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BPA Rnk Name Pos Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
8 Joe Burrow 1 LSU   6035 221 1

Combine - Forty: NA...Hand: 9...Wing: 74...BP: NA
VJ: 33.5...BJ: NA...3C:: ...20S: ...60S: ...

G Brandt - ...He is a very good pocket passer who can move and throw the ball on the run to escape pressure and keep plays alive. He has excellent accuracy (76.3 percent completion rate in 2019), touch and timing. Some might question his arm strength, but to me, that is not a concern -- ..brings zero history of off-field problems with him to the NFL.

Lindy's - "'The Kid from Athens Ohio'... A poised, confident gunslinger with a gamer mentality...Coach's son.Completed 76.3% of passes for 60 TD's and only 6 interceptions...Comp: Kirk Cousins..."

DraftWire -

Strengths - ...had as good of a 2019 season as any player in the nation... continued playing at an elite level the whole year....extremely accurate thrower who times his passes perfectly and throws with a sharp sense of anticipation....can throw a precise deep ball and has good touch on nearly every one of his throws....excels at a lot of the little things...admirable pocket presence & can maneuver defenders well in the pocket...accuracy is relatively unfazed by incoming pass rushers....can calmly go through his progressions, look past his first read and make the intelligent throw. ...Upper-body mechanics are just about perfect/throws with a quick and crisp throwing motion and has a high enough release.

Weaknesses - ...only has one year of quality tape....2018 season was simply not very good -...will need to convince NFL teams that he isn’t just a flash in the pan. Lacks premier physical tools...arm is passable, but lacks a cannon...doesn’t offer much in terms of athleticism/lateral agility is mediocre and his speed as a scrambler not anything to call home about.

Bottom Line
Nobody has improved their draft stock as much. With his pinpoint accuracy, impressive decision-making and superb poise, he has all of the makings of a long-term starter in the NFL. A legitimate argument could be made that he should be the first overall pick in 2020.

Kiper - "There's no longer any question about whether Burrow is legit....His improvement has been one of the greatest stories of the season. With a great release, much better accuracy at all levels of the field and enough athleticism to maneuver the pocket to evade rushers, Burrow reminds me of Tony Romo. Coaches rave about his leadership and toughness too. Burrow has a chance to be the No. 1 overall pick in April (if the team that gets that pick doesn't need a pass-rusher)."

McShay - "There isn't much more Burrow can do to solidify himself as the top quarterback of the draft class.."

Tua Tagovaiola
2 Alabama   6000 217 1

Combine - Forty: NA...Hand: 10...Wing: 75.3...BP: NA
VJ: NA...BJ: NA...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Walter FB - Won the starting quarterback job over Hurts for the 2018 season and was sensational for the Crimson Tide. Led Alabama to return to the National Championship game, but this time, the Crimson Tide lost to Clemson.

Disaster struck for him when he suffered a dislocated hip against Mississippi State. Injury is rare but the medical prognosis is that Tagovailoa will make a full recovery and resume football activities during the spring of 2020. If it weren't for the hip injury, it would be a vigorous debate about who should go first overall in the 2020 NFL Draft - Tagovailoa or Burrow.

Good fit/could become a quality starter early in his NFL career. Can beat defenses as a pocket passer, use his feet to move the ball on the ground, and can make a game-changing throw any time he drops back to pass. Makes plays in the clutch and has the presence of a winner. Aggressive passer who doesn't hesitate to challenge defenses downfield. Throws a very good deep ball - quality arm /can place his passes well downfield. May not have an elite cannon, but his arm looks good enough. Shows patience in the pocket and doesn't panic when his first read is covered. Presence and feel allows him to function in a vertical passing offense.

Steady thrower with good accuracy. Does well for the most part on his short and intermediate passes/can hit receivers on the run on slants and crossing routes. Has enough quickness to use his leg to pick up a 1st down and the athleticism to buy time and escape sacks. Can scramble and make throws off platform to move the chains. Not tall, but not too short with a thick build that should help him avoid injury. Has upside to work with as he gains experience. There were plays where he could pull the trigger a little faster and anticipate his receivers ...Footwork and mechanics could use some development, but he's at a very good starting point. Left-handed/offensive line is going to need a very good right tackle. Looks like a future NFL starter and (if he can stay healthy), with the potential to be an elite Pro Bowl-caliber QB.

