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The Setup
Setting the Stage
Last week, the Cards fought to stay within 6 points of the lead against the powerhouse Ravens, but came up on the short end of a 23 - 17 defeat. (For those of us who blieve in "moral victories", I guess we could find some iota of satisfaction that the Cardinal kept it close but this game was winnable). The Panteras lost to Tampa Bay 20 -14. Cam Newton (inj) was said to sit out the Cardinal contest.

Panthers' Last Game
They scored no TDs in a 20 - 14 loss to Tampa Bay. Cam Newton (was injured and is expected to sit out the Cardinal game. TB was penalized 12 times (Panteras 5)...On paper, this was a game the PAnthers were supposed to win...and the fan-base is getting antsy.

First Quarter

TB FG - Gay - 40 yds - TB 3 - Caro 0

Caro FG - Slye - 32 yds - Caro 3 - YB 3

Second Quarter

Caro FG - Slye 37 yds - Caro 6 - TB 3

TB TD Pass - 20 yds - Winston to Godwin - TB 10 - Caro 6

Caro FG Slye - 54 yds - TB 10 - Caro 6

3rd Quarter

Caro FG - Slye 51 yds - - Caro 12 - TB 10

TB TD Run - Barber - 16 yds TB 17 - Caro 12

Fourth Quarter

Caro - Safety (Kuechly stopped Barber in end zone - TB 17 - Caro 14

TB FG - Gay 32 yds - TB 20 - Caro 14


  • Panthers in a Nutshell
    Newton on offense / Kuechly on defense.
    ...McCaffery and Olsen also dangerous.

    Panther Offense
    rDerek Anderson replaced the injured Cam Newton and had waht FOX Sports called a "horrendous" outing, He completed 18 of 28 passes but was picked off twice and couldn't punch it into the end zone.Newton will be out Sunday...In two contests, he completed 25 for 51 qwith zero interceptions. He was sacked 3 times...No statistical data for his backup available....DJ Moore was targeted 14 times/completions 9...Greg Olsen went 6 for 9 (181 yds) ...Samuel for 13...Panthers were without Jonathon Stewart (again!) but their RB by Committee wotked out pretty well with 136 yards on 25 attempts...Keep an eye on Artis-Payne (85 yds on 18 carries)....Kelvin Benjamin is emerging as an important target fr the Pantera QB (whomever he might be)...Don't know much about their OL - other than that Ron Rivera was inclined to run the ball after Newton got injured

    QB ..1 Newton...07 Allen...03 Grier...xx D Anderson

    Running Backs
    RB....22 McCaffery...39 Bonnafon......20 Scarlett
    FB....40 Armah

    Wide Receivers
    LWR...12 .Moore...15 Hogan,,,
    RWR ..10 Samuel...13 Wright

    Tight Ends
    TE.....88 Olsen...80 Thomas

    Offensive Line
    LT.....60 D Williams...74 Little
    LG..73 Van Roten74 ...65 Daley
    OC....61 Paradis...69 Larsen..
    RG....70.Turner...65 Daley
    RT...72 Moten...75 Green

    Cardinal Defense

    Defensive Interior Line
    DE - 97 Z Allen...90 Bullard...91 Dogbe
    NT - 98 Peters, 72 M Brown
    DE - 95 Gunter, 93 McDonald

    SAM - 55 C Jones, 50 Reed
    ILB - 43 Reddick, 59 Walker
    MLB - 58 Hicks, 42 Gardeck...47 Z Turner
    WILL - 56 Suggs, 54 Marsh

    Defensive Backs
    LCB - 33 Murphy...27 K Peterson
    RCB - 20 Brock...25 C Jones,
    SS - 36 Swearinger...35 D Thompson,,
    FS - 32 Baker...38 J Thompson... 28 C Washington...
    40 Tillman*

    Matchup: Panthers Passing Attack vs. Cardinal Pass Defensese
    Anderson is a mixed bag. A year or two back, he replaced Newton and played lights out. But his ouiting vs. Tampa Bay was underwhelming to say the least. The Pantera QB will, no doubt be throwing to (Cardinal killer) Greg Olsen and McCafffery a good target out of the backfield. They'll try to get Moore and Samuels more involved in the passing game. We don'tknow much about theirOL - except that Coach Rivera was reluctant to expose Anderson to a pass rush and relied more on a ground attack.

