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Tight Ends/Fullbacks
OJ Howard 7 Alabama Sr 6060 251 1

SI (Ranks #1) - Both he and Butt are capable of lining up anywhere within an offense and are coming out of programs where they are expected to help pave the way for the run game. Arguably is a bit more dangerous than Butt as a downfield pass catcher,

Easily the best TE in this draft class...Should come in and contribute right away...Excellent size to go with very good athleticism and speed...played in pro offense...Lacks the production a player with his talent should have...Can get lazy as a blocker...Should be utiiized more as a pro than he was in college...- PFW

Despite his lack of production, looks like the crown jewel of a very talented draft class for TE's...Gifted but far from a finished product...Looks more like a power forward than a TE. Explosive athlete with breakaway speed, lateral agility and balance, Projects well as a "move" tight end and hybrid slot receiver, similar to Jimmy Graham.
Shows quickness and balance gaining a clean release off the LOS ...accelerates smoothly...a reliable "hands" catcher...tracking the ball well over his shoulder. Has the vision, agility and acceleration after the catch...has learned to use size to his advantage, lowering his shoulders into would-be tacklers and sprawling his legs to keep his knees from touching the turf. Good timing and body control leaping for high passes. But is far too reliant on his size and athleticism as a route-runner...As a ball-carrier, he's not the bulldozer his size would suggest / lack of ideal physicality is also evident in his blocking (more pesky than powerful...or passionate) - NFLDS (Rang).

Improved as a blocker and route-runner while continuing to be under-utilized in the passing game. Some say Howard can be a sloppy route-runner and needs to improve his blocking, but he is an intriguing athlete who could be dynamic receiving tight end. . Had a tremendous week at the Senior Bowl, where he impressed on the field with his receiving skills and blocking...said to interview well with teams. As a receiver, Howard is a real weapon...naturally and extremely athletic and fast / can get downfield quickly. He often burned man coverage and is very adept at finding the soft spot in the zone...has a big frame to box out safeties and the leaping ability / body control to make catches over defenders. LB's have little chance of covering Howard in man coverage...should be a tremendous middle-seam big play TE. According to one scout: "He's as close to a complete TE over the last few that have come out." ...better blocker online but not as good a route runner than Ebron or Eifert were coming out....Howard is probably faster than Eifert, and they have comparable hands. ...Howard is a much better blocker than Olsen (was) coming out of Miami. Howard could be a mismatch weapon in the passing game while also being a quality blocker... - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - ((Day 1) - "Coming in at 6-feet-5 and 249 pounds, he is every bit the prototype when it comes to size for an NFL tight end. On the field he looked smooth, and was arguably the best athlete on the field. He had one drop, but recovered with several nice grabs, including one in double coverage ...Howard was underused in the passing game at Alabama in 2016, but still made plays when given the opportunity — and he dominated as a blocker, finishing the year as PFF’s highest-graded run-blocker. ..had multiple 'concentration' drops during practice, but won the week once everyone saw his size and ... watched his ability to stretch the seam of the defense and create big plays....didn’t get the targets at Alabama that his skill set likely deserved, but he showed sure hands (only six drops on 106 catchable targets over three years) and he averaged 7.6 yards after the catch per reception...posted the nation’s top grade as a run-blocker...combined with his ability to create big plays in the pass game, he’s the best all-around tight end in this class..." (Day 2) - ...Stole the show on Day 1...speed combination wowed scouts and coaches...clear that Hue Jackson was giving him a little extra attention on Day 2. He was in Howard’s ear after he dropped his second pass in two days, this one against air...Had only six drops on 106 catchable passes the last three years, so this shouldn’t be a long-term issue, but inconsistency has been creeping up in practice..." - PFF

Forty: 4.51 ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 22...VJ: 30.0...BJ: ...SS: 4.16...LS: 11.46...3C: 6.85.

Bucky Hodges 113 Virginia Tech rJr 6060 257 1-2

SI (Ranks #4) - Outside receiver type stuck in a tight end’s body.

