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2020 Draft
Round One Buzz
Updated Regularly - Visit Often.

Pick Team Buzz Proj. Mock
1 Bengals

3/30 - Miami trying to trade up - cost expected to be all three Dolph #1's...1/23 - Tua Tagovailoa's medical checks being better than expected.

2 Redskins 4/9 - Said to have genuine interest in Tagovaila (whose "vertical pro day" workouts revealed no problem with the hip)...Really like Young Young
3 Lions 4/23 - May trade down and swap picks with Dolphs...4/10 Said to be interested in trading back...4/3 - Okudah would replace the departed Slay...4/2 - If Young not there at #3, they would be open to trade talks...A trade back to #5 would probably still net them a Simmons, D Brown or Okudah...3/3 - Won't draft a QB here... Okudah
4 Giants 4/22 - Gettleman not opposed to trading down here...4/20 - High on Herbert...4/18 - M Miller says it still looks like Simmons, but Wirfs is moving up the Giant list...4/10 - The OT's are temptiing but Simmons a better pure athlete than any of them...4/3 - Eying Simmons...2/25 - Eying an OT...Open to a trade. Simmons
5 Dolphs 4/23 - May trade up and swap picks with Lions. 4/18 - May favor Herbert over Tua...4/11 - Burrow? Or Tags? Maybe not...May opt to use a #1 pick on Swift...Buzz out of Sunshine State is that Mgt is split...3/30 - Love Burrow and want to trade up...Price may be at least their 3 #1's...Said to target Ezra Cleveland with one of their 1st round picks. Stand pat and still get their QB Herbert
6 Chargers 4/14 - Said will draft whichever the Dolphs don't want (i.e. Tua or Herbert) but don't discount Love...3/11 - QB definitely on radar- question is: "Which one?" Could be Tua? Could be Herbert. Dsrk horse here is Love...Targeting Taglovaiola...Would ratther draft a gamebreaker than a blocker this high Taglovaiaola
7 Panthers 4/22- Willing to trade back from #7...Not likely to draft a OL this high. Brady will need more ammo at WR...Will move ahead with Cam Newton as their QB (Note - I thought they had gone in a different direction than Newton - JGG) Ruggs III
8 Cardinals 4/21-. Said to seek EDGE, LB and O-lineman but need more high picks to do so..I think #8 trade-back rumor (source: Tom Pelissero) is more conjecture than pure fact with Falcons possible trading-partner....3/11 - After everyone buzzed about a WR or OT, Derek Brown's name has emerged as a person of interest...3/31 - Eying TE's...Ideally, they'd rather draft a playmaker, but Cards are overstocked at WR and all the other top big play prospects are gone. So they have their pick of the top 4 OT's and (unless they can trade down) likely would pick the biggest most physical guy.(Note - Scout on SIRIUS Radio feels Becton iis purely a run-blocker, whereas most teams seek pass blocking help from therir OT's)..3/31 - Interested in (banged up) RB Zack Moss to fill the void created by the David Johnson trade. 2/25 Checking out speedy WR's (Lamb, Jeudy or Ruggs III) Note - trade down is not out of the piicture. D Brown
9 Jaguars

4/11 - Could surpise the world and draft a WR or QB...- Nada to date.

10 Browns

4/11 - OT a favorite/Kinlaw a darkhorse...2/28 - Really like Ezra Cleveland...Need help at both OT's...


11 Jets

4/11 - OT remains the front runner...Lamb also on radar...4/3 Falcons and Jets discussing trade,,,Atlanta might be interested in a game-breking defender (i.e. Henderson or Kinlaw)...Jets might feel one of the top 4 OT's will drop to them at #16. Or maybe it's part of a 2-stepper to move up for Simmons or D Brown,,,3/6 - May pick a WR (Ruggs III?)


12 Raiders

4/11 - WR?....2/28 - Really like Reagor.... Would love to wind up with Lamb or Jeudy.


13 Colts to SF

4/20 - Listening to trade offers for both #13 and #31....4/11 - Definitely interested in landing a QBOF


14 T Bay

Traded their 4th for The Gronk and a 7th... 4/18 - May be eying Swift but maybe not as high as #14 & he might not be there at #45....4/11 - A plug 'n play OL to guard "the Goat?"

15 Broncos

4/20 - Although an OT would make sense, they may try to trade up to nab Jeudy....4/11 - Want toys for Drew Lock to play with...2/3 - Targeting a center.


16 Atlanta

4/22 - Said ready to make "huge leap"...4/11 - Like CB's


17 Dallas

4/22- "Have doea ton of work" on Gross-Matos....4/11 - WR or CB favored...Henderson would replace Byron Jones...3/3 - Will probably go defense here...


18 Miami2

4/1 - See Pick 5....


19 Raiders2

4/1 - See pick 12...


20 Jags2

4/1 - See Pick 9


21 Eagles

4/20 - And don't forget Mims...4/18 - Add Reagor and Aiyuk to Jefferson as possible #1's...4/6 - Need help at WR but uncharacteristically eying a LB (Keep an eye on Gross-Matos)...4/3 - Queen or Jefferson...A WR like Alyuk, Mims or Higgins,...2/28 - May trade up for a WR...Very high on Greenard but not in round one....


22 Bills to Vikes

4/22 -Getting trade feelers (Also have #25)...Seek CB (probably "second tier" talent) but could still draft an OT...

A Jackson
23 Pats

4/11 - Interest in Taglovaila...2/3 - In love with WR James Proche for round 3...Davis-Gaither my "sleeper of the draft."


24 Saints

2/28 - Want to come away with 3 wideiouts


25 Vikes

4/22 -Getting trade feelers (Also have #22)..


26 Miami

See pick #18


27 Seattle

4/1 - Edge guy or slot-corner hiigh on their shopping list.


28 Balt

/1 - Looking to upgrade defense


29 Tenn

/1 - CB, OT or WR high on their list...


30 Green Bay2

/1 - Nada


31 Niners

4/20 - Listening to trade offers for both #13 and #31.... 4/1/ - May seek to trade out of here....


32 Kansas City

4/22 - Eying Henry Ruggs III ?....Buzz is that they want to give Mahomes more to work with.


A Davis
Player Rumors: 4/22 - General vibe from blog to TV show to website and back again : has the various QB's bouncing back and forth from as high as the 4th pick & into the 2nd round and then back again. Either the various teams are divided or the various GM's are lyin' fools...4/20 - Although Herbert is generating buzz, Tua has cleared medical and is on the uptick...4/20 - Thomas may be rated atop the Big 4 list of OT's...4/20 - Henderson may be climbing into the Top 10 - one GM says 40% of NFL teams rate Henderson ahead of Okudah......4/18 - Herbert's stock is rising...CB Jaylon Johnson's rehab on or ahead of schedule...Don't be surprised if Henderson lands in the Top 10....Thomas could leapfrog wills, Wirfs or Becto as top OT picked...nAiyuk had Core surgery....Tagovailo passed medical check "with flying colors."...Late Rising Prospects: Illnois RB Reggie Corbin (Had big E-W performance - Runs crisp routes. Has some "juice"."NFC WEst teams possible suitors). , Colgate DB Abu Daramy-Swaray (Giants interested. Can return punts), Texas St. CG Aaron Brewer, MSU OL Tyler Higby (posted great Pro day numbers), MSU LB Omari Cobb  


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