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Cornerbacks DataBase

Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
11 Caleb Farley 1 Virginia Tech   6-2 207 1

Forty: NA

Pro Day - Missed Pro Day due to surgery.

Top-end speed. Closed distance anytime a WR got a step on him downfield. Ideal build for all-around CB at 6-foot-2, 207 pounds. Can handle bigger receivers. Great ball production. Six picks in two seasons. Does well to box WRs to sideline downfield. Uses size to advantage. But has press-man traits with little press-man experience. Has 58 such snaps in his career. Clunky transitions in press. Tendency to lose ground right at snap. Static alignment. Never tracked or flipped sides in game. Haven't seem him play since 2019, as he opted out of the 2020 season.


Patric Surtain
2 Alabama   6-2 202 1

Forty: 4.42

Pro Day - 10-11 BJ...30" VJ

Technician with NFL-ready consistency. Picks up on the little tells from opposing WRs. Exceptional at line of scrimmage, even with 2-way go in the slot. Patient and physical. 662 snaps in press the past two seasons. 199 more than anyone else. 1,536 career coverage snaps are most in college football over past 3 years. Lack of speed is a serious question mark. Tennessee's Josh Palmer was striding away from him. Change-of-direction ability is average. Not going to impress with zone breaks.


26 Asante Samuel 3 Florida St   5-10 184 1
Forty: NA

Bounces in and out of breaks so easily. Special change-of-direction ability. Balance is outstanding. Stops and starts without stumbles or slips. Great feel for the position. Knows when to jump routes underneath. Ball hawk. 19.7% forced incompletion rate was his worst single-season mark (2019). But too easily tossed around by some bigger receivers in college. Gets taken out by receiver blocks in the wide screen game. Physical in press at college level but not going to fly at his size in the NFL.


30 Jaycee Horn 4 So Carolina   601 205 1

Forty: 4.39

Pro Day - 42" VJ...11-1" BJ

Man-corner mentality. In opponent's grill every snap. Fights to stay on top of routes and box to sideline. Refuses to get stacked. So quick to look back and locate the football as soon as he's in good position. Terrific at the catch point. Has size to continue that in the NFL. But they'll have to reel in his physical play style. Five penalties on 466 snaps this year. Tick slow to react at route breaks. Needs the physical contact. Reckless tackler. Eschews technique for lunging wildly. Was a little more jumpy in 2019. Eyes can get wide in off coverage.


31 Tyson Campbell 5 Georgia   602 185 1

Forty: NA

Silky smooth hips for a taller corner. You can't teach that change of direction. Ideal length. Can affect passes from behind receivers. Was at the catch point on a number of big plays this year. Terrific tackler. Only five misses in coverage on 67 career attempts. But still very skinny. We rarely saw him box WRs to sideline on vertical routes. Doesn't use his length well at the line of scrimmage. Plays like a smaller corner. Questionable instincts. Always seems reactive instead of proactive. Where's the ball production? Has a 10.3% forced incompletion rate over his career.


46 Ifeatu Melifonwu 6 Syracuse   6-3 213 2

Forty: NA

Rare athlete for his size. Don't see many corners with his build. Wingspan to alter the catch point consistently. Gives so much room for error. Explosive burst that shows up breaking on digs/posts. Smooth transitions for a player his size. Easy glider. But does not play to his size at all. Could bully guys, but doesn't. Takes a bit to throttle down on stops and comebacks. Overall feel for the position is lacking. No instinctive breaks in zone. Not a ton of press experience. Only 183 press snaps over past two years.


58 Elijah Molden 7 Washington   5-10 191 2

Forty: NA

One of college football's best at transitioning to vertical routes from slot. Targeted missile as a tackler. 22 misses on 172 career attempts. Got his hands on 17 passes over past year and a half. Playmaker. No fear despite size. Rarely felt like an issue on tape. But only a slot corner over course of career. Dabbled at safety in final game of 2020. Lack of length makes transition to safety a difficult one. Could scare teams off. Wants to take on blocks in run game, but won't realistically do so in box


65 Eric Stokes 8 Georgia   6-1 185 3

Forty: 4.29

Plays the catch point down the field very well. Locates hands and rakes through. Well-versed in press coverage. 400 such snaps the past two years. Ticks the speed box. Wasn't an issue on tape. Barely tested and stingy in 2020. Allowed .51 yards per coverage snap. But not particularly fluid altering course. Better in a straight line. Not much upper body strength. Jams can be swatted away. Four INTs this year not indicative of instincts (2 stopped routes and 2 overthrows). Relies on contact with WRs along route. Grabby.


