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Offensive Tackle DataBase

BPA Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
9 Andrew Thomas 3 Georgia   6052 315 1

Combine: Forty: 5.22...Wing: 83.5...BP: 21
VJ: 30.5...BJ: 109...3C: 7.58...20S: 4.66...60S: NA...

Charlie Campbell - Team sources say Thomas is a future top-10 pick and where he goes in the 2020 NFL Draft will depend a lot on team needs. Thomas was very good for Georgia in 2019 as a reliable pass protector and good contributor in the ground game.

Thomas helped Georgia to a tough win over Notre Dame. Taking on Notre Dame's edge rushers, Thomas held them in check and did a good job of protecting Jake Fromm. Had some critical protections and did well in run blocking, including opening a goal-line hole for D'Andre Swift to score. Vs. Florida, Thomas shut down the dangerous Gators edge rushers and was an integral part of Georgia dominating the LOS ...Had some issues with Auburn's Marlon Davidson and LSU's K'Lavon Chaisson, but performed well overall late in season. Big part of the team's juggernaut rushing attack and also was a steady pass protector...Multiple team sources say that he jumped out at them and was impossible to ignore. Was very impressive at right tackle...also flashed impressive athleticism and length in pass protection.

In pass pro, he showed the potential to be a starting LT. Quick footed with a good build and athleticism on the edge. Can play the typewriter with his feet to cut off the edge from speed rushers...good hand placement and technique help makehim a well-developed pass protector who sustains his blocks and prevents a successful second effort from defenders. Plays with good leverage and knee bend on most plays to hold his ground against bull rushes. Very disciplined/you don't see inconsistencies from play to play or game to game.

Effective as a run blocker - quick to the second level and fires out of his stance. He gets into defenders quickly with no hesitation to get physical and tie them up. Strong to lock up defenders and sustain his blocks. Not overwhelmingly powerful but has the strength to manipulate and turn defenders ...Has more strength than other first round OT's (including Jonah Williams or Andre Dillard), and is is a better run blocking LT than many spread offense LT's. Vs. the edge-rush, he can get into some trouble by bending at the waist and reaching after defenders.Could stand to add more strength to move pro defenders at the POA /Will benefit from aging with experience in a pro strength and conditioning program.

PFF - "Thomas is a brute. He’s about as dominant a run blocker as you’ll see from a rising junior. Pass protection is a bit of a different story, though, as he’s been protected a good deal in Georgia’s offense."

Lindy's - "...More efficient than flashy...Nothing passive about Thomas in the running game...Good initial quickness out of his stance in pass pro...Plays on the balls of his feet & with knees bent...Good patience to allow defenders to come to him...Can rock opponents with initial punch...lacks foot speed and COD that teams running a lot of zone would prefer...Can get ahead of his skiis when blocking on the move...Comp: Russell Okung..."

McShay - "...Thomas is raw, and this qualifies as a little high for him, but he has some power to his game. ..."

Tristan Wirfs
1 Iowa   6048 320 1

Combine: Forty: 4.85...Wing: 80.3...BP: 24
VJ: 36.5...BJ: 121.0...3C: 7.65...20S: 4.68...60S: .NA..
Ran the fastest forty of any OL this year...Broke Combine VJ record for OLs and tied OL record for BJ...pSPARK score of 135.6* was 1st among OLs (with greatest standard deviation (2.4) from an average player for his position. * (pSPARK combines various Combine workout scores into one single number used to rank each prospect).

Charlie Campbell - Blocked well overall but has some room for improvement. Has a quality skill set with size, length and athleticism. Plays with good leverage as a run blocker and sustains his blocks well. Sets up pretty well, but he definitely has some issues to clean up in pass pro....has an inclination to bend at the waist at times. Quick out of his stance, but he needs to get more depth in his kick slide to avoid reaching after speed rushers coming around the corner. Also needs to get better at counter-moves to the inside. While he has the physical talent to play left tackle, he could better off at right tackle...looked more like a late first-rounder than a top-10 pick.

