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Defensive Interior Linemen DataBase

Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
12 Kwity Paye EDGE/DL 1 Michigan   6-4 272 1

Forty: NA

Pro Day - 36 Bench Press reps

No. 1 on Bruce Feldman's Freaks List last year. His sub-6.5 3-cone is out of this world. Beefy edge build. Thick legs, arms, core. Handful for opposing tackles. Able to sink low into contact. Lot of bull-rush wins without much technique. Distinct year-on-year improvement every season. Shows he's committed to craft. But pass-rush move is often him trying to barrel through opposing linemen. Doesn't really set up offensive linemen. Just fires off and gos. Despite size, not much of an interior pass-rusher: 59.8 pass-rushing grade last two years. Doesn't have many counters or combos in his pass-rushing repertoire.


Jaelan Phillips EDGE/DL
2 Miami (FL)   6-5 266 1

Forty: 4.56

Pro Day - 36" VJ...4.13 SS...7.01 3C...Medical red flag

Oozes power. Able to move large humans with one hand. Blows through contact. Linemen have to get him cleanly to slow him down. Dominated guards. Too long and quick when rushing from the interior. Has some filthy euro-step moves. Timing improved a ton as season wore on. But fails to consistently sink in pass-rush. Standing straight up on contact too often. Telegraphs his rush plan. Often doesn't adjust until first move is taken away. Serious injury history. Has already retired once because of concussions. But only really half a season of production as pass- rusher in career.


25 Christian Barmore DL 3 Alabama   6-5 310 2

Forty: NA

Special flexibility for a man his size. Over once he gets to the side of a lineman. Ideal build to rush the passer from interior. Long limbs with power behind them. Advanced hand usage gives him a bunch of different ways to win as pass rusher. Shined on the biggest stages. 12 pressures and eight stops in the CFP. But tape not consistently dominant. 0 pressures vs. Tennessee and Florida in 2020. Little high cut to kick into nose in the NFL. Eating doubles not his game. Only one season as a starter.


27 Levi Onwuzurike DL 4 Washington   6-3 288 2

Forty: NA

One of the most explosive defensive tackles in the country. Can fly off the line. Pop behind his hands. When everything fires in unison, he's tough to handle. Not much fat on his frame. Rocked up for a defensive tackle. Often played out of position at nose tackle yet still graded out well. But late to react play after play. Dominant reps come too few and far between. One-hitter as pass rusher. Doesn't combo into second move if his first stalls. Still needs to pack on mass. Pigeonholed into 3- technique at current size. Production stalled as full-time starter, then opted out in 2020.


62 Osa Odighizuwa DL 5 UCLA   6-2 279 2

Forty: NA

Explosiveness and speed are pluses. UCLA even gave him some off-ball reps in 2019. Heavy hands that allow him to play about his weight class on the interior. Great length for his height with over 34-inch arms. Holds up well vs. tackles. Incredibly strong lower half. Always seems to works linemen into pocket. But has a tweener body type at 6-foot-2, 280 pounds. Would be one of smallest DTs in the NFL. Game lacks ferocity and urgency. So slow to counter. Not as agile as you'd expect from an undersized DT. Struggles to get completely free. Sticks on sides of blocks and unable to get hands off himself.


70 Milton Williams DL 6 La Tech   6-4 278 3

Forty: 4.62

Solid build. About as lean as you'll see from a defensive tackle. Power on contact was too much for C-USA linemen. Consistently sinks hips into blocks. Remade body over college career, adding around 25 pounds. Couple nice pass-rushing moves and uses Euro step to set up guards. But is undersized with only one year of experience along the interior. Didn't have to refine pass rushing. Often all he needed was pure strength. One-year wonder. One year of quality grading. Kept in check by talented BYU line. Only quality line he faced in 2020.


71 Rashad Weaver DL/EDGE 7 Pitt   6-5 270 3

Forty: NA

Power player. Dictates terms of blocks. Ideal height/length combination. Wins the first contact game and quick to disengage. Supremely consistent with technique. Sinks hips and fires in unison play after play. Terrific at combo-ing moves. Usually starts with long-arm, but has a number of counters. But has a sluggish get off. Not threatening the edge against anyone in the NFL. No quick twitch to his game. Even his spin moves are slow-developing. Torn ACL caused him to miss all of 2019. Man amongst boys, because he is — 23 and will turn 24 midway through rookie season.


