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2017 Draft
As of April 27, 2015

Pick Team Buzz (updated regularly) Logical Pick
Why I ignore most player interviews and visits: There are too many of them and they can mean too many different things. Of course they can reflect legitimate interest in a player, but they can also be used to pencil-in missing information or gin up trade interest in a prospect the team has absolutely no interest in. Some prospects have "active agents" who log every visit (Mixon, Charlton and Hodges seem most notable). I caution you, therefore, not to read too much into an interview or visit. (One possible exception - when the owner flies across the country to interview a prospect). To simplify things, I've ignored interviews at All Star bowl games and the Combine but mention significant Pro Day interviews or visits by players to teams.
1 Cleveland 1 QB, RB, S, OG, Edg - "Have made their decision" (but aren't telling anybody)...Our guess - Garrett here and a move up from #12 to get Trubisky or possibly Watson...Still say it's Garrett vs. Trubitsky. Hue Jackson prefers Garrett....Not likely to trade #1 pick....Confora says Fournette is in play here. M Garrett DE
2 San Francisco QB, OLB, ILB, OL, WR - Strongly considering Trubisky...Or is it Watson? Or is it Mahomes? Or it could be Fournette? (Sounds like a trade-down strategy to us)...Niners, Bears and Jets teams most eager to trade down...Fournette in play. (Real? Or smoke)? "We're open for business" - Lynch. J Evans said to be on radar but obviously not this high...Interest in Allen (but shoulders a concern)...Shanahan signed Hoyer, but that looks like a stopgap. Need a QBOF. Kizer blew away FO at interview. Workouts scheduled with Watson and Trubitsky. Likely to trade down. Adams S
3 Chicago QB, S, CB, OT, TE - It won't be a QB...Three targets: S Thomas, J Adams, Lattimore...Seeking to trade down...QB buzz increasing of late (but they don't want one this high & could be trying to gin up trade interest for the #3 pick)......Also interest in Allen (if shoulders check out)... Could take Kizer if avail. Trubitsky also in play. Visits: J Allen, Foster, Kizer, Mahomes. Lattimore CB
4 Jacksonvile DE, OG, QB, RB, S - Said to be targeting a RB (though maybe not at #4...If Fournette not the pick, do nor expect Mixon to fall past the Jags in Round 2....Could take a QB (Maybe Kizer, but his floor isn't all that high).... Have interviewedC Robinson a cou[le of times..Will host J Allen Fournette RB
5 Tenn (fr Rams) CB, WR, S, ILB, TE - One of 4 high teams seeking to trade down.......Other CB's (incl Awuzie) in play at #32)...Say they changed mind - now leaning offense here/defense at #18 (Trade ploy?)...Interested in long list of CB's and safeties...Adams mentioned for Tenn in 2 mocks. Howard to visit Hooker S
6 Jets OLB, CB, OL, QB, TE - Spending a lot of time evaluating Mahomes...Won't take a QB with this pick...One of 4 teams interested in Webb in round 2...Expected to take Jamal Adams if available or if suprise player drops to them (Fournette?) ...Talking with Browns about trading this pick so that Cleveland could draft Trubisky......(DB definitely on radar but why take one this high?)...View Conley as "safe."... ..Insiders say Jets won't spring for a QB. Pauline says Jets will trade out of here. Worked out Kizer and Trubisky. M Mehta says Marcus Maye in play (but not this high)...Could trade Richardson to Dallas or Denver (Would this raise interest in Allen?...Fournette in play - Cimini. Too many mocks point toward Howard Howard TE
7 Chargers OG, S, OT, WR, Edg - Allen definitely in play here...One of 4 teams considering Webb in round 2...One of 3 teams giving Peterman most attention...Hooker a Top 10 athlete. Chargers need help at S. Could draft a QB - Worked out Kizer and Mahomes. Doing "due diligence" on Trubisky...Said to have interest in Jerod Evans....Hosted Mixon. Will host Yancey. Media mocks pointing to Thomas S Thomas EDG
