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Tight End DataBase

Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
73 Brycen Hopkins 2 Purdue   6038 245 3-5

Combine - Forty: 4.66...Wing: 76...BP: 21
VJ: 33.5..BJ: 116.0. 3C: 7.25...20S: 4.28...60S: NA...

DraftWire - A solid contributor for Purdue in 2018 snatching 34 passes for 583 yards and two touchdowns. He had a decent sophomore season as well with 25 receptions for 349 yards and three scores. If Hopkins can build on his junior year and contribute well as a blocker, he could be a riser for the 2020 NFL Draft. Had 61 catches for 830 yards and seven touchdowns in 2019. He was decent at the Senior Bowl, but has some size and length limitations for the NFL.

Lindy's - "Built and moves like a big WR...Natural pass catcher...isn't a true people mover as a blocker...Lacks the extra gear...hears footstep...needs to show greater concentration in traffic....Voted captain by teammates despite starting just five games...Comp: Jacob Hollister..."

Jared Pinkney
3 Vanderbilt   6040 257 2-4

Combine - Forty: 4.96...Wing: 79...BJ: 23
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA... 3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

DraftWire - A struggling passing attack held him back all season. He had a solid week at the Senior Bowl, but was not spectacular. Was a very good tight end for Vanderbilt in 2018 and one of the most dangerous receiving tight ends in college football. Has a good combination of quickness, size and athleticism. While being a receiving mismatch, Pinkney also contributes some as a blocker.

PFF - "Pinkney is not only a special route-runner, but he is also a dynamic after-the-catch threat as well. He’s broken 18 tackles on 94 career catches."

Lindy's - "Looks the part of an NFL TE...Smooth off the LOS/shows savvy as a route runner...Reliable hands, showing the ability to pluck outside his frame...competitive blocker who doesn't back down from a challenge...May lack the jets to threaten defenses down the seamCan allow his hands to get outside his body and draw flags for holding...Comp: Maxx Williams."

95 Hunter Bryant 4 Washington   6025 248 3-5

Combine - Forty: 4.73...Wing: 74...BP: 23
VJ: 32.5 ...BJ: 115.0...3C: 7.08...20S: 4.46...60S: NA...

One of the top receiving tight ends in 2019, recording 52 receptions for 825 yards and three touchdowns. In the NFL, Will have to be a rotational receiving tight end as he doesn't have size to be a three-down tight end who contributes as a blocker.

PFF - "Bryant has been one of the most productive tight ends in the country over the past couple of seasons, but he’s still very undersized for the position and has been schemed a lot of production in FAU’s offense."

Lindy's - "Movable chess piece.. capable of lining up wide- in the slot, on the wing, at FB or a traditional inline TE...good stalk blocker...More of a jack of all trades master of none type...shows disappointing initial quickness off the ball...Comp: Charles Clay.

106 A Okwuegbunam 8 Missouri   6054 258 3-5

Combine - Forty: 4.49..Wing: 79.4...BP: NA
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA... 3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA ...

He is a mismatch weapon for the passing game, but his receiving production was hurt in 2019 by losing Drew Lock to the NFL and having Kelly Bryant replace Lock. Okwuegbunam's blocking looked somewhat improved year over year. Overall, his blocking is average for a receiving tight end. While Okwuegbunam is not a cowardly blocker like some receiving tight ends, Okwuegbunam lacks physicality and doesn't block to his size. Teams also have concerns with his maturity and makeup, so that hurt his draft grade.

Okwuegbunam was one of the most dangerous mismatch weapons in college football during 2018, even though Missouri did not always utilize him. When the Tigers did use him, he produced big plays for them via his speed to get down the seam and his size to wall off defenders or make catches over them when they were able to keep him from getting separation. Some team sources said that Okwuegbunam is not a bad guy, but he is high maintenance for his coaches.

His arms measure at 33.63 inches, his hands at 10 inches, and his wingspan at 80.75 inches.

A dangerous red-zone weapon in 2017...Could develop into a player with three-down starter consideration. Sources say that Okwuegbunam is impressive as he is big and athletic, runs fast, and catches the heck out of the ball. Scouts say that they've heard Okwuegbunam runs in the 4.5s and not the 4.70 that was listed on NFL teams' watch lists.

PFF - "Okwuegbunam has speed to get up the seams and body control to be a red-zone threat. He’s got 17 touchdowns over the past two seasons."

