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Edge Rushers DataBase

BPA Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
33 Jayson Oweh 1 Penn St   6-5 253 2

Forty: 4.34

Physically different. Type of get off and speed that you don't see in every draft class. Eats up options as the unblocked man. Can chase down RBs from behind. Frame built to play off the edge. Ultra-lean and long 252 pounds. Changed man in his use of leverage in 2020. Fired into blocks much better in run game. But rushes die on contact too often. Rare to see him fight through arms. Agility doesn't match his straight-line speed. Passiveness to his game. Lacks violence in his hands. Pass-rush moves still in the coaching phase. No confidence in them, either.


Carlos Basham Jr
2 Wake Forest   6-5 285 2

Forty: NA

Prodigious explosiveness. 285-pounders shouldn't have his get-off. Agility you wouldn't expect. Has inside moves where OTs don't even touch him. When he wants to be a bully, the pocket collapses. Quick to lock out long arms against opposing blockers and sheds with ease. But gets too cute for a 285-pound defensive end. Often plays like he's 40 pounds lighter. Looked too big in 2020. Explosiveness wasn't the same compared to 2019. Almost never came off the field, but effectiveness suffered. Tired reps on tape. Lackadaisical hands. Too content playing patty- cake.


49 Gregory Rousseau 3 Miami (FL)   6-7 265 2

Forty: NA

Egregiously freaky build. Like an ideal edge defender who got stretched out. Special bend for a player his size. Can rip under opposing linemen. Former wide receiver with one year of playing time along defensive line. Deadly from an interior alignment. Length and first step dominate guards. But not much of a power aspect to his game yet. Still filling out his frame. Not many counters or second-reaction moves to his game. Either wins early or doesn't. Ankle injury ended his freshman season after 17 snaps. Struggles against OTs. Had 71.3 pass-rushing grade from outside alignment.


72 Joe Tryon 4 Washington   6-5 262 3

Forty: NA

Attacks. Attacks. Attacks. Wants to go right through opposing linemen. One of country's best bull rushers. Give him a head of steam, and he's collapsing pocket. Ideal size/length traits for edge. Doesn't have to develop many moves to make impact. Explosive off line and in straight line. Can do damage penetrating on stunts. But bull in a china shop. No rhyme or reason to some of his moves. Feel as a pass rusher isn't quite there. No counters once initial move stalls. Sinking under blocks is not his forte. Let's OL ride him past QB too easily. Where was the dominance? Not a single game grade over 80.0 in career.


89 Patrick Jones II 5 Pitt   6-5 260 3

Forty: NA

Long, lanky 6-foot-5 frame ideal for playing on the edge. Knows how to get skinny and shrink his strike zone for opposing tackles to latch on. Fires off and can stay low despite his height. Good amount of flatbacks on tape. Whole toolbox of pass-rushing moves already. Already has a euro-step cross chop. But thin lower half causes bull-rushes to die short of the quarterback far too often. Lacking ankle flexion. Shows when trying to get under tackles. Average pop in his hands. Rare to see him completely knock down a tackle's hands. Pass-rushing production took a surprisingly large step backward in 2020.


105 Quincy Roche 6 Miami (FL)   6-4 235 3

Forty: NA

Few better in country at reading opposing OTs. Takes advantage of any misstep. Natural bender. Rip to the edge is one of his go-to moves. Refuses to get locked up. Knows how to minimize his strike zone for opposing linemen. Elite production in both Group of Five and Power Five. But undersized. Had to put on about 10 pounds before 2020 season to get to 245. First step is nothing special — especially considering his weight. Not a speed rusher. Not edge setter or pocket pusher. Had just one bull-rush pressure last season. Will be 23 years old by the time he's drafted.


111 Chris Rump II 7 Duke   6034 264 3

Forty: NA

Pass-rushing toolbox that can stand up with NFL veterans. Very polished. Reactive rusher with tremendous balance. Tailors rush to what tackle does. Very effective as a stand-up LB on the interior. Bodes well for off-ball transition. Motor that won't quit. Combos one move into another into another. But not explosive enough to overcome his size deficiencies. Any sort of punch stops him dead in his tracks. Has to win on contact. No experience as an off-ball linebacker: 76 career snaps in coverage. Added weight in 2020 came at the cost of his athleticism. Production took a hit.


135 Hamilcar Rashed Jr 8 Tennessee   6-4 35 3

Forty: NA

Lateral agility is too much for college offensive tackles. Cat-like quicks. Athletic enough to move off-ball if sticking on the edge doesn't work out. Length that he knows how to use. Relies on keeping his body clean. But no power aspect to his game whatsoever. Cannot hold the point. One-hitter as a pass-rusher. If first move doesn't work, he's often done. Very late bloomer. Had 10 total pressures prior to redshirt junior season in 2019. Added nine pounds from 2019 and didn't have the same juice.


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