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Linebacker DataBase

BPA Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
7 Micah Parsons 1 Penn St.   6-3 245 1

Forty: 4.39

Combination of size and explosiveness that is special. Moves like he's undersized. Form and balance in space as tackler are superb — 11 misses on 188 career tackle attempts. Edge-rusher type moves as a pass-rusher. Blows up running backs on blitzes. Still an edge rusher in his mind. Plays with attacking mentality. But playmaking in coverage has been average. Only four career pass breakups. Haven't seen him since 2019, as he opted out of the 2020 season. Lot of zone drops in Penn State's scheme. Only 64 snaps in man coverage in 2019. Was named as a "ringleader" in Penn State hazing scandal.


Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah
2 Notre Dame   6-1 215 1

Forty: NA

Smooth as can be. Able to flip his hips and run with receivers. Short-area quicks and explosiveness are elite. Reason he can still hold up between the tackles. Coverage role more similar to that of slot corner than linebacker. Still earned great grades. Knows how to get skinny and shrink his strike zone around blocks. But would immediately be about the smallest linebacker in the NFL. Rarely played between the tackles. Only around 200 snaps last year. Not a stack/shed linebacker. Plays off side of blocks. Knows one speed. Wasn't uncommon to see him overrun plays.


18 Azeez Ojulari LB/EDGE 3 Georgia   6-3 240 1

Forty: 4.60

Pro Day - 10-7 BJ...

First step that puts fear in OTs. Always a threat to get to the edge. Surprising pop in his hands. Swats down punches with ease. Arguably the best cornering ability in the class. No problem getting low. Timing and rush plan are tremendous. Keeps offensive tackles off-balance. But is so slight for the edge. No power aspect to his game. Not the guy you want playing head up or inside a tight end. Too easily taken off the ball when linemen get clean engage. One-year wonder that was almost always fresh. Didn't play more than 52 snaps in any game.


28 Joseph Osai LB/EDGE 4 Texas   6-4 253 1

Forty: NA

Very natural athlete. Easy movement skills and ability in space. Every-down player that never gave up on plays. 70-plus snaps in over half his games in 2020 Only became a full-time edge player in 2020 yet still well versed in defeating blocks. Flexibility and bend that you want to see on the edge. Wins leverage battles. But you'd like a little more explosiveness from undersized edge rusher. Goes to the ground more than you'd like and has been a problem falling off tackles as well. More of a finesse player. Tackles with NFL play strength gave him fits. Played off-ball before, but not smooth enough in space to do that full-time.


29 Zaven Collins 5 Tulsa   6-4 260 1

Forty: NA

Freak of nature. Size and length you do not often see at off-ball linebacker.. Edge rusher-type skill set when blitzing. Running backs don't stand a chance. Movement skills like an undersized linebacker. Smooth hips and great burst. Shuts down throwing lanes. Pain for quarterbacks to throw over. But not near the dominant tackler he should be. Was even worse earlier in career. Could be more of a bully than he is. Will finesse into blocks. Level of competition was no great shakes. Skill set that's very scheme-specific. Not going to be a value add for everyone.


51 Jamin Davis 6 Kentucky   6-4 234 2

Forty: 4.37 - 4.49 (depending on who timed him on Pro Day).

Long-limbed and lean. Tye type of build so many are looking for at the position. Balance playing through blocks is outstanding. Knows how to get skinny to the ball carrier. Plus short-area quicks and burst. Fantastic gap shooter. Solid tackler with big tackle radius —11 misses on 150 career attempts. But goes backward on contact. High cut without much to his lower half. Three gimme interceptions. Zone eyes are slow to react. Only one year as a starter: 837 career snaps. Very limited coverage responsibilities. Only 26 snaps in man last year.


64 Nick Bolton 7 Missouri   6-0 232 2

Forty: 4.59

Brick wall. Opposition will be the one moving backward on contact. Processing speed is elite. Sees the game exactly how you want a LB to. Plays downhill and isn't scared to attack. Trusts his reads. Consistently makes plays in coverage despite average physical tools. But limited from a height/length standpoint. Guarding taller tight ends could be an issue. Speed is average. Not your "modern" coverage linebacker. Gets stuck on blocks from time to time when he doesn't get a head of steam.