    Key Matchuups - Panther QB vs. Cardinal corners...Panther OL vs. Suggs and C Jones...OLsen and McCaffery vs Reddick and Baker

    Matchup: PanthersRushing Attack vs. Cardinal Run Defense
    Panthers are pretty stingy with the points they give up..Expect the Panthers to return to old time rock 'em sock 'em football - shorten the game with a ground attack while stopping the Cardinal running game. Cards have not been stellar in these two depts. We don't like this matchup

    Key Matchuups - McCaffery vs. Hicks. Cardinal Front 3 vs. Panther OL...J

    Cardinal Offense

    01 Murray, 07 Hundley

    Running Back
    31 D Johnson, 29 Edmonds, 37 Foster

    Wide Receivers
    WR - 11 Fitzgerald...14 Byrd..., 89 Isabella,
    WR - 13 Kirk...19 KS Johnson
    WR - 15 Crabtree...16 Sherfield

    Tight Ends
    TE - 85 Clay, 87 M Williams

    Offensive Line
    LT- ...74 Humphries...66 Miles,
    LG - 67 Pugh
    OC- 53 Shipley, 52 Cole
    RG- 64 Sweezy, 65 Gailliard...68 Vujnovich
    RT - 71 J Murray...79 J Mills...78 Toth

    Panthers Defenns
    Kuechley led the Panthers with 17 tackles, followed by SHq Thompson (8) and D Jackson (6). Burns and Poe had one sack apiece, (Addison and Carter were credited with a half a sack....TB converted 6 of 15 third downs and was able to control timr of possession and keep Anderson off the field. They also struggled to create turnovers (a hallmark of previous Carolina teams).

    Defensive Line
    LDE....93 McCoy...94 Obada
    NT..95 Poe...77 Love
    RDE...99 .Short...92 Butler

    LOLB.....97 Addison...53 Burns
    LILB....54 Sh Thompson...56 Carter
    RILB....59 Kuechley....57 A Smith
    ROLB...55 Irvin...98 Haynes

    Defensive Backs
    LCB....26 D Jackson...23 Elliottt
    SS....25 Reid...28 Gaulden...30 Jamerson
    FS.....33 Boston...47 Cockrell
    RCB...24 Bradberry

    Matchup: Cardinal Passing Attack vs. Panther Pass Defense
    Kiler Murray is still a somehwhat unknown entity. Sure, we know he can beat you with both his arm and feet, but each Sunday, he brings new surprises. Since Pantera's defense went up against the Cam Newton RPO during practice each week, he figures to have a pretty good handle defending against "Air Cardinal."

    Key Matchups:
    K Murray and the Cardinal OL vs. Kuechley, Irvin and other pass rushers

    Matchup: Cardinal Running Attack vs. _Panther Run Defense
    Panthers are gritty vs. the run. Cards haven't shown much from David Johnson and their runniing attack. In addition to Kuechlie (aka "Superman"), Irvin and Reid are some of the most notable names on the Panther defensive roster.

    Key Matchups
    The two OLs...D Johnson vs Reid. Kuechely vs. Everyone

    Special Teams
    Slye kicked 4 FGs vs. TB...Palardi is their punter. Don't know much about McCloud except that his first name is "Ray=Ray", he returns punts and kicks but isn't noted in the 2-deep Panther depth chart. (Memo to Coach Kingsbury - Ignore special teams at yur peril. Just blink for a second, and you'll see some enemy dude breaking a long one, forcing a fumble or blocking a kick

    \Panthers Special Teams

    K      .04 Slye 
    P ..... 05 Palardi   
    H      05 Palardi
    LS     44 Jansen
    KR   14  McCloud
    PR    14 McCloud

    Cardinals Special Teams
    P - ...02 Lee
    K- ....05 Gonzalez
    H - ...02 Lee
    LS - 46 Brewer
    KR - 89 Isabella
    PR - 13 Kirk

    Matchup Panthers Special Teams vs. Cardinal Special Teams
    Slye showed some consistecy by booting 4 FG's vs. Tampa Bay {Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to beat the Buccos (since Carolina was unable put any TD points on the board). Any return guy named "Ray-Ray" has got to be a home run hitter.
    Cards seem to have found a "keeper" in Gonzalez..Lee is our Pro Bowl gamer.. Card returners are not known for striking fear in the hearts of opposing coverage folks...Cards placed a higher value on ST personnel regarding bottom of roster decisions at cutdown time. Cardinal coverage and punt/kick blocking skills are going to win us a couple of football games.

    Key Matchups:
    Slye va.Gonzalez...Palardi vs. Lee...McCloud vs. Kirk or Isabella...Cardinal Coverage units vs. Panther return teams

    Coaching / Intangibles
    HC Ron Rivera...OC Norv Turner...ST: Chase Blackburn...DCEric Washington...Rivera was cited by (I think it was) USA Today as being one of a handful of head coaches sitting on the hot seat...Turner brings a wealth of experience as a OL.

    How to Beat the Panthers
    If you're playing a team without its star QB and who has shown the inclination to grind things up on the ground, your principles for survival would include: (1) Protect the gootball...(2) Stop the run and probably mix in run blitzes with an aggressive pass rusn...If Rivera goes with his ball control strategy, expect the game to due battle beteen the two teams' 35 yd lines (where the threat of the field goal is most omnipresent. One way to control Kuechley is to tire him out with roll-outs, waggles and sweeps to make him chase tto the perimeter

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