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Wide Receiver DataBase

BPA Rnk Name Po Rnk School   Ht Wt Rd
3 Ja'Marr Chase 1 LSU   6-0 208 1

Forty: 4.38

Already plays like a grown man. Shows after the catch where he broke 22 tackles. ...Gets off the line of scrimmage with physicality and can stack CBs in a blink. ....Tracks the ball as well as any WR in the country. A seasoned vet at the catch point. ...Sneaky speed. Had no trouble stacking NFL- caliber corners. ....But: Catch-point dominance may not transfer to NFL at only 6-foot tall. ....Production benefited from a lot of perfectly placed balls by Joe Burrow. ...Only one year of production after opting out of the 2020 season. ...Not the shiftiest. Doesn't threaten corners right off the line - PFF.


Jaylen Waddle
2 Alabama   5-10 182 1

Forty: NA

Pro Day - He and DV Smith only ran routes

Arguably most explosive all-around athlete at the receiver position in this class. ....Pops off the line of scrimmage. At full speed in a hurry. ...Hasn't had many contested situations but looked very strong at the catch point when he did. ....Wiggle in his hips. Going to be a nightmare to get clean in press. ...But: still on small side. Not likely to be a complete WR at 5-foot-10, 182 pounds. ....Very limited exposure. Only 971 career snaps. ...Broke ankle against Tennessee and was clearly still hobbled in the national title game - - PFF. .


9 DeVonte Smith 3 Alabama   6-1 175 1

Forty: DNR

Pro Day - He and DV Smith only ran routes

Ridiculous ball skills. Makes improbable catches look routine ...Uncoachable fluidity to his game. So loose at the line of scrimmage. Natural WR. ...Played X role in Alabama's offense when unit had three other Round 1 WRs. ....Plays above his weight consistently. One of the best in country at fighting for balls. ...But very skinny and unlikely to change after four years in Alabama weight room. ...Weight will be bigger issue in NFL. There were reps where physical CBs took him out. ...A lot of schemed production inflated 2020 numbers. Led country in screens - - PFF. .


20 Rondale Moore 4 Purdue   5-9 180 1

Forty: 4.29..

One of the most electric players with the ball in his hands in college football. ...As strong a 180-pounder as you'll see in college football. Contact rarely slows him down. ...Elite stop-start ability. Can go from 0-100 and 100-0 in the blink of an eye. ....Sneaky good route-runner and ball skills. He just didn't get to show it often. ...But: likely not going to be a complete receiver at his size. May be pigeonholed into slot in NFL. ...Ton of schemed production in Purdue's offense — 47 of his 117 catches in 2018 were screens........Limited route tree — mainly underneath. Only 11 intermediate catches in 2018. ....Only played seven games over the past two seasons due to injury - - PFF. .


24 Kadarius Toney 5 Florida   6-0 193 1

Forty: 4.44

Rare ability with the ball in his hands. Some might say generational. ....Flexibility to sink in cuts is a sight to behold. Creates his own routes. ....Elite acceleration. Uses it well to vary speeds along route, too. ...Only three career drops on 123 catchable passes. Plucks ball away from body. ...But: wholly unpolished route-runner. Nowhere near as precise as he'll need to be in NFL. ...How he'll fare in traffic is an unknown. 10 contested-catch opportunities in career. ....Injuries limited him to only 510 snaps over first three years at Florida....T.op speed doesn't match burs - PFF.


34 Rashod Bateman 6 Minnesota   6-2 210 2

Forty: NA

Basketball background shows in his game. Effective crossover-esque releases. ....After-the-catch aficionado. 36 broken tackles on 147 career catches. ....Showed he could win both inside (2020) and outside (2019). Versatile skill set. ....Has drops but still attacks the ball well in contested situations. ....But: good, not great, athlete. Doesn't possess elite speed despite winning downfield regularly. ...Focus drops have been a consistent issue. 19 drops on 166 career catchable targets - PFF. .


36 Terrance Marshall Jr. 7 LSU   6-3 200 2

Forty: 4.38

The rare tall receiver with speed. Cooks corners off the line. ....Big catch radius and made plays in traffic. 25 catches on 41 contested targets past two years. ...Has a little "make you miss" after the catch. ....Took over Justin Jefferson's role as the primary target in the slot this year. ...But: still a string bean. A good chuck ends him. ....Little stiff in the lower half. Ends up rounding off some cuts and slows his hitches. ...Concentration drops popped up in 2020. Seven on 55 catchable balls. ....Only seven games as "the guy" this season. Third fiddle in 2019 - PFF. .


41 Elija Moore 8 Ole Miss   5-9 185 2

Forty: 4.35

Ideal combination of speed and quicks for the slot. A threat to get deep....Tough as nails. He took some shots at the catch point and still held on. ....As reliable as it gets. Only two drops this year; 10 on 200 catchable targets in his career. ....Focal point of the Ole Miss offense. Screen and YAC weapon. He broke 18 tackles this season. ....But: primarily slot WR. Played 38 snaps vs. press all season. ....Height will scare some teams off, but he can still go up and get it. ...Lot of schemed production over the middle of the field - PFF.

48 D'Wayne Eskridge 9 W Michigan   5-9 190 2

Forty: 4.38

Lightning fast. Pure blazer. ...Slippery at the line of scrimmage. Doesn't give corners his chest....Proven deep threat on the outside. Over 20 yards per catch his past two full seasons. ....Comically outclassed the corners he faced athletically. Could just run straight. ...But limited route tree. Over half of yards past three years were on go routes, posts and slants. ...Ball skills a concern. Serious drop issues early in career and struggles with contact. ....Not physical. Played outside, but likely slot in the NFL - PFF. .


