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2018 Draft
Round One Rumors
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Pick Team Buzz Proj. Mock
1 Cleveland 1 It's between Allen and Mayfield - Cabot and Patrick...(Trending Mayfield)...Said to receive no serious offers for #1 pick...4/24 - Mayfield now in conversation - could they be trying to gin up trade with Jets or Bills? (They still have #4 to play with)...Looks like Cleve is tilting to Allen - C Campbell (Walter's)...Allen or Mayfield - D Patrick....There is growing discussion about Cleveland drafting the best non-QB on their board at #1 because they're guaranteed to get one of the top 4 G+QB's at #4 (It all depends on how Cleveland rates each QB'...4/23 - "It won't be Allen" - P King..Are leaning toward Darnold - Pauline....4/11 - Not expected to trade down...Darnold buzz a ploy? Could be Allen here. Expected to draft a QB at #1...CW says it's Darnold or Allen, but John Dorsey says the Browns are open to all options. Dorsey said to favor big-armed QB's. Hosting the top 4 QB's (Darnold, Rosen, Allen and Mayfield) plus L Jackson. Mayfield QB
2 Giants Could surprise and draft B Chubb - Schrager...Unlikely to trade pick or select a QB...Said to have a trade blueprint in place with Bills....Any trade could be, in part, for player(s) - L McCoy?)...Also said to "love Darnold."...4/11 - Strong vibe for Barkley, but trade very likely...Extremely interested in B Chubb...Trade with Buff buzz...Should Cleve draft Allen, Giants would draft Darnold but it's far from being a lock....L Collins (arm) recovery behind schedule...Keep an eye on Josh Sweat... Barkley RB
3 Jets fr Indy 4/25 - Late Jets war room push for Rosen - Pauline...Have cancelled meetings with non-QB's...4/19 - Mayfield to Jets a done deal? - Pauline...4/17 - Mangold retired...Met with Frostee Rucker...4/11 - Most recent buzz concerns Mayfield - they love Mayfield but consider him a notch below Darnold, Allen and Rosen...Said to favor Darnold over Mayfield. Met with Allen a second time. Rosen not expected to drop past Jets... Rosen QB
4 Cleve2 fr Houston Cleve shopping the pick - Rapoport....They could opt for a QB at #1 and hope barkley would fall....4/11 - Could be Barkley here Chubb EDG
5 Denver "Elway open to trading pick"..."Love Ward" - Lombardi (Trade gin?)...CW points to Barkley or Nelson, but they could trade back to take a WR or CB with their top pick (Or Vander Esch whom it's said they're eying)...Unlikely to trade up...Not ready to give up on Paxton Lynch...One of 7 teams meeting with Mayfield. Nelson G
6 Indy fr Jets "Love Roquan Smith." (trade-down?)...May look to trade down again...Luck han't resumed throwing yet....Interested in RB Ronald Jones. R Smith EDG
7 Tampa Bay Could they trade back from #7 to grab Guice or Davenport?...In 2nd round, could move up into 1st round to grab Guice/Or they could stand pat and target N Chubb or Penny in Rd 2...Nelson won't get past Tampa Bay (but Licht really likes Hernandez)......Buzz around WR- lack of prodution by DeSean Jackson and his lack of rapport with Jameis Winston Hernandez OL
8 Chicago High on Oliver (who could be a trade-down option)....Very high on Nelson and Ward...Didn't re-sigh WR Meredith Ward CB
9 Niners Reuben Foster issues could impact draft direction...Won't trade down if Edmunds still available...Niners love Minkah Fitzpatrick but are leaning toward LB (R Smith?) due to Foster situation)......Devoting a lot of time on Arden Key (maybe more for Round 2)...... Edmunds LB
10 Oakland 4/23 - Would like to add WR depth - but not at #10...Could trade down and then target K Miller...4/17 - Mack rework not going well...Could influence draft pick (Edmunds or Vander Esch?)...4/9 - Might trade down.... Vea DT
11 Miami Unlikely to trade up for a QB but would take one if he dropped to here (Since Rosen might be available, they could trade down one spot to Buffalo)...Could trade back....Targeting R Smith - Pauline...Alexander considered a top 15 player and a Plan C to Edmunds or R Smith....Would like to trade up for a QB (Rosen? Mayfield?)... Darnold QB
12 Buff1 fr Cincy 4/12 - "Trying like hell to trade up and get a QB (but not as high as the Giants at #2)......With a #12 and #22, Bills are positioned to trade up..OL Incognito retired Allen QB
13 Washington Say they're interested in a pass-catching RB (N Chubb snd Penny mentioned if Guice and Michel gone)...Others say they'll go defense...Won't rule out a QB here (or trading back...Vea paid a visit. Fitzpatrick DB
