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2016 Draft
As of March 3, 2016

Pick Team Buzz (updated regularly) Logical Pick
Why I tend to ignore player interviews and visits: There are too many of them and they can mean too many different things. They could reflect legitimate interest in a player, but also be can be used to pencil-in missing information or gin up trade interest in a prospect (This year, a near-identical headline appeared on more than a dozen team web pages indicating interest in Sean Davis, Joe Dahl, Jaylen Smith, Moritz Boehringer & Shaq Lawson. It sure walks, talks and quacks like a player or agent PR plant ). This is why I caution you not to read too much into reports of an interview or visit.
1 Rams (fr Tenn ) 4/14 - Rams moved up in a multi-pick trade with Tennesse. I think Wentz is better than Goff but universal buzz has them taking Goff. Goff QB
2 Philadelphia (fr Miami fr Rams)

...Exit the Jim Kelly era...Most mocked: Elliott, Goff, Conklin....Philly said they will hold onto Bradford.... .Traded up to from #6 presumably to grab either Goff or Wentz...Said to love Wentz...Gave a lot up in picks with this trade...They still have (& say nice things about) Sam Bradford & also recently acquired Chase Daniel....

Wentz QB
3 LA Chargers Receiving as much trade interst in #3 as Browns have at #2...Look for them to encourage a bidding war by teams willing to overpay for Lynch (keep an eye on Niners, Dallas, Jets - or how about Cleve trading back up)?. Jeremiah: "....growing buzz it will be Buckner."Buzz (McShay): Ramsey... Most mocked: Ramsey, Buckner... .Lynch a visitor... Need more DL help...and could also look toward S, TE or OL..I think they'll trade the pick but have no clue as to where. Buckner DL
4 Dallas Most mocked: Bosa, but Dallas said to have cooled on Bosa...Per WalterFB - "Ramsey top on their board...Pokes say Bosa in mix. J Jones favors E Elliott....Problem with drafting another edge guy is "what happens when all their suspended edge guys return?...Ramsey at the top of their board since Feb.....Buzz (McShay): Elliott, Bosa, Ramsey...M Thomas the top WR on their board ....Need an interior pass rusher, RB and QBOF. Ramsey DB
5 Jacksonville Most mocked: Jack...but never expected Bosa to drop here...Plus - Jack's knee could tip the decision toward Bosa...Thin at corner...also need help in the interior of the OL...Need versatility on "D" Bosa DE
6 Baltimore Most mocked: Bosa, Buckner, Stanley...Never expected Tunsil to drop here...Said to "love" Cravens...Targeting safeties. Could try to leapfrog Dallas to get Ramsey....Elliott oft mentioned but also downplayed.......Either OL or the secondary (with OLB or WR also possibilities). Draft is deep in CB's. Tunsil OT
7 San Francisco Enter the Kelly era...Most mocked: Goff...Got shut out of Wentz and Goff trades and this seems too high for them to draft Lynch (but need for QB may drive Lynch's value higher)...Buzz (McShay): If Tunsil falls, they still might pass on him in favor of Stanley...Baalke feels there will be a lot of trade-up/down fluidity within the top 7 or 8 picks.....Said to go BPA regardless of Kaepernick or Gabbert status...(Situation remains fluid)....Loss of Boone adds to decimation of OL, but #7 is normally too high to draft a guard....Baalke is considered to be an ILB-maven... Stanley OT
8 Cleveland (fr Phil) Traded down from #2 pick.....Ripe for another trade May be angling for a trade-down to a team targeting Elliott... Could target a QB at #8 (Lynch or Cook) according to MK Cabot...Most mocked was Wentz...New GM is a Moneyball-Analytics dude who may buy into "more picks are better than key player" draft strategy...Mixed views about Browns liking Paxton Lynch (but this might be a tad high)...QB buzz may be smokescreen to get Ramsey. Floyd OLB
9 Tampa Bay Most recently mocked: Conklin but he's more of a RT... Dodd...WalersFB says TB is linked to Floyd...Could trade with Tenn...Have been bringing in several round 2 types (Nassib, B Allen, Ifedi)...TB also in need for a OT, S and DE...major interest in Boehringer. Dodd DE
10 Giants Most recently mockedmocked: Stanley...Elliott receiving late mention...Others mentioned: R Robinson, Lawson ...Spent a ton on free agency defenders...including a couple of edge rushers (JPP and Vernon) and a CB (Jenkins). But if they revert to the old LT, Carson, Banks model, another LB wouldn't be out of the question...They could also use an additional WR and overhaul their OL. Decker OT
11 Chicago Said to absolutely love Elliott (& Zeke feels likewise)....Might have to trade up to get him but said to be interested in trading down ...Most mocked: Floyd...Vigil and Lawson mentioned...E Elliott paid a visit as did TE Austin Hooper......The legendary WR Mortiz ..Need pass rushing help..Need more physicality along both lines...Also said to need a CB (who doesn't)? Elliott RB
12 New Orleans

