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9 *Jared Goff 2 California Jr 6040 215 1

Pure pocket passer/floats in the pocket with great feel......Played in a QB friendly system but awful pass protection at Cal....snappy over-the-head release....gets ball out in a hurry...adept at slicing and dicing opposing defenses...good deep ball passer....throws with elite anticipation....impressive pocket-awareness....slender build....tends to get "happy feet" when hit he the product of California's simple offense?...more a pocket guy (accuracy drops off when he throws on the run) but mobility is underrated.....coachable...."He's talented and has upside, but not many who have come from that style offense have had success." - PFW (Gabriel).

Forty: 4.82...Hand" 9.0...VJ: 27.0...3C: 7.17

1 Carson Wentz 1 North Dakota State Sr 6050 237 1

Could be first QB drafted...Small school standout - Physically talented...During NFL Net interview, he came across as very mature/together individual...Very good accuracy, good intangibles, better than average though not elite mobiliy...A mature, football-smart leader....there will be lingering questions about his level of competition and readiness for the pros...Played in pass-friendly system - both direct snap and under center.....Very smart...Prototyptical size and frame. Durability a concern...Good arm but needs to work on the "rookie things" (like eyeballing primary receivers and holding onto the ball too long)...Only 5-8 125 as a HS freshman....Had good Senior Bowl...."...bigger, faster and stronger than Garoppolo...good showing at Senior Bowl...if he had stayed healthy, he might have been a first-round pick, but now I see him as a second rounder." - PFW (Gabriel).

Pro Day (Various) - A quarterback can only look so good to NFL scouts in a pro-day setting, where the environment is sterilized from pads, defenses and pressure situations, but Wentz made as strong an impression as possible Thursday.

And the early reviews glowed. NFL Media senior analyst Gil Brandt, with more than a half century of NFL scouting experience, called it one of the best pro days he's ever witnessed and said Wentz reminds him of former Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco of the Batimore Ravens. According to Brandt, Wentz completed 63 passes in a 65-throw script, with one overthrow and one drop....

NFL Media analyst Daniel Jeremiah was impressed with the workout as well, saying "That's an A if not an A-plus."
...Cleveland Browns assistant coach Pep Hamilton followed Wentz's script by asking him to throw some extra passes with a ball doused with water. The first of those throws from Wentz fluttered and was badly underthrown.

"The first one obviously went right into the dirt," Wentz said with a laugh... It was pretty doused; that would've been a torrential downpour." Wentz's session was witnessed by only 18 NFL clubsbecause of weather problems.

The narrative that Wentz and Goff are running even as the top two quarterbacks available in the 2016 NFL Draft is beginning to give way to a perceived edge for Wentz, the former North Dakota State quarterback who conducted his pro-day workout Thursday for NFL coaches and scouts. First, there was NFL Media analyst Charley Casserly, who polled 15 NFL executives about the two quarterbacks and found a majority of them favored Wentz. And (Mike) Mayock is seeing things much the same.

"I've watched every game that he was in this year, and I'm more convinced than ever that he's the top quarterback in this draft," Mayock said on NFL HQ. " ... This kid controls the line of scrimmage. He's under center, he's in (shotgun), he controls all the pass protections, and he can make every throw."

Forty: 4.77....Hand: 10.0...VJ: 30.5....3C:6.86...

70 *Paxton Lynch 4 Memphis rJr 6070 244 1

Tall drink of water...Elite arm....but raw....Started 2015 like a house-afire, but cratered (16 of 37) in the bowl gamer vs. Auburn...Gotta love his size...Accurate.....Can make all the NFL throws...a bit inconsistent (best games were vs. ordinary competition)..."This year's Blake Bortels" - Rang and Brugler (ESPN)...Poised (gunslinger?)....Memphis used a lot of screens and quick stuff...long windup but gets ball out better than expected...nice in-pocket movement....intellectual part of his game needs honing....ESPN points to his "playmaking skill-set."..."Many have Lynch as the top quarterback in this draft...can throw on the run...strong passion for the game with good leadership skills..." - PFW (Gabriel)...

Forty: 4.86...Hand: 10.25....VJ: 36.0...3C: 7.14....

