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Quarterback DataBase
BPA Rnk Name Pos Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
1 Trevor Lawrence 1 Clemson   606 220 1

Forty: DNR

Best Pocket Presence...Each of the top four quarterbacks in this class has tools. That’s not why Lawrence is the unquestioned leading prospect. It’s the way he already operates within an offense. His ability to handle blitzes, pressure and anything else defenses throw his way is second to none...Lawrence has a 118.4 passer rating when blitzed and a 97.9 rating under pressure. The only draft prospects to have at least 200 career pressured dropbacks and a higher passer rating under pressure that we’ve graded are Baker Mayfield (116.0) and Joe Burrow (106.6)- PFF (Renner)

Zach Wilson
2 BYU   6000 217 1

Forty: DNR

Pro Day - Made 'impossible throws in drills

Best Outside Pocket Wilson’s meteoric rise is no fluke. The talent he possesses in his right arm is exceptional. His ability to throw lasers from any body position is unlike any other quarterback in the class..The biggest knocks on him are things we haven’t seen him do. Top competition. Vs. consistent pressure (only 21.6% of dropbacks in 2020).- PFF (Renner)

6 Justin Field 3 Ohio St   6058 232 1

Forty: 4.44

Most Accurate...I can’t help but think he’s being overthought by many. He’s arguably the most accurate quarterback in the draft class, is a legitimate threat as a runner and has the kind of hose capable of flipping it 60-plus yards without a windup....Of course, there are negatives. He’s prone to holding the ball too long and taking sacks...Performance this year against the blitz was less than stellar. He held onto the ball way too long and earned only a 75.6 passing grade when he did let it rip. - PFF (Renner)

10 Trey Lance 4 N Dakota State   6040 226 1

Forty: NA

Best Runner, Strongest Arm...Prodigious physical skill set. ..he possesses the biggest arm in the draft class. The ball jumps out of his hands differently than anyone else at every level of the field...Accuracy and leading a pass-heavy offense are the issue - averaged only 18 dropbacks a game in his lone year as a starter. He is the definition of a project. When you have his level of tools, though, that’s a project worth taking on. - PFF (Renner)

22 Mack Jones 5 Alabama   6030 2114 1

Forty: 4.79

Best vs. Blitz...His numbers are insane. Tools are average at best. Poster child for the ultimate debate over performance versus physical ability...At the Senior Bowl, he earned only a 63.8 passing grade on 36 dropbacks throughout the week of practices and then didn’t play in the game. - PFF (Renner)

63 Davis Mills 6 Stanford   6040 212 3

Forty: 4.78.

Quickest Decision Maker (Renner)...Still extremely raw, but his tape has NFL level throws - (Brugler)....A lot of what you’re buying into with Mills is what he could become...Actually, if you take away screens and RPOs, Mills had the second-highest accuracy rate in 2020 of any quarterback on ur list.- PFF (Renner)

76 Kyle Trask 7 Florida   6050 240 3

Forty: NA

Lit up scoreboards this past season...problem is that he’s a bit of a statue....Only 57.8% of his targets past the line of scrimmage were deemed accurate this past season

92 Jamie Newman 8 Georgia   6040 230 3

Forty: NA

Has to be kicking himself for opting out. He quite easily possesses the best physical tools in this class behind the top four quarterbacks, but it’s almost impossible to buy into them after what he showed at the Senior Bow...The arm, rushing ability and accuracy downfield are still there, but his ability to play within structure is a big question (Renner)l

143 Kellen Mond 9   6030 217 4+

Forty: NA

D..idn’t play with anything resembling NFL-caliber weapons....It still doesn’t explain away his well below-average accuracy. Under 50% of his targets beyond the line of scrimmage this past season were deemed accurate. That’s the lowest of anyone on this list who played more than a game...His 2.51-second average time to throw on non-screens and non-RPOs was the fastest of any quarterback in the top 10 (Renner)

238 Felipe Franks 13+ Michigan   6007 212 4+

Forty: 4.65

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