Most mocked: Rankins or another DT....Said to seek to trade down..Could also be eying Lynch or another QB.... Hurting on pass defense...also transitioning to more of a between the tackles run-oriented offense... Could look for a road-grader interior lineman or an edge rusher...Needs: OG, DL, LB and RB...Pass defense resembled a giant strainer....but Brees not getting any younger. We're starting to hear Paxton Lynch rumblings.

Rankins DT
13 Miami (fr Philadelphia) Most mocked: Hargreaves... Interested in Jack & also Elliott...feel Hargreaves is too small...Looking at corners... )...considering Odhiambo after the 1st round,,,Key need said to be at CB...Could also use help at OL and DE....Two ways to protect Taneyhill: (1) block better or (2) run run better. Jack OLB
14 Oakland Said to be high on their short list are: Elliott, Nkemdiche, Spence, Doctson, Jackson. (Ed note - Nkemdiche and Spence may be rumored due to Oakland's "athleticism over character" drafting reputation)...Loaded up with free agents.. OLB Irvin removes need to add an edge rusher...Pass pro still a top priority....Need help at LT and, later on, at MLB... C Coleman WR
15 Tenn (Fr Rams) Said to be trying to trade back up into the top ten (Tampa Bay)?...Most mocked: Treadwell...Targeting OL (Conklin or Decker). If neither is there, they could wait till next round (#33) to nab another OT - per Walter FB C Campbell....QB still considered a priority position Conklin OT
16 Detroit Most mocked: No one in particular. Positions most mentioned: OL and DL...Megatron is outtahere but WR class is wek.......OL, CB, LB & DL also major needs...Stanley, Lawson and Hargreaves III three mentioned by Ben Levine....Or Detroit could trade back...Lions on long list of teams. Billings DT
17 Atlanta

May look to trade down...Most mocked: Lee...Added OC Mack, DE Shelby, LB Weatherspoon and WR Sanu...Needs defensive help up the middle to protect pass rusher Beasley and may look to add a second pass rusher to compliment the Beaser.... Could look to bolster DB and pass rush positions...Also seek to bolster interior OL...Draft is deep in DT's.