Exceptional athlete with good size...Very good deep threat/makes difficult catches...can get in and out of his cuts quickly to separate...But: Too many drops...poor blocker for size...inconsistent effort...questionable toughness...Will test off the charts but plays worse than his numbers...will always play flexed out...Can create matchup problems for defense...Scout Says: "...Fast and gets open but has some drops and won't block. He has to block to play for us."- PFW

"Might be just the freakiest pass catcher in the country"...Combination of size, strength and athleticism makes him special...Basically an overgrown WR and a classic mismatch vs. DB's...Starred as a dual threat quarterback in high school ... Hokies used Hodges more as a complementary threat than the focal point. ...It is Hodges' perceived upside (and not his current statistics) which has scouts excited - towers over the defensive backs & too fast for most linebackers.... accelerates smoothly off the snap, with the agility, balance and strength to escape the jam and quickly get into routes. Brings rare speed for the position and tracks the ball well over his shoulder/ an iideal threat down the seam. Zero hesitation going over the middle - will extending to grab difficult passes in traffic and is bullish after the catch...has vision and agility after the catch - possesses size and aggression, but rarely was used as a traditional in-line blocker. ...If committed to polishing his game, his future looks bright - NFLDS (Rang)

A dangerous receiver who can hurt defenses in the red zone. Needs to improve his blocking but he could be an impactful receiving tight end. _ WalterFB

Forty: 4.57...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 18...VJ: 39.0 ...BJ: ...SS: 4.45...LS: 12.08...3C: .

Jake Butt 120+ Michigan Jr 6050 246 1-2

Gollin - (All Name Team)

SI (Ranks #2) - Both he and Howard are capable of lining up anywhere within an offense and are coming out of programs where they are expected to help pave the way for the run game. Howard arguably is a bit more dangerous as a downfield pass catcher, but Butt is about as reliable as they come within a 20-yard window.

Tough and competitive...One-speed guy who lacks a top burst...Versatile...needs to get a bit bigger...Should start off as a "move" TE but if he gets stronger and bulks up, could devellop into a "Y."...Tore Orange Bowl.... - PFW

Used all over the formation by Mich...Solidly built. When healthy, he's Mr. Reliable as a blocker & receiver...Excellent route runner, but only average burst - can't separate based on athletiism alone...Lacks an explosive second gear/not a home run threat - NFLDS

Some have said that Butt is a solid prospect, but is underwhelming as a blocker. Othersfeel his blocking improved over his final year. Tore knee ligaments in his bowl game, & could slide in the Draft. Looks very good as a receiver in Harbaugh's pro-style offense. As a blocker, Butt has potential, too. Better in pass protection than run blocking...Technique isn't bad, but he could stand to get stronger and pack more of a punch in the ground game. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 18...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

Jordan Leggett 120+ Clemson Sr 6050 258 2

Mid-round athlete with starter upside...Very good TE size...Willing blocker, but better on the move than in-line...Lacks elite burst coming out of his cuts...Runs good routes/can find the open seam...Inconsistent getting separation...Scout Says: "I get why OJ Howard is the better prospect, but I thought Jordan Leggett was the better player in the championship game"... - PFW

One of the more athletically gifted TE prospects....Can get open, catch the FB, make plays and be a wonderful weapon...will be a real find and nice addition to most passing games. But, he first has to prove two things to scouts:(1) that's he's truly committed to the game /will work hard and (2) he must continue to work on blocking. Fnally lived up to his promise in 2015 after an up and down first two years. Very athletic: a threat - especially in the red zone. Bigger than safeties and faster than most LBs. Can line up out wide, split or in-line. Or he can be an H-back or put on the move in motion. Best in space, matched up with a LB because of his athleticism. Runs routes better than most tight ends. Gets off the LOS well and is adept at finding openings in coverage. Natural pass catcher who doesn't fight the ball. Dangerous after the catch because of his speed...Former high school WR who is learning how to block (not his strong-suit). Becoming more of a physical player, especially near or at the LOS. Comp: Jordan Reed - NFLDS (Rang)

Well-rounded tight end who looks like he has three-down potential for the NFL...has the capacity to rise as a senior. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 18...VJ: 33.0...BJ: ...SS: 4.33...LS: 12.06...3C: 7.12 .

