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Running Back DataBase

Pos Rnk Player Pl Rnk School Yr Ht Wt   Rd
Saquon Barkley RB03
Penn St Jr 6000 233   1

USA Today - A rare talent with incredible athletic ability....well-rounded skill set will make him a terror on every down at the next level. Hais rare explosiveness for his size (which) will create serious problems for NFL defenders, and he’ll be a dream for any offensive coordinator or quarterback who wants a strong running game to balance their attack....For all the talk of devaluing the running back position in recent years, the NFL draft has seen one come off the board in the top 10 for three years in a row. Barkley is likely to make it four...

Lindy's - Arguably the best prospect in this draft...Prototype RB for modern game but not yet a Le'Veon Bell weapon....Big back with 3-down skillset...If he's not hit in the backfield, he's almost guaranteed to gain at least 4 yds...

PFW - Great overall athleticism with speed, agility, balance and burst..Good jump cutter...very good power...Production went down in 2017...Best all-purpose runner in the draft...Bigger version of Christian McCaffery, but no Zeke Elliott (not the power guy Elliott is).

Combine: Forty: 4.40 ...

Derrias Guice RB13
LSU Jr 5100 214   1

USA Today - While Leonard Fournette was held back by injuries, (teammate) Guice took full advantage of the opportunity to shine as the Bayou Bengals’ lead back in 2016, leading the team with 1,387 yards and 15 touchdowns on the ground. This year...Guice has dealt with his own injury issues, but has still managed to put up over 1,000 yards and double-digit scores. While Fournette was lauded for his rare combination of size, athleticism and explosiveness, Guice brings some of those same traits to the table, but arguably in a more complete package. His COD skills set him apart from his predecessor, and he’s no slouch when it comes to breaking big runs or trucking opposing defenders.... a three-down weapon who shouldn’t have to wait long to hear his name called on draft day.

Lindy's - Big back with explosive athleticism...First round talent...Comp: Marshawn Lynch...Medical concern (leg)...Passing game still a work in progress...

PFW - Ranks #6 - Athletic with a burst and quick instincts...Strong and powerful (picks up YAC) yards...Willing blocker...reliable receiver...protects the ball...Intensity level was down in 2017..."Very talented but missing something"...does not have top-end speed.

Combine: Forty: 4.49 ...

Bryce Love xx
Stanford Jr 5100 191   1


Combine: Forty: DNR ...

Ronald Jones II RB18
USC Jr 5110 205   1-2

USA Today - One of the most exciting playmakers in college football throughout this explosive athlete who makes plays thanks to his quickness and balance, and he’s a more physical runner than his somewhat lean frame might suggest. A north-south runner with the ability to make quick jump cuts, Jones is a three-down player who could easily sneak into the first-round conversation.

Lindy's - Home run hitter...Game is built around speed and elusiveness...Straight-line fast but also stop-start and COD quick...nightmare in space...More slippery than powerful...slight frame...will have to be more rounded in the passing game...

PFW - Home-run hitter...Productive...Very fast, quick and elusive...Great feet and COD skills...Very strong for size...Good receiver...Could go late in the first, but prbably a second-rounder...

Combine: Forty: 4.65 ...

Damien Harris
Alabama Jr 5110 216   xx


Combine: Forty: DNR ...

Royce Freeman RB12
Oregon -- 5110 229   xx

USA Today - a strong runner with a solid frame (and) a solid combination of balance and vision. He may not have the breakaway speed of other runners in this class, and his workload may give NFL teams some pause about his longevity at the next level, but he’s a three-down talent with a productive track record who should make an immediate impact at the next level.

Lindy's - Soutly built workhorse back...grear vision/impressive creativity...soft hands...fluid athleticism but lacks explosiveness/not much of a threat split out wide...Instincts should enable him to outplay his measurables...


Combine: Forty: 4.54 ...

Sony Michel RB20
Georgia Sr 5110 214   xx

USA Today - A complete player who can make a big impact on all three downs, both as a runner and catching the ball out of the backfield. His big-play ability was on full display in the Bulldogs’ epic Rose Bowl win over Oklahoma, and that film will stick in the minds of NFL decision-makers all offseason long.

Lindy's - Explosive slashing runner with tremendous burst...a bit of an upright/straight-line/one-cutter...Tries to go low and cut in pass pro...Fits best in a one-cut inside blocking scheme...

PFW - Great size to go with very good speed, quick feet, balance and very good COD...Quick burst to get outside...willing pass blocker...plays smaller than his listed size...not a pile driver but has talent to be an every down, big play back.