Lindy's - "Seemingly born to play TE in the NFL....Ideal frame including terrific height...A big man who plays slower..than he should, lacking the aggressive physical nature as a blocker and after the catch...Comp: Jimmy Graham..."

107 Jacob Breeland 9 Oregon   6048 252 3

Combine - Forty: NA...Wing: 78.2...BP: NA
VJ: NA ... BJ: NA...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Breeland totaled 26 receptions for 405 yards and six scores. Was a quality receiving tight end in 2018. The junior caught 24 passes for 377 yards and two touchdowns on the season. With Justin Herbert returning, Breeland could produce a huge senior year. As a sophomore, Breeland caught 18 passes for 320 yards and five touchdowns.

Lindy's - "Looked like an All American candidate over the first 6 games of the 2019 before suffering a season-ending injury to his left knee...Prototypical size...Versatille weapon who shows enough straight-line speed to challenge the seam...competitive blocker with plenty of experience in-line...A one-speed runner who lacks creativity as a route runner and ballcarrier...Too often is tackled by the first defender....Not a dominator at the POA...Comp: Luke Stocker..."

36 Cole Kmet 1 Notre Dame   6057 262 x

Combine - Forty: 4.70...Wing: 79...BP: NA
VJ: 37.0...BJ: 123.0...3C: 7.44...20S: 4.41...60S: NA...

Kmet was one of the best tight ends in college football during the 2019 season, catching 43 passes for 515 yards and six touchdowns. He has good size for the NFL and the ability to become a three-down starter. Kmet had a huge jump in production compared to his sophomore year, when he totaled only 15 receptions for 162 yards.

Lindy's - "Impressive athlete with broad shoulders, a well-developed V-frame and long limbs....Competes with 'my ball' mentality....effective downfield blocker who shows good awareness and agility to set up blocks....Tick late off the snap...lacks sand in the panta to hold up as an inline blocker...Comp: Jack Doyle...'

100 Thaddeus Moss 5 LSU   6018 250 x

Combine - Forty: .NA..Wing: 78.3...BP: NA
VJ: NA ...BJ: NA.... 3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: .NA..

Moss was a mismatch receiving weapon for LSU in 2019, totaling 47 receptions for 570 yards and four touchdowns. He has a solid build with quickness and athleticism. Moss could stand to improve his blocking for the NFL, but he could be a mismatch weapon as a F - receiving - tight end. As a pro, he could be a bigger Jordan Reed.

Lindy's - Has the soft hands and competitveness of his dad (Randy) but sports a completely different frame and game...Physical almost combative player who isn't afraid of a street fight as a blocker, playing bigger than his size...Just average size for positition...lacks sudden accelleration off the line...Comp: Jordan Reed..."

215+ Colby Parkinson 11 Stanford   6072 252 x

Combine - Forty: 4.77...Wing: 78.6...BP: 18
VJ: 32.5...BJ: 109...3C: 7.15...20S: 4.46...60S: NA...

Parkinson made 48 catches for 589 yards and a touchdown in 2019. He dealt with an injury to starting quarterback K.J. Costello.

8/17/19: Stanford has had a string of quality tight end prospects for the NFL under David Shaw, and Parkinson will continue that trend. In 2018, he totaled 29 receptions for 485 yards and seven touchdowns. Parkinson could produce more as a junior now that he has some experience and Stanford has also lost some receivers to the NFL. In his freshman campaign, Parkinson had only 10 receptions for 97 yards, but four of those catches went for touchdowns.

PFF - "Parkinson’s has one of the largest catch radii in the country. He’s more slot receiver, though, than an actual tight end in Stanford’s offense."

Lindy's - Boasts an intriguing frame with excellent height, long limbs and the potential to gain significantly more mass...Surprisingly quick off the snap...good timing and body control in contested situations as well as strong and sticky hands...Consistently catches the ball at the highest point....Some tweener traits including a high-cut frame and string beans for legs....Comp: Mike Gesicki..."

101 Adam Trautman 6 Dayton   6050 255 x

Combine - Forty: 4.80...Wing: 78...BP: 18
VJ: 34.5..BJ: 114.0...3C: 6.78...20S: 4.27...60S: NA...

Trautman recorded 70 receptions for 916 yards and 14 touchdowns in 2019. He earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl and put together a solid week in Mobile. Trautman was a productive receiver for Dayton in 2018 and 2017 to land himself on NFL teams' preseason watch lists. He caught 41 passes for 604 yards with nine touchdowns in 2018 after hauling in 43 catches for 537 yards and five scores during the previous season. Trautman has good size, and playing well at an all-star game would help him

Lindy's - Good athlete who can get around the field with surprising ease...Looks the part of a hybrid TE...Strong enough to fight off hands along his route path...Fails to utilize his lower half properly on most blocks...Modest abilities after the catch....Comp: David Njoku...."

