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2021 Draft
Round One Buzz
Updated Regularly - Visit Often.

Pick Team Buzz Proj. Mock
1 Jaguars

4/19 - It's been Lawrence all along...4/19 - Could be the first time there was a 4-QB run at the top of the draft - S Robinson.

Lawrence QB
2 Jets 4/26 - Linked to LBs like Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah at #23...4/19 - Traded for Darnold all the way to here. The top of this draft is not loaded with blue chippers/not to use the pick on a QB would make no sense. Z Wilson QB
3 Niners fr Miami 4/26 - Shanahan likes Jones/Suits like Lance... (Moved up to grab Jones but got to know Lance.)....4/21 - Pick is Lance - Eisen...4/20 - 70% chance it'll be Jones - Kiper...4/20 - Originally linked to M Jones, but may be targeting Lance. 4/20 - Staff attended Lance's Pro Day #2. Niners ran the workout. 4/19 - Moved 9 spots up the Board - presumably to land a QB.. Jimmy G said not to be the long range answer. M Jones said to be a smoke screen. . 4/18 - Justin Fields will not be the third pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. - Michael Lombardi, The Athletic...4/17 - SF interest in Fields flagging - Walters...4/13 - Lance and Fields are gearing their workouts toward 49er's system.- Z Links M Jones QB
4 Atlanta 4/26 - #4 starts a series of McShay "rumors" and projections...Pitts has "mo" followed by Chase but Lance an outside possinbility...4/21 - Lots of Pitts buzz...4/20 - Staff attended Lance's Pro Day #2.4/18 (Could be a trade ruse - JGG). Majority of PFR regulars feel Atlanta will trade down. Falcon staff is divided. - "Open to all options at #4." - Parks. 4/14 - They're likely to draft Pitts - Z Links4/19 - Shopping a trade...4/5 - Could wait another 1-2 years to replace Matty Ryan. Or they could leap on the opportunity now. Or they could trade down. . Pitts is a rare talent at a position of scarcity. Pitts TE
5 Bengals 4/26 - Sewell top choice...4/25 - Keep an eye on 2nd-tier QB's...4/18 - Drumbeat for Chase - P King...4/20 - Sewell or Chase (or smoke screen)...4/19 Brought in Reiff to improve the OL. Could bring in another linemen, but a WR like Chase is a safer bet - Z Links. 4/17 - Targeting Chase? Sewell WR
6 Miami fr Phila 4/23 - Would rate Pitts over top receivers iif considering a WR...4/22 - Content to stay where they are - Pauline...4/22 - Dolphs and Broncs GM's in talks...4/21 - An edge guy (Z Collins?)...4/21 - Eying DV Smith or Waddle...4/21 - Harris - Pauline...4/20 - May seek to trade down (Trading back down sounds nuts, but they could do it).....4/19 - Another club who traded upward. They've already got Tagovailoa, so why trade up here if not for a QB?. Who are they targeting ? Chase WR
7 Lions 4/29 - Tried to trade up for Case, but price was too high...4/26 - Pitts top choice followed by Chase, DV Smith and Waddle...4/23 - Fielding trade-down offers...4/20 - May seek to trade down - most likely suitor: a QB seeker,...4/19 - Stafford era is over. Could even hold the pick ransom for a team seeking a QB. . Waddle WR
8 Panthers 4/22 - Hasn't exercised 5th year option on Darnold (could be trade posturing)...4/20 - May seek to trade down, now that they've landed Darnold. 4/19 - Need a QB - Sitting pretty at #8. Were said (according to Mike Tannenbaum) to be waiting in the weeds to pounce on Matt Jones (who impressed Ruhle at the Senior Bowl) should Niners (at #3) leave them an opening. Fields QB
9 Broncos