Evan Engram 39 Ole Miss Sr 6030 234 2-3

Forty speed is elite for position... - Gollin

SI (Ranks #3) - Kind of like a pass-catching running back playing tight end

Very good speed for a TE...Willing blocker...lacks much growth potential...Strong RAC skills...Should play right away as a move-guy...Needs to get bigger and stronger...- PFW

Looks more like a physical WR than a traditional TE... (should be considered a hybrid of both)...No threat as an inline blocker but willing and aggressive (& cannot be ignored by enemy defenders)...excellent release/disguises routes well...Sharp footwork in and out of breaks...Tweener frame lacking grwth potential...he’s undersized for his listed position but has shredded defenses hash mark to hash mark....Might not fit the prototypical profile of NFL tight ends, but he can be a difference-maker in the right offense - NFLDS

Dynamic receiving tight end for the NFL in the mold of Jordan Reed. ...a fast receiver & good route-runner. Not a big blocker for the NFL though, but fights hard as a blocker and can contribute Engram had an impressive Senior Bowl to help his draft stock....Engram isn't a drive blocker, but he is a good blocker in space and very good at cutting defenders....a fast receiver who is a threat in the middle of the field...needs to add weight for the next level and get better as a blocker. Comp: Jordan Reed, Aaron Hernandez - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl - (Day 2) - "...Continues to be a mismatch weapon in practices. As a 235-pound tight end, Engram is a player for whom NFL teams will need to have a distinct role in mind....graded below-average in pass protection and in run-blocking, but was a weapon as a pass-catcher. On Wednesday was able to repeatedly get open against defenders ...(ran) double-move routes well..." - PFF

Forty: 4.42...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP:19 ...VJ: 36.0...BJ: 121...SS: 4.23...LS: ...3C: 6.92 .

Jeremy Sprinkle 48 Arkansas rSr 6050 252 3-4

"Your old-fashioned 'Y' TE" (You don't see many TE's with that kind of skill-set anymore)...Size and growth potential to get to 265...Adequate short receiver...more of a "find the open spot" guy than a seam-buster......will compete in traffic...Unique trait is that he can knock opponents off the ball and can mirror and anchor in pass pro...Speed won't scare anyone/poor separation quickness...Won't go high, but should help a team from Day One.... - PFW

Looks like the part of an "old school" tight end...Teams looking for a traditional full-feature tight end will like Sprinkle, who appears just as satisfied with delivering a block in the running game as he is catching touchdowns....\Well built for blocking at the LOS - even pancaking the occasional defender. For a man of his size, he builds up to impressive straight-line speed, with long, powerful strides which help him outrun or simply bulldoze his way through would-be tacklers. May lack elite hands, but is a generally reliable pass-catcher, who can time his leap and pluck the football out of the air in jump-ball situations. Also knows how to shield defenders on short throws over the middle, "swallowing" the ball with defenders draped over him. Lacks ideal initial quickness ...Delayed release is compounded as a receiver because of his heavy, almost plodding feet which keep him from getting into and out his breaks efficiently. Did not drop any passes on tape but seems to lack "natural" hands. Comp: Marcedes Lewis...Comes with character red flags - NFLDS (Rang)

A good blocker and a functional receiver...a sleeper tight end who could be a quality value pick. Had some issues at the Senior Bowl /didn't impress on the field or during the team interviews. - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.69...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 29.0...BJ: 116 ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

Eric Saubert 120+ Drake xx 6046 247 x

Hdight, speed, hands, RAC ability...Can grow to 255...Dominated level of competition...Strong East-west Shrine week....Raw...Run blocking needs work...Will be a move TE with some upside...Runs well for a TE...Got better every year...Great hands/can adjust to the ball...Scout Says: "Just give Eric Saubert some time to adjust to the speed and talent of the NFL and he wil be fine. I can see him starting in another year"... - PFW