Iowa has produced a lot of good offensive line talent, so it was very noteworthy when Wirfs became the first true freshman to start at tackle under Ferentz. Regular starter on the right side - a powerful right tackle who is a strong run blocker at the POA. He also has the quickness and athleticism to develop into a good pass protector. As a sophomore, Didn't allow a sack. Some NFL teams might consider moving him to left tackle.

PFF - "Wirfs is absurdly powerful and already technically advanced in pass protection. The worry is whether or not he’ll be able to stay at tackle with limited height/length."

Lindy's - Among thr post imposing prospects in the draft...Weight is well distribute, featuring a strong lower half...Surprisingly nimble...Initital quickness is also evident in the running game....One of his most impressive attributes is the pro-readiness he shows on combo blocks...Pllays with the nastiness that will endear him to OL coaches...One of the more physiically impressive prospects to come out of Iowa during Ferentz's long tenure...Biggest concern is his core stiffness...Can be walked out of the pocket/appears to play on his heels at times...Comp: Bobby Massie..."

McShay - "...pass-protection upside of the 6-foot-5 Wirfs starts to make even more sense..."

USA Today - Fluid pass protector...Combines freakish strength (broke Iowa's hang-clean record) and a 35" VJ.

21 Prince Tega Wanogho 5 Auburn   6050 308 2

Combine: Forty: NA...Wing: 80.7...BP: NA
VJ: NA ... BJ: NA...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Charlie Campbell - Looked very good at times but still had other plays that illustrated why he is raw and needs development, But there is no doubt he has a great skill set with a lot of upside if he plays up to his potential. Has the skill set of a starting LT. Some sources feel he could be this year's Greg Little (i.e. a player with a first-round skill set who slips to the second day due to being raw with underdeveloped technique). Wanogho earned the starting left tackle job in 2018 and got better as the season progressed. Has a lot of upside with size, athleticism and quickness. Scouts have told me that Wanogho has an excellent skill set, but is very raw and needs to be coached up to build consistency. ill set. In 2017, Wanogho had a rough start to the year against Clemson and was eventually removed from the starting left tackle job. If he plays up to his tools as a senior, he could easily rise high in these rankings and infinitely more importantly on teams' draft boards.

PFF - "Tega Wanogho has made incredible strides over his college career after never having played offensive line before coming to Auburn. He’s not the most nimble athlete but has the length and balance you like to see at the position."

Lindy's - Physical specimen combines prototypical size with elite athletisim for the position...Naturally powerful man who can generate movement at POA...Is not (yet?) the sum of his parts... has faiied to master several baseline technical aspects of the game...Is often a beat late off the snap...too often gets lazy planting his feet and playing on his heels...Needs to develop more accuracy and power in his punch...Comp: Germaine Ifedi..."

19 Mekhi Becton 4 Louisville   6074 364 2

Combine: Forty: 5.10...Wing: 83.3...BP: 23
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...
Forty time outstanding for a 364 lb individual.

Charlie Campbell - Considered one of certain players listed as underrated for the 2020 NFL Draft...went under the radar in 2019, but he has a ton of talent to translate to the NFL. ..A giant blocker similar to Cordy Glenn. Huge, but a good athlete for his size and moves pretty well in space. Nice job of sustaining run blocks. Even though he is massive, he's not a true bull who overpowers defenders. But he makes it tough for them to get free with his size as he turns and manipulates them. In pass pro, he needs to improve his hand placement (can get too wide and let defenders get their hands in chest). But overall, he is a reliable pass protector. Massive blocker but a pretty good athlete for his size. For the next level, it would help him to trim some weight and get in better condition. However, teams like his talent and upside, and some have placed him as having potential to be selected in the top half of the 2020 NFL Draft entering his junior season.

Lindy's - "Freakish combination of size, power and athleticism...Nearly impossible for edge rushers to get around him...Isn't just long; he's quite strong, lifting and tossing his opponents at times...Plays with poise...Has plenty of experience blocking from LT and RT (Louisville frequently rotates its linemen).....Has catchers mitts for hands but is often out of the strike zone with his hand placement...bends at the waist and his feet slow as he tires...Could do a better job of finishing his opponents...Comp: Kolton Miller..."... .