Player Comparison: Russell Wilson

PFF - "Tua already has accuracy, pocket presence and anticipation that is well beyond his years. His bad play down the stretch gets a tad overblown because it came on the biggest stage, but we’d still like to see those issues not show up in 2019."

Kiper - "...Tagovailoa is a top-five talent with elite accuracy and all the physical and mental tools teams look for in a starter.... serious injury for one of college football's best players, but the early prognosis is that he should be ready to throw again by the spring....will complicate how teams evaluate him, and they're going to want to see his medical reports... I don't think this is a career-threatening injury...."

McShay - "...if he's medically cleared, the Dolphins would be getting an exceptional signal-caller. Tagovailoa has elite accuracy and anticipation, but will he recover some of that twitch that made him truly special?..."

Lindy's - "Golden-armed lefty...Pro ready...elite feels for pressure...medical concerns...A little short for the position...Comp: Drew Brees."

69 Jacob Eason 5 Washington   6058 232 1

Combine - Forty: 4.89...Hand: 9.5...Wing: 79...BP: NA
VJ: 27.5...BJ: 110.0...3C: 7.50...20S: 4.75...60S: .NA..

Draft Lounge (Lamb) -
Was a five-star recruit that started for UGA before losing his starting role due to an injury. Has prototypical size and framework for the position and very good range to handle bad snaps. Can pickup yards outside of the pocket. Won’t burn defenders, but can change direction quickly and fight for additional yards. Can scan the field and make quick reads downfield, but also will settle for what the defense gives him and hit his checkdown. Sets his feet quickly and gets the ball out just as fast. Very good accuracy on screens and passes in the flats. Throws with anticipation on crossing routes. Solid athletic ability / executes bootlegs and play action. Squares his body on bootlegs and delivers accurate passes. Good ar identifying pressure and can pickup free rushers quickly. NFL-caliber arm...Will need to take some heat off throws in the short to intermediate game.Tends to panic when pocket is collapsing /will throw with poor footwork.

Good QB prospect with a solid pro future...strong armed quarterback who works best from the pocket, but can make plays outside of it as well. Will need a good offensive line and a solid running game to compliment his skill-set. Should rise up boards as the season progresses, & shouldl shine during NFL Combine and Pro Day....2020 NFL Draft Projection - Late-1st to Mid-2nd.

Lindy's - "Transfer who looked like Georgia's future, but suffered knee injury in 2017 opener and never got his job back...Prototypical drop-back passer. May have had the strongest arm in the entire country...Lacks experience...Can recognize and manipulate defenses with his eyes..."Lacks the nimbleness to run out of trouble...Comp: Joe Flacco..."

25 Justin Herbert 3 Oregon   6063 236 1

Combine - Forty: 4.68...Hand: 10...Wing: 78.8...BP: NA
VJ: 35.5...BJ: 123...3C: 7.06...20S: 4.46...60S: NA
Led all QBS in 3-Cone, came in second in the VJ and 3rd in the forty...Had second best pSpark score for QBs. * (Note - pSPARK is a single score that combines the scores for various Combine workouts.).

Matthew Valdovinos PFN - Strengths: Physical talent, deep ball placement...Weaknesses: Game-to-game consistency, mental make-up (?)

Has arguably the most impressive physical skill-set in this group, and one could argue his talents are best in class as well. Arm talent hand his ability as a runner, are both well above average. Pair that with his ideal NFL frame, and you’ve got a special physical specimen. ...Hindered by Oregon’s offensive play calling. Displays elite deep ball placement and arm strength, but Oregon tended to rely on quick screens and underneath patterns....In the right offense, he could very well end up being the best quarterback from this draft class.

Unfortunately, the one thing we never got from Herbert was a sense of consistency....We also never saw the growth many expected ...There are some concerns with Herbert is as a leader (i.e. can he command respect in an NFL locker room)?

