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2020 Draft
Media Mocks (#4)
As of April 18, 2020

Pick Team

N Davis

Gollin Actual
  Pre S Bowl 4/23 4/23 4/23 4/19
1 Bengals Burrow       Burrow Burrow Burrow
2 Wash Young       Young Young Young
3 Detr Okudah       Okudah Okudah Okudah
4 Giants Wills       Simmons Thomas Simmons
5 Miami Thomas       Herbert Taglovailla Herbert
6 San Diego Tagovailoa       Taglovailloa Herbert Tagovailola
7 Carolina Simmons       Ruggs III Brown Ruggs III
8 Cardinals Wirfs       D Brown Simmons D Brown
9 Jaguars D Brown       Thomas Henderson Thomas
10 Browns Becton       Kinlaw Wills Wirfs
11 Jets Lamb       Lamb Becton Lamb
12 Raiders1 Jeudy       Wirfs Ruggs III Jeudy
13 Colts to SF NE Herbert       Love TB Wirfs Love
14 Tampa Bay Kinlaw       Becton SF Kinlaw Becton
15 Denver Ruggs III       Jeudy Jeudy Higgins
16 Atlanta Henderson       Henderson Terrell Henderson
17 Dallas Chiasson       Gr-Matos Lamb Gr Matos
18 Miami2 Love       Hurts A Jackson McKinney
19 Raiders2 Terrell       McKinney Arnett Chiasson
20 Jags2 Diggs       Chiasson Chiasson Wills
21 Eagles McKinney       Reagor Reagor Reagor
22 Vikes Jefferson       Jay Johnson Jefferson Jackson
23 Pats SF Blklock       Kmet LAC Murray Kinlaw
24 NO Queen       Higgins Ruiz Higgins
25 Minn J Johnson       Diggs SF Aiyuk Dobbins
26 Miami Murray       Swift GB Love Swift
27 Seattle Gr-Matos       Dantzler Brooks Epenesa
28 Balt Davidson       Delpit Queen Murray
29 Tenn Kmet       Shenault I Wilson Gross-Matos
30 Gr Bay Aiyuk       Mims Mi Igbinoghene Queen
31 Niners Ruiz       Biadecz Mn Gladney Lemieux
32 KC Epenesa       Aiyuk E-Hellaire A Davis
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