8 Panthers OT, RB, DE, S, LB - McCaffery doesn't get past Panthers...McShane says they'd prefer McCaffery over Fournette...Jumping on Howard wagon but "not locked in yet."...Could take Fournette if available and he clears medics. Character concerns may rule out Cook...Will look at WR on 2nd day...Two mocks have Caro helping Newton & replacing Stewart with a RB. Coaches have spent a lot of time with Moton at Pro Day. Visits/Meetings: Melifonwu, NJoku, C Robinson McCaffery RB
9 Cincinnati DL, OL, WR, CB, RB - Considering Ross...Allen is the mock favorite...Speculation is that they'd take Foster because they are good at deaing with problem players...BPA who addresses a need. McCaffery doesn't get past #9 or #10...Attended Foreman's Pro Day. Met w. Mixon. Worked out Hodges Allen DL
10 Buffalo QB, S, WR, RT, LB - Do not want to pick a QB here....One of 4 top 10 teams seeking to trade down...Trubisky, Howard, M Williams three likeliest. Interest in Trubinskiy legit..Cam Robinson visited M Williams WR
11 New Orleans DE, CB, LB, S, OG - QB a possibility here but more likely later in draft....One of 4 teams showing most interest in Webb in 2nd round...Cooling off on trade for Butler...Interested in Maye (but maybe not here)... Conley (if Tenn doesn't take him) a hot item...But it may depend on whether NO trades for Butler...Leaning pass rush...Signed Adrian Peterson.....Saints need help on their front seven - especially at pass rusher (Keep an eye on Barnett, Charlton, C Harris & McKinney) ... NO and SF spent most time with Kizer at Pro Day. Also need CB help. Tabor ran a underwhelming forty at Pro Day. Visits/Meetings/workouts: Charlton, Hodges, Mahomes, Melifonwu, Mixon Barnett EDG
12 Cleveland (fr Phila)2 QB, RB, S, OG, Edg - Trubisky still could be in play (perhaps as a trade component with Jets at #6) Could package a bunch of picks to keep Garrett but also a QB further down - Trubisky at top of their QB list but might consider Mahomes & D Watson #12....Said to be in talks with Jets to move up to #6...They need a QB and FO marches to beat of a different drummer Trubisky QB
13 Cardinals CB, WR, OG, QB, S - Cards are a BPA drafter with few serious needs but thin at a variiety of positions. (Watch them wiggle in their seats on Draft Day watching Cleveland play with the #12 pick), Could draft QBOF but are tight lipped. (Fan- fave is Mahomes. P KIng says Cards also like Mahomes)...C Davis, Mahomes and Foster most mentioned...Our gut points to Watson (as a "leader of men."...One of four teams showing most interest in Webb (probably in 2nd round or late 1st)...Foster may have too many medical and off-field issues to be worth risking this pick but you never know., Keim visitied Gainesville Draft Week (If Foster was off their board here, perhaps he was taking a closer look at J Davis)...Cards hosted Reddick (said to be a ligher cleaner version of Foster - Temple U connection could give BA inside scoop)...Cards have shown special interest in Corn Elder, M Maye and Nathan Peterman...MB, SK and BA dining in AZ with each of the top 4 QB;s. Watson QB
14 Philadelphis (Fr Minn) CB, WR, RB, DL, LB -. Five players in play - C Harris, McCaffery, Ross, Conley and Barnett...An unidentified team in the teens told McCaffery he doesn't get past their pick...Mixon also in play...Anderson, Cook, C Davis, incl Phila. Then too Philly has hosted a large list of top prospects.Lattimore both BPA and need pick J Ross WR
15 Indianapolis Edg, ILB, CB, DL, RB - Colts and Skins interested in J Davis...An unidentified team in the teens told McCaffery he doesn't get past their pick J Davis ILB
16 Baltimore CB, Edg, RB, WR, ILB. Want to mimic Dallas by building a dominant OL...Rate C Robinson high on their OT list...If not Robinson, they could trade down and take McKinley..."Will take a WR if BRS" (Translation - Mike Williams but probably not Ross or C Davis)...Met with Charlton prior to Pro Day. To meet with McKinney- Robinson OT
17 Washington

