-16 pick. Has good size to go with athletic ability. Teams believe he's in store for some big seasons now that he's a starter. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.36...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 38.5 ...BJ: 132... ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

2 Quincy Wilson CB 24 Florida xx 6010 211 xx

4.54 is on the edge of being too slow - Gollin

SI (Ranks #1 CB) - Wilson plays a heavy, physical lock-down style on the outside.

Very god athlete with speed, excellent feet and body control...Will suport the run...hitter but doesn't always wrap up and will too often whiff...Still young/needs to mature..."Has the natural talent to be the best corner in this draft if he wants to be."...Scout Says: "For my money, quincy Wilson is the best corner in the draft. His all-around game is tough to beat"... - PFW

Part of a deep cornerback depth chart for the Gators, but the coaches couldn't keep him off the field...A big athlete with several of the physical ingredients at the position but more smooth than sudden /struggles to stick with wideouts at the top of routes...Looks the part with a well-built, long frame. Balanced athlete with the smooth turn-and-run skills to stay within arm length of receivers. Has enough speed to stay on top of wideouts when he correctly anticipates the route. Tries to get physical in press coverage with violent hands, but also stays controlled with his jabs. Fearless run defender who drives on the ball while keeping outside leverage. Uses his long arms to take away passing lanes with NFL ballskills to do wide receiver-like things at the catch point. Carries himself with supreme confidence and a short memory. ...Although he has the ballskills and awareness to make impact plays, he often takes too many chances...has the size and toughness to be a reliable run defender, but his streaky tackling mechanics allowed offenses to run at him with success. While there is plenty to like about him as a CB prospect, his skill-set might be suit him better at safety...Lacks suddenness - making it easy on savvy receivers to gain separation ... Undisciplined eyes / late to adjust and drive on routes. Poor timing in coverage /gets caught leaning...Too much contact downfield ...Inconsistent tackling mechanics ...Needs to control his emotions on the field, ....NFLDS (Brugler)

Played really well in 2016. Has an excellent skill set with upside. Has speed and athleticism to run with receivers while also having the size and length to match up against big wideouts. Could rise to the top half of the first round. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.54...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 32.0...BJ: 118 ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

5 Chidobe Awuzie CB 55 Colorado xx 6000 202 xx

Speed issue (raised by PFW) no longer in question...In terms of Cardinal needs, this might be our guy - Nice size, nice speed, good skills. Compares favorably to most of the guys in this CB class - Gollin

Lockdown corner and fluid athlete with terrific awareness for the position. Good closing speed/times his leaps well to break up receptions. Four-year starter with extensive experience.

Aggressive player with strength and pop...Instinctive...You seldom see him make a mistake...Has the size and aggressiveness to play inside and may be better off at safety...Alert and instinctive...Good man and zone cover guy...Question is his top end speed...not a question of when he will play, but "where"...- PFW

Played well for the Buffaloes and earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl. Was a superb defender for Colorado last year, but went largely unnoticed. - WalterFB

Forty: 4.43...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 16...VJ: 34.5..BJ: 132...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Brendan Langley CB 121+ Lamar xx 6000 199 xx

Has good height and length to him. He earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl. Put together a big senior season for Lamar with 43 tackles, 7 passes broken up and 6 interceptions and returned 2 punts for touchdowns. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl -

Forty: Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: 123...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Aarion Penton CB 121+ Missouri xx 5090 177 xx
Senior Bowl -
14+ Corn Elder CB 121+ Miami xx 5100 183 xx

Cards have spent more than a little time with him.

Very good, quick and sudden athlete....Can turn & go quickly...Tough and competitive...Plays bigger than size...Unafraid to defend run/good tackler...plays ball in air well....May time slower than his game speed..."Fun player to watch on tape...Will have to run faster than 4.50 to avoid dropping on some boards...Projects as slot corner who can stay with quick-cutting receivers.. - PFW

A leader on the Miami defense who put together a solid senior season. Undersized / best as a nickel corner. Elder participated in the Senior Bowl. - WalterFB

Senior Bowl

Forty: 4.55...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ....

14+ Fabian Moreau CB 121+ UCLA xx 6000 206 xx

Late riser - 40-time was outstanding...In answer to the PFW question: He ran a 4.35 at the Combine...Not just a speed-guy - check his VJ, BJ and agility numbers.- Gollin

Ideal size...good in run support.."How fast is he?"...Opposing passers stayed away from him most of the time...Dependable in man, off or zone coverages,,,,...- PFW

Combo of size, fluidity and open field tackling skills...easy movement skills...but loses too many one-on-one battles......just average route awareness...Recovering from foot injury...needs to be more physical tackling/figting thru blocks - NFLDS

Forty: 4.35...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 38.0...BJ: 136...SS: 4.12...LS: ...3C: 6.94....

14+ Jalen Myrick CB 121+ Minnesota xx 5100 200 xx

4.28 was second fastest forty time in this draft. Write-ups suggest he's more a track star than a corner, but you can't totally ignore elite speed. - Gollin

Biggest asset is his speed...Also returns kicks...would be considered draftable in a higher round if he had better size...Good anticipation & timing of break...Tends to freelance in zone coverage. - NFLDS

Forty: 4.28...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 13...VJ: ...BJ: 124...SS: 4.22...LS: ...3C: 7.06....


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