74 Camryn Bynum 9 California   6-0 200 3

Forty: NA

Arguably the best run-defending corner in the draft. Fills with aggression. Very measured in zone coverage; he won't go freelancing. Versatile size at 6-foot, 200 pounds. Could play slot or safety, as well. Physical at the catch point and does well to locate ball. Does himself no favors in press. Rarely gets clean contact and gets stacked with ease. Limited speed. Was not making up ground downfield. Played in very zone-heavy defense. Lacks hips of a man corner. Suddenness working back downhill is middling. Always a few gather steps.


82 Shakur Brown 10 Michigan St   5-11 190 3

Forty: NA

Ball tracking is outstanding. Did it better than the WRs he was guarding. Breaks on most routes in lockstep with receiver. Crazy quick to react. Confidence for days. Wants to embarrass the guy across from him. Inside/outside versatility that he already showed at Michigan State. But gets caught locked on the QB's eyes in zone. Too easily manipulated. Going to have to tone down the hands a little. He's in hip pockets a lot. Over aggression extends to tackling. Sub-70.0 tackling grades in past two years. Only 12 career starts. Not even full NFL season's worth.


110 Paulson Adebo 11 Mississippi St   6-1 192 4

Forty: 4.42

Plays catch point better than any CB in college football. Had 24 PBUs in two seasons. Great blend of size and length. Knows how to use both to get leverage advantage. Played in Stanford scheme that was not necessarily ideal for him. Back-to-back years of quality grading. But tackling has not been a strong suit. Has 25 misses on 135 career attempts. Not a fluid athlete. Off balance and stiff to transition too often. Torched on double moves in 2019. Overly jumpy. Haven't seem him play since 2019, as he opted out of the 2020 season.


120 Ambry Thomas 12 Stanford   6-0 183 4

Forty: 4.37

Ticks the speed box. More than enough to hold up outside. Press-man-heavy Michigan scheme is great for pro projection. Had 122 such snaps in 2019. Physical, all-around player and tackler. Only four career missed tackles. Never gave up more than 72 yards in coverage in any game in his career. But lacks burst out of breaks. Doesn't close ground at top of routes the way you want to see. Too thin at the moment. Physical receivers can bounce him around. Hasn't been tested much. Only 57 targets his entire college career. Only one year as a starter and didn't see snaps in 2020 after opting out.


122 Thomes Graham Jr 13 Oregon   5-11 196 4


Quiet, nimble feet. So few false steps or gather steps on tape. Never looks panicked. Trusts his athleticism instead of trying to get a head start. Flat-footed breaks are excellent. Likely has slot versatility. Attacks through the catch point without hesitation. Forced inc. rate of 15.9% over the last two years But penalties have popped up every year — 21 in three seasons. That's a lot with college rules. Average speed. Cannot have him press pure vertical receivers. On the smaller side at 5-foot-10, 193 pounds and shies away from contact at the line. Opted out of the 2020 season


xx Greg Newsome 15 Northwestern   xx xx x
Forty: 4.38
126 Rodarius Williams 14 Oklahoma Stn   5104 198 x

Forty: NA

Man-corner athletic traits. Plus speed and mirror ability. Looked like a different player as a tackler in 2020. Not a single miss. One of the most tested corners in the class. Four- year starter with 212 career targets. Very patient. Rare to see him biting hard on double moves. But not a physical presence. Finesse corner who can get outmuscled.Locating ball has been a consistent issue. He loses at the catch point too often. Average ball production over his career. Two picks and 27 pass breakups on 1,622 coverage snaps. Very, very old for a prospect. He'll turn 25 in September.