Combine: Forty: 4.54 ...

Nick Chubb RB05
Georgia Sr 5110 227   xx

USA Today - One of the most talented running backs in the nation...Rare physical specimen with a ridiculous combination of power and explosiveness, Chubb has been one of the nation’s most physically dominant and productive backs throughout his career. If he can avoid any ill effects from the devastating knee injury he sustained 2015, Chubb should be a steal anywhere on Day 2.

Lindy's - Cerebral runner with compact build and thick powerful legs...A phenom before knee injury...Almost back to old self...good at blitz pickup...not an especially violent or explosive runner...not used much in passing game....Medical evaluation key - "ceiling is enormous."....

PFW - Thick strong and productive back who is one of the best inside runners in this draft...quick to the hole but has patience to wait for blocks...Devestating knee injury in 2015...Lacks the breakaway speed of a best running inside...Potential high 1st round pick before the injury

Combine: Forty: 4.52 ...

Kerryon Johnson RB17
Auburn Jr 5110 213   xx

USA Today - Johnson’s combination of agility, vision, patience and explosiveness will have many NFL teams intrigued...Ssomewhat lean frame, upright running style and injury history could give some scouts pause, but if he stays healthy at the next level, he could be an extremely productive playmaker on all three downs in the right system.

Lindy's - Unique big back...extremely patient feeling out blocks, showing great vision...Creative runner but will lower his shoulder...high marks for intangibles and playing thru pain...can be slow thru the LOS...Medicals will be key..could turn out to be exciting prospect.

PFW - Adequate size...has power...gets YAC yardage...Tough/can play with pain...return experience...but high-cut...more quick than fast, but not especially elusive...very reliable receiver...

Combine: Forty: DNR ...

Ito Smith xx
So Miss Sr 5090 195   xx

Lindy's - Waterbug type with tremendous lateral agility...innate feel for setting up defenders...soft hands...undersized...may be more gadget player than traditional RB.

PFW - Very productive...durable...quick to the hole...burst to the outside...quick,productive jump-cutter....tough and competitive...but is small/plays small...lacks inside power...

Combine: Forty: DNR ...

Kalen Ballage RB02
Arizona St Sr 6010 228   xx

USA Today - One of the more intriguing prospects in this year’s deep running back class, Ballage is likely to be a polarizing evaluation thanks to his combination of lackluster production and rare blend of size and athleticism....His solid frame and physical running style make him a difficult assignment for any would-be tackler, and his receiving skills should allow him to be a three-down weapon at the next level. A strong showing at the Senior Bowl was a great way to kick off his predraft process, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see Ballage blow up the combine and send his stock through the roof.

Lindy's - Eye-catching measurables...more well-rounded game than displayed by most big backs...but doesn't play to size...More finesse than physical...Game lacks suddeness or violence.

PFW - excellent size and strength...very good COD....quick burst...but not a inside - can make the jump=cut/cut in the hole...good receiver..."talented but something is missing"....

Combine: Forty: 4.46 ...

Myles Gaskin xx
Washington Jr 5100 191   xx


Combine: Forty: DNR ...

Akrum Wadley RB27
Iowa Sr 5100 194   xx

US Today - A quick look at his measurements will earn him the “undersized” label, but Wadley runs with a more physical style than you might expect. Currently projects as a potential steal in the middle rounds and will have a chance to improve upon his stock in this year’s Senior Bowl. Regardless, his three-down skill set and a deep running back class could make him one of this year’s best values at the position.

Lindy's - "Plays bigger than size - but perhaps not big enough."..Outstanding balance, body control and stop/start agility...creative runner/very good in space...might be too narrowly built to endure full workload...

PFW - Extremely productive...excellent athlete...Very good COD, quickness, body control and balance...Instinctive with strong vision and decision-making skills...Good jump=cutter....short arms/small hands...Dangerous in space.

Combine: Forty: 4.54 ...

Josh Adams RB01
Notre Dame Jr 6020 213   xx

USA Today - Detractors will point to Adams’ upright running style, high-cut frame and that he benefited from running behind two of this year’s best offensive line prospects (Quenton Nelson, Mike McGlinchey (those are valid criticisms). There’s plenty of talent, but a deep running back class could easily push Adams further down the board than some might expect.

Lindy's - Big workhorse back with some suddenness...Upright/lacks long speed...not particularly creative or elusive as a runner...can be a handful as an early-down weapon...

PFW - Good size...Strong...Tough guy (played thru injuries) with very good open field speed...But long strider who runs tall...ACL injury in HS...Reliable pass blocker/inconsistent pass catcher....Mostly a north-south guy...