14 Green Bay 4/25 - Might trade up for James or Ward or Edmunds...4/22 - Targeting an OLB - Either R Smith or T Edmunds (whom they'd move outside)...Might trade up for Edmunds.....Either Fitzpatrick or Jackson...really like Ward but don't expect him to still be available - Pauline... James S
15 Cardinals 4/24 -Making a lot of noise about moving up (Rapoport)....4/23 - P King says Cards love Mayfield and may trade up to get him if he gets past the Jets. .4/17 Jurecki - Cards like Kirk but not at #15...4/6 - Won't take Mayfield at #15/expect them to go BPA route - or trade down...Trading up for a QB (even if costly) not likely but not out of the realm of possibility...Signed a big-WR (Butler). Expected to target additional WR's in draft...Need big MIKE guy for new 4-3...The 6-4 Edmunds said to weigh 245 - 250. L Jackson QB
16 Baltimore Pauline says Raves could take Payne (but still has Balt drafting Ridley).... Would like to move down half-dozen spots and take a TE (H Hertz)...Looking at WRs...Hosted L Jackson...Signed RGIII to a one-year deal (Are they revamping their offensive playbook)? Ridley WR
17 Chargers Said to be high on R Evans (but could be ginning up a trade deal)...Vea, Payne or Vander Esch high on radar...Looking for QB in 2nd round (Lauletta, Rudolph, Falk?)....One of 7 teams meeting with Rosen. Payne DT
18 Seattle 4/11 - Per PFW: Need RB/eying Guice...Davenport on their radar...Need a backup QB...Signed D Jordan... Guice RB
19 Dallas It's Vander Esch - Brugler...Looking at Vea, Vander Esch and DJ Moore - Pauline..."Pokes view Vander Esch as "Urlacher 2.0" (but VDE said to flunk several team'\s' physicals)...Hosted Key...Not "in love" woith Ridley...Do not consider C Sutton to be a 1st round talent - Pauline...WR's, DL's, OL's and LB among top picks scheduled for visits... Vander Esch MLB
20 Detroit Kolton Miller said not to drop past #20...Going with a RB-rotation undr Patricia... K Miller OT
21 Cincinnati fr Buff #21 considered the "floor for Ragnow...Had dinner with McGlinchey...Keep an eye on Daniels... McGlinchey OT
22 Buff2 fr KC Said to have a trade blueprint in place with NYG Kirk WR
23 Pats fr Rams Legit interest in L Jackson...(Continue to load their roster with name players but still need a backup QB)...Said to be team showing most attention to L Jackson...Sweat on radar....Solder's departure may have caused Pats to pay closer attention to OL (C Williams?) in draft. C Wilson WR
24 Panthers Ragnow if still there...High on H Hurst...Interested in CB Mike Hughes...Club is lookig for new owner...Checking out a number of WRs. Ragnow C
25 Tennessee Targeting LB and DL...Hubbard, Landry, Evans...Don't expect Vander Esch to be there at #15... Landry EDG
26 Atlanta Rumor that Julio Jones may be headed elsewhere...#26 a floor for Bryan...Checking out DTs... Bryan DL
27 New Orleans Seek to trade up (target not clear)...Could make a play for L Jackson...Might trade up...Hughes on radar....May lose Vaccaro. Evans LB
28 Pittsburgh Conisdering Landry...High on L Jackson...Harrison's retiring...Vander Esch on radar...Bell asking-price may be too steep - Pitt taking long look at Guice (or are Steelers merely exerting leverage)? Rudolph QB
29 Jags H Hurst not out of the question...Need a backup QB...Mason Rudolph mentioned...Want to replace TE Mercedes Lewis... Could be targeting Andrews...DJ Moore has ties to Jag WR coach. H Hurst TE
30 Vikings EDGE rushers led the player-visits parade...Spielmann attended Billy Price's Pro Day...Price recovering from torn pec.... B Price OG
31 New England Speculation that NE will try to trade up for a QB - possibly as high as #2 (NYG)...Mason Rudolph getting most of the Pat buzz, but Lauletta makes most sense...Said to like Luke Falk....Showed most interest in L Jackson...This might be where Pats draft an OT....Brady getting older & Jimmy G is gone... Lauletta QB
32 Philadelphia Looking at WRs... Moore WR
Kansas City Could try to trade up and pick off a corner. Oliver CB
Player Rumors: Moving Up the Charts: Sweat...3 centers - Ragnow, Daniels and Price...Wynn...If 4 of first 5 picks are QB's, L Jackson may go earlier than expected...Vander Ech said to have flunked various physicals due to neck injuries. Steelers are not concerned.  


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