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

Blake Jarwin 120+ Okla St rSr 6040 248 4-5

Has played in-tight, on-the-wing, flexed out and as a FB...More a blocker than a receiver, but adequate short-range pass catcher...Better on the move than in-line ... - PFW

(Mention but no write-up) - NFLDS

Had a good week at the East-West Shrine where he blocked well and showed some receiving skills. A sleeper who could be a nice mid-round value...will need to produce more as a receiver to rise in the rankings - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: ..

Cole Hikutini 105 Louisville Sr 6040 247 4-5

Small move TE...Good hands/adjusts well to the ball...As a blocker, he's more a stalker than hitter... - PFW

Lacks elite traits - Value lies in his versatility...Can be an effective security blanket up the middle...Good initial quickness and balance to release into his route cleanly / accelerates smoothly with a gliding style that seems to catch defenders by surprise. Sneaky blocker. Unlike many tight ends in today's college game, he has some experience staying in as an extra tackle in pass pro, with good knee bend and lateral agility to mirror, as well as underrated strength at POA....May be more than the sum of his parts. Accelerates smoothly but tops out quickly, lacking the breakaway speed to truly be a consistent seam-buster. Some lateral agility and flexibility to slip off the LOS and into his route, but not a quick-twitch athlete...more pesky than powerful as a blocker. - NFLDS (Rang)

A dangerous receiving threat in Louisville's point-machine offense. Will need to improve his blocking in the NFL. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 20...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

Pharoah Brown 120 Oregon rSr 6060 255 4-5

Another All-Name candidate at TE - Gollin

Redshirted last year after suffering a knee injury... In the spring game, he flashed his old form, which is great news for his NFL hopes. Brown has some receiving skills and could end up rising. - WalterFB -

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 24...VJ: 34.0...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

Gerald Everett 120+ So Alabama rSr 6030 239 4-5


Not as tall as you'd like, but has great length...Very good athlete with good speed, COD and body control...Great hands (hand-snatcher)...Competes in trqaffic...separates consistently...competes in traffic...Willing blocker...but raw route runner...played for 3 different schoos...Rarely lined up at TE (despite being listed as one)...Lack of ideal height may limit him. Comp: (smaller version of) Eric Ebron... - PFW

Can be a mismatch nightmare...with his route speed and quickness out of breaks...Accelerates effortlessly off the LOS...But lacks prototypical bulk and growth potential...Tiny hands (8.25")....Sometimes takes eye off ball before securing. Blocking needs work. - NFLDS

Started out his career at UAB...After UAB ended its football program, he transferred to South Alabama. Scouts report a real buzz about Everett in the scouting community, and he is often compared to the Redskins' Jordan Reed. They think Everett is a legit receiving weapon for the NFL. Some team sources believe that Everett won't get out of the second round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Comp: Jordan Reed.... - WalterFB

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.62...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 22...VJ: 37.5...BJ: 126...SS: 4.33...LS: ...3C: 6.99 .

Michael Roberts 120+ Toledo rSr 6040 270 4-5

Lacks the speed and quickness to be a move TEGood blocking skills...Needs to work on fundamentals...Blocking skills should earn him a roster spot... - PFW

Projects as a blocking tight end, yet has some receiving ability. Some say that Roberts could be the best pure Y (blocking) tight end in the Draft and say he is athletic enough to make some plays as a short option or in the red zone. Had a quality week at the Senior Bowl, (minus a few dropped passes).... - WalterFB

Senior Bowl - (Day 1) "..T.he other tight end who made some waves today...After scoring 16 touchdowns in 2016, he came to Mobile this week looking to impress against improved opposition. He had several nice grabs today, showing off good burst to get away from linebackers and safeties in space.