120+ Connor Cook 8 Michigan State rSr 6040 217 1-2

CBS points to his "Ideal size and 'effortless arm strength'"(note - ESPN refers to "average" arm strength).....but not very mobile and inconsistent in mechanics (footwork, arm motion, risky throws, staring down receivers)...good grasp of mental part of position...while he'll stand in vs. rush, will sometimes "feel pressure that isn't there"....accuracy is improving but needs to be better...long, funky delivery - ball sometimes comes out funny and wobbles...."different" personality throws leadership skills into question....Comments (almost ad nauseum) continue to flow questioning Connors leadership qualities "because he wasn't elected captain" despite being MSU's starting QB..."Some say he has a bit of an entitlement attitude...has to get his priorities set if he wants to succeed at the NFL level..." - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 4.79...Hand: 9.75...VJ: 33.0...3C: 7.21...

120+ *Christian Hackenberg 9 Penn State Jr 6040 223 2-3

Looks the part but has failed to live up to it...Prototypical size and build....Had to deal with all the drama encompassing the Penn State program during the past few years (& took quite a beating in the pocket during that period).....Big league arm strength and deep accuracy...ESPN poinra ro his "smooth stroke and quick trigger." ...good mobility/clean leader....Still needs to improve mechanics and better deal with pass rush pressure (was forced to operate behind a porous O-line)....Strong enough to fight off tacklers while he attempts to get rid of the ball...Ball security an issue...not as accurate as he should be on touch throws...Room for improvement in decision-making...If it weren't for his coming out of a Big Ten program, he could turn out to be a deveopmental sleeper with a huge upside and high floor..."...Not instinctive. Has no feel for pass rushers. Very average accuracy and ball placement." - PFW (Gabriel).

Forty: 4.78...Hand: 9.0....VJ: 31.0...3C: 7.04...

Pro Day (Brandt) - "Did a good job going through a scripted workout conducted by Carson Palmer's younger bro - Jordan Palmer."

59 Dak Prescott 3 Mississippi State rSr 6020 226 3-4

I was impressed by his post-season all star play...May drop a rung or two due to his lack of ideal height (but then again, Russell Wilson was under 6-feet when Seattle drafted him. (And it's not as though being 6-2 means Prescott's some sort of midget)...."Character guy" (Tough (mentally and physically)...very good accuracy on intermediate/touch throws but misses too often on deeper vertical stuff...Dual-threat (to throw or run)....Impressive "between the ears" accurate arm and good field vision....dangerous runner...footwork needs consistency....some upper body tightness...will sometimes push the ball rather than zing it...Some compare him to Tebow....Has shown improvement, but some scouts aren't totally sold yet...."Personal and football character is outstanding...has the work ethic, leadership and drive that you look for in the position" - ESPN..."He has a lot of upside but it's up to him how quickly he improves..." - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 4.79...Hand: 10.83...VJ: 32.5...3C: 7.11...

87 *Cardale Jones 5 Ohio State rJr 6050 253 4-5

(Write ups remind me of what they said about Logan Thomas)...Yet one more QB with a Roethlisberger build...(Nicknamed "12-gauge").....Definitely has the physical tools but often plays hot & cold (riding the promotion/demotion roller coaster) and has failed to master the mental intangibles of the position....Big league arm, quick compact delivery and elite zip on intermediate throws...Tough and patient in pocket...physical and tough on the move...Bugler compares him to JaMarcus Russell...ESPN singles out his lack of game experience....Can't help but wonder what's missing here: If he's that outstanding, why isn't he ranked much higher? "Monster size and arm. Very raw...High upside product" - PFDG...(Not listed by PFW).

Forty: 4.81 (pulled up lame on second attempt)...Hand: 9.75...VJ: 36.0...

Pro Day (Brandt) - "A pulled hamstring caused Ohio St QB Cardale Jones to pull out of the throwing drills at the combine, so his throws on Friday drew even more attention. ...while he wasn't always accurate, his outstanding velocity was unmistakable....Jones left zero doubts about his arm strength….'Me, personally, I thought it was a B-plus,' Jones said...I missed a couple passes.'"

120+ Jake Coker 10 Alabama rSr 6-6 236 4-5

Still another "big fella." Prototypical QB from a championship program....Looks the part and has the tools but will have to overcome a funky delivery (long throwing motion/windup)....Pretty solid mentally (product of big time coaching)? Could be a product of his supporting cast...One year starter....Accuracy and ball-placement only average...Had to adjust to different offensive scheme after switching schools...PFDG refers to his "middling physcal skills and questionable processing speed" as possible obstacles. (Not listed by PFW).