Combine: Forty: DNR ...

Rashad Penny RB22
San Diego St Sr 5110 220   xx

USA Today - A powerful back with a solid frame and a physical running style, Penny punishes opposing defenders in many different ways. He can run by, around or through would-be tacklers. His big-play ability is evident in his current four-game streak of 200-yard rushing performances, yet he’s still somewhat of a sleeper in this deep running back class.

Lindy's - Calling card is his size and power...Downhill runner with surprising long speed...Can take a little while to get going..."Poor man's Derrick Henry?"...Fairly high floor.

PFW - Ranks #4 - Big, strong and durable...Big play threat...Excellent KR skills...Great balance after contact...Good to very good hands...Can bang between the tackles..never gets knocked backward.

Combine: Forty: 4.46 ...

Nyheim Hines RB15
NC State Jr 5080 198   xx

Lindy's - Gamebreaking playmaker...explosive/sudden...enough straight linespeed to be home run threat...Won't overwhelm with power...bigger issue is durability...might max out at a dozen touches...

PFW - "Give him an open seam and he's gone."...Strenghts are speed and burst...good receiver with good cutback skills...hasn't done much as a blocker...Short and well-built but not big by any means...has speed, quickness and good run instincts...More of a one-cut guy when runniing inside...

Combine: Forty: 4.38 ...

Justin Crawford RB07
West Virginia -- 5110 199   xx


Combine: Forty: 4.64 ...

John Kelly RB19
Tennessee Jr 5100 216   xx

Lindy's - Bowling ball...Low-to-ground tackle-breaker...Smallish RB with physical running style...Will seek out contract...not very speed runner who lacks explosion...Off-the field red flags.

PFW - Agile with quick feet...More quick than fast...not a good runner after contact...small stature...can get tracked down from behind...runs low but not very explosive or powerful...good balance...can break arm-tackles...good traits to be a returner but didn't do it for Vols.

Combine: Forty: DNR ...

13+ Mark Walton RB28   Miami (FL)   5100 202    

USA Today - A strong runner with a solid frame (& a) a solid combination of balance and vision. May not have the breakaway speed of other runners in this class, and his workload may give NFL teams some pause about his longevity, but he’s a three-down talent with a productive track record who should make an immediate impact at the next level....Leg injury that ended his 2017 season prematurely has Walton seeming like somewhat of a forgotten man.

Lindy's - Stout and quick...Low COG...Not a push-the-pile weapon...Injury history (ankle)...If ankle checks out, it could elevate his stock...

PFW - Thick strong and explosive...Very quick with instant COD...Superb stocp and go skills...Very good long speed...runs low....doesn't give ground...gets positive yards after contact...great lateral agility...Short guy...Ankle surgery.

Combine: Forty: 4.60 ...

10 Bo Scarbrough RB25   Alabama   6010 228    

USA Today - An explosive runner with a massive frame, Scarbrough is the kind of back no defender wants to meet after he gets a full head of steam. But while his rare physical tools are impossible to ignore, his upright running style and injury history are likely to give NFL teams some pause. A deep running back class won’t help his chances of landing among the first few rounds either. That said, if he can stay healthy, he could carve out a successful NFL career in the right situation.

Lindy's - "Plus-plus sized power back"...Medical eval (ACL's) will be huge...A bit straight line/upright....Comps to LeGarrette Blount (but I like Blount!!!)

PFW - Big, strong, physical RB...Good inside runner...picks up YAC yards....runs low...effective blocker...soft hands...Durability issues (knee(...Lacks top-end speed...Not a speed guy but has a short burst...will need help trying to gain the edge...not speed guy...would rather run over his opponent.

Combine: Forty: 4.52 ...

13+ Martez Carter xx   Grambling St          

PFW - Thick and strong...better outside than inside (which is what he prefers to do)...

Combine: Forty: DNR ...

13+ Ryan Nall RB21   Oregon St   6020 232    


Combine: Forty: 4.58 ...

13+ Kyle Hicks RB14   TCU   5100 204    


Combine: Forty: 4.63 ...

13+ Lavon Coleman RB06   Washington   5110 215    

PFW - Not the most elusive guy and not home run guy without help...has talent, but hasn't lived up to early expectations....

Combine: Forty: 4.65 ...

Justin Jackson RB16
Northwestern 6000 199    

PFW - Isn't very big and lacks burner speed...tough, competitive and very durable...needs to improve receiving skills...

Combine: Forty: 4.52 ...


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