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Tight End DataBase

Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
5 Kyle Pitts 1 Florida   6-6 240 1

Forty: 4.44

Pro Day - Freakish 6-11.5 wingspan

Rare sink at the top of his routes for a TE. Cuts differently than other TEs. ...Beat man coverage consistently, even when isolated one-on-one with cornerbacks. ...Massive catch radius. Body control like you read about. ...Only 20 years old. Already saw vast improvement in his blocking from 2019 to 2020. ...But still more jumbo receiver than true tight end. ...Not going to be known for his inline blocking prowess. Doesn't quite have the strength. ...Speed isn't out of this world. There are faster tight ends in the league


Pat Friermuth
2 Penn St   6-5 260 3

Forty: NA

Uber-mench of a tight end. Like a dad on a playground the way he breaks tackles. ...Traits to be a dominant inline blocker. Been excellent in Penn State career. ...Creative route-runner with a number of ways to separate. ...27.8% target share in 2020. Penn State offense ran through him. But: Out on his toes too often as a run blocker. Will be more of an issue in the NFL. ...Speed will never be his game. If making plays downfield, they'll likely be contested. ....Not the vice grip hands you'd want from a TE. Eight drops on 100 career catchable. ...Needs to be more proactive initiating contact on his routes. Does it in all other aspects.


78 Brevin Jordan 3 Miami (FL)   6-3 245 3

Forty: NA

One of the fastest tight ends in college football. Weapon on crossers. ...Looks like a jumbo running back post-catch. Has 21 broken tackles on 105 catches in career. ...Ability to make cuts that are rare for a tight end. Didn't change with added weight. ...But: Easy separation vs. linebackers — 2.93 yards per route vs. man coverage ...Below-average ball skills; 11-of-33 on career contested catches. Lot of body catches. ...Packed on a good deal of mass and is still on the small side for the position. ...Catch radius isn't near that of others in this class. Not a red-zone-type weapon. ...Barely any inline experience. Blocking is a TBD


99 Hunter Long 4 Boston Coll   6-5 253 4

Forty: 4.65

Ideal do-it-all tight end size with enough speed to win downfield. ....Classic tight end ball skills. Thrives through contact. ....Under control as a run blocker. Not particularly powerful, but assignment sound. ...A focal point of BC's offense. Saw 17 targets one game. Speaks to how they thought of him. ....But Average athletic profile by NFL standards. Not even close to the upper echelon...Just a guy as a route-runner. Not sure there's any route he hangs his hat on. ...Not particularly agile or shifty, even for a tight end

123 Tommy Tremble 5 Notre Dame   6-4 248 4

Forty: NA

Unmatched "want to" as a run blocker. Five big- time blocks in 2020. ....Legit speed and explosiveness. Flies off the line. ...Elite locating in space in the run game. Like a predator stalking its prey. ...Tremendous blocker, but still could struggle with NFL power inline at his size. ...But afterthought in passing game — 31 fewer targets than Notre Dame's freshman TE. ...Not as reliable of hands as you'd like at the position. Five drops on 40 career catchable. ....Not particularly agile or shifty. May not ever be complete route-runner.

203 Ken Yeboah 6 Ole Miss   6-4 240 6

Forty: NA

Flexible big man who can sink hips and sell routes....Good playing through contact at linebacker level or avoiding it altogether. ..But Willing blocker but just doesn't have the strength to get it done. ...Scary drop history for a tight end: 13 drops on 87 catchable. ...Not particularly fast for an undersized tight end. ...So much schemed production in Ole Miss offense this year.


216 Tre' McKitty 7 Georgia   6-5 245 6

Forty: NA

Large catch radius. ....Sneaky hard to bring down after the catch. Good balance through contact. ...Strong hands. Catches away from body with ease. ....Drastically improved run blocker in 2020. Notable shift in mentality. ...But getting off the line is a process. Has to build up to top speed. ....Still lacking heft in his lower half to man up NFL- caliber DEs in the run game. ....Very limited route tree. Unlikely to provide more than schemed production. ....Even his top speed is fairly unimpressive.


229 Matt Bushman 8 BYU   6-5 240 6

Forty: NA

Plus straight-line speed. A weapon on overs and crossers. ...Tracks ball well downfield. Can haul in passes outside his frame with ease. ...One of most productive TEs in country. Three straight 500-plus-yard seasons. ....Physical YAC ability. 15 broken tackles on 125 career catches....But unavoidable stiffness to his game. Not a diverse route runner. ....Got hung up on any sort of contact from linebackers on routes. ....Was in 2014 recruiting class. Already 25 years old. ...Has yet to show he's an inline presence. Concerning at his age.


241 Quinton Morris 9 Bowling Green   6-4 248 7

Forty: 4.60


246 Nick Eubanks 10 Michigan   6-5 256 7

Forty: NA

Ideal body type for the position that can develop as inline player. ....Solid enough speed for the position. Can outrun some linebackers on crossers. ....But such limited production. Only 589 career yards. Sorely lacking agility. In/out breakers are nothing. ...Ducks head and leans into contact as blocker. Not particularly impressive there. ...Already 24 years old and will turn 25 as a rookie.
247 Kylen Granson 11 SMU   6-3 235 7

Forty: 4.61

Can get vertical up the seam. Showed enough speed to stack quarters safeties even. ...No production or usage concerns to speak of in pass game. ...Ran one of the more diverse route trees of any TE in the class. Legitimate downfield routes. ...Rocked-up wideout after the catch. Can evade linebackers and stiff-arm corners. .....H-back size at 6-foot-2, 242 pounds. Gained a lot of weight to get there, too. ...But glorified slot receiver in SMU offense. More slot than attached. ...Ball skills and catch radius are not near what you'd like for a tight end. ...Wasn't even impressive blocking on the move at the second level.


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