McShay - "...Becton and that massive 6-foot-7 frame would not only help protect 9a QB's) blind side but also spark a run game.."

74 Austin Jackson G 7 USC   6047 322 2

Combine: Forty: 5.07...Wing: 82...BP: 27
VJ: 31.0...BJ: 115...3C: 7.95...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Charlie Campbell I- Some team sources believe Jackson will be a first-round pick, but if offensive linemen get pushed down the board because of the large number of prospects, he might be an early second-round pick. They think Jackson could be a riser throughout the draft process as he should test and interview well. Evaluators say Jackson is a great athlete with quick feet and excellent agility. He is an easy mover with can bend at the knee and play with good leverage. There are times when Jackson gets away with some mistakes because he is so athletic, and he will need to work on technique in the pros...Raw from a fundamentals standpoint but Jackson's skill set is that of a franchise left tackle. Earlier in 2019, Jackson took a leave from the Trojans in order to donate bone marrow to his younger sister, and he played extremely well after returning to the team.

Lindy's - Fires off the snap out of a 2-point stance...Terrific agility at the second level...even spinning off his defender and "getting skinny"...somewhat unusual frame for an OT....a bit reliant on rapid-fire jabs but punches lack knockout power...Comp: Terron Armstead..."

McShay - "...Some teams would be OK with reaching for Jackson, who is my No. 46 prospect. The 6-foot-6 junior is raw, but if given some time to develop, he can contribute in pass protection..."

x Alex Leatherwood x Alabama   6060 310 2

Combine: Forty: NA...Wing: NA..
VJ: NA ... BJ: NA...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA... .

Not on combine list

43 Lucas Niang 7 TCU   6060 315 2

Combine: Forty: NA...Wing: 83.2...BP: NA
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA... 3C: NA...20S: NA ...60S: NA ...

Charlie Campbell -A big blocker who is talented and athletically gifted, but he has issues with work ethic and lethargy....did not allow a sack during his junior season. & also solid in the ground game, using his size to get the better of many Big XII defensive linemen. ..Niang is on NFL teams' preseason watch list, with some evaluators putting him as having potential to go in the top half of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Lindy's - Massive RT who anticipates the snap count and beats defenders to the punch...Has fared better in pass pro than as a run blocker...There is no panic in Niang's game...Carries plenty of extra weight around his middle...not the physical dominator in the run game his size suggests...tends to wall off defenders instead of imposing his will on them...Comp: Cordy Glenn..."

56 Trey Adams 9 Washington   6080 318 2

Combine: Forty: .5.60..Wing: 81.3...BP: NA.
VJ: 24.5...BJ: 92.0...3C: NA...20S: NA ...60S: NA...

Charlie Campbell - Did a good job of protecting Jacob Eason and opening holes at the POA. Had a solid game against Stanford until allowing a sack very late in the 4Q...Had some trouble with Utah's Bradley Anae in the second half after dominating until halftime. NFL sources told me Adams impressed them during fall camp. Had surgery for a back injury...eventually returned to the field and did well ...No doubt that Adams is talented, but will present significant durability concerns.... Adams checks in at 6-foot-7, 334 pounds. At that heavy weight, Adams was said to run a 5.10. Other data had him with 34.25-inch arms, 10.13-inch hands and an 81.13-inch wing span. Excellent measurables to be an edge blocker..

Tore an ACL in 2017, which led to him returning for his senior year...Solid, but not dominant, before getting hurt. ...Sources from around the league thought he was a first-rounder, with some liking him at left tackle and others thinking he'd be a better fit at RT. One college scouting director said they had a higher grade on Adams than they did on Garett Bolles. Sources say they thought Adams had the potential to be an elite prospect & could emerge as one of the top talents for the 2018 NFL Draft and had him in the top three of all players entering the 2017 season. They compared Adams' size and athleticism to Taylor Lewan ...Adams did a nice job of keeping his quarterback, Jake Browning, protected. Excellent against Alabama in the playoff game.

