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1. (#1) Kyler Murray

Pos Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
Kyler Murray
x Oklahoma   5101 207 x

"...An electric playmaker with A-plus arm talent and athleticism. He dazzles as a runner but is at his best delivering darts from the pocket. If teams can get comfortable with his sub-standard physical dimensions (5-foot-10, 195 pounds), they could fall in love with the Russell Wilson-like playmaker from Oklahoma. - B Brooks (Rates #2)

"One of the most difficult evaluations I have ever done"...Boom or bust prospect...Very productive...lots of arm-talent...accurate/can make all the throws...Very fast and athletic...Strong arm with snap in the wrist...Good at finding the open man...Mostly throws to open receivers...Has to get the baseball resolved before the draft or he's not likely to go early...could go in the first round or last till the third. - PFW

Comp: Russell Wilson...Operates primaily out of the shotgun...Successes of Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson may have softened League attitudes toward a more mobile playing style...To make a play for Murray, an NFL team will have to be "all-in" (i.e. be willing to invest in a first round pick an then build a different offense around him predicated on an athletic skill-set, moving pocket and plenty of RPO reads...Murray posted video-game numbers last season using his smarts, instincts, arm and legs...Size (or lack of it) is obvious - Lindy's

Simply capable of doing things other QB's can't....Has the Russell Wilson type of ability of mapping the chaos and making plays late in the down...Obviously capable of making big plays on the run...Concern about his much smaller frame and being 6-inches shorter than a typical QB....A creative offensive architect will will be able to design something for Murray, but at issue will be whether or not he can generate a consistent offense - Athlon

A winner...outstsanding foot quickness and and great compact delivery in the pocket...Zips the ball to his targets / fantastic accracy on deep balls...Only had 5 passes batted down in 2018 - USA Today

He is intriguing. I like the way he can throw the football, but he did it in an offense with five guys that are going to get drafted, in front of him. There is a lot to like, but he has bust potential written all over him. I do not like quarterbacks that stand 5-10 - CBS

Forty: NA...Hand: 9.5

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