DL, LB, S, WR, TE - Mixed feelings about Cook...Interested in J Davis...Conley no longer in mix...Not expected to draft a guard...An unidentified team in the teens told McCaffery he doesn't get past their pick

McKinley LB
18 Tennessee CB, WR, S, ILB, TE - WR's/TE Changed outlook - will probably draft a defensive player here...Conley had been a possibility if NO didn't nab him...Awuzie and Humphrey also on Titan radar...Also could trade down - currently lack a 2nd round pick...Wideouts and TE's getting a strong look here...An unidentified team in the teens told McCaffery he doesn't get past their pick C Davis WR
19 Tampa Bay S, WR, RB, LB, DL - They really like Cook...Sources (hmmm) say there's interest in: Howard, Ross, C Davis, McCaffery & Njoku. Visits: Charlton, Howard, ...Melifonwu, Njoku, Shaheen...An unidentified team in the teens told McCaffery he doesn't get past their pick...TB and Atlanta said to be interested in J Evans... Cook RB
20 Denver OT, DL, OG, TE, RB/RS - Expected to target multiple OL's in draft..Ramczyk said to be running into injury issues...Some concern too about Bolles' ability to handle stress...Met with Mixon and C Robinson. McCaffery mentioned a lot in same breath as Denver Lamp OL
21 Detroit LB, DL, RB, WR, OT - Another team with interest in J Evans...Visits: McKinley, Melifonwu, Mixon Foster LB
22 Miami DE, OG/OC, LB, TE, DT- Barnett or C Harris at top of their list..."Are locked into Lamp"... Floating a laundary list of names...Interest in Awuzie and Melifonwu. In the hunt for OL help (Moton's name mentioned)...Have their eye on DT and C....Spent a lot of time (in the past and recently) on local product, QB Brad Kaaya... "Love" Barnett and Lamp... Walker... Wormley, Charlton and Willis on their short list...To meet with Charlton and R Ford. Met with Howard. Wormley crossed off list - at least in Rd 1. Watt pick reflects mock concensus. Watt DE
23 Giants LB, TE, OL, DL, QB - Giants not expected to draft a QB but spending more time scouting them this year...Howard would be automatic here, but he's expected to go much earlier...Ramzcyzk and Bolles said to have medical/psych red flags...Njoku's name keeps coming up .. Njoku TE
24 Raiders

MLB, CB, OT, S, DT - They won't take D Cook...Could bypass Cunningham here and draft a CB (like K King).. .J Davis gaining steam...Don't discount Mixon....Will not draft Dalvin Cook...Really like Kpassagnon. Mocks favor Robinson here.

Reddick LB
25 Houston QB, OT, CB, S, ILB - O Brien smitten with Mahomes and could trade up to get him or Watson...(If Cards not interested, could also be a trade-down possibility) Could use their 1st rd pick on one of the top 4 QB's... Mahomes QB
26 Seattle OLT, ORT, DB, TE, DT - Talking with Falcs about trading down (might then take Melifonwu)... Don't expect Sherman to be traded...Like Zay Jones (but not here)...Visits w. Melifonwu and Yancey. Taking a long hard look at Cam Robinson. (Bolles fits the Seattle profile better)...Melifonwu also on radar. Bolles and Ramczyk have medical/psych red flags, but Bolles seems a good fit here. Bolles OL
27 Kansas City ILB, OG, S, QB, WR - One of 2 teams considering Mahomes...Work well with "high maintenance" players... C Samuel considered (poor man's McCaffery?)...Worked out Trubitsky Samuel RB/WR
28 Dallas DE, DB, TE, QB, RB - Targetting A Jackson and Tankersley...Could surprise everyone and pick Bowser at #28..." the mkt for a 'war daddy' pass rusher."...They like Charles Harris...Keep an eye on Adoree Jackson...Have interet in Mixon...Charlton, Melifonwu, McKinley and Shaheen to visit A Jackson CB
29 Green Bay CB, OLB, RB, WR, OL - Could take Mixon here...Also in play and understudy for Rodgers ..."Gearing up to take Watt" - Pauline...Seem to be interested in 3-4 DE's (McKinley, Watt and D Rivers) ...Hosting Yancey Mixon RB
30 Pittsburgh Edg, CB, RB, TE, ILB - Kizer on their mind...Peppers had been linked to Steelers before his drug test issue...Another J Evans suitor? Either Big Ben lobbied Steeler FO to draft a TE or he didn't...Beat writer speculates FO interest in Peppers...Met with Charlton, Foreman, Wormley prior to Pro Days. Will work out or meet with Godwin, McKinley, Melifonwu, Peterman Kizer QB
31 Atlanta DT, OG, TE, CB, Looking to trade up (Seattle a possibility - could be eyeing Lamp)...("looking for no angels"...Edg - Kpassagnon, Reddick, Riley worked out/met. Falcs like Adore Jackson but don't need a corner...Said to be unnamed suitor of J Evans in competition with Dallas at #28 McDowell DL
32 New Orleans fr NE DE, CB, LB, S, OG - One of 4 teams considering Webb in late 1st/early 2nd. (Other teams would probably need to trade up or down. NO could simply stay put with this pick)...If they don't draft a CB at #11, they could take one here...Hosting Adrian Peterson Webb QB
37 LA Rams OL, WR, DB, QB, LB - 7 reported interviews at Bowls or Combine B Baker S
47 Minnesota OT, RB, OG, QB, DT - Workouts/Visits: Hunt, McDowell Dawkins
72 New England Checking out offensive linemen... Garcia


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