57 Tylan Wallace 10 Minnesota   6-0 190 2

Forty: NA

Explodes off the line of scrimmage. Has the juice to outpace corners. ....Throttles down quickly for a speedier receiver. Lives on the vertical tree. ....Can sky and attacks like a bigger WR. 43 contested catches are most in FBS past three years. ...Ridiculously productive. Over 100 yards per game the past three seasons. ...But too easily taken off his routes by physical corners. Even 5-foot-9 Tre Brown bodied him. ...Agility doesn't match his straight-line ability. May never be elite route-runner. ...Limited route tree at OSU. Unrefined on underneath and intermediate routes. ....Torn ACL ended his 2019 season, although no ill effects in 2020 - PFF. .


66 Dazz Newsome 11 No Carolina   5-11 190 3

Forty: NA

Shifty as can be. Gorgeous sink and burst in his cuts. ...Can't pin him down after the catch: 14-plus broken tackles in three straight years. ...Strong track record at catch point — 11-for-16 in contested catches over the past two years. ...Speed to test vertical as well — 18 deep catches over the past two seasons. ....But body catches all over his tape and serious drop history with 20 drops on 208 career catchable. ...Contact on his route robs him of all speed. ...Slot only in his career and unlikely to change in NFL. ...Not a seasoned route salesman. Should be deadlier on double moves - PFF. .


79 Cornell Powell 12 Oklahoma St   6000 210 3

Forty: NA

Big-time body control at the catch point. Seven contested catches on passes thrown 10-plus yards. ...King of the subtle —and sometimes not so subtle — push-off for separation downfield. ....Nuanced release package. Can win with shiftiness or strength. ...Plays a strong brand of football: strong routes, strong hands, strong YAC. ....But ridiculously late breakout. He didn't record more than 50 yards in a game until Week 9 of Year 5. ...Speed is limited. Even in college, many of his "wins" downfield came at the catch point. ...He played with a perfect style of QB — one who was willing to give him chances to make plays ...Was actually a man among boys. Will turn 24 as a rookie - PFF. .


91 Amari Rodgers 13 Clemson   5-10 210 3

Forty: NA

Consistent tackle-breaker after the catch. Very strong lower half. ...Good straight-line speed. Can be a vertical threat from the slot. ...Adjusts well to off-target passes and has shown consistently good hands throughout career. ...But not particularly good separator on underneath/intermediate route tree. ...Limited length with few wins at catch point. Five catches on 17 contested targets in career. ...Stout build but doesn't use it to his advantage to get open. ...Pigeonholed into the slot in the NF - PFF.


93 Sage Surratt 14 Wake Forest   6-3 215 3

Forty: NA

The most physical WR in the draft class. Wins consistently with bully ball. ...Elite at the catch point. He went 18-of-30 in contested situations in 2019. ...Physicality translated after the catch. Broke 17 tackles on 65 catches in 2019. ...Was the Wake Forest offense. Unit went in the tank without him. ...But so slow, he won't scare NFL cornerbacks one bit as a vertical threat. ...Overt physicality will get him flagged a good deal for OPI in the NFL. ....Rarely gains separation on the vertical tree. Not his game. ...Didn't get to see him in 2020, as he opted out of the season - PFF. .


97 Amon-Ra St. Brown 15+ USC   6-1 195 4+

Forty: NA

Tremendous body control. Shows up avoiding contact and adjusting to passes. ...Consistently makes the first man miss. YAC weapon when he played slot. ...Loose hips. Can execute a full route tree with ease. ...Productive since the day he stepped on campus freshman year. ...But still doesn't play a particularly strong brand of football. Rarely initiates contact. ...Limited experience against press coverage. Only 148 such snaps in career. ...Disappointed a touch on the outside. Struggled to separate downfield. ....Not a burner. Not how he wins and not really a deep threat - PFF. .


107 Tutu Atwell 15+ Louisville   5-9 165 4+

Forty: NA

Elite athlete by pretty much any measure. Speed, agility, explosiveness — he has it. ...Not great broken-tackle numbers, but defenders often didn't get close enough to even call it a broken tackle.
Numbers could have been even better last year if not for poor quarterback play. ....25 career deep catches are ninth-most in college football over the past three seasons. ....But listed at 5-foot-9, 165 pounds. Way on the small end. ....Atwell's deep tree lacked nuance. He relied on raw speed and needs to set up stems better. ...Over one-third of his catches were behind the line of scrimmage the past two years. ....No clue how he'll deal with NFL physicality... Played 18 snaps vs. press last year as mostly a slot WR - PFF. .


112 Dyami Brown 15+ No Carolina   6000 85  

Forty: NA

Plays above his weight class. Wanted to initiate contact downfield. ....Clean release package that can win early in his NFL career. ...Varies speeds of routes and is a fan of stutter moves at the top. ...Wasn't often given the chance, but he can create on his own after the catch. ....But production largely due to his high-value targets. Had an 18.4-yard average depth of target! ...Pure vertical tree. Very few other routes. ...Not sure he has a "trump card" way to win in the NFL. ....A touch undersized and doesn't possess elite athleticism to make up for it - PFF. .


xx Anthony Schwartz 15+ Auburn   xx xx  
Forty: 4.26
Must become more than just a sprint guy
118 Marquez Stevenson 15+ Houston   6-0 190  


Has been timed in the 4.3s. High-end athlete. Explosive after the catch. Double-digit broken tackles in both full seasons...But speed never led to special downfield production. Seventeen deep catches in three years as starter... Drops have been a problem every year. He even dropped 10 passes in 2018, his best year. ... Won't manipulate defenders with his stems. Telegraphs where he's going downfield.... One of the lower win rates in the one-on-ones at the Senior Bowl (50% - PFF. ."

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