PFF - "Herbert has all the arm talent in the world. He makes some throws down the field that only a handful of guys in the NFL could make. The disappearing acts were far too prevalent, though, and likely the reason he returned for his senior year."

Kiper - "Herbert is coming off his worst game of the season, as he threw two poor fourth-quarter interceptions in the upset loss to Arizona State. He completed just 55.6% of his passes and looked rattled at times....can be a maddening evaluation, though overall this season he has shown improved accuracy and better decision-making... looks like a potential No. 1 pick -- great size, a powerful arm to make every throw, limited interceptions, good athleticism. Yet he took a step back in consistency in 2018...Herbert is up to 30 touchdown passes and only five interceptions..."

McShay - "...6-foot-6 senior with a rocket arm....Herbert has shown he can lead an offense....Senior Bowl showing did a lot to calm consistency concerns.

Lindy's -"Runs iike a deer...Impresses with his mental skills...Easily the most consistent, accurate passer at the Senior Bowl...Quick set-up, delivery and release...Small town, soft spoken personality...Broke his femur in Junior HS...Inconsistent footwork and follow-through...Comp: Ryan Tannehiill...."

USA Today - Impressed at Senior Bowl...Combine - which places a higher priority on workout numbers than it does size, build, arm-strength etc. - should suit Herbert well...

71 Jake Fromm 6 Georgia   6018 219 2

Combine - Forty: 5.01...Hand: 8.8...Wing: 75...BP: NA
VJ: 30.0...BJ: 110.0...3C: 7.27 ...20S: 4.51...60S: NA...

USA Today - Could be the most pro-ready quarterback in this class. Beat out both Jacob Eason and Justin Fields for the Bulldogs’ starting quarterback position.

Anticipation is very good, /does a great job of timing his throws and placing them to where his receivers are going. Can look past his first read/looks comfortable sitting in the pocket and going through progressions. Can read the field and move a defense with his eyes. Mechanics are polished, and he delivers a smooth ball on a consistent basis. Has a quick and effective release with natural footwork in his dropbacks. Follows through on his throws and maintains a good base when delivering. His ability to run a pro-style offense at Georgia and make reads and adjustments at the line of scrimmage should be appealing.

What may drop Fromm is a relative lack of impressive physical tools. Doesn’t have the strongest arm, and athletic abilities aren’t anything to call home...Doesn’t appear to be much of a threat on RPOs/may lack the speed to scramble. Doesn’t have the highest ceiling in this class, but he is a pro-ready quarterback who does all of the little things well and can march an offense down the field. Accurate, intelligent and mechanically sound thrower . Projection: Round 2

PFF - "Fromm has shown such an advanced command of the Georgia offense in his two years. His lack of high-end traits and dominant play, however, are concerning."

Lindy's - "No stage is too big for Fromm...Has everything you'd want from the neck up at the posisiton...Phyical tools are the biggest knock/some feel his ceiling is limited...Lacks arm-strength...not remotely mobile...Comp: Andy Dalton..."

Walter Football (Campbell) - Was supposed to be the first star quarterback of the Kirby Smart era at Georgia, but an injury to Eason thrust Fromm onto the field as a freshman, and he seized the opportunity to lead the Bulldogs all the way to the National Championship. Excellent game-manager, making some clutch throws while protecting the football to allow his potent rushing attack and superb defense to control games.

Regressed in 2019 - accuracy was subpar, and he seemed to lose confidence in the second half of the season. Some in the media blamed his regression on the supporting cast, but that is a flawed argument.

Has a backup quarterback skill set... Arm strength is average at best/will struggle to challenge defenses downfield...Also lacks the ability to fire a fastball into a tight window. (Every throw is a touch pass). ...Not a running threat and won't be able to make plays with his feet at the pro level. A game manager and not a play-maker. But a good distributor of the football who generally has good ball security and makes good decisions.

Confident, calm, poised and efficient pocket passer who stands tall in the pocket and and distributes the ball well. Good timing and precision to hit his receivers through windows in coverage while leading them to produce more yards after the catch. Good field vision in the pocket - will move his eyes and work off his primary read. Good fit in a west coast offense.