4/26 - They like M Jones (also Fields) but both are gone. ...not as high on Lance....4/22 - Broncs and Dolph GMs in talks...4/21 - Fields' genetic epilepsy a knowsn challenge...4/20 - Exploring a move up...4/20 - Staff attended Lance's Pro Day #2. 4/17 - High on Lance and Fields. May seek to trade up to #4 (Atlanta). - W Paige. 4/5 - Leaning OL. Attended Lance's second Pro Day. - S Robinson

Lance QB
10 Dallas

4/28 - It's between Surtain II and Horn....4/24 - JJ said to be infatuated by Pitts but won't trade up (as high as #4) to get him...4/5 - Said to want to shore up CB. There are re said to be three or four corners in the first round....4/19 - An NFC coach said that he can't see the Cowboys passing on Rashawn Slater if he's available. - Peter King, NBC Sports" - Walter

Surtain II CB
11 NYG

4/26 - Judge "in love" with DV Smith...Others in org. favor Parsons and Horn...4/21 - Interested in trading down..."We're more likely to see a right turn in a NASCAR race before the Gia=nts trade down" - Patra (Gettlesman has never traded down:)......4/16 - Seek more explosion either on defense or offense. Invested in WR and corner. May seek to add an Edge rusher - S Robinson

DV Smith WR
12 Eagles fr Mi via SF

4/28 - High on Paye...4/28 - If Pitts and Chase are gone, Eagles moving toward Sewell or Waddle and away from DV Smith...4/19 - Coud try to trade back up into Top 10....4/5 - Could choose a WR. Or Horn? Parsons' injury history may cause him to fall out of the top 15.


Paye ED
13 Chargers

4/5 - Speed at WR a priority but Parsons too goood to pass up at #13......4/1 - Interest in Asante Samuel heating up...


Parsons LB
14 Vikes

4/21 - High on Darrisaw but don't think he'll be there at #14...4/21 - If they draft a QB, it would be Franks (presumably after round one)...4/19 - Zimmer not happy with his defense.

Darrisaw OL
15 Pats

4/26 - Could trade up for Fields but masters of deception)...4/20 - Linked to trade up for QB...4/20 - Visited Fields and Lance (2nd Pro Day)....Already signed C Newton and don't have a history of drafting qbs in 1st round...4/5 - Speed-challenged at WR. Loss of Edeleman makes them hands-challenged

Toney WR
16 Cardinals

4/22 - Keep an eye on Detroit at #7 - Cards might try to trade up to land Horn, Waddle or Parsons - Gollin...4/21- Covet Patrick Surtain, Jaylen Waddle and Jaycee Horn..LB .Z Collins might be a Plan B pick ... .Unfortunately for the Cardinals, all three could be off the board)...4/18 - Jeremiah lumps Newsone in an elite Top 4 CB group (iwth Horn, Surtain and Farley...4/5 - Peterson gone...Butler's arrived. Logical pick would be a cornere like Horn. True test of whether Keim means it when he says Cards will draft the best player available and not go for need.

Horn LB
17 Vegas

4/23 - Scouting 1st round QBs (or seeking trade?)...4/5- Need serious help at RT


Slater OL
18 Miami 2

4/21 - Are very high on Najee Harris...4/5 - Depends on what they do at #6. Could use help on the edge


Z Collins LB
19 Washington

4/20 - Still looking for a QB but the cupboard is pretty bare....May try to trade up. - S Robinson. 4/13 - Washington interested in Lance (assuming he's still there at #19. 4/16 - It may be Wash and Chicago in hunt for M Jones or Lance. Redskins GM Martin Mayhew stated that he wants a quarterback with lots of collegiate experience. 4/19 - Scratch Trey Lance and Mac Jones off the list. The Redskins didn't even attend Lance's pro day - Walter. .

V-Tucker OL
20 Bears

4/29 - Might trade up to nab a QB...4/20 - Linked to trade up for QB.....4/19 - Need help at LB...4/16 May be targeting a QB, but may lose out to Wash.


Ojulari LB
21 Colts



Bateman WR
22 Titans

4/19 - Getting trade feelers ..Seek CB (probably "second tier" talent) but could still draft an OT...