In pass pro , Adams shows serious athletic ability for a big-bodied OT. Quick, agile, and very athletic playing in space.Uses his quick feet and length to neutralize speed rushes, and has an impressive ability to get depth in his drop. He does a superb job of keeping his feet moving and is able to play the typewriter while gliding with edge rushers. As a run blocker, Adams can create a push at the point of attack. A true bull who overwhelms defenders at the POA, and he is able to knock defenders back to open holes in their gaps. His speed and athletic ability is showcased by his quickness to hit blocks on the perimeter and the second level.

Lindy's - Imposing player with a condor's wingspan and the footwork of a ballerina...Terrific initiql quickness off the snap, easily sliding to his left to force pass rushers to run a wide arc...Shows his experience picking up surprise blitzes and switching off on combo blocks...Combines stellar footwork by winning the tale of the tape due to his vine-like arms...Not the earth-mover in the running game his size suggests...often stood up at the LOS...Back surgery ...Comp: Nate Solder..."

USA Today - Highly regarded (good size and skills) but tore ACL in 2017 and had back surgery in 2018...Flexibiity issues...

23 Josh Jones 6 Houston   6050 315 2

Combine: Forty: 5.27..Wing: 79.8...BP: 24
VJ: 28.5...BJ: 109.0...3C:NA ...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Charlie Campbell - Had a solid start to the season against Oklahoma, and some team sources say they like Jones' potential for the NFL. Has good size with length, athleticism and agility. Not overpowering, but he has some functional strength to manipulate and lean on defenders. Dropped weight prior to his senior year, which helped his conditioning but hurt his strength at the POA. There are some parts of Jones' technique that need work - sometimes he'll bend a little at the waist...In the 2020 NFL Draft, Jones looks like he could be a second-day pick. It might best for him to start out his career as a backup, but he has the ability to work his way into being a starting left tackle. Multiple team sources say they graded Jones in the third round. Was the starting left tackle for Houston over the past three seasons. Has some size to him, and his run blocking is ahead of his pass protection. Projected pick in the back half of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Lindy's - Graduate transfer from Rutgers...Stepped in and "changed the culture", according to Houston HC Ryan Day...Smooth operator in space...Comfortable anchoring from difficult positions...Able to recognize and handle stunts smoothly...some occasional nastiness after the whistle...Underwhelming frame...habitual holder...Not a hard hitter...Comp: Sean Walsh..."

McShay - "...I hadn't seen enough of Jones before he dominated the trenches all week at the Senior Bowl, but he is a 6-foot-7 behemoth with tons of athleticism....I really like Jones' potential..."

91 Solomon Kindley G-C 19 Georgia   6032 337 3

Combine: Forty: NA...Wing: 77.7...BP: NA
VJ: NA ... BP: NA...
3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Converted from high school OT...Has tremendous motor and mean streak that OL coaches will love...Plays to the echo of the whistle...Keeps a good base underneath him in the run game...First punch is violent...Keeps his eyes up in pass pro...Relies too much on his powerful frame and loses technique...can get hot-headed and lose his cool....Mostly a power blocker...Comp: Richie Incognito..."

92 Zach Shackelford C 20 Texas   6040 305 3

Not listed by Combine

Charlie Campbell - Shackelford was okay for Texas, but may not have the skill set to stick in the NFL. He could be an undrafted free agent. Started 27 games for Texas after breaking into the starting lineup as a sophomore. Adding strength would help Shackelford as a senior.

Lindy's - Son of a collegiate OG...Born to block...HS powerlifter and it shows, with his ability to generate movement at the POA...Not all power. ...Looks for work and is a finisher...Can get a bit complacent in pass pro...More savvy than sudden when blocking on the move...May prove to be a better FB player than tester in the predraft workouts...Com: Alex Mack..."