Team sources rave about Fromm's intangibles. (i.e. great kid with excellent character, work ethic, and intelligence). A fringe starter and more of a backup.. I just don't believe he has the physical tools to be dynamic starter. Could be drafted anywhere in 2020 - skill set suggests he should go on the second day of the draft, but his intelligence and intangibles are those of a first-rounder. Could go on the opening night i or he could be a draft-day slide.

Player Comparison: Matt Barkley

48 Jordan Love 4 Utah State   6038 224 3

Combine - Forty: 4.74...Hand: 10.5...Wing: 80...BP: NA
VJ: 35.5...BJ: 118.0...3C: 7.21...20S: 4.52 ...60S: NA...

Matthew Valdovinos PFN - Strengths are: Physical ability, ball placement outside the pocket...Weaknesses are: Consistency, development

Similar to Herbert - a supreme physical above-average athlete with elite arm talent. One scout says Love was “Mahomes-Like.” This may be a bit of an overstatement,but it shows just how impressive Love’s arm is. Talent was subdued by a Utah State team that lacked any resemblance of competent offensive game-planning (he had a supporting cast of future gym teachers, accountants, and hotel managers). But he consistently put together quality games.I worry that Love’s development may have been stunted due to the coaching change at Utah State...

Lindy's - "Lacks elite size...Does not own a howitzer...But accuracy doesn't fluctuate...Only average velocity to the sideline...Gunslinger approach didn't play well (last season) when his interceptions ballooned to 17...Comp: Brett Hundley..".

USA Today - Tantalizing traits but challenged in the areas of decision-making and ball-control (picked off 17 times in 2019)....Will probably need to endure considerable white-board interview work to reassure teams that he can speed up and improve his decision making .

78 Jalen Hurts 6B Oklahoma   6010 222 3

Combine - Forty: 4.59...Hand: 9.8...Wing: 77.6...BP: NA
VJ: 35.0...BJ: 125.0...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA
Finished 2nd among all QBs in forty and BJ numbers...VJ score was tied for 4th best...127.0 pSpark score. * (Note - pSPARK is a single score that combines the scores for various Combine workouts.).

Matthew Valdovinos PFN - Strengths: Mobility, leadership Weaknesses: Accuracy, down-to-down consistency

One of the best runners in the country (& not just among running quarterbacks, either); His spacial awareness is excellent, and he has a fundamental understanding of how to hurt a defense with his legs. Also possesses the frame to compliment his running ability. Also a known leader, and a guy that others flock to and rally behind.

While some think Hurts could be the next Lamar Jackson, they don’t realize that Lamar was still more comfortable than Hurts. Hurts’ accuracy is spotty at best/never showed the ability to cripple a defense from the pocket. (Some of these issues were masked by the offensive genius of Lincoln Riley). Struggles with consistency as a passer - may place one throw down the field, but on the next, he’ll miss an open receiver eight yards away.

Lindy's - "Excellent athlete with off-the-charts football intangibles...but only zip code accuracy...Too reckless with the ball...Hurts' name is writ large over the past 4 seasons *Directed Alabama back to the national championsip game in 2017...Comp: Taysom Hill..."

164 Anthony Gordon 12 Washington St   6020

Combine - Forty: NA...Hand: 9.7...Wing: 73...BP: NA
VJ: NA...BJ: NA....3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Matthew Valdovinos PFN - Strengths: Underneath accuracy, ball placement outside the pocket...Weaknesses: Footwork, mechanics, pocket presence

One of the more unique names in this...class. Possesses requisite arm talent and a frame that should fill out in the NFL....solid athlete who can work well outside of structure. Most marketable trait is his ability to consistently place balls accurately on underneath routes. Rarely off-target anywhere on the field within 0-12 yards.

Weaknesses are similar to that of every former Wazzu QB - lacks proper mechanics...footwork is abysmal...pocket presence is uninspiring. Has above-average arm talent,but not not even in the top three of this group. But his ability to hit the open man consistently will help him out. Liable for one or two “wow” throws a session. Whether it’s a crazy arm angle or some impressive placement down the field, Gordon has shown flashes.