Newsome CB
23 Jets fr Seattle

4/26 - Could draft a CB here, but has also been linked to LBs Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah....4/19 - Corner-starved but all the top ones are taken. Marshall a safe pick at #23.

Jenkins OL
24 Steelers

4/29 - Doubtful they'll try to trade up...Eying Z Collins and N Harris...4/28 - High on Trey Sermon...4/26 - Unlikely to trade up...4/21 -Have narrowed their options down to Najee Harris, Teven Jankins and Landon Dickerson...4/19 - Steelers expected to draft a RB - but maybe not in Round One - R Parks


Harris RB
25 Jags fr Rams

4/21 - C Josh Myers on short list for post-high 1st round...4/19 - Need help on both sides of LOS. Adding a DT figures to have the most impact overall.


Etienne RB
26 Cleveland



Newsome CB
27 Baltimore

4/29 - Have cooled on Marshall....4/21 - Interested in addding WRs...4/1 - Edge guy or slot-corner hiigh on their shopping list.


Bateman WR
28 Saints

4/29 - Eying Farley and trying to trade up...


P Turner DE
29 Green Bay



Stokes CB
30 Buffalo

4/26- Etienne could go here - McShay...4/21 - Might draft a DL here...(Christian Barmore and Levi Onwuzurike possibles)...


Rousseau EDG
31 Ravens

4/26 - One of two Raven late picks will be for a WR...4/23 - Traded • Orlando Brown Jr....second round pick (#58)...2022 sixth round pick (?) to KC for first round pick (#31) ...third round pick (#94)...fourth round pick (#136)...2022 fifth round pick (?)


Oweh EDG
32 Tampa Bay

4/21 - Like Bills, might draft a DL here...(Christian Barmore and Levi Onwuzurike possibles).......4/12 - Don't rule out Arians drafting a QB - Walters


Tryon EDG
Player Rumors:

4/29 - Add J Willims to small RB group of N Harris and Etienne as 1st round possibilities...Big drop off after J Williams...4/26 Keep an eye on QB Kelly Mond....4/6 - If there are three overriding themes applied to the 2021 draft class, it's that (1) more teams than usual are willing to "deal big", (2) no two boards look alike and (3) there's an overabundance of quality WR prospects....

4/2 - Lawrence remains top pick...Z Wilson and Fields also dazzled at Pro Days...But body of work should trump Pro Day exploits when it comes to a final decision...The only other player up there with Lawrence athletically (with Metcalf-level skills) might be Pitts...-close behind might be LSU's Chase and Marshall...Both Ala's DeVonta Smith and Waddell (having little more to prove) opted out of full workouts and just ran routes...Micah Parsons posted RB-like athletic skills...Jamin Davis ran in the 4.37 - 4.49 range - not bad for a 6-3 234 lbs...Josh Imatorbehebehe's VJ score was 46.5 (but he'll need to do more in order to avoid a "workout warrior" rap) ...Auburn WR Anthony Schwartz posted a 4.26 forty but needs tro refine his receiving skills...Travis Etienne ran a 4.41 (at 215/not 199)...It should be Etienne vs. N Harris on Draft Day...J Phillips had a soild Pro Day, but agility drill performances are what especially stood out...How high he goes on Draft Day depends on how teams view his medical history...Gregory Rousseau's' Pro Day numbers were uninspiring....Jayson Oweh's production (0 sacks) didn't match his workout scores (4.34 forty)....Expect extra scrutiniy of tape on the Penn St EDGE rusher...Also in the hunt for EDGe specialists are Kwitie Paye and Azeez Ojulari.. CB Caleb Farley considered elite, but missed Pro Day (recovering from microdisc surgery)....Patriick Surtain II had a solid Pro Day. Don't expect him to last beyond 12 picks...Jaycee Horn (4.39 forty/sticky in man coverage) is blazing up the charts...



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