Pro Day (Brandt) - has two screws in his foot that will be taken out next week, so he did not participate in the runs or jumps. He did, however, do a positional drill and helped himself out by throwing the ball well and with accuracy. Coker has a very strong lower body, and teams will want to work him out because he has the size that they are looking for. Coker is a possible draft choice, perhaps in the sixth or seventh rounds.

120+ Brandon Doughty 12+ Western Kentucky rSr 6030 213 5

Write ups suggest he's more refined/polished than many QB's in his class, but is one level less impressive, physically. (Note - if you're going to clock a 5.22 forty, you'd better be elite in other aspects of your game)....worked out of a spread offense & will have to - transition from shot-gun to under-center...97 to 19 TD to Int ratio...could be more consistent - especially with lower-body mechanics...not bad deep....decent arm strength but less than perfect windup...Tough/tenatious (overcame a series of knee injuries...Still must work on the finer aspects of the position (staring down receivers, too much air under some passes, holding onto the ball too long)...Very impressive when in a rhythm. Very opposite when rhythm is denied. ESPN projects him as a serviceable backup. "Has to become better under pressure..." - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 5.22...Hand: 9.13...VJ: 27.0...3C: 7.49....

114 Kevin Hogan 7 Stanford rSr 6030 218 6

I saw a lot of him and - while he didn't exactly resemble Superman, he reminded me of Drew Stanton - i.e. nothing spectacular but can grind his way to a bunch of victories if called upon...Very arm strength but only decent accuracy and a funky delivery with a long windup....Not deadly accurate when he has to hit a receiver on a dead-run. Will occasionally air-mail throws to open receivers...On the move, he's faster & stronger than he looks...If he makes it, it will be becaiuse of his non-physical intangibles...PFDG pegs him as a "game manager" who'd project as a high-end backup QB at worst...Maybe I'm being influenced by the Stanford pedigree, but some coaches (BA perhaps one of them) will feel there's enough raw material to work with to turn a guy like Hogan into a field general who can fit within a system and even thrive...."This is the type of player who succeeds in the NFL because he has top intangibles." - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 4.78....VJ: 32.5...3C: 6.90...

120+ Brandon Allen 12+ Arkansas rSr 6010 217 7

Will be mostly limited to throwing off play-action in the pros....

Forty: 4.84...Hand: 8.812...VJ: 28.0...3C: 7.06...

120+ Cody Kessler 12+ Southern California rSr 6010 220 7

West Coast QB who can be outstanding at times, but whose physical limitations will probably peg him for a backup roll. "Never lived up to his billing coming out of high school - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 4.89...Hand: 10.82...VJ: 29.5...3C: 7.32...

120+ Nate Sudfeld 12 Indiana Sr 6060 234 7-FA

Developmental project who "Checks every box" physically (PFDG) but is still a bit raw.

...Forty: DNR...Hand: 9.82...VJ: 29.0...3c: DNP

120+ Jacoby Brissett 12+ NC State rSr 6040 231 7-FA

Zone-read developmental type whose physical attributes are plainy evident but who didn't show the kind of improvement you'd expect whie he was a starter..."More of a thrower than a passer..." - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 4.94....Hand: 9.75...VJ: 31.0...3C: 7.17...

120+ Vernon Adams Jr. 6 Oregon rSr 5110 200 7-FA

(Impressed me post-season). High character QB who's at his best "on the move"..

.Forty: 4.83...Hand: 9.12...VJ: 29.5...6.82...

120+ Jeff Driskel 11 Louisiana Tech rSr 6040 234 7-FA

Nice straight-ahead speed...Impressive physically, but PFDG projects as "a low-percentage developmental prospect."..."Has the size and an adequate arm but doesn't 'fire' the ball..." - PFW (Gabriel)

Forty: 4.56...Hand: 9,75...VJ: 32.0...3C: 7.19

120+ Vad Lee 12+ James Madison rSr 6-1 225 7-FA
Excellent athlete who worked in a triple-option offense for JMU after failing to start at Georgia Tech......Lacks the pro-style creds to be expected to operate under center in the pro...but he's too good an athlete not to make a roster in one capacity or another...Forty: NA...
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