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2016 Draft
Media Mock Draft #5
As of 4/24/2016

Pick Team

St Ledger

N Davis USA Tod Conway
    4/24 4/24 4/21     4/24
1 Rams Goff Goff Goff     Goff
2 Phil Wesntz Wentz Wentz     Wentz
3 LA Chargers Tunsil Tunsil Ramsey     Buckner
4 Dallas Elliott Ramsey Lawson     Ramsey
5 Jacksonville Ramsey Bosa Jack     Bosa
6 Baltimore Jack Buckner Bosa     Tunsil
7 Niners Buckner Treadwell Tunsil     Stanley
8 Browns Lynch Stanley Buckner     Floyd
9 Tampa Bay Stanley Lawson Hargreaves     Dodd
10 Giants Bosa Jack Stanley     Decker
11 Chicago Hargreaves Elliott Floyd     Elliott
12 Saints Lawson Rankins Dodd     Rankins
13 Mi (fr Ph) Treadwell Hargreaves Elliott     Jack
14 Oakland W Fuller Reed Rankins     C Coleman
15 Tenn Conklin Conklin Conklin     Conklin
16 Detroit Billings Decker Reed     Billings
17 Atlanta Floyd Lee Lee     Lee
18 Indianapolis Decker Floyd Decker     Robinson
19 Buffalo Dodd M Alxznder Nkemdiche     Nkemdiche
20 Jets Cl Lee Lynch Lynch     Lynch
21 Washington Ragland Billings Robinson     Kelly
22 Houston Apple W Fuller C Coleman     W Fuller
23 Minnesota Bell Doctson Treadwell     Doctson
24 Cincinnati Doctson C Coleman Doctson     Shepard
25 Pittsburgh Reed Apple M Alexndr     Jackson
26 Seattle M Alxnder Kelly C Jones     Whitehair
27 Green Bay Brothers Ragland Ragland     Ragland
28 Kansas City Garnett Robinson Jackson     Alexander
29 Cardinals Rankins Nkemdiche Apple     Cravens
30 Carolina C Jones Jackson Ogbah     Killebrew
31 Denver Ogbah Butler Garnett     K Clark
32 New Engl Forfeit Forfeit       Forfeit
* Proposed Cleve - Miami trade
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