77 Baron Browning 8 Ohio St   6-3 240 3

Forty: NA

Elite size-speed combination for the position. How you'd put together a linebacker. Wrecking ball as a tackler. Don't want to see him coming downhill. Took a massive step forward in terms of play speed in 2020. Wins one-on-ones with offensive tackles. Could be an edge project. But he has struggled when asked to make traditional linebacker reads in the past. Still very much a reactionary player. Not much anticipation on tape. Looked best when playing overhang role this year. Not really an option in most NFL defenses.


81 Chazz Surratt 9 No Carolina   6-2 225 3

Forty: NA

Flashes very high-level plays on tape that many can't make. Plays 100 mph snap after snap. Treats running backs like speed bumps as a blitzer. Long and smooth athlete. Very versatile build and skill set. Has shown massive improvement as a tackler in a short time frame. But 2019 was first season at LB position after switching from QB. Still looks green at times. Needs to develop better block destruction methods in the run game. Stuck far too often. Run reads inconsistent. Still not quite sure what he's looking at sometimes. On the small side for the position at 225 pounds. Might never be great versus the run.


85 Jabril Cox 10 LSU   6-4 231 3

Forty: NA

Lengthy linebacker who's ultra smooth on the move. Press-man against tight ends looked like child's play. Easy mirror. Excelled opening hips and locating on the run. Multiple plays on ball downfield. Productive in two different defensive schemes. But not a power player. Likely would have been a safety 15 years ago. Closing burst all too often lacking. Average playmaking in the run game. Caught stuck in mud too often.

96 Dylan Moses 11 Alabama   6-3 240 3

Forty: NA

One of the best tacklers in the class. Only 13 misses on 192 career attempts. Stays square to the line of scrimmage and on balance attacking the run. Put hand in dirt and beat offensive linemen as a pass rusher. One of the most explosive LBs in the country when he wants to be. But no quick reads or playmaking aspect to his game. All reaction. Not nearly impressive athletically when he has to change directions or flip hips. Caught staring at the QB too much in zone. Doesn't play fast. Can watch dozens of snaps before seeing what he's capable of athletically.


129 Jordan Smith LB/EDGE 12 UAB   6-7 255 4

Forty: NA

Hands are advance. Adept at getting into OT's shoulder pads. Gallops like a horse. Can close ground on a ball carrier in space. Attacking mentality. Shows up on option run the way he plays the mesh. Back-to-back years of elite grading and production. But he's a rigid rusher. Gets stuck on the edge of blocks. Still a string bean frame. Physical OT can toss him around. Doesn't threaten with bull-rush. OTs anchor on him easily. Already on the older side for a prospect. Fifth year out of high school.


149 Monty Rice 13 Georgia   6-1 235  

Forty: 4.57

Great sifting through trash and staying square in the run game. Wraps up in space about as well as any LB in country. Under 10% missed tackle rate in career. Can scoot. Sideline-to-sideline range. Was at catch point with Jaylen Waddle 35 yards downfield. Built low to the earth. Uses that leverage to his advantage. But little playmaking instinct in coverage. Doesn't trust eyes. 3 career pass breakups. Reactive player, in general. Allowed 22 catches on 23 targets in 2020. Scope of vision is limited. Doesn't recognize things developing around him. Length less than ideal for the linebacker position.


150 Cameron McGrone 14 Michigan   6-1 236 4

Forty: NA

Range is his calling card. He can shut down a wide running game on his own. Explosive lower half. Can stack blocks even with limited length. Still very young. Only 20 years old with two years of starting experience. Superb form tackler. Gets low and drives through midsection. Didn't miss one this year. But didn't have a single pick or pass breakup in his career. Glorified placeholder in coverage. Two positively graded plays all year. Lack of length will undoubtedly show up more at NFL level. Looked lost running seams with tight ends. No tracking skills.


154 Drew Sears 15 Lindenwood   6-1 255 4
Forty: NA
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