18 Indianapolis Most mocked: Conklin...Keep an eye on Billings and safety Darian Thompson...Andrew Luck would appreciate being allowed to survive relentless pass rush pressure so OL (especially the interior) is their biggest need. But #18 might be a bit early for Kelly or an OG and the elite LT's could be all gone. Could seek to strengthen themselves at DB or OLB. Robinson DT
19 Buffalo Mocked most: Rankins, According to WalterFB - Lynch quoted as saying Bills appear interested...Said to be "enamored" with Cardale Jones....CW is that R Ryan ignores off-field shenanigans. Spence is available here. So is Nkemdiche. Bills (still) looking for a RT and help at DL, WR, LB and kicker. Nkemdiche DT
20 Jets Rappaport says they may target a WR - Fuller or Docton... Most mocked: OLB position...Said to be high on Fackrell...QB still up in air (They haven't re-signed Fitzpatrick - (One media guy says: Draft Lynch, you get 2 for 1 - because Fitzpatrick will come running")... Buzz (McShay): Paxton Lynch......... still need a true edge rusher...At LT, DeB Ferguson is gone; Ryan Clady signed.....Also have needs at TE and (what else?) corner...Could use help at WR. P Lynch QB
21 Washington Targeting 3 Ala players - Reed, Robinson and Kelly... Seeking to trade down...Most mocked: Billings...Said to be down on DT's Reed and R Robinson but high on WR M Thomas...Need a DE, OC, WR and CB...(Center the biggest need. Is #21 too high for Kelly)? Kelly OC
22 Houston Most mocked: W Fuller...Owner Bob McNair said to have insisted that the Texans draft a QB here. Houston escaped Roster Hell by signing Osweiler... Texans now free to upgrade their secondary...DE said to be greatest need...Also could use help at WR, OL and TE. W Fuller WR
23 Minnesota Most mocked: Doctson...Loss of Wallace creates need for receiver...Need to rebuild secondary. Said to need help on OL. Apple CB
24 Cincinnati

Most mocked: Doctson...Got raided at WR in free agency, ...Seem to be seeking help "up the middle" (center, nose tackle, linebacker).

Shepard WR
25 Pittsburgh Most mocked: Jackson, Alexander...Getting long in the tooth in the secondary. Like big corners...Also have needs at OG and S...One of the two top-rated RB's will fall no farther. (Henry brings back memories of the "Bus" days. Jackson CB
26 Seattle

Most mocked: No one player, but multi-mention at OT...Said to want to upgrade defense. Players mentioned: Reed, Lee, Calhoun, Spence, Alexander... Have taken major hits to their OL in recent years (Sweezy the latest loss)...They figure to target both DT and OL. Nkemdiche said to have off-field red flag...Guards seldom get drafted in the first round. Said to be targeting secondary for help as well as their D-line.

Whitehair OG-OC
27 Green Bay Most mocked: Ragland..."Life without Peppers" points to DE's like Ogbah or Dodd or OLB's like J Smith, Spence or Correa. But GB has always seemed to emphasize more of an inside kind of defense.. Ragland ILB
28 Kansas City Most mocked: No one (most frequently mentioned position is CB)...D Johnson isn't getting any younger...could use edge help and possibly be on the lookout for a QBOF. Also keep an eye on WR and DL. Alexander CB
29 Cardinals "Off-field" and "Football" Character added to ratings....Most mocked: Alexander...Latest buzz: OC, Edge Rusher, CB or Safety. Need backup to Bucannon...Per WalterFB: "SK called TJ Green "one of the most intriguing players in the draft" Craven a Bucannon clone - Possibility if Kelly & Whitehair gone...Floyd mentioned in possible trade for picks,... Versatility in secondary a priority........Peter King lists DT Jihad Ward as a darkhorse Card pick (after Kelly).Steve Keim says he's a BPA drafter (& we believe him)...Chandler Jones removes the pressure on the Cards to draft an edge rusher & frees them up to go the BPA route & you never know who'll drop...That said, #29 might be fair value for Kelly (or a guard they want to turn into a center)...We still think the Cards are better than 50-50 to trade back to regain all or part of the pick they gave up in the Jones trade. Cravens S
30 Carolina Most mocked: No single player. Positions: S and DE...Said to be targeting Killebrew, Boehringer, a DT like Butler, Bell or Braxton Miller...Key need said to be a LT...Other needs are at DE & secondary...Could use anther WR to open things up for Olsen and Benjamin.. Killebrew S
31 Denver Most mocked: (unanimously) Lynch...Hosting P Lynch...Got totaled at QB but took hits at a number of other positions too... It's unlikely the Broncs will find a franchise QB at #31 (would they trade up to get Wentz, Goff or even possibly Lynch)? Elliott probably doesn't drop this far, but if he's there, Broncs will leap on that puppy... Could trade down to team wanting to lock up a QB for the extra contract year. Spriggs OT
xx New England Lost ttheir fitst-round pick due to Deflategate.).  


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