215+ Stephen Sullivan 15+ LSU   6047 248 x

Combine - Forty: 4.66...Wing: .85...BP: NA
VJ: 36.5..BJ: 123.0....3C: 7.51...20S: 4.62...60S: NA...

Sullivan was able to get a Senior Bowl invitation despite not having a big season of production. In 2019, Sullivan made 12 receptions for 130 yards, but as a junior, he caught 23 passes for 363 yards and two touchdowns. With Ja'Marr Chase, Justin Jefferson, and others, it was hard to get targets, but Sullivan played well enough to have the opportunity to impress team evaluators in Mobile, where he had a good week of practice. He showed some receiving talent and has some size to him with long arms that help him as a blocker. Sullivan is sleeper developmental tight end who could turn into a nice value pick.

Lindy's - "...Rare athletic tools for the position. The former WR simply kept growing while retaining his initial quickness and speed that could allow him to play outside in the NFL....More physical as a blocker than most former receivers...high cut frame leaves him off-balanced and stumbling...Not the bully after the catch that his size suggests...Questions about Sullivan's work ethic....Comp: Darren Waller..."...

102 Harrison Bryant 7 Fla Atlantic   6048 243 x

Combine - Forty: 4.73...Wing: 74...BP: 13
VJ: 32.5...BJ: 110.0...3C: 7.41...20S: 4.37...60S: NA...

Bryant recorded 65 receptions for 1,004 yards and seven touchdowns in 2019. He earned an invitation to the Senior Bowl and was decent in Mobile.

Bryant was a quality receiver for Florida Atlantic over the past two seasons. In his junior campaign, he caught 45 passes for 662 yards with four touchdowns. Over 2016, he had 32 receptions for 408 yards and five scores. Bryant could stand to get stronger and improve his blocking for the NFL.

PFF - "Bryant has been one of the most productive tight ends in the country over the past couple of seasons, but he’s still very undersized for the position and has been schemed a lot of production in FAU’s offense."

Lindy's - Off the charts production...Lanky athletic H-back and big slot receiver with size potential, sticky hands and competitiveness...Frame to add another 10 pounds without a significant loss of quickness....More of a big receiver than a traditional all-purpose TE...Pesky blocker but lacks initial pop or sustaining power...Comp: MyCole Pruitt..."

200 Cheyenne O Grady 10+ Arkansas   6036 253 x

Combine - Forty: 4.81 ...Wing: 79.2...BP: 16
VJ: 34.0...BJ: 119.0...3C: 7.30...20S: 4.34...60S: NA...

PFF - "O’Grady has some off-field issues and may be sidelined for the early part of 2019 with an injury, but he’s a complete receiver when on the field. He has only two drops on 56 catchable in his career."

Lindy's - Raw Talent...Multiple suspensions...Experienced working in the slot, as an H-back along with traditional TE duties...Straight line runner who can get tripped up by hard gusts of wind...Comp: Scott Orndorff..."

215+ Devin Asiasi 10 UCLA   6030 257 x

Combine - Forty: 4.73 ...Wing: 80.2...BP: 16
VJ: 30.5...BJ: 115.0...3C: NA...20S: NA...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Powerfully built TE who offers intriguing athleticism and untapped potential...Moves well for a big man...Can open up and get moving very well...Naturally powerful blocker...Terrific core flexibility and length....Not yet the sum of his parts...Fails to anticipate defenders' moves as a downfield blocker...tends to get his hands too far extended....Comp: Austion Hooper...."

215+ Mitchell Wilcox 12 So. Florida   6034 247 x

Combine - Forty: 4.88 ...Wing: 80.2...BP: NA
VJ: 31.0...BJ: 112.0...3C: 7.37...20S: 4.43...60S: NA...

Lindy's - Not a full-service TE...can be a mismatch in the passing game...projects more as a reserve at the next level..."


169 Josiah Deguara 13 x   6023 242 x

Combine - Forty: 4.72 ...Wing: 75.3...BP: 25
VJ: 35.5...BJ: 115.0...3C: 7.15...20S: 4.35...60S: NA...

Lindy's - "Versatile prospect who caught 77 passes for 972 yards and12 TD's the past two seasons...."


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