141 Robert Hunt XG-C 16 Louisiana   6052 323 3

Combine: Forty: NA...Wing: 82...BP: NA
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA...
3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Passes the eye test...Bends knees to keep pads low enough to win the leverage battle...Comes from a pro=style offense and lined up in a three point stance...Can bully with size and strength....Highly durable and competitive...Not yet the sum of his parts...Punch is more of a jab...Has erratic hand placement, hitting defenders too high...foot speed for OT is yet to be proven at the NFL level...

132 Isaiah Wilson 15+ Georgia   6064 350 3

Combine: Forty: 5.32...Wing: 84.4..BP: 26
VJ: 29.0...BJ: 110.0... 3C: 8.26...20S: 5.07...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Signed as a 5-star recruit in 2017...Just turned 21...awesome power is his greatest strength...Batters opponents with heavy hands...Can get a bit panicky against speed rushers...Occasionally late off the ball...Inconsistent hand placement will draw holding calls from stricter officials...Comp: Germaine Ifedi..."

62 Jack Driscoll 10 Auburn   6045 306 3

Combine: Forty: 5.02...Wing: 78.5...BP: 23.
VJ: 29.5...114.0... 3C:: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Smart with positioning and doesn't make many missteps...Rarely upended by pass rushers...Knows how to maintain angles in the run game...Hard worker..athletic profile is average at likely to be overwhelmed in pass pro...Undersized...doesn't have the traits to become a brawler...Comp: Sam Tevi..."

7 Jedrick Wills Jr 2 Alabama   6042 312  

Combine: Forty: 5.05...Wing: 83.5..BP: NA.
VJ: 34.5...BJ: 113.0...3C: NA...20S: 4.84...60S: NA

Charlie Campbell - Starting right tackle for Alabama in 2019 and had an excellent season for the Crimson Tide. Has the strength to open holes in the ground game with the quickness and athleticism to block on the edge. Looks like a quick starter at RT in the NFL. As a sophomore in 2018, Wills earned the starting spot on the right edge and remained the starter at right tackle over 2018 and 2019.

Lindy's - Powerfully built people-mover with sledgehammers for hands....Much more athletic than his stocky almost guard-like frame would suggest...May not run well for the stopwatch but he climbs up quickly to the second level...Lacks elite height and length...Occasionally gets off balance with his violent punches, leaving himself vulnerable to counters and swims...Comp: Morgan Moses..."

McShay - "...Wills can be (a team's) right tackle or slide in as the right guard replacement...."

187 Terrance Steele, 15+ Texas Tech   6057 312  

Combine: Forty: 5.03...Wing: .85.5...BP: 27..
VJ: 27.5...BJ: 106.0...3C NA: ...20S: 5.08...60S: NA... .

Charlie Campbell - Red Raiders senior tackle had a quality 2019 that helped his draft stock. - Teams like his length on the edge, which is said to include 36-inch arms. Good athlete and has starting size for the NFL. Team sources believe Steele is more of a LT who might have some backup swing tackle ability to start out his NFL career. Some feel he is a better prospect than Le'Raven Clark...Sources think Steele could get selected in the first four rounds of the 2020 NFL Draft.

Lindy's - Looks the part...biggest of all the players in the Senior Bowl...Impressive agility...Tendencies of bending at the waist and ducking his head on contact...Could struggle if asked to line up with hand in the dirt...Comp: Chris Clark..."

153 John Simpson 24 Clemson   6040 330  

Not listed by Combine

PFF - "Little had a bit of a hitch in his pass sets that was worrisome, but there were few better tackles in the country down the stretch last season. He looks primed to take the next step in 2019."

Lindy's - Self made star...raised by a single mother and determined to break the family cycle of incarceration...Classic earth moving power blocker...Thick build with tree trunks for limbs...Impressive initital quickness...Can wow as a mover....Understands leverage and comfort at close quarteers...Gets high marks for intangibles...Lacks quickness for effective cut blocks...more of an intimidating presence defenders can avoid or run around at the second level...Comp: DJ Fluker..."