Forty: 4.86 ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 30.0...BJ: 110..SS: 4.51...LS: ...3C: 7.05 .

David Njoku 50 Miami (FL) rSr 6040 246 4-5

Fast riser - Not on a lot of prospect lists when the draft season started. - Gollin

Good athlete/solid hands...Good RAC skills...Good release - can get in and out of his cuts ...Lacks blocking technique/needs to get bigger and stronger...Raw route runner...Projects either as a move TE or huge WR...Scout Says: "Yes, David Njoku is raw and has to learn how to block, but he is going to be the best TE in this class...Another Scout Says: "David Njoku is a flat-out freak of an athlete. As much as I love OJ Howard, I think Nojuko will have the bigger impact when both are ready to go"....Comp: Kelvin Benjamin... - PFW

Numbers not as good as actual production due to Miami system and surrounding cast...dangerous receiver who uses speed to get open and size to make contested catches downfield. ... has upside to develop into a receiving threat in the NFL with the size and strength to be a blocker. Comp: Vernon Davis or Eric Ebron... - WalterFB

Forty: 4.64...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: 37.5...BJ: 133...SS: 4.34...LS: ...3C: 6.97

Josiah Price 120+ Michigan St rSr 6040 248 4-5

More of a blocking tight end in Michigan State's offense... - WalterFB.

Forty: ...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: ...VJ: ...BJ: ...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

Jonnu Smith 120+ Florida Intl rSr 6030 2485 x

Soft hands...large catch-radius...can extend...willing blocker...good RAC skills...Off the field red flag (injured in a domestic incident)....move guy...efeffective route runner...could become more productive receiver in the pros than he was in college - PFW

Had a decent Senior Bowl week and flashed some receiving skills. Comp: Made nationwide news in 2016 - (pregnant girlfriend poured boiling water on him). Smith is a quick, athletic receiving tight end who has the potential to be a mismatch weapon. Some sources have Smith grading out as a third- or fourth-rounder. Comp: Charles Clay - WalterFB -

Senior Bowl -

Forty: 4.62...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 22...VJ: 38.0...BJ: 127...SS: 4.18...LS: 11.57... ...3C: .

Freddie Stevenson 120+ Florida State Sr 6000 234 5

One of the better fullbacks in the country...Good inside runner...consistent blocker...adequate receiver...decent burst and wiggle for a big guy...chain-mover... - PFW

Showed well as a blocker. (a strong lead blocker for Dalvin Cook).... - WalterFB

Forty: 4.75...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 24...VJ: 28.0...BJ: ...SS: 4.45...LS: ...3C: 7.65 .

Sam Rogers 120+ Virginia Tech Sr 5100 231 6-7

" fullback in the country"...Tough and aggressive...Reliable inside runner, blocker and short-range receiver...Can face-up and anchor in pass pro...YAC yards open...but short with short arms...FB's aren't much in demand... - PFW

Former walk-on...Rogers could be a mismatch weapon in a NFL offense as defenses often sleep on fullbacks. Also is a solid blocker. A rare sight - a breakout performance by a fullback. He was incredible against the Buckeyes. He ripped off a nice 16-yard run early in the game, hit a block on two defenders to spring his back for a long run, and then caught a 51-yard touchdown on a wheel route with a superb run after the catch...showed some real talent for a fullback.... - WalterFB

Forty: 4.93...Twenty: ...Ten: ...BP: 19...VJ: 32.0...BJ: ...SS: 4.34...LS: ...3C: 7.27 .

Emmanuel Holder 120+ Towson rSr 5110 265 7

Good straighn backup.

Forty: 4.74...VJ: 35.0...BP: 23...SS: 4.33..3C: 7.10...

Bobby Wolford 120+ Boston Coll rSr 6010 248 7-FA

Oversized rece

No #'s...

Dakota Ball 120+ Alabama rSr 6020 268 7-FA


Forty: 4.70...BP: 23...VJ: 33.0...BJ: 9-8...SS: 4.35...3C: 7.14..


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