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Strong Safety DataBase
2 Derwin James   xx FSU Sph 6020 215 x

USA Today -Anointed the next great FSU defensive back, following in a long line of elite talents to come out of the Seminoles secondary. With his rare combination of size, athleticism and physicality, James is well-rounded prospect with fantastic range and instincts....A leg injury cost him a sizable chunk of the 2016 season, but it didn’t take long for James to prove he was back to full strength this season. If he can avoid another major injury at the next level, he has the talent to develop into one of the league’s top back-end defenders.

Lindy's - Movable chess-piece - played LB, S and CB....Big game chops...Medical (Meniscus)...Slippery and sudden/elite stop-start quckness and VG closing speed...explosive collision power...Excellent timing on leaps...Played tentatively last year probably shaking off his recovery rust...Decent ball skills...could hustle down field more consistently...Comps: Sean Taylor, Mel Renfro.

PFW - Excellent safety size and the frame to carry 220...Smooth athlete with loose hips and easy COD speed...Versatile - can play in the box or deep...Plays the run well...sideline to sideline range...Doesn't seem to have natural hands...Medical (Knee)...Not a blow-up hitter...doesn't always take good pursuit angles...First round upside, but didn't deliver this year.

-Combine Forty: 4.47

BP: 19...VJ: 35.5...BJ: 128...SS: ...LS: ...3C: .

3 DeShon Elliott   xx Texas -- 6010 210 x

USA Today - An ideal combination of size, athleticism and physicality, he's a well-rounded prospect who can lay the lumber or cover plenty of space. If he lights up the combine with his athletic ability, he could shoot up the draft board. As it is, his film is strong enough to warrant a Day 2 pick....(An already solid safety class got even stronger when Elliott declared early)...Skipped the Longhorns’ bowl game in preparation for this year’s draft.

Lindy's - Six picks as a junior...Good feel for what the offense wants to do but cover skills will be a concern...Looks more comfortable close to the LOS...Plays with a nasty edge...but stiff-hipped...most of his picks were "gifts."...Good edge speed...

PFW - VG size...Has all the rquired physical traits - size...speed...strength...athleticism. Big hitter - VG ball skills and hands...Can play man or zone....Good S to S range...But up and down from game to game/refused to play in Longhorn bowl game...Difficult to evaluate - Can be very good in man never know who'll show up - a Pro Bowl candidate or a disinterested player.

Combine Forty: 4.58

BP: 15...VJ: 36.0...BJ: 121.0

1 Ronnie Harrison   xx Alabama Jr 6020 207 x

USA Today - Another Alabama top prospect...A hard-hitting defender with a prototypical frame for a pro safety, Harrison’s combination of athleticism and physicality have made him a constant headache for opposing offenses... Harrison’s size and physical playing style make him a terror in the box, but his fluidity and athletic ability allow him to also hang with pass-catchers down the field. A well-rounded prospect with a knack for making big plays/he won’t stay on the board long.

Lindy's - Intimidating big-play presence...High FB IQ...Reliable open field tackler...Combines instincts, size athleticism and explosiveness...Former QB in HS...Lacks elite COD and range, but there may not be a better all-around safety...A passionate player who expects greatness from himself and his teammates...At his best in a straight line/loses a step in COD...Can get a little out-of-control as an open field tackler...Comps: Landon Collins, Ronny Lott...

PFW - Very physical...Exceptional size and length...Top athlete with speed, quickness and COD...In man coverage, he can look up and be effective...Very effective blitzer...good zone player...Good ball skills...Big hitter but can miss tackles when he doesn't wrap...Makes fewer big plays than physical traits suggest...Not the playmaker of his three 'Bama predecessors (Ha Ha Dix, L Collins, E Jackson) but not far behind...Might fit a Hybrid role - Projects as a rookie starter who in a worst-case scenario would start in Year 2 in the NFL.

Combine Forty: NA

BP: NA...VJ: 34.0 ...BJ: 120.0

4 Jordan Whitehead   xx Pittsburgh Jr 5100 195 x

USA Today - May look undersized on paper, but there’s nothing small about his game, or the impact he’s had for the Panthers throughout his career. A consistent playmaker on both defense and special teams, Whitehead has been extremely productive, despite his smaller frame....A talented return man, he brings added value NFL teams will love, along with a well-rounded defensive skill set that should allow him to make an immediate impact at the next level.

Lindy's - Mismatch weapon at SS in PItt offense...Frame isn't ideal and character needs monitoring...Athletic and fearless (superior to Budda Baker)...Quick twitch/can run with the swifties deep...Darrell Revis cousin...Needs to work on eye-discipline and cover technique...Underwhelming ball production...stats declined since his freshman season....

PFW - Has the athleticism and speed of a corner to go along with corner cover skills in man coverage...VG run support...consistently good hitter...Suspension...Lacks outstanding safety size...Average ball skills...not improving on a steady-track...Doesn't always play up to his talent-level...not naturally instinctive.

Combine Forty: NA

BP: 21...VJ: 31.5

5+ Jonathon Abram   x Mississippi St x xxxx xxx x


Combine Forty: NA ... .

5+ Jarod Franklin   x Tulane x xxxx xxx x


Combine Forty: NA ...Ten: ...BP: 17...VJ:32.5 ...BJ: 117 ...SS: 4.36...LS: ...3C: 7.11.

5+ Dominick Sanders   x Georgia x xxxx xxx x


Combine Forty: NA

BP: 14..

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