84 Jaye Tufele DL 8 USC   6-3 315 3

Forty: NA

Agile big guy. Can get a guard leaning and cross his face in a hurry. Quick swim is his go-to move. Can work it both directions. Has the get-off necessary to be an impact pass rusher in the NFL. Wants to make plays. Not content sitting on blocks.But he's on the ground a lot. Toes the line between high motor and out of control. No anchor in run game. Being taken five yards downfield not uncommon. Bull or swim is really all he has as a pass rusher. Didn't add much from 2018 to 2019. Haven't seem him play since 2019, as he opted out of the 2020 season.


86 Tyler Shelvin DL 9 LSU   6-3 346 3

Forty: NA

As squatty a body as you'll see in college football. Damn near immovable. First step at his size is different. Doesn't simply win with power. Can run a deadly stunt. Knows how to hide pads from offensive linemen and not get squared up against double teams. Been a quality run defender ever since he stepped on campus as RS freshman in 2018. But weight control will be a MASSIVE issue. Was reportedly up to 375 last fall. Wasn't even trying to rush the passer in 2019. Six pressures on 316 rushes. Workload could be an issue. Unlikely to see him playing 700-plus snaps. Only one year as a starter and didn't see snaps in 2020 after opting out.


87 Marvin Wilson DL 10 FSU   6-5 305 3

Forty: NA

Mitts for hands. Throws linemen left and right. Pass-rushing moves come easily to him. Combos them one after another. Surprisingly good balance for his size. Pinballs off linemen. Strength throughout frame. He's just a powerful dude. But his first-step quickness is not near what you want from a top defensive tackle. Wore down over the course of seasons and games. Hand placement can improve in run game. Fires blind too often. Not near the disruption playing on mostly three- man fronts in 2020.


88 Adetokunbo Ogundeji EDGE/DL 11 Notre Dame   6-4 268 3

Forty: NA

Perfect lanky build for the edge. Short enough for leverage and long enough for first contact. Locates pads well and locks out. Has improved by leaps and bounds already. Added 40 pounds since high school. But is board stiff and upright into rushes. No staying power after contact. Best rushes came against guards where his length was too much. Can't get to edge vs. tackles Efficiency took a massive step back when forced into an every-down role. Slow to process and react to what an offensive lineman throws at him.


104 Jaylen Twyman DL 12 Pitt   6-2 290 4

Forty: NA

Bendy big man. Cornered guards to get to QBs with ease. Played 730 snaps last year for Pitt in 2019. Barely came off the field. Already has some high-level pass-rushing moves. Executes the Aaron Donald cross-chop well. Makes plays with his agility in run game. Tough to get hands on at the snap. But has such a thin frame for a defensive tackle. Can't see him as anything other than 3-tech. Doesn't have high-level athleticism or length to make up for size deficiencies. His 11 sacks were a bit misleading, as he had only 36 pressures in 2019. Only one full season as a starter before opting out in 2020.


113 Darius Stills DL 13 WVa   6-1 285 4

Forty: NA

Almost always the low man. Uses his height to his advantage. Terrific cornering ability for a defensive tackle. Saw him run the loop on OTs. High motor. Not content sitting on blocks as a pass-rusher, even on three-man rushes. Played around a third of his snaps out of position at nose tackle. Short but also small at just 285 pounds. That limits versatility. Not near the athlete you'd like to see for how undersized he is. Good offensive linemen lived in his pads. He couldn't shed, and it was rarely clean when he did. Grade actually took a hit from 2019 to 2020.


115 Payton Turner EDGE/DL 14 Houston   6-6 270 4

Forty: NA

Long arms and violent hands. Great combo. Fights to end of every rep. Churns hands and feet. Some intriguing cornering ability for a big man. His rips to the edge are deadly. Inside/outside versatility. Will be deadly from inside on sub-packages But breakout in 2020 was only four games. Not a ton of dominant tape. Owned tackles that won't sniff the NFL and was notably quiet against BYU's Brady Christensen. Really high cut. Staying low has been an issue in the past. Double teams could be a problem.


124 Marion Tulpulotu DL 15 USC   6-3 305 4

Forty: NA

Powerful frame. Only listed at 305 pounds but holds up at nose tackle no problem. Serious pop in his hands. Tremendous at shedding blocks. Very consistent with hand placement and block recognition. Three straight years as a quality run defender at every defensive tackle alignment. But he's a ilmited athlete. Just a guy in that regard One year — and only 311 snaps — of quality pass- rush grading. Pass-rush moves are limited by lack of burst. He has to win with hands. Slipping off tackles has been an issue every single year as a starter.




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