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All Time Cardinal "All Name" Team

(If you were creating characters for a pro football movie, which names would work best?)

HC Pop Ivy
QB King Hill (Stony Case, Jake Plummer, Lamar McHan)
RB Ivory Lee Brown (John David Crow, Stump Mitchell, McArthur Lane, OJ Anderson, Emil Sitko, Paddy Driscoll, Roy Shivers, Prentice Gautt, Biggie Goldberg, Venton Yablonski)
FB Thunder Thornton (Ernie Nevers, Joel Mackovica, Cid Edwards, Willis Crenshaw)
WR Fran Polsfoot (Bill Daddio, Gern Nagler JT Smith)
TE Cap Boso (Taz Anderson, Tywan Mitchell)
OT Garland Buckeye (Stan Mauldin, LJ Shelton)
OG Duval Love (Nick Chickillo)
OC Kani Kauhi
OG Buster Ramsay
OT Tootie Robbins (Lomas Brown)
WR Sonny Randle (Bobby Joe Conrad, Don Stonesifer)
DE Leo Sugar (Dave Butz, Dexter Manley)
DT Ramsay Dar Dar (Mao Tosi)
DT Rush Brown (Fate Echols)
DE Simeon Rice (Max Boydston, John Zook, Jomo Cousins)
LB Niko Noga (Garth Jax, Calvin Favron,  Rocky Rosema)
LB EJ Junior (Jerry Tubbs, Garland Boyette, Jamie Rivers)
LB Jamir Miller (Brady Keys, Wilbur Marshall)
CB Night Train Lane (Lindon Crow, Miller Farr)
CB Aeneas Williams (Abe Woodson, Coby Rhinehart)
S Kwamie Lassiter (Chuck Cecil)
S Monk Bailey (Freddie Glick, Matt Darby)
K Novo Bojovic (Sergio Albert)
P Carl Birdsong
KR/PR Vai Sikahema
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