Lindy's - "Learned behind NFL quarterbacks Luke Falk and Gardner Minshew...Able to throw from a variety of platforms...Natural accuracy leads to some unbelievable moments...Footwork is absolutely baffling...Puts himself in bad spots by being reckless in the pocket...(has) mechanical messiness...Comp: Will Grier..."

196+ Steven Montez 10   6040 231 xx

Combine - Forty: 4.68...Hand: 9.4...Wing: 76.8...BP: NA
VJ: 33.0...BJ: 117.0...
3C: 7.25...20S: 4.43...60S: NA...

Matthew Valdovinos PFN - Strengths: Arm strength, size...Weaknesses: Pre-snap, accuracy

Has one of the better arms in the country, and...Excellent size and solid mobility....Expect teams to fall in love with his physical presence before they even get to his nuance at the position (which is the best-case scenario for him).

Struggles with consistent accuracy, his mechanics are lacking, and he has a hard time identifying defenses. The rawest prospect of this 2020 Senior Bowl quarterbacks group, but his physical gifts will draw attention to him all week.

Lindy's - Phenominal upside...Borderline best-in-class arm talent...One-read decision-maker...Launches it as soon as he sees control over his ball placement...Doesn't pass the stress test/drops his eyes when things get dirty...Comp: Tyree Jackson.."

215+ Shea Patterson 13+ Michigan   6007 212  

Combine - Forty: 4.71...Hand: 9.4...Wing: 73.5...BP: NA
VJ: 31.0...BJ: 116.0....3C: 7.28...20S: 4.38...60S: NA...

Matthew Valdovinos PFN - Strengths: Mobility. Weaknesses: Accuracy One of the biggest disappointments of the college football season was the Michigan passing offense....Some of it was due to poor coaching, but much of it had to do with a lack of touch accuracy from Shea Patterson. Early in the season, the Wolverines receivers were consistently open, and Patterson consistently missed them. of now, I don’t see someone that could ever play football in the NFL.

Lindy's - Top QB in the 2016 recruiting class before transferring to Michigan...Accuracy is downright unaqcceptable on a lot of throws......Knee injury midway thru 2017 season..Reckless footwork...Lacks the desired arm-strength....Comp: Devlin Hodges..."

168 James Morgan 10B Florida International   6040 229  

Combine - Forty: 4.89...Hand: 9.8...Wing: 73.5...BP: NA
VJ: 29.0..BJ: 112.0.. 3C: 7.51...20S: 4.64...60S: NA...

USA Today - Might be the most appealing development passer in this year's QB class...Has the armstrength but needs to develop better touch and decision-making.

Lindy's - Has a prototypical build that checks the boxes for a traditional pocket passer...Arm strength and velocity is sufficient...Keeps footwork clean/rarely puts the ball in serious danger...had good week at the East-West Shrine Bowl....Arm strength falls off when he is forced to work off platform...Processing speed is usually behind schedule...Leads receivers into kill shots...Comp: Sean Mannion..."

196 Cole McDonald 9 Hawaii   6030 190  

Lindy's - Accounted for 80 touchdowns in the past two seasons...Solid accuracy on throws outside the numbers...Willing to stand tough in the pocket...Good open field runner...Struggles after first read...Arm strength will be a question...Comp: Gardner Minshew

215+ Nate Stanley 8 Iowa   6040 243  

Lindy's - "Throwback, deep drop mad bomber...Cement-shoed scrambler...Accuracy plummets on the move...Solidy built pro-style passer...Crafty and tough runner...Quality character grades...Worked a great deal from under center....Comp: Chad Henne..."

215+ Brian Lewerke 13+ Michigan St   6030 214  

Lindy's - Classic hot and cold passer....Gets flustered too easily...Rhythm is best firing quick slants and posts...has an ability to direct traffic (with his eyes)...Earned his batchelor's degree in economics in Dec. 2018...Comp: Case Keenum..."

215+ Mason Fine 13+ No Texas    

Not on Combine list

PFF - "Fine may be small, but the ball flies out of his hand regardless. He’s seen a distinct upward trajectory to his career but still needs to clean up some more things. Fine can get sloppy with his throwing motion and ball discipline in the pocket."

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