114 Saahdiqu Charles 14 LSU   6041 321  

Combine: Forty: 5.05...Wing: 89.4... BP: NA.
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA

Lindy's - Highly productive and creative blocker who incorporates impressive atleticism, length, functional strength and a variety of tricks ...Quick off the snap...Slightlly smaller frame than preferred...Needs more time in the weight room...Missed 6 games in 2019 due to "coach's decsision."...Comp: Charles Leno..."

USA Today - At times has shown he can be a lights-out blindside blocker, but the consistency just isn't there....Was held out of 6 games foer disciplinary reasons...Will need to perform with more refined technique at the Combine to make a positive impression...

208 Alex Taylor 15+ So Carolina State   6083 308  

Combine: Forty: 5.09...Wing: NA... BP: 21
VJ: 25.0...BJ: 116.0....3C: 7.77...20S: 4.79...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Biggest player measured at the Senior Bowl in height....Compliments his massive frame with impressive agility....Has relatively slim limbs...Too easily overwhelmed by bull rushers (who get into his chest and move him as though he was on roller skates)....Lack of experience...Comp: Roderick Johnson..."

USA Today - Massive with quick feet...but raw..."Mid-round gamble"...

83 Hakeem Adeniji 12 Kansas   6043 302 3

Combine: Forty: 5.17...Wing: 82.4...BP: 26.
VJ: 34.0...BJ: 115.0....3C: NA...20S: NA...60S:NA ...

Charlie Campbell - Probably should move inside to guard for the NFL because he lacks length for blocking on the edge. A good athlete who is a smooth mover and quick on his feet. Could be a really good fit at guard in a zone-blocking system. Needs to improve his strength for the NFL. Adeniji has been a starter at left tackle during his collegiate career, but NFL teams have him listed as a guard on their preseason watch list, and some advance scouts identify Adeniji as having the potential to go in the top half of the 2020 NFL Draft. A skilled pass protector who has some athleticism and movement skills. Team sources say he is a good athlete with quick feet but is shorter than ideal for a left tackle

Lindy's - Possesses legitimate NFL athleticism...perhaps lacking a truly imposing frame...Typically plays with proper technique, keeping his knees bent and his feet flat...Can be a bit frenetic...Gets ahead of himself and lunges at times...Only average strength in his hands, relying upon angles and his quickness to seal off defenders...Comp: Kelvin Beachum..."...

76 Ben Bartch 11 St. Johns   6056 309 x

Combine: Forty: NA...Wing: 80.5...BP: NA
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA...3C:: NA...20S: NA ...60S: NA...

Charlie Campbell - The Senior Bowl has done a great job of identifying small-school offensive linemen who have the skill sets to play in the NFL and giving them an opportunity to show they can compete with the big dawgs. This year, Bartch has the potential to keep that tradition alive, as he earned an invitation to compete in Mobile. Good size, and it will be interesting to see how handles the speed, size and athleticism of the all-star defensive linemen.

Lindy's - "Big fish in a small pond...Former TE...Has light feet, balance and strength with a legitimate quickj-twitch at the snap, exploding out of his stance in passpro and run blocking...Easy mover with ideal bend to mirror and anchor...Level of competition concern is steep....Quick enough but might initially struggle with the raw power he'll face in the NFL...Comp: Ali Marpet..."

50 Ezra Cleveland 8 Boise St   6060 311 3

Combine: Forty: 4.93...Wing: 80.4...BP: 30
VJ: 30.0..BJ: 111.0....3C: 7.26...20S: 4.46...60S: NA
Fastest 3-cone for position...Short shuttle was second fastest. Forty was 2nd fastest of OLs... 5th best BP of all OLs... 10th best OL in BJ...Second best pSPARK score (122.5) for position.

Lindy's - He's still growing and getting better...Looks the part...Tall but plays with excellent knee bend. Impressive core strength, flexibility and balance.....Physicality and grit show up in the running game...Better football player than athlete...Doesn't quite have the second gear and length to recover when beaten off the snap...needs more nastiness...Comp: David Bakhtiari

Charlie Campbell - Cleveland probably should have returned to school, but he decided to skip his senior year. Over the past three seasons, Cleveland was a steady blocker for Boise State contributing in both